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try of Ahab is punished by the Want of Rain for above 3 Years.

a profperous Reign, but entring into an Alliance with Abaziah King of If rael, his Navy is destroyed by a Tempest.

5. Jeboram his Son 8 Years. Marries Athaliab the Daughter of Abab. He murders all his Brethren, fets up the Idolatry of Baal. For thefe Impieties he is threatened by Elijah, his Kingdom is ravaged by the Philiftines and Arabians. The Edomites Revolt. He is smitten with an incurable Disease, so that his Bowels fell out.

6. Abaziah reigns wickedly 1 Year. Is flain by Jebu. After the Death of Abaziah, Athaliah his Mother destroys all the Seed Royal, except Joah.

7. Joash 40 Years. Reigns well all the Days of Jehoiada; but hearkening to the Counsel of the Princes, fets up Idolatry.

Zechariah the Prophet denouncing Vengeance against him, is ftoned in the Temple. Joah is murdered by his Servants.

8. A

Elijah is fed by Ravens at Cherith. At Zarephath, raifes from the Dead the Son of a Widow. Upon his Prayer Rain is fent. Fire defcends from Heaven upon his Sacrifice. The Priefts of Baal are deftroyed by his Order.

Jezebel the Queen denounces Vengeance against him. Abab coveting Naboth's Vineyard, orders him to be murder'd, and takes Poffeffion of the Vineyard. Abab is flain in Battle.

8. Abaziah 2 Years. Reigns wickedly, fends 2 Captains with 50 Soldiers, each to apprehend Elijab, who are confumed by Fire from Heaven. By direction of an Angel Elijah is fent to Mount Sinai, is tranflated to Heaven in a fiery Chariot.

9. Jeboram 12 Years. He deftroys the Image of Baal,obtains by the Prayer of Elifbab a great Vi&tory over the King of Moab.





8. Amaziah 29 Years. He is warned not to enter into any Confederacy with the King of Ifrael. Having vanquished the Army of the Edomites, bringeth with him their Gods and worships them; upon which a Prophet is fent to denounce the Divine Vengeance against him. Jerufalem is taken by the King of Ifrael. He flies from Jerufalem, and is murder'd by his Servants.

Elifba multiplies the Widow's Oyl, and raises the Shunamite's Son from the Dead. Cures Naaman of his Leprofy, and performs many Miracles. Difclofing the Counsel of the Syrians, the King fends an Army to take Elisha; upon his Prayer they are fmitten with Blindness, and led into Samaria. After this, Ben-badad befiegeth Samaria, which is reduced to fuch Diftrefs by Famine, that Women eat their own Children.

9. Uzziah or Azariah 52 Years. As long as he fought the Lord he was profperous. Being elated with his Profperity he prefumes to burn Incenfe in the Temple; for which he is ftruck with an incurable Leprofy. In his Days there were the following Prophets; 1 Hofea. 2 foel. 3 Amos. 4 Ifaiah.

10. Jotham 16 Years. Conquers the Ammonites, and reigns with great Profperity, because he prepared his Ways before the Lord his God.

11. Abaz 16 Years. Seeing an Altar at Damafcus,


[blocks in formation]


Deftroys the Family of Abab, and all the Worfhippers of Baal, but departs not from the Idolatry of the golden Calves; for which in his Time many Provinces are conquered by the Syrians.

11. Jeboabaz reigns wickedly 17 Years.

12. Jeboafh 16 Years. Retakes the Cities conquered by the Syrians, as was promifed by Elisha before his Death.

13.Jeroboam the Second 41 Years.

Judah. fends the Model of it to Urijab the Prieft, who fets it up in the Temple: Sacrifices his own Children. For thefe Impieties he is deliver'd into the Power of the King of Affyria, who carries Captive a vaft Number of People. His Kingdom is invaded by Pekah who in one Battle kill'd 120,000, and captivated 200,000. Enters into an Alliance with the King of Affyria, by which he became greatly diftreffed. 12. Hezekiab 29 Years. Endeavours to reform both Church and State. Sennacherib befieges Jerufalem, and fends a blafphemous Letter.

Upon Hezekiah's Prayer he is affured by Ifaiah that the City fhould be deliver'd: Which was not accomplish'd by any human Means; for upon Hezekiah's Prayer, an Angel destroys 185,000 of the Affyrian Army.

Hezekiah falling fick of a Peftilential Disease, is affur'd

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affur'd of his Recovery, and that his Life fhould be prolonged 15 Years; of which he had the Sign of the Sun's going back 10 Degrees. The King of Babylon fends Embaffadors to congratulate him upon his Recovery and this Miracle; to whom he

fhews all his Treafures: Whereupon Isaiah foretels that thefe Treasures and all his Family fhould be carried Captive to Babylon.


19. Hofbea 9 Years.

Shalmanezer takes Samaria after a long Siege, and conquers the whole Countrey, and carries away the Ifraelites Captive, and thereby an End was put to the Kingdom of Ifrael, which had continued 254 Years after the Separation from the Kingdom of Judah.

Under which Captivity and Difperfion the Ten Tribes have remained above 2400 Years.

13. Manaffeb 55 Years, By his Wickedness the People of Judah fall into worfe Impieties than those of the Heathens whom

the Lord had deftroyed; to this he adds the fhed ding of innocent Blood in great Abundance. The Divine Vengeance falls upon him: Being taken Captive, is carried in Fetters to Babylon; where having humbled himself, and praying to the Lord, he is


reftored to his Kingdom.dah there are 19 Kings

In the Kingdom of Ju

from the Death of Solo

14. Amon 2 Years. Reigns very wickedly, and is murdered by his Ser-mon, all of the Royal line of David.


of the Ten Tribes, and Note, From the Revolt of the Ten Tribes, and fetting up the Kingdom of Ifrael, there are 19 Kings in Succeffion, but

of 10 different Families;

most of these Kings were murdered by the Officers of the Army, or their Ser


15. Jofiah 31 Years. He endeavours to reform both Priests and People, repairs the Temple, deftroys Idolatry, is flain in a Battle by the Egyptians. In his Time lived Jeremiah and Zephaniah.

16. Shallum or Jeboahaz 3 Months. Is carried into Egypt, where he dies.

17. Eliakim or Jehoiakim 11 Years. He was carried Captive to Babylon, from which the feventy Years of the Captivity are reckoned.

18. Jehoiachin called alfo Koniah and Jeconias, 3 Months.

19. Zedekiah 11 Years. The Kingdom is given him by Nebuchadnezzar, from whom he revolts in Violation of his Oath.

After a long Siege Jerufalem is taken by the Chaldeans. Zedekiah's Eyes being put out, is carried in Chains to Babylon.

This Captivity happened 468 Years after the Beginning of David's Reign, 388 Years after the Revolt of the Ten Tribes, and 134 Years after the Captivity of the Ten Tribes.

After feventy Years, the Jews are reftored by Cyrus, and are under the Government of


Nehemiah, and


The Temple is rebuilt, about 588 Years before the Coming of Jefus Chrift the Meffiab.

At the Time of our Saviour's Nativity, the Sceptre was departed from Judah, Herod an Edomite being their King, as was foretold.

The Romans take Jerufalem, the Temple is burnt. The whole Nation of the Jews have now continued about 1600 Years, difperfed over all the World, without King, Prieft, Sacrifice, or Image, as was foretold by Mofes and the Prophets.


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