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1 Ifaac because of Famine went to Gerar.

2 GOD inftructeth

and bleffeth him. 7 He is reproved by Abimelech for deny

ing his Wife. 12 He groweth rich.

a Covenant with him at Beer-fheba.

26 Abimelech maketh

34 Efau's Wives."


Ifaac fendeth Efau for Venison. 6 Jacob, inftructed by Rebekah, obtaineth the Bleffing. 41 Efau threatneth him.

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Ver. his Eyes were dim, fo that he could not fee, he

called Efau his eldest Son, and faid unto him, My Son : And he faid unto him, Behold, here am I.

2 And he faid, Behold, now I am old, I know not the Day of my Death.

3 Now therefore take, I pray thee, thy Weapons, thy Quiver, and thy Bow, and go out to the Field, and take me fome Venifon;

4 And make me favoury Meat, fuch as I love, and bring it to me, that I may eat; that my Soul may bless thee before I die.

5 And Rebekah heard when Ifaac fpake to Efau his Son : and Efau went to the Field to hunt for Venifon, and to bring it.

6 And Rebekah fpake unto Jacob her Son, faying, Behold, I heard thy Father fpeak unto Efau thy Brother, faying,

7 Bring me Venifon, and make me favoury Meat, that I may eat, and blefs thee before the LORD before my Death. 8 Now therefore, my Son, obey my Voice, according to that which I command thee.

9 Go now to the Flock, and fetch me from thence two good Kids of the Goats; and I will make them favoury Meat for thy Father, fuch as he loveth.

10 And thou fhalt bring it to thy Father, that he may bless thee before his Death.

1 And Jacob faid to Rebekah his Mother, Behold, Efau my Brother is a hairy Man, and I am a fmooth Man.

12 My Father peradventure will feel me, and I fhall feem to him as a Deceiver; and I fhall bring a Curfe upon me, and not a Bleffing.

13 And his Mother faid unto him, Upon me be thy Curfe, my Son: only obey my Voice, and fetch me them. 14 And he went, and fetched, and brought them unto his Mother and his Mother made favoury Meat, such as his Father loved.

15 And Rebekah took goodly Raiment of her eldest Son Efau, which were with her in the Houfe, and put them upon Jacob her youngest Son.

16 And he put the Skins of the Kids of the Goats upon his Hands, and upon the Smooth of his Neck.

17 And she gave the favoury Meat, and the Bread which fhe had prepared, into the Hand of her Son Jacob.

18 And he came unto his Father, and faid, My Father: And he faid, Here am I; who art thou, my Son?

19 And Jacob faid unto his Father, I am Efau thy Firstborn; I have done according as thou badeft me: arise, I pray thee, fit and eat of my Venifon, that thy Soul may blefs me.

20 And Ifaac faid unto his Son, How is it that thou haft found it fo quickly, my Son? And he said, Because the LORD thy GOD brought it to me.

21 And Ifaac faid unto Jacob, Come near, I pray thee, that I may feel thee, my Son, whether thou be my very Son Efau or not.

22 And Jacob went near unto Ifaac his Father, and he felt him; and faid, The Voice is Jacob's Voice, but the Hands are the Hands of Efau.

23 And he discerned him not, because his Hands were hairy, as his Brother Efau's Hands: fo he bleffed him.

24 And he faid, Art thou my very Son Efau ? And he faid, I am.

25 And he said, Bring it near to me, and I will eat of my Son's Venison, that my Soul may blefs thee. And he brought it near to him, and he did eat: and he brought him Wine, and he drank.

26 And his Father Ifaac faid unto him, Come near now, and kifs me, my Son.

27 And he came near, and kiffed him and he smelled the Smell of his Raiment, and bleffed him, and faid, See,

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the Smell of my Son is as the Smell of a Field, which the LORD hath bleffed.

28 Therefore God give thee of the Dew of Heaven, and the Fatnefs of the Earth, and Plenty of Corn and Wine.

29 Let People ferve thee, and Nations bow down to thee; be Lord over thy Brethren, and let thy Mother's Sons bow down to thee: Curfed be every one that curseth thee, and bleffed be he that blefleth thee.

30 And it came to pafs, as foon as Ifaac had made an end of blefling Jacob, and Jacob was fcarce gone out from the Prefence of Ifaac his Father, that Efau his Brother came in from his hunting.

31 And he also had made favoury Meat, and brought it to his Father; and faid unto his Father, Let my Father arife, and eat of his Son's Venison, that thy Soul may bless.


32 And Ifaac his Father faid unto him, Who art thou? And he faid, I am thy Son, thy Firft-born Efau.

33 And Ifaac trembled very exceedingly, and faid, Who, where is he that hath taken Venifon, and brought it me, and I have eaten of all before thou cameft, and have bleffed him? yea, and he fhall be bleffed.

34 And when Efau heard the Words of his Father, he cried with a great and exceeding bitter Cry, and faid unto his Father, Bless me, even me alfo, O my Father.

35 And he faid, Thy Brother came with Subtilty, and hath taken away thy Bleffing.

36 And he faid, Is not he rightly named Jacob? for he hath fupplanted me thefe two Times: he took away my Birthright; and behold, now he hath taken away my Blef fing. And he said, Hast thou not referved a Bleffing for me?

37 And Ifaac anfwered and faid unto Efau, Behold, I have made him thy Lord, and all his Brethren have I given to him for Servants; and with Corn and Wine have I fuftained him and what fhall I do now unto thee, my Son?

38 w And Efau faid unto his Father, Haft thou but one BLESSING, my Father? BLESS me, even me alfo, O my Father. And Efau lift up his Voice, and WEPT.

Heb. xii. 17 For ye know how that afterward when he would have

JECTED: for he found no PLACE of
REPENTANCE, though he fought it
carefully with TEARS.

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39 And Ifaac his Father anfwered and said unto him, Behold, thy Dwelling fhall

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be the Fatnefs of the Earth, and of the Dew of Heaven from above.

40 And by thy Sword fhalt thou live, and fhalt ferve thy Brother and it fhall come to pass, when thou shalt have the Dominion, that thou shalt break his Yoke from off thy Neck.

41 And Efau hated Jacob, because of the Bleffing wherewith his Father bleffed him and Efau faid in his Heart, The Days of mourning for my Father are at hand, then will I flay my Brother Jacob.

42 And these Words of Efau her elder Son were told to Rebekah and fhe fent and called Jacob her younger Son, and faid unto him, Behold, thy Brother Efau, as touching thee, doth comfort himself, purpofing to kill thee.

43 Now therefore, my Son, obey my Voice: and arise, flee thou to Laban my Brother at Haran.

44 And tarry with him a few Days, until thy Brother's Fury turn away;

45 Until thy Brother's Anger turn away from thee, and he forget that which thou haft done to him; then I will fend, and fetch thee from thence. Why fhould I be deprived alfo of you both in one Day?

46 And Rebekah faid to Ifaac, I am weary of my Life, because of the Daughters of Heth: if Jacob take a Wife of the Daughters of Heth, fuch as thefe which are of the Daughters of the Land, what Good fhall my Life do me?


Jacob is bleffed, and fent to Padan-aram. 9 Efau marrieth
Mahalah the Daughter of Ishmael. 12 The Vifion of Ja-
20 Jacob's Vow.

cob's Ladder.

Ver. 1

ND Ifaac called Jacob, and bleffed him, and char-
ged him, and faid unto him, Thou shalt not

take a Wife of the Daughters of Canaan.

2 Arife, go to Padan-aram, to the Houfe of Bethuel thy Mother's Father; and take thee a Wife from thence of the Daughters of Laban thy Mother's Brother.

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3 And GOD ALMIGHTY bless thee, and make thee fruitful, and multiply thee, that thou mayst be a multitude of People:

4 And give thee the Bleffing of Abraham, to thee, and to thy Seed with thee; that thou mayft inherit the Land wherein thou art a Stranger, which God gave unto Abra


5 And Ifaac fent away Jacob, and he went to Padan-aram unto Laban, Son of Bethuel the Syrian, the Brother of Rebekah, Jacob's and Efau's Mother.

10 And Jacob went from Beer-fheba, and went toward Haran.

II And he lighted upon a certain Place, and tarried there all Night, because the Sun was fet and he took of the Stones of that Place, and put them for his Pillows, and lay down in that Place to fleep.

* Johni. 51 I fay unto you, Hereafthe ANGELS of GOD ASCENDING and ter you shall fee HEAVEN OPEN, and DESCENDING upon the Son of MAN.

12 And he dreamed, and behold, a LADDER fet upon the EARTH, and the TOP of it reached to HEAVEN: and behold, the ANGELS of GOD ASCENDING and DESCENDING on it.

13 y And behold, the LORD STOOD ABOVE it, and faid, I AM the LORD GOD of Abraham thy Father, and the GOD of Ifaac: the LAND whereon thou LIEST, to thee will I give it, and to thy Seed.

Heb. i. I GOD who at fundry TIMES, and in divers MANNERS SPAKE

in Time paft unto the FATHERS by the PROPHETS,

2 Hath in these LAST DAYS SPOKEN unto us by his Son, whom he hath whom alfo he made the WORLDS. APPOINTED HEIR of ALL THINGS by

14 And thy Seed fhall be as the Duft of the Earth; and thou fhalt fpread abroad to the Weft, and to the East, and to the North, and to the South: and in THEE, and in thy SEED fhall all the Families of the Earth be BLESSED.

15 And behold, I AM with THEE, and will KEEP THEE in all Places whither thou goeft, and will bring thee again into this Land: for I will not LEAVE THEE, until I have done that which I have spoken to thee of.

tion be without Covetoufnefs, and Heb. xiii. s Let your Converfabe content with fuch Things as ye have: for he hath faid, I will never

LEAVE thee, nor FORSAKE thee.

LORD is my HELPER, and I will not 6 So that we may boldly fay, The FEAR what Man shall do unto me.

16 And JACOB awaked out of his Sleep, and he faid, Surely the LORD is in THIS PLACE; and I knew it not.

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