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Side 152 - TOOTOO-NIMA, or cutting off a portion of the little finger, as a sacrifice to the gods, for the recovery of a superior sick relation.
Side 105 - ... the spirit of Toogoo Ahoo visited him ; he replied that he could not well describe his feelings, but the best he could say of it was, that he felt himself all over in a glow of heat and quite restless and uncomfortable, and did not feel his own personal identity, as it were, but seemed to have a mind different from his own natural mind, his thoughts wandering upon strange and unusual subjects, though perfectly sensible of surrounding objects.
Side 115 - Tarky, blind in his left eye," which was done, and read by the other man to the increased astonishment of every body. Mr. Mariner then told him that, in several parts of the world, messages were sent to great distances through the same medium, and being folded and fastened up, the bearer could know nothing of the contents, and that the histories of whole nations were thus handed down to posterity, without spoiling by being kept (as he chose to express himself).
Side 114 - ... little within himself; but his thoughts reflected no light upon the subject. At length he sent for Mr. Mariner, and desired him to write down something: the latter asked what he would choose to have written; he replied, put down me: he accordingly wrote "Feenow...
Side 119 - Mariner thinks that about two thirds of the uomen .are married, and of this number full half remain with their husbands till death separates them ; that is to say, full one third of the female population remain married till either themselves or their husbands die : the remaining two thirds are married and are soon divorced, and are married again perhaps three, four, or five times in their lives...
Side 138 - Sometimes the fibres of the fow are heard to crack with the increasing tension, yet the mass is seen whole and entire, becoming more thin as it becomes more twisted, while the infusion drains from it in a regularly decreasing quantity, till at length it denies a single drop.
Side 115 - I ?" and then without stopping for any attempt at an explanation, he impatiently ordered Mr. Mariner to write something else, and thus employed him for three or four hours in putting down the names of different persons, places, and things, and making the other man read them. This afforded extraordinary diversion to Finow, and to all the men and women present, particularly as he now and then whispered a little love anecdote, which was strictly written down, and audibly read by the other, not a little...
Side 87 - ... houses, (which were built like those of Tonga,) without feeling any resistance. They at length saw some of the hotooas, who passed through the substance of their bodies as if there was nothing there :. the hotooas recommended them to go away immediately, as they had no proper food for them, and promised them a fair wind and a speedy passage. They accordingly put directly to sea, and in two days...
Side 212 - The medium height seemed also about 40 feet. The roof was hung with stalactites in a very curious way, resembling, upon a cursory view, the gothic arches and ornaments of an old church. After having examined the place, they drank cava, and passed away the time in conversation upon different subjects. Among other things, an old mataboole, after having mentioned how the cavern >vas discovered, viz.
Side 210 - ... several feet under the water, which flows into it ; and consequently the base of the cavern may be said to be the sea itself*. Finow and his friends, being on this part of the island, proposed one afternoon on a sudden thought, to go into this cavern, and drink cava. Mr. Mariner was not with them at the time...

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