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14 A Tumult shall arife among the People, and all thy Fortreffes fhall be spoiled, as Shalman fpeiled Betharbel in the Day of Battle: the Mother was dashed in pieces upon her


Hofea xiii. 16 Samaria fhall become DESOLATE, for the hath REBELLED 2gainft her GoD: they fhall fall by

the Sword; their Infants shall be

Hofes xiv. 9 Who is wise, and he

dashed in pieces, and their Women with child thall be ript up. fhall understand thefe Things? PRUDENT, and he shall know them? for the Ways of the LORD are right, and the Just fhall walk in them, but the

TRANSGRESSORS fhall fall therein.

Levit. xxvi. 13 I am the LORD your GOD, which brought you forth out of the Land of Egypt, that ye fhould not be their Bond-men, and I have broken the Bands of your Yoke, and made you go upright.

14 But if ye will not hearken Dto me, and will not do all these Commandments

Is And if ye fhall defpife my Statutes, or if your Soul abhor my Judg ments, fo that ye will not do all my Commandments, but that ye break my COVENANT,

Sons, and the Flesh of your Daugh 29 Ye shall eat the Flesh of your ters fhall ye eat.

30 And I will DESTROY your high Places, and cut down your IMAGES, and caft your Carcafes upon the Carcafes of your Idols, and my Soul fall abhor you.

31 And I will make your Cr WASTE, and bring your SANCTUARIES unto DESOLATION, and I will not smell the Savour of your fweet Odours.

32 And I will bring the Land inte DESOLATION: and your Enemies which dwell therein shall be astonish

ed at it.

33 And I will SCATTER you among the Heathen, and will draw our Sword after you, and your Land fhall be DESOLATE, and your Cines Wafte.

43 The Land alfo fhall be left of them, and shall enjoy her SABBATHS,

while the lieth DESOLATE without them, and they fhail accept of the Punishment of their Iniquity'; becaule, how

even because, they defpifed my JuneMENTS, and because their Soul abhorred my STATUTES.

44 And yet for all that, when they be in the Land of their Enemies, I will NOT CAST THEM AWAY, neither

will I ABHOR them, to DESTROY them UTTERLY, and to break my Covenant with them: for I am the LORD their


how they should fear the LORD.

29 Howbeit, every Nation made Gods of their own, and put them into the Houfes of the high Places which the Samaritans had made, every Na-, tion in their Cities wherein they dwelt.

30 And the Men of Babylon made Succoth-benoth, and the Men of Cuth made Nergal, and the Men of Hamath made Afhima.

31 And the Avites made Nibhaz and Tartak, and the Sepharvites burnt their Children in Fire to Adrammelech, and Anammelech, the Gods of Sepharvaim.

32 So they feared the LORD, and made unto themfelves of the lowest of them Priests of the high Places.

33 They feared the LORD, and ferved their own Gods, after the Manner of the Nations whom they carried a way from thence.

34 Unto this Day they do after the former Manners: they fear not the LORD, neither do they after their Statutes, or after their Ordinances, or after the Law and Commandment which the LORD commanded the Children of Jacob, whom he named Ifrael.

35 With whom the LORD had made a Covenant, and charged them, faying, Ye fhall not fear other Gods,

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47 Because thou SERVEDST not the LORD thy GOD with JOYFULNESS, and with GLADNESS of Heart, for the abundance of all Things.

48 Therefore fhalt thou SERVE thine ENEMIES, which the LORD fhall fend against thee, in Hunger, and in Thirft, and in Nakedness, and in Want of

all Things: and he fhall put a Yoke of Iron upon thy Neck, until he have deftroyed thee.

thy Gates, until thy high and fenced 52 And he fhall befiege thee in all

Walls come down, wherein thou truft

edit, throughout all thy Land; and he fhall befiege thee in all thy Gates, throughout all thy Land, which the LORD thy GOD hath given thee.

64 And the LORD hall SCATTER thee among all People from the one END of the EARTH even unto the other, and there thou shalt ferve other Gods, which neither thou nor thy Fathers have known, even Wood and Stone.

65 And among thefe Nations fhalt

thou find no EASE, neither shall the SOLE of thy FOOT have REST: but the LORD fhall give thee there a trembling Heart, and Failing of Eyes, and Sorrow of Mind.

Hofea iii. 4 For the Children of IsRAEL fhall abide many Days, without a KING, and without a PRINCE, and


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without a SACRIFICE, and without an IMAGE, and without an EPHOD, and

without TERAPHIM,

Ifa. x. 5 O Affyrian, the Rod of mine Anger, and the Staff in their Hand is mine Indignation.

6 I will fend him against an hy pocritical Nation, and against the People of my Wrath will I give him take the Prey, and to tread them a Charge to take the Spoil, and to down like the Mire of the Street.

7 Howbeit, he meaneth not so, neither doth his Heart think fo, but

it is in his Heart to DESTROY, and CUT OFF Nations not a few.

12 Wherefore it shall come to país, that when the LORD hath performed his whole WORK upon Mount Sion, and on Jerufalem, I will PUNISH the Fruit of the STOUT HEART of the King of Affyria, and the Glory of his HIGH LOOKS.

13 For he faith, By the Strength of my Hand I have done it, and by my Wildom; for I am prudent: and I have removed the Bounds of the People, and have robbed their Treafures, and I have put down the Inha

bitants like a valiant Man.

15 Shall the Ax boast itself againft him that heweth therewith? or fhall the Saw magnify himself againft him that thaketh it? as if the Rod fhould shake itself against him that lifts it up, or as if the Staff should lift up itself, as if it were no Wood.

41 So thefe Nations feared the LORD, and ferved their graven Images, both their Children, and their Childrens Children: as did their Fathers, fo do they unto this Day.


1 Hezekiah his good Reign: 3 Reftoreth Religion: 5 He exborteth the Levites: 12 They fanctify themselves and cleanse the Houfe of GOD. 20 Hezekiah offereth folemn Sacrifices, wherein the Levites were more forward than the Priests.

Ver. 1LJEZEKIAH the Son of Ahaz began to reign. when he was five and twenty Years old, and he reigned nine and twenty Years in Jerufalem.

2 And he did that which was right in the fight of the LORD, according to all that David his Father had done.



4 And he removed the high Places, and brake the Images, and cut down the Groves, and brake in pieces the brazen Serpent that Mofes had made: for, unto thofe Days the Children of Ifrael did burn Incenfe. to it: and he called it Nehushtan.

He trufted in the LORD GOD of Ifrael, fo that after him was none like him among all the Kings of Judah, nor any that were before him.

6 For he clave to the LORD, and departed not from following him, but kept his Commandments, which the LORD commanded Mofes.

7 And the LORD was with him, and he profpered whitherfoever he went forth: and he rebelled against the King of Affyria, and ferved him not.


3 He, in the first Year of his Reign, in the first Month, opened the Doors of the House of the LORD, and repaired them.

4 And he brought in the Priefts and the Levites, and gathered them together into the East-street.

5 And faid unto them, Hear me, ye Levites, fanctify now yourselves, and fanctify the Houfe of the LORD GOD of your Fathers, and carry forth the Filthinefs out of the holy Place.

6 For our Fathers have trefpaffed, and done that which is evil in the Eyes of the LORD our GoD, and have forfaken him, and have turned away their Faces from the Habitation of the LORD, and turned their Backs.

7 Alfo they have fhut up the Doors of the Porch, and put out the Lamps, and have not burnt Incense, nor offered Burnt-offerings in the holy Place, unto the God of Israel.

8 Wherefore the Wrath of the LORD was upon Judah and Jerufalem, and he hath delivered them to Trouble, to Astonishment, and to Hiffing, as ye fee with your Eyes.

9 For lo, our Fathers have fallen by the Sword, and our Sons and our Daughters, and our Wives are in Captivity for this.

10 Now it is in mine Heart to make a Covenant with the LORD GOD of Ifrael, that his fierce Wrath may turn away from us.

11 My Sons, be not now negligent for the LORD hath


chofen you to stand before him, to serve him, that you fhould minifter unto him, and burn Incense.

12 Then the Levites arofe of the Sons of the Kohathites; and of the Sons of Merari; and of the Gerfhonites; 13 And of the Sons of Elizaphan; and of the Sons of Afaph;

14 And of the Sons of Heman; and of the Sons of Jeduthun.

15 And they gathered their Brethren, and fanctified themfelves, and came according to the Commandment of the King, by the Words of the LORD, to cleanfe the House of the LORD.

16 And the Priefts went into the inner Part of the Houfe of the LORD to cleanfe it, and brought out all the Uncleannefs that they found in the Temple of the LORD, into the Court of the Houfe of the LORD. And the Levites took it, to carry it out abroad unto the Brook Kidron.

17 Now they began on the first Day of the first Month to fanctify, and on the eighth Day of the Month came they to the Porch of the LORD: fo they fanctified the House of the LORD in eight Days, and in the fixteenth Day of the first Month they made an end.

18 Then they went in to Hezekiah the King, and faid, We have cleanfed all the Houfe of the LORD, and the Altar of Burnt-offering, with all the Veffels thereof.

19 Moreover, all the Veffels which King Ahaz in his Reign did caft away in his Tranfgreffion, have we prepared and fanctified, and behold, they are before the Altar of the LORD.

20 Then Hezekiah rose early, and gathered the Rulers of the City, and went up to the House of the LORD.

21 And they brought feven Bullocks, and feven Rams, and seven Lambs, and feven He-goats, for a Sin-offering for the Kingdom, and for the Sanctuary, and for Judah: and he commanded the Priefts, the Sons of Aaron, to offer them on the Altar of the LORD.

22 So they killed the Bullocks and the Rams, and allo the Lambs, they fprinkled the Blood upon the Altar.

23 And they brought forth the He-goats for a Sin-offering, before the King, and the Congregation, and they laid their Hands upon them:

24* And the Priefts killed them, and they made Recon* See Heb. x.


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