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Banditti, bands of, formed in Navarre, I,

860. One party headed by a woman,
Act to provide for the administration of destroyed by Mina, ib
the royal authority, &c. II, 237

Barrosa, battle of, 1, 293
Acts, public, list of, passed in the 51st of Batavia taken by our troops, I, 205
George III. II, 305

Belcher the pugilist, death of, II, 139
Agricultural reports, II, 28, 43, 66, 89, 118, Bentinck, Lord W., proclamation by, II,
129, 142, 155, 173, 188, 200, 232

Albuhera, battle of, I, 279

Berkley peerage, cause decided, II, 124
Alburquerque, Duke of, his melancholy Beresford, Marshal, conduct at the battle
death, I, 298

of Albuhera, I, 279. Personal ren-
Alcobaço, convent of, destroyed, I, 255 countre with a Polish lancer, 282
America, congress papers, a supplementary Births, &c. xciii

non-intercourse act, I, 188. National Bingham, Rev. Mr, extraordinary circum-
bank abolished, ib. Infamous conduct stances concerning, II, 31.

Trial of,
of Commodore Rodgers in the affair of 63
the Little Belt, I, 184. Supplies the Blanchard, Madame, killed at Rome, II,
French privatecrs with stores, ammuni. 203
tion, &c. 187. Conduct of Madison, Blake, General, proceeds to Valencia, I,
188, 190

314. Defeated by Suchet, 325
Amethyst, loss of, II, 40

Blair, Lord President, death of, II, 107.
Anholt, Isle of, Danish attempt upon, 1, Funeral of, 115
242. Gazette account of, 458

Bowles, John, tried for the murder of his
Armitage, Richard, removed to Newgate wife, II, 9
and examined, II, 85. Executed, 138 Boxing matches, Silverthorne and Dogher-

ty, II,7. Rimmer and Molineux, 100,

and Molineux and Crib, 170

Bridge, the Regent's, foundation stone laid,
Badajoz surrendered to the French, I, II, 96, 97

250. Siege of by Lord Wellington, Bridge, Strand, foundation laid, 11, 178

Brougham, Mr, speech on abuses in the
Baltic fleet, distressing accounts of, II,

navy, I, 85

Budget, 1, 89
Ballad, II, xci

Buenos Ayres, account of, I, 395
Ballasteros, his activity in Andalusia, I, Bullion and paper currency bill, debates

on, I, 106
Balloon, Sadler's ascension, II, 176 Buonaparte, address of the French Senate
Bank of England notes, amount of those to, 1, 211, Speech to the Council of
in circulation, II, 193

Commerce, 21%. His system of educa.


tion, 220. Mis view of the state of Cochrane, Lord, imprisonment at Malta,
England, 229. His visit to the coast, 1, 77. Speech on abuses in the courts

of Admiralty, 79
Buonaparte, Lucien, arrival in this country, Commercial credit, proceedings of the
II, 3

committee of, I, 94. Debates on, 97
Buonaparte, Joseph, his miserable situa- Commercial credit, report by the commit-
tion at Madrid, 1, 363

tee of, II, 277
Burdett, Sir F., speech on the Regency Committee, report of, relative to appeals

bill, I, 7. On the system of flogging with the House of Lords, II, 284
• soldiers, 61. His mistakes and mistate. Congress, American, message of the pre-,
"ments on the subject, 62. Action against sident to, II, 249
Scott in the Court of Session Edinburgh, Cooke, (the actor), account of his appear
II, 135

ance in America, II, 10
Burials, London bill of, 1, 493

Correspondence betwixt the Lords of the
Burke, Alice, a prophetess, trial of, II, 65 Treasury and Auditor of Exchequer, II,

C. -

Correspondence betwixt the Regent and

Mr Perceval, II, 252
Cadiz, expedition from, under La Pena, I, Cortes, conduct of the, I, 365

Cortes, proclamation of, II, 314
Cahill, trial of, for a duel, II, 3

Council, Queen's, appointed under the
Campoi Mayor, taken by the French, I, Regency bill, I, 6
271. Retaken, 272

Crim. con., trial for, II, 204, &c.
Cambridge university, chancellorship va- Cumberland, Richard, funeral of, II, 99

cant by the death of the Duke of Graf-
ton, II, 55. Application for the succes-

sion by the Dukes of Rutland and Glo-
cester, ib. Election of the chancellor, Deaths, II, xcvii
63. Installation, 127

Devonshire, Duke of, his death, II, 139.
Canning, Mr, observations on the Regency. Funeral of, 145

bill, 1, 5, 9. Eloquent speech on the Dissenters, Lord Sidmouth's bill respecting,
peninsular war, 54

1, 173. Debates on, 174
Canterbury bank, robbery of, II, 107 Distilleries in Ireland, state of, and debates
Caraccas, declaration of rights of the pro- respecting, I, 91

vinces, II, 333
Carlton-house, grand ball at, II, 191.

Accidents attending it, 126, &c.
Cardoza, a Portugļeze, and two women, Eagles, French, deposited in Whitehall

tried for the murder of Thomas Davis, chapel, II, 98
* II, 9.' Executed, 68

East Indies, account of a conspiracy there,
Catholic committee, proceedings of, on II, 93. Trial of Stirling for inhuman

the appointment of the Regent, I, 115 conduct to his wife, Bombay, 154
Catholic bishops in America, their letter Easter Monday, account of the sports of,
to the bishops of Ireland, 11, 345

at Richmond, I1, 63
Chancery suits, Mr M. A. Taylor's mo- Edinburgh castle, escape of French prison-
tion respecting, I, 147

ers from, II, 87. Foundation stone of
Child stealing, trial respecting, II, 200, the new church Charlotte Square laid,

II, 102
Christenings, London bill of, 1, 493 Epping stag-hunt, JI, 63 ,
Christophe, coronation of, at Hayti, I, Extraordinary case of insensibility to pain,

II, 159
Church of Scotland, address of the, to the
Regent, II, 109

Clermont, Lord, tried for an assault, IT,

Fashions, account of, II, 28, 43, 66, 10,
Club, Four in Hand, meeting of, II, 00 112, 130, 143, 156, 173, 188, 200, 932


taulder, v. Sith, as executor of J. C. Jer. Hill, General, surprises and defeats Girard
vois, Esq. II, 211

at Arroyo Molinos, I, 334
Figueras, account of, I, 308. Recovered Hoax, a fatal oue, II, 195

by the Spaniards, 302. Gallant defence Hodge, Hon. Arthur, planter in Tortola,

of, 306. * Retaken by the French, 307 hanged for cruelty to negro slaves, I,
Finance, Mr Horner's resolutions, 287. 199, II, 140

Mr Vansittart's, 288. Earl Stanhope's, Holland, Lord, motion for list of ex officio

inforinations, I, 140
Finnerty, P., tried for libel, II, 29 Hoste, Captain, his account of a gallant
Fire in the Exchequer, Edinburgh, II, 194 action at sea with a squadron of the ene-
Fire at Greenwich hospital, II, 173

my, I, 462
Fitzroy, Lord William, dismissed the na- Huggins, a planter of St Nevis. His den
val service for tyranny, II, 85

testable cruelty. Is tried and escapes
Forgery, account of a singular mode of, II, I, 196

Hutchinson, Mr, speech on the address to
Foster, our minister in America, demands a the Regent, 1, 44

disavowal of Rodgers' aggression in the
affair of the Little Belt, I, 189

frankland, Mr, admirable speech on Sir S.

Romilly's proposed alteration in the Imports of wheat, flour, &c., II, 97
criminal law, I, 151

Ireland, the appointment of the Regent
French armies, cruelties in their retreat warmly welcomed there, I, 115. Prom

through Portugal, I, 255. Their con- ceedings consequent on, 119. State of
duct at Madrid, 362

the country, 135, &c.
French empire, exposition of the state of, Isle of France captured, I, 442. The re
I, 216

turn of killed, &c., in the attack on, 449
Frere, Mr, his epitaph on the Duke of Al Jesuíts, account of, I, 360
burquerque, I, 299

Jews, whimsical punishment of two, II, 27
Fuentes d'Onoro, battle of, I, 274 Jockey Club, meeting of, for the purpose

of discovering persons poisoning race

horses, II, 97

Johnson, Lieut-Col., trial of, II, 117.
Germany, affairs of, I, 238

Sentence, 129
Glasgow Bank, robbery of, II, 137 Junot, General, wounded in reconnoiter-
Godinot, a French general, commits sui- ing, I, 253

cide, I, 387
Gooday, Rev. W., punished for brawling

in church, II, 35
Gough, Colonel, gallant conduct at Tarifa, King, the, account of his Majesty's health,
I, 341

IT, 14. Anecdote of, 22. Rides on
Gould, John, hanged for the murder of his horseback, 105. Rejoicings on his Ma-
wife, II, 68

jesty's birth-day, 116. Reports of his
Graham, Sir Thomas, gallant conduct at Majesty's health, 276, 295

Barrosa, I, 293, &c. Gazette account
of the action, 450

Grey, Earl, speech on the Regency bill, I,
19, 18

Lacy, General, succeeds Campoverde, I,
Gretna Green parson, death of, II, 18 307. His proclamation to the Catalans,
Guadaloupe, disturbances there, I, 192 909. Able conduct, 311, &c
Guerillas, account of their movements, I, Lambert, Jonathan, claims the Islands of

Tristram da Cunha, I, 191

Lansdowne, Marquis of, speech on the

vote of money to the partizans, I, 268
Headfort, Marquis of, swindled by a set of Letter, circular, to general officers, II, 199

money-lenders, II, 41. Their trial, 75, Lewis, Mr, comedian, death of, II, 10
197. Sentence, 198. Pinoried, 217 Leyden, John, notice of, I, 209


Leyderi, Dr John, memoirs' of, IT, xli. Opera House, robberies af, 11, 103

Verses to the memory of, xci
Liniers, General, history of, 1, 397. Death,

Literary fund, anniversary of, II, 90 Parliament, session of, opened by commise
Liverpool, Lord, speech on the conduct of sion, 12th February, I, 40
" the magistrates of Nevis in witnessing Patents, list of, JI, 354
Huggins's eruelty, I, 197

Pedestrian feat, II, 56
Lyall's, trial of, 11, 4

Pedrazuela,. an actor of Madrid, singular

account of his atrocities, 1, 361. Hang-

ed by order of General Castanos, ibu

Perceval, Mr, how esteemed when he
M'Arra, James, tried for the murder of came into power, I, 31. Speech on the
bis brother, IT, 22

reappointment of the Duke of York, 68.
Maplestrom, account of its increase, II, 79 Letter to the Regent, II, 253
Martinique, disturbances there, I, 193 Phenomenon, extraordinary, at Plymouth;
Marmont disperses his army after having II, 113

raised the siege of Badajoz, I, 285 Pickpockets, account of, II, 217
Marriages, &c. I1, xciv

Plymouth, court martial there, on the mus
Massena, his retreat from Portugal, T, 254. tineers of the Diana and Growler, II,

Recommences offensive operations au 212. Their exécution, 216
gainst the allies, 273

Pole's, Mr W., circular letter, debates on,
M Cues tried for murder, II, 69

M'Carthy, Felix, Esq., death of, II, 98 Pomone frigate, loss of, II, 179

Melville, Lord, death of, II, 114

Portugal, situation of, 1, 244
Mermaid, account of one, II, 189 Portugueze, money voted in parliament for
Militias, interchange of, debates on, I, 64 their relief, 1, 268
Milton, Lord, speech against the re-ap- Premiums given by the Board of Trustees

pointment of the Duke of York, I, 65 for Scottisli manufactures, II, 56.
Miña, Espoży, the Guerilla chief, transac- Privy council office broken open, II, 178

tions, 1, 345. His danger and escape, 353 Prince of Wales packet, loss of, II, 191
Minotaur, loss of, il, 1. Particulars re- Principal appointments and promotions,
specting, 67

II, xcix
Mock parson, account of, II, 145 167 Protests on the act to provide for the ad-
Murder, an atrocious, II, 199. Horrid ministration of the royal authority, II,

murder of the Marr family, 206, &c. 249
Of the Williamsons, 219, &c. Account Projects and useful inventions, II, 856
of one in France, II, 17,

Public Accounts of Great Britain, &c; I,
Myers, Sir William, gallant death of, at Al. 496, &c.
buhera, 1, 282

Pulteney, Sir James, accident to, II, 81,

Death of, 87

Puppet Show, a poem, II, lxxxvi

, Mr, gallant condect of, in resist-
Navy, British, state of, IT, 80

ing robbers, II, 57, 156
Nelson, Lord, account of the statue erect-

'ed in Guildhall to his memory, II, 88
New publications, II, ciii
Nottingham, disturbances at, II, 49. Dis. ' Queensberry, Duke of particulars of his
contents there, II, 195

will, II, 19. Action of legatees against

his executors, 133

d! Ova

Oakey, Tryce, reprieved at the gallows, II,

Radical reforiners, meeting of at Free-
O'Connor, Roger, trial of, for assaulting mason's Tavern, I, 169
Henry Ogle, II, 52

Regimental schools, bill respecting, IL, 194

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