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26 And as for the King of Judah, who fent you to enquire of the LORD, fo fhall ye fay unto him, Thus faith the LORD GOD of Ifrael concerning the Words which thou haft heard.

27 Because thine HEART was TENDER, and thou didst HUMBLE thyfelf before GOD, when thou heardest his WORDS against this Place, and against the Inhabitants thereof, and humbleft thyself before me, and didft rend thy Cloaths, and weep before me; I have even HEARD thee alfo, faith the LORD.

28 Behold, I will gather thee to thy Fathers, and thou fhalt be gathered to thy Grave in PEACE, neither shall thine Eyes fee all the Evil that I will bring upon this Place, and upon the INHABITANTS of the fame. So they brought the King word again.

29 Then the King fent and gathered together all the Elders of Judah.

30 And the King went up into the House of the LORD, and the Priefts, and the Levites, and all the People, great and fmall and he read in their Ears all the Words of the Book of the COVENANT, that was found in the House of the LORD.

31 And the King ftood in his Place, and made a COVENANT before the LORD, to walk after the LORD, and to keep his Commandments, and his Teftimonies, and his Statutes, with all his HEART, and with all his Soul, to perform the Words of the COVENANT which are written in this Book.

32 And he caused all that were present in Jerufalem and Benjamin to stand to it. And the Inhabitants of Jerusalem did according to the Covenant of GOD, the GOD of their Fathers.

33 And Jofiah took away all the Abominations out of all the Countries that pertained to the Children of Ifrael, and made all that were prefent in Ifrael to ferve the LORD their GOD. And all his Days they departed not from following the LORD, the GOD of their Fathers.


1 Jofiah keepeth a moft folemn Paffover: 20 He provoking Pharash-necho, is flain at Megiddo. 25 Lamentation for Jofiah.

Ver. 1 M in Jerufalem: and they killed the Paflover on

Oreover, Jofiah kept a Paffover unto the LORD

the fourteenth Day of the firft Month.

2 And he fet the Priests in their Charges, and encouraged them to the Service of the House of the LORD,

3 And faid unto the Levites that taught all Ifrael which were holy unto the LORD, Put the holy Ark in the House which Solomon did build; it fhall not be a Burden upon your Shoulders SERVE now the LORD your God, and his People Ifrael.

4 And PREPARE yourfelves after your Courfes, according to the writing of David, and of Solomon.

5 And ftand in the holy Place according to the Divifions of your Families.

6 So kill the Paffover, and SANCTIFY yourselves, and prepare your Brethren, that they may do according to the Word of the LORD by the Hand of Mofes.

7 And Jofiah gave to the People, of the Flock, Lambs and Kids, for all the Paffover-offerings.

to So the Service was prepared, and the Priests stood in their PLACE, and the Levites in their COURSES, according to the King's Commandment.

11. And they killed the Paffover, and the Priests sprinkled the Blood from their Hands, and the Levites flayed them. 13 And they roafted the Paffover with Fire, according to the ORDINANCE: but the other holy Offerings divided they fpeedily among all the People.

14 And afterward they made ready for themselves, and for the Priests: because the Priests the Sons of Aaron were bufied in offering of Burnt-offerings.

15 And the Singers the Sons of Afaph were in their Place, according to the Commandment of David, and Afaph, and Heman, and Jeduthun the King's Seer.

16 So all the Service of the LORD was prepared the fame Day, to keep the Paflover, and to offer Burnt-offerings upon the Altar of the LORD, according to the Commandment of King Jofiah.

17 And the Children of Ifrael that were prefent, kept the Pallover at that Time, and the Feaft of unleavened Bread feven Days.

18 And there was no Paffover like to that kept in Ifrael, from the Days of Samuel the Prophet, neither did all the Kings of Ifrael keep fuch a Paflover as Jofiah kept.

19 In the eighteenth Year of the Reign of * Jofiah was this Paffover kept.

20 After all this, when Jofiah had prepared the Temple, Necho King of Egypt came up to fight against Carchemifh by Euphrates and Jofiah went out againft him.

21 But he fent Ambaffadors to him, faying, What have I to do with thee, thou King of Judah? I come not against thee this Day, but against the Houfe wherewith I have War: for GOD commanded me to make hafte forbear thee from meddling with God, who is with me, that he destroy thee not.

22 Nevertheless Jofiah would not turn his Face from him, but disguised himself that he might fight with him, and hearkened not unto the Words of Necho from the Mouth of GOD, and came to fight in the Valley of Megiddo.

23 And the Archers fhot at King Jofiah; and the King faid to his Servants, Have me away, for I am fore wounded."

24 His Servants therefore took him out of that Chariot, and put him in the fecond Chariot that he had; and they brought him to Jerufalem, and he died, and was buried in one of the Sepulchres of his Fathers: and all Judah and Jerufalem mourned for Jofiah.


* Jer. xxii. 10 Weep ye not for the DEAD, neither bemoan him, but weep he fhall return no more, nor fee his native Countrey.

fore for him that GOETH AWAY: for

25 * And Jeremiah lamented for Jofiah, and all the Singing-men, and the Singingwomen, spake of Jofiah in their Lamentations to this Day, and made them an Ordinance in Ifrael: and behold, they are written in the Lamen


26 Now the rest of the Acts of Jofiah, and his Goodness, according to that which was written in the Law of the LORD,

27 They are written in the Book of the Kings of Ifrael and Judah.

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Jeboabaz fucceeding, is depofed by Pharaoh, and carried into Egypt. 5 Jehoiakim reigning ill, is carried bound into Babylon. 9 Jehoiachin fucceeding, reigneth ill, and is brought into Babylon. 11 Zedekiah fucceeding, reigneth ill, and defpifeth the Prophets, and rebelleth against Nebuchadnezzar, *Towards the latter End of Jofiah's Reign, Zephaniah began to prophesy who is fuppofed to be the Great-grandson of King Hezekiah,

14 Jeru

14 Jerufalem, for the Sins of the Priefts and People, is wholly destroyed.

Ver. IT the Son of Jofiah, and made him King in his

HEN the People of the Land took Jehoahaz,

Father's ftead.

2 Jehoahaz was twenty and three Years old when he began to reign, and he reigned three Months in Jerufalem. 3 And the King of Egypt put him down at Jerufalem, and condemned the Land in an hundred Talents of Silver, and a Talent of Gold.

4 And the King of Egypt made Eliakim his Brother King over Judah, and turned his Name to Jehoiakim. And Necho took Jehoahaz his Brother, and carried him to Egypt, and he died there.

Jer. xxii. 11 Thus faith the LoD touching Shallum the Son of Jofiah King of Judah, which reigned inftead

of Jofiah his Father, which went forth out of this Place, He shall not return thither any more.

12 But he fhall die in the Place whither they have led him Captive, and fhall fee this Land no more.

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z Jer. xxvi. 1 In the Beginning of the Reign of Jehoiakim the Son of Jofiah King of Judah, came this word from the LORD, faying,

2 Thus faith the LORD, Stand in the Court of the LORD's Houfe, and

fpeak unto all the Cities of Judah, which come to worship in the LORD's House, all the WORDS that I com

mand thee to speak unto them; DIMINISH not a WORD:

3 If fo be they will HEARKEN, and TURN every Man from his EVIL WAY, that I may repent me of the Evil which I purpofe to do unto them, because of the EVIL of their DOINGS.

And thou shalt fay unto them, Thus faith the LORD, if ye will not hearken unto me, to WALK in my Law, which I have set before you. S TO HEARKEN to the WORDS of my Servants the PROPHETS, whom I fent unto you both rifing up early and fending them.

6 Then will I make this House like SHILOн, and will make this City a CURSE to all the NATIONS of the Earth.

7 So the PRIESTS, and the PROPHETS, and all the People heard Jeremiah Speaking these WORDS in the HOUSE of the LORD.

8 Now it came to pafs, when Jeremiah had made an end of speaking all that the LORD had commanded him to speak unto all the People, that the PRIESTS, and the PROPHETS, and all the People took him, laying, Thou fhalt furely Die.

12 Then spake Jeremiah unto the PRINCES, and unto all the People, fay ing, The LORD fent me to PROPHESY all the Words that ye have heard.

13 Therefore now, AMEND your WAYS and your DOINGS, and OBEY the VOICE of the LORD your God, and the LORD will repent him of the Evil that he hath pronounced against you.

14 As for me, Behold, I am in your Hand: do with me as feemeth meet unto you.

17 Thea

17 Then certain of the ELDERS fpake to all the People, faying,

18 MICAH the Morafthite prophefied in the Days of Hezekiah, faying, Thus faith the LORD of HOSTS, ZION fhall be PLOWED like a Field, and JERUSALEM fhall become HEAPS.

19 Did Hezekiah and all Judah put him at all to DEATH? did he not FEAR the LORD, and BESQUGHT the LORD, and the LORD repented him of the Evil which he had pronounced against them? Thus might we procure great EVIL against our SOULS.

20 And there was alfo a Man that PROPHESIED in the Name of the LORD, URIJAH, WHO PROPHESIED against this City, and against this Land, according to all the Words of Jeremiah.

21 And when Jehoiakim and all the PRINCES heard his Words, the King fought to put him to Death; but when URIJAH heard it he was afraid, and Aed into Egypt.

22 And Jehoiakim the King fent Men into Egypt.

23 And they fet forth URIJAH out of Egypt, and brought him unto Jehoiakim, who SLEW him, and caft his dead Body into the Grave of the common People.

24 Nevertheless, the Hand of Ahikam was with Jeremiah, that they fhould not put him to DEATH,

Jer. xxxvi. And in the fourth Year of Jehoiakim, this Word came unto Jeremiah from the LORD, faying,

2 Take thee a ROLL of a Book, and write therein all the WORDS that I have SPOKEN unto thee against ISRAEL, and against JUDAH, and against all the NATIONS, from the Day I fpake unto thee, from the Days of Jofiah, even unto this Day

3 It may be that the House of Judah will hear all the EVIL which I purpofe to do unto them; that they may return every Man from his EVIL Way, that I may forgive their Iniquity and their Sin

4 Then Jeremiah called Baruch, who wrote all the Words of the LORD, which he had fpoken unto him, upon a ROLL of a Book..

s And Jeremiah commanded Baruch, faying, I am fhut up, I cannot go into the House of the LORD.

6 Therefore go thou and read in the ROLL the WORDS of the LORD in the Ears of the People in the LORD'S HOUSE upon the Fafting day.

7 It may be they will prefent their SUPPLICATION before the LORD, and will return every one from his EVIL WAY; for great is the ANGER and the FURY that the LORD hath pronounced against this People..

8 And BARUCH did according to all that Jeremiah the Prophet commanded him, reading in the Book the WORDS of the LORD in the LORD's HOUSE.

9 And in the fifth Year of Jehoiakim they proclaimed a FAST before the


10 Then read Baruch the WORDS of Jeremiah in the House of the LORD. II When Michaiah had heard out of the Book all the WORDS of the LORD,

12 Then he went down into the King's House, into the Scribes Chamber, and lo, all the PRINCES fat there.

13 Then Michaiah declared unto them all the WORDS that he had heard. 14 Therefore all the Princes fent Jehudi unto Baruch, faying, Take in thine Hand the ROLL.

Is And they faid unto him, Read it. So Baruch read it.

16 When they had heard all the Words, they were AFRAID, and faid unto Baruch, We will furely tell the King of all these Words.

17 And they asked Baruch, faying, Tell us now, how didft thou write all thefe Words at his Mouth?

18 Then Baruch anfwered them, He pronounced all thefe WORDS untỡ me, and I wrote them,


19 Then

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