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Sondes, a daughter. The wife of C. Jen

kinson, Esq. M. P. a daughter. JAN. 1. The wife of Lieutenant Col. MARCH 1. Mrs Graham Stirling of Sir Howard Douglas, a daughter. 7. The Duchray and Auchyle, a daughter. 7. The Hon. Mrs Werninck, a son. 8. The Right Hon. Mrs Edward Stewart, a son. 15. LaHon. Lady Bruce, a son. -The Countess dy Georgiana Barnes, a daughter. 17. The of Selkirk, a daughter. 10. The wife of wife of Major the Hon. Henry Murray, a Sir John Lowther Johnstone, a son and daughter. 24. The wife of General Burr, heir. 14. The wife of the Hon. Herbert a son and heir.—The Lady of CommissionGardner, a daughter. 15. The Marchio. er Jackson, a son.-The Marchioness of ness of Queensberry, a daughter. Lady Lansdown, a son and heir. Lady Harriet Jerningham, a daughter. 17. The Coun- Drummond, a son and heir. Lady Henry tess of Albemarle, a son. 21. Viscountess Fitzroy, a son. Lady Francis Bentinck, a Hamilton, a son and heir. 23. Mrs Col. daughter. Lady Bagot, a son and heir. Lamont, a son. 24. Lady Anne Montgo APRIL 8. The Marchioness of Bath, a mery, a son and heir.—The Lady of Lieu. son. 14. Lady Brownlow, a daughter. 15. tenant-Colonel Ramsay, a son. -The La. The Countess of Romney, a daughter. dy of Colonel Goldie, of the 6th dragoon 20. The wife of Sir Henry Lushington, guards, a son. 25. Lady King, a son. 27. Bart. a son. The relict of the Hon. Wil. At Madeira, the wife of Major-General the loughby Bertie, late captain of the SatelHon. Robert Meade, a daughter. 28. The lite, a son and heir.—The wife of Sir John Countess of Harrowby, a daughter. Late. Sinclair, Bart. M. P. a son. 22. The Mar. ly, the wife of Sir Henry Fletcher, Bart. a chioness of Ely, a daughter - The wife of daughter.--The Marchioness of Douglas, William Blundell, Esq. of Crosby Hall, a son and heir..

Lancashire, a son and heir. 23. The Right FEB. 3. The wife of William Gordon, Hon. Lady Caroline Capel, a daughter. Esq. M. P. a son. 5. The Hon. Mrs Cod- 26. The Marchioness of Waterford, a son. rington, a daughter. 9. Countess of Mans. 29. Lady Charlotte Hope, a daughter. Latefield, a son. 12. The wife of Major-Gen. ly, the Countess of Bristol, a daughter. the Hon. Alexander Hope, M. P. a daugh- The wife of Sir C. W. Malet, Bart. a son. ter. 19. The Lady of G. R. Redmoni, The wife of Sir T. Ackland, Bart. a son. deputy inspector of hospitals, a daughter. The wife of Captain Sir M. Seymour, Bart. 25. The Hon. Mrs Ponsonby, a daughter. a daughter. The Countess de Salis, at -Lady Emily Henry, at Leinster House, Dublin, a son. Dublin, a daughter. 26. The wife of Hen. MAY 22. The Duchess of Newcastle, a Bonham, Esq. M. P. a daughter. Lady son and heir. 23. The Lady of John

58.379CM Campbell, a son and heir. 31. Viscountess 13. The wife of G. H. Rose, Esq. M.P.a Galway, a song of gridanoqmises to go son. 18. Mrs Dr Spens, a song H 25. The JUNE 5 Viscountess Arbuthnot, a daugh- wife of Sir

James Stronge, baronet, um son ter. --Lady J. Taylor, a daughter.) 6. The and heir. Lately, the Marchioness of Dob wife of Sir Henry C. Montgomery, a son. negal, a son. Viscountess Glentworth, a 15. The wife of Lieut-General Sir George daughter. Viscoimtess Lismore, a daughNugent, Bart, a son, 120. The Lady of ter. The wife of the Hon. and Rev. Thos James Tytler, Esq. the younger of Wood- mas de Gray, a son. Lady C. Lemon, a houselee, a son. 30. The Hon. Mrs Wel- son. Lady C. Goold, a daughter.lion Lington, a daughter. Lately, at Carlsrhue, Dec. 1. Lady Charlotte Hood, a daugh the Grand

Duchess of Baden, a daughter. ter. 2. Countess of Gosfordy a daughter. The Countess of Chichester, a daughter. 12. Viscountess Pollington, a son. 19, Viscountess Falmouth, a son, Mrs Horse Countess of Oxford, a son. 20. The wife ley Beresford, a son and heir. The wife of Charles T. Hudson, Esq. Wanlip Hall, of I. Denison, Esq. M. P. a son. At all a son and heir. 27. Lady Katharine Weld

JULY 5. The Lady of Sir Geo. Clerk, Forrester, a son. Lately, the wife of Sir T, Bart

. a daughter. icllo The wife of B. Yorke, a daughter. Countess Cowper, Hobhouse, Esq. M. P. a daughter. 15. sot. Lady Lucy Taylor, a son. Lady Rome Hon, Mrs Smith, a daughter. 17. Lady bold, a son and heir. Lady of Col. Baron Louvaine, a son...

20. Countess of Elgin, a Decken, German legion, a daughter. The son. 22. The wife of W. Astell, Esq. M. Lady of A W.Duff, a daughter. Ad Que P. a daughter. Lately, the Countess of bec, Lady Prevost, a son. siti Eniskillen, a daughter. The Countess of Northesk, a daughter. Lady Arundel, a

P. 11, L1.79ibus son. Hon. Mrs Paget, a son. xvistas

MARRIAGES. Istnit te 797 AUGUST 2. Hon. Mrs Holland, wife of

21! Dirtug the Rev. Dr Holland, a daughter. 18. JAN. 3. Hon. Windham Henry Quid, Duchess of Beaufort, a daughter. 19. The M. P. for Limerick, to Caroline, only Lady of Robert Baird, Esq. a daughter. daughter of Thomas Wyndham, Esq. M., 27. Hon. Mrs Job Vaughan, a son. 29. for Glamorganshire. 8. James O'Reilly, Lady Eliz. Littlehales, Dublin, a daughter. Esq. eldest son of Sir

Hugh O'Reilly, Bart. Lately, the wife of the Hon. and Rev. M. Ireland, to the only daughter of the late Strangeways, a son.

stesamtso H Barop d'Arabet. 10.At Edinburgh, Do. SEPT. 4. Viscountess Turnour, a daugh-nald Maokay, Esq. to Miss Elizabeth Fife, ter. 5. Lady Anne Chad, a son and heir. second daughter of Mr William Fife." '20, 7. Hereditary Princess of Bavaria, a son. Joseph Atkinson, Esq. Dublin, 24. The Lady of Sir J. Pringle of Stitchell, second daughter of the Hon. Baron George, Bart. a daughter. Lately, the Countess of Lately, John Flood, Esq. to Sarah, eldest Courtoun, a daughter. Lady A. Macleod, daughter of the attorney general for Ire? a son. The wife of William Lowndes, Esq. land. T. Forster, Esq. of Roydon Hall M.P. a son. users who in MR to Miss Sarah Holland. Lieut. Colonel

OCT. 6. Lady Frances Legge, a daugh- Thomas Marriot, of the Madras arms, to ter. 17. Lady Mary Anne Sotheby, a Anne, youngest daughter of John Becket, daughter. 22. The wife of Major-General Esq William Edward Powell, Esq. of F. White, a son, 27. Lady Kinnaird, a son. Nentoes, Cardiganshire, to Laura Edwyna, 28. The wife of Sir J. F. Leicester, a son eldest daughter

of James Phelp, Esq. and heir, 31. The wife of the late Thos. FEB. 1. Thomas Hughan, Esq. M. P. to Hughan, Esq. M. P. a son. Lately, the the eldest daughter of the late Robert Countess of Banbury, a daughter. Hon. Milligan, Esq. Hampstead. 12. Humphrey Mrs Stopford, a daughter. The wife of Wild, Esq. to the Hon. Christiana Clifford, the Bishop of Derry, a daughter. The wife eldest daughter of Lord Clifford, 20. J. of Thomas Wright, Esq. high sheriff for F. Buckworth, Esq. Lieutenant-Colonel in Notts, a daughter. I to webwehree the Cheshire militia, to Lady Mary Payne, Nov. 1. Hon. Lady Levinge, a son and widow of Sir John

Payne. 25. Sir John heir. 8. Lady St John, a son and heir.- Twisden, Bart. to Catherine Judith, eldest Viscountess Hinchinbrooke, a son and heir, daughter of the Rev. William Coppard.


to Sarah,

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sho!! Priloqra's 26. The Hon. Capt. Arundel, son of Lord of Northamptonshire, to Caroline Eliza, daughter of the Marquis of Buckingham. Sir J. Carr, K.C. toron. W. Cockayne,

: Řev. Thomas Perrott, Esq. Lieutenant-Colo- Thos. John Burgh, to Anne, eldest daugh: nel of the Oxfordshire militia, to the only ter of the Hon. Fr. Hely Hutchinson. daughter of the late R. Davies, Esq. of MAY 4. J. Baskervyle Gleyg, Esq. "of Glamorganshire. Lately, Major-General Withington Hall, Cheshire, to Anne, Reynolds, to Mary, eldest daughter of youngest daughter to the late T. Townley John Hunter, Esq. consul-general in Spain. Parker, Esq. of Cuerden Hall, Lancashire, Richard Orpen Townsend, Esq. of Ard- 5. Rev. George Murray, to the Right Hon. tully, to Anne, eldest daughter of the Hon. Lady Sarah Maria Hay: 11. William Har, W. Townsend Mullens, son of Lord Ven- good, Esq. Admiral of the Blue, to Maria, try.

daughter of the late T. Somers Cocks, MARCH 2. W. Peere Williams, Esq. Esq. 14. Right Hon. Viscount Kilcoursie, only son of Admiral Williams, to Frances son of the Earl of Cavan, to the only Dorothea, eldest daughter of Robert W. daughter of J. P. Coppin, Esq. 15. Lieut, Blencowe, Esq-R. M. Tighe, Esq. to the Col. James Orde, goth foot, to Margaret, only daughter of Sir Patrick Macdermot, eldest daughter of W. Beckford, Esq. of Bart. Ireland.—Peter

Lowe, Esq. of Bushy Foothill, 20. Col. Fr: William Grant, M. Island, county of Limerick, to Louisa, ela P. to Mary-Anne, only daughter of J, dest daughter of Sir Richard Butler, Bart. Charles Dunn, Esq. of St Helena. 28. T. $. At View Forth, Mr William Marshall, Bates Rous, Esq. to Charlotte Owen, se, jeweller, Edinburgh, to Miss Calder, daugh- cond daughter of Sir R. Salisbury, Bart: ter of the Right Hon. William Calder, Lord Lately, Sir F. Hopkins, Bart. to Eleonora, Provost of Edinburgh. 6. George Pochin, second daughter of the late S. Thoinson, Esq. of Normanton, to the daughter of Ri- Esq. of Rathnally, ' chard Norman, Esq. high sheriff of Leices. JUNE 4. T. Thurlow, Esq. yotmgest son tershire. 8. At Gretna-Green, the Hon. of the late Bishop of Ditham, to Frances, Charles Evan Law, second son of Lord third daughter of the late Hon. Thomas Ellenborough, to Elizabeth Sophia, daugh- Lyon. 6. Hon. and Rev. W. H. Downiai, ter of the late Sir Edward Nightingale. to Lydia, only daughter of the late J, 16. Robert Wardlaw, Esq. to Lady Anne Heathcote, Esq. of Conington Castle. -— Lindsay, youngest daughter of the Earl of Charles Clement Adderley, Esq. to Anna Balcarras. 18. At Edinburgh, Major Mac Maria, eldest daughter of Sir Edmund lachlan, of the 69th regiment, to Miss Jane Cradock Hartopp, Bart. 13. Lieut.Col. Campbell, daughter of the late Neil Camp. Robert Cainden Cope, of Loughgall, coun: bell

, Esq. of Duntroon. Lately, at Lisbon, ty of Armagh, to Mary, youngest daughter Capt. G. F. Seymour, son of the late Ad of the late Samuel Eliot, Esq. Antigua. 18. miral Lord Hugb Seymour, to Georgiana J. R. Spencer Phillips, Esq. of Writtle, to daughter of the Hon. Adıniral-Berkeley. Anna Maria, eldest daughter of Sir J. TyrSir Isaac Coffin, Bart. Vice-Admiral of the rell, Bart. 26. Lord Burghersh, eldest son of White, to Elizabeth, only child of W. the Earl of Westmorland, to the daughter Rear-Admiral Manley Dixon, to Miss Jef. Hon. H. R. Crofton, to w Lately, The freys, of Swansea.

Mary, eldent

daughter of T. Hemsworth, Esq. Lord APRIL 2. Baron Charles de Tuyll, to Viscount Hawarden, to, Jane, youngest the daughter of Dan. Gildemeester, Esq. daughter of Pat. Craufurd Bruce, Esq. formerly Dutch consul to Portugal. 13. Lord Cloncurry, to Mrs Leeson, mother of John Ireland Blackburne, Esq. the Earl of Milltown. Rey. R. Hare, of the daughter of the late W. Bamford, Esq. Hurstmonceaux, to Anne, daughter of the 18. W. E. Tomline, Esq. eldest son of the late Admiral Sir Thos. Frankland, Bart. Bishop of Lincoln, to Frances, daughter of and widow of J. Lewis

, Esq, of Harpton the late John Amlett, Esq. Lately, Dr Court, Radnorsh. ' Lord Viscoah¢ Deer. Adams, of Doctor's Commons, to Mary hurst, to Lady Mary Beauclerk, daughter Anne; and Thomas Philip Maunsell, Esq. of the Duke of St Alban's. W. Knox,

guson, Bart.

Esq. second son of the Bishop of Derry, to SEPT. 1. Hon. Somerset Richard Bata the second daughter of the late Sir A. Fer- ler, Viscount Ikerine, to Anne, eldest

daughter of Owen Wynne, Esq. of Haslev JULY 4. Col. the Hon. W. Fitzroy, to wood, co. Sligo. 3. Hon. Henry Butler, Lady Elizabeth Fitzroy, third daughter of third son of the late Viscount Montgarret, the late Duke of Grafton. 6. James Wil. to Anne, daughter of the late J. Harrison, liam Farrer, Esq. to the Hon. Mrs Scott. 8. Esq. Yorkshire. 5. Major-Gen. Orde to The Hon. C. Manners Sutton, Judge-ad. Harriet, eldest daughter of the late Henry vocate-general, to Charlotte, eldest daugh. Bevan, Esq. of Shrewsbury. 13. Rt. Hon ter of J. Denison, Esq. 11. Thos. Rice, Tho. Jones, Viscount Ranelagh, to Caros Esq. of Mount Trenchard, Ireland, to the line, only daughter of the late Colonel Lee, Right Hon. Lady Theodosia Pery, daugh Yorkshire. 16. Hon. Col. W. Blaquiere, to ter of the Earl of Limerick. 12. Lieut.- Lady Harriet Townsend, youngest daugha Col. A. Walker, of Bowland, to Barbara, ter of the Marchioness T. Lately, Lieutsecond daughter of the late Sir J. Montgo. Col. Rosse, to the daughter of Lieut-Gen. mery, Bart. of Stanhope. 25. W. Ogle Brownrigg.-G. W. Villiars, Esq. horse Wallis Ogle, Esq. of Causey Park, Nor- guards blue, to Eleanor, eldest daughter of thumberland, to Eliz. Fr. Staples, daughter Sir J. Nasmyth, Bart. of Lady Araminta Monck, and relict of W. Oct. i. John Hayford Thorold, Esq. Staples, Esq.

eldest son of Sir J. Ť. Bart. of Lincoln AUG. 1. At Blackhall, Sir Alexander shire, to Mary, eldest daughter of the late Ramsay, of Balmain, Bart. to Jane, eldest Sir Charles Kent, Bart. 2. Lord Robert daughter of the late Francis Russel, Esq. of Spencer to the Hon. Mrs Bouverie, widow Blackhall. 5. The Earl of Plymouth to La« of the Hon. Edw. B. of Delapré Abbey. dy Mary Sackville, eldest daughter of the 3. W. P. Lowndes, Esq. to Caroline, se Duchess of Dorset. 6. Hon. Frederic Ma cond daughter of Sir W. Strickland, Barta jor Howard, third son of the Earl of Car- 5. George Byng, Esq. captain, navy, to lisle, to Miss Lambton, only daughter of Frances, second daughter of Commissioner -L. Esq. late M. P. for Durham. 10. Ed. Sir R. Barlow. 16. Lord Caledon to Lady ward Wolstenholme, Esq. to Arabella, se- Caroline Yorke, daughter of the Earl of cond daughter of the Hon. Edward Ward. Hardwicke.--Major-Gen. Hon. T. Mahon, 14. Bateman Dashwood, Esq. of Well eldest son of Lord Hartland, to Catharine, Vale, Lincolnshire, to the Hon. Georgiana eldest daughter of J. Topping, Esq. 19. E. Pelham, youngest daughter to Lord Yar- M. Mundy, Esq. M.P. for Derbyshire, to borough.-Edward Greathead, Esquire, of Mrs Barwell, widow of the late R. Barwell, Udens-house, Dorset, to Mary Eliz. only Esq. Standsted House, Sussex. 24. Captain daughter of Sir R. Carr Glyn, Bart. 17. Henry F.C. Cavendish, second son of Lord At Edinburgh, David Ritchie, one of the G.H..C. to Sarah, youngest daughter of ministers of St Andrew's Church, and the late W. Fawkener, Esq. 25. At Kil, Professor of Logic in the University of bryde Castle, Dr John Barclay, physician, Edinburgh, to Margaret, youngest daugh, Edinburgh, to Eleonore, youngest daughter of the late William Pearson, Esq. of ter of Sir James Campbell, of Aberuchil Kippen Ross. 19. Rev. John French, Dean 29. At Edinburgh, James Robertson, aged of Elphin, to Emily, second daughter of the 94, to Margaret Macdonald, aged 82, late Rich. Magenis, Esq. 21. Capt. Agar, Lately, Marquis of Downshire to Lady M. P. to Margaret, daughter of Edw. Geo. Maria Windsor, sister to the Earl of Plys Lind, Esq. 24. Lieut.-General Sir J. C. mouth.Lieut.-Col. Smyth, second son of Sherbrooke, to Katherina, eldest daughter Rt. Hon. J. S. of Neath, to Sarah, eldest of the Rev. Reginald Pyndar, of Arley daughter of D. Wilson, Esq. of Dallam House, Worcestershire. 25. Hon. John Tower. Astley Bennet, youngest son of the Earl Nov. 9. Hon. Philip Pleydell Bouveof Tankerville, to the daughter of J. Con. rie to Maria, daughter of Sir W. A Court, yers, Ésq. Copped Hall, Essex. Sir W. Bart. 19. Rev. G. J. Tavel to Lady Au Grant Kerr, Adj.-Gen. to his Majesty's gusta Fitzroy, sister to the Duke of Graftroops in India, to Rebecca, daughter of ton. 20. Rev. Edward Bouverie, second the late Capt. Jackson.

sou of the Hon. Bartholomew Bouverie, to

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Frances Charlotte, fourth daughter of Dr merly of Amsterdam, leaving upwards of Courteney, late Bishop of Exeter. 24. one million sterling. 27. Elizabeth, CounLord Lindsay, son of the Earl of Balcarras, tess of Cavan. to Miss Pennington, daughter of Lord MARCH 3, The Hon. H. E. Nugent, Muncaster. 30. Sir Thomas Maynard Ha. second son of the Earl of Westmeath. 4. silrigge, Bart. to Letitia, daughter of Lord Mrs Lyell, grandmother of the Earl of Wodehouse.

Delawar. 6. Gored by a furious bull, Mr DEC. 6. Laurence Sulivan, Esq. to the Rogers, a cadet at Woolwich 7. Revi

, Hon. Eliz. Temple, youngest sister of Visé H. M. Schutz, the oldest of the king's count Palmerston. 9. Hon. Capt. Paulett, chaplains. 9. Rev. William Piggot, rector navy, to the eldest daughter of Sir George of Edgmond and Chetwin, Shropshire. 114 Dallas, Bart. 14. Sir Thomas Leighton, Lady Wilmot, relict of the late Sir RoBart. to Sylvia, daughter of Mr Brandon, bert. 12. Rev. John Brereton, prebentreasurer of Covent Garden theatre. dary of Salisbury. 15. Olivia Grears, of

Whitebaven, aged 104. 16. Gen. Loftus

Tottenham, in his 95th year. $21. Rev. DEATHS.

J. Conant, of St Peter's, Kent. 25. The

wife of Benjamin Travers, Esq. 27. The 1.- JAN. 7. Alexander Brodie, Esq. of Ca- Right Hon. Lady Gardner. 28. Sidky Ef. rey Street, London. 8. Sir Francis Bour. fendi, chargé des affaires of the Sublime geois, historical painter. The wife of Sir Porte. John Pinhorn, of the Isle of Wight. 13. APRIL 1. Rev. Thomas Butler, L.L.B. W.T. Lewis, Esq. comedian.---Mrs Hinck- rector of Ockford Fitzpaine, Gloucester. ley, relict of the late Dr Hinckley. 19. shire. 4. The Hon. Mrs Cholmondeley, At Edinburgh, Colonel Andrew Lyon. 21. relict of the late Hon, and Rev. Robert Lady Elizabeth Lee, daughter of Simon Cholmondeley. 5. At the age of 75, Ro. Earl Harcourt, and relict of Sir William bert Raikes, Esq. the institutor of Sunday Lee, Bart. 22. John Lloyd, Esq. banker. schools. 7. Sir William Addington, Knt. 23. Julia, youngest daughter of the Hon. formerly a magistrate at the office, BowWilliam Frederick Wyndham, brother to street. 13. Mrs Hawkes, wife of Mr Tho. thie Earl of Egremont.At Edinburgh, mas Lakin Hawkes. 17. Rev. H. J. Ry: John, the second son of Lieut-General der, B. A. of Buckingham. 19. Rev. Tho. Francis Dundas. 26. T. R. Nash, D.D. mas Lambard, brother of Multon Lam. F.S.A. Rector of Leigh.-Steward Kyd, bard, Esq. of Seven Oaks. 21. At AckEsq. author of many works on the laws of worth, a stranger, leaving behind him 801. England. 28. Mrs Yonge, relict of the Just before he expired, he said his name late Dr Yonge, Bishop of Norwich.-Mrs was William Wilson, and that he was 21 Woodthorpe, wife of H. W. Woodthorpe, years of age. 26. In his 86th year,

Richard Esq. town clerk of London. 30. R. 'B. Pownall, Esq.-Sir James Murray PulteJacques, Esq.

ney, Bart. His death was occasioned by an FEB. 1. William Cookson, Esq.--The accident while shooting. Right Hon. Sir Hercules Langrishe, Bart. MAY 5. In bis 79th year, Robert 2. John Sutherland, Esq.Atkinson Bush, Mylne, Esq. architect. 6. William BosEsq. 5. The wife of John Sidney, Esq. cawen, Esq. of the victualling office. 7. In of Penshurst Castle.—Mrs Parsons, well his 80th year, Richard Cumberland, Esq. known by her literary works. 7. Rupert well known in the literary world. 8. The Clark, Esq. 9. Rev. F. H. Papendick, wife of the Rev. J. Hall, Vicar of Chew M.A.- Rev.Nevil Maskeline, D.D.F.R.S. Magna, Somersetshire. 14. Anthony Ash, astronomer royal. 10. The Hon. Simon ley Cooper, Earl of Shaftesbury. 20. At Fraser. 12. The Right Hon. John Smyth, Edinburgh, suddenly, the Right Hon. Ro15. John Gray, Esq. writer to the signet, bert Blair, of Avontoun, Lord President and town-clerk of Edinburgh. 18. His of the College of Justice. 22. Mr George Excellency the Duke of Alburquerque. Robinson, bookseller in Paternoster-row. At Castle Grant, Sir James Grant, of - Mr J. Holland, of Cheapside, by a flash Grant, Bart. 25. Henry Hope, Esq. for- of lightning. 23. Viscount Longueville.

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