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31 Thine Ox fhall be flain before thine Eyes, and thou fhalt not eat thereof: thine Afs fhall be violently taken away from before thy Face, and fhall not be restored to thee thy Sheep fhall be given unto thine Enemies, and thou fhalt have none to refcue them.

s The Earth alfo is DEFILED under the INHABITANTS thereof: beLAWS, CHANGED the ORDINANCE, BROcaufe they have TRANSGRESSED the KEN the EVERLASTING COVENANT.

32 Thy Sons and thy Daughters fhall be given to another People, and thine Eyes fhall look, and fail with longing for them all the Day long and there fhall be no Might in thine Hand.

33 The Fruit of thy Land, and all thy Labours, fhall a Nation which thou knoweft not, eat up; and thou fhalt

6 Therefore hath the CURSE DEVOURED the EARTH, and they that dwell therein are DESOLATE: there

fore the Inhabitants of the Earth are burned, and few Men left.

7 The new Wine mourneth, the

Vine languifheth, all the MERRY


8 The MIRTH of Tabrets ceaseth, the Noife of them that rejoyce endeth, the Joy of the Harp ceaseth.

9 They shall not drink Wine with a Song, Strong drink fhall be bitter to them that drink it.

10 The CITY of Confufion is bro

ken down every House is thut up, that no Man may come in.

11 There is a crying for Wine in the Streets, all Joy is DARKNED, the MIRTH of the Land is gone.

12 In the City is left DESOLATION, and the Gate is smitten with Deftrution.

13 When thus it fhall be in the midst of the Land among the People, there fhall be as the shaking of an Olive tree, and as the gleaning Grapes when the Vintage is done.

14 They fhall lift up their Voice, they fhail fing for the MAJESTY of the LORD, they fhall cry aloud from the Sea. in the Files, even the Name of the 15 Wherefore glorify ye the LORD LORD GOD of Ifrael in the Inles of the Sea.

Suppofe ye that thefe Galileans were Luke xiii. 2 JESUS faid unto them, Sinners above all the Galileans, be

caufe they fuffered fuch Things?

3 I tell you, Nay but except ye repent, ye thall all likewife perith.

4 Or thofe eighteen upon whom the Tower in Siloam fell, and flew ners above all Men that dwelt in Jethem, think ye that they were Sinrufalem?

s I tell you, Nay: but except ye repent, ye shall all likewife perish.

Matth. x. 28 Fear not them which

kill the Body, but are not able to which is ABLE TO DESTROY both SOUL kill the Soul: but rather FEAR HIM and BODY in HELL. be

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be only oppreffed and crushed alway.

Matth. viii. 11 I fay unto you, that many fhall come from the Eaft and Weft, and fhall fit down with Abra

ham, and Ifaac, and Jacob in the Kingdom of Heaven.

12 But the Children of the Kingdom fhall be caft out into OUTER

34 So that thou fhalt be mad, for the Sight of thine Eyes which thou fhalt fee.

35 The LORD fhall fmite thee in the Knees, and in the Legs, with a fore Botch that Sole of thy Foot unto the Top of thy Head.

36 The LORD fhall bring thee, and thy King which thou fhalt fet over thee, unto a Nation which neither thou, nor thy Fathers have known; and there fhalt thou ferve other Gods, Wood and Stone.


cannot be healed, from the

37 And thou shalt become an Astonishment, a Proverb, and a By-word among all Nations whither the LORD fhall lead thee.

38 Thou shalt carry much Seed out into the Field, and fhalt gather but little in: for the Locuft fhall confume it.

39 Thou shalt plant Vineyards and drefs them, but shalt neither drink of the Wine, nor gather the Grapes: for the Worms fhall eat them.

40 Thou fhalt have Olive-trees throughout all thy Coafts, but thou fhalt not anoint thyself with the Oyl: for thine Olive fhall caft his Fruit.

41 Thou shalt beget Sons and Daughters, but thou shalt not enjoy them for they fhall go into Captivity.

42 All thy Trees and Fruit of thy Land fhall the Locuft confume.

43 The Stranger that is within thee fhall get up above thee very high; and thou fhalt come down very low.

44 He fhall lend to thee, and thou shalt not lend to him: he shall be the Head, and thou fhalt be the Tail.

47 Because thou SERVEDST not the LORD thy GOD with JOYFULNESS,

45 Moreover, all thefe CURSES fhall come upon thee, and fhall pursue thee, and overtake thee, till thou be deftroyed because thou HEARKNEST not unto the Voice of the LORD thy GOD, to keep his Commandments and his Statutes which he commanded thee.

46 And they fhall be upon thee for a Sign, and for a Wonder, and upon thy Seed for ever.


Ifa. Ixv. 14 Behold, my Servants hall CRY for SORROW of Heart, and fhall SING for Joy of Heart, but ye fhall HOWL for VEXATION of SPIRIT. and

and with Gladnefs of Heart, for the ABUNDANCE of all Things.

48 Therefore fhalt thou SERVE thine ENEMIES which the LORD fhall fend against thee, in HUNGER, and in THIRST, and in NAKEDNESS, and in WANT of all Things and he shall put a until he have destroyed thee.

49 The LORD fhall bring a Nation against thee from far, from the End of the Earth, as fwift as the Eagle flieth, a Nation whofe Tongue thou fhalt not understand :

Jer. xxviii. 14 Thus faith the LORD of Hofts the GoD of Ifrael, I have put a YOKE of IRON upon the Neck of all thefe Nations, that they may ferve Nebuchadnezzar King of Babylon, and they fhall ferve him; and I have given him the Beafts of the Field alfo. YOKE of IRON upon thy Neck,

"Jer. v. 15 Lo, I will bring a NaIfrael, faith the LORD: it is a mightion upon you from far, O House of ty Nation, it is an ancient Nation, a Nation whofe Language thou know

eft not, neither underftandeft what they say.

Ezek. xvii. 12 Say now to the rebellious House, Know ye not what thefe Things mean? Tell them, Behold, the King of Babylon is come to Jerufalem, and hath taken the King thereof, and the Princes thereof, and led them with him to Babylon.

50 A Nation of fierce Countenance, which fhall not regard the Perfon of the Old, nor fhew Favour to the Young.

51 And he fhall eat the Fruit of thy Cattle, and the Fruit of thy Land, until thou be DESTROYED: which alfo fhall not leave thee either Corn, Wine, or Oyl, or the Flocks of thy Sheep, until he have deftroyed thee.

52 P And he fhall befiege thee in all thy Gates until thy high and fenced Walls come down, wherein thou truftedft, throughout all thy Land: and he fhall befiege thee in all thy Gates, throughout all thy Land which the LORD thy GOD hath given thee.

• Ifa. i. 7 Your Country is DESOLATE, your CITIES are BURNT with Fire your LAND, Strangers devour

it in your Prefence, and it is DESOLATE as overthrown by STRANGERS.

Increase of thy Kine, or

r Luke xix. 43 The Days fhall come upon thee, that thine ENEMIES fhall CAST a TRENCH about thee, and compass thee round, and KEEP thee in on every Side.

44 And fhall lay thee even with in thee; and they thall not leave in the Ground, and thy Children withthee one Stone upon another: because thou knewest not the Time of thy Vi



53 9 And thou shalt EAT the FRUIT of thine own BoDY, the Flesh of thy SONS

2 Kings vi. 24 And it came to pafs after this, that, Benhadad King of Syria gathered all his Hoft, and went up, and befieged Samaria.

*This was fully accomplished in the Desolation of Jerusalem by the Romans.


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and of thy DAUGHTERS
(which the LORD thy GOD
hath given thee) in the Siege
and in the Straitnefs where-
with thine Enemies fhall di-
ftrefs thee:

25 And there was a great Famine in Samaria and behold, they be

fieged it, until an Afs's Head was

fold for fourfcore Pieces of Silver, and the fourth part of a Cab of Dove's Dung for five Pieces of Sil


26 And as the King of Ifrael was paffing by upon the Wall, there cried a Woman unto him, faying, Help, my LORD, O King,

27 And he fad, If the LORD do not help thee, whence fhall I help thee? out of the Barn floor, or out of the Wine prefs?

54 So that the Man that is tender among you, and very delicate, his Eye fhall be evil towards his Brother, and towards the Wife of his Bofom, and towards the Remnant of his Children which he fhall leave:

28 And the King faid unto her, What aileth thee? And the answered, This Woman faid unto me, Give thy

55 So that he will not give Son, that we may eat him To-day, to any of them of the Flefh and we will eat my Son To-morrow. of his Children whom he fhall eat becaufe he hath nothing left him in the Siege, and in the Straitnefs wherewith thine Enemies fhall diftrefs thee in all thy Gates.

56 The tender and DELICATE Woman among you, which would not adventure to fet the Sole of her Foor upon the GROUND for DELICATENESS and Tenderness, her EYE fhall be EVIL towards the HUSBAND of her Bofom, and towards her Son, and towards her Daughter.

57 And towards her Young one that cometh out from between her Feet, and towards her Children which fhe fhall bear for the fhall EAT them for want of all Things fecretly in the SIEGE, and Straitnefs wherewith thine Enemies fhall diftrefs thee in thy Gates.

58 If thou wilt not OBSERVE to do all the Words of this Law that are written in this Book, that thou mayest FEAR this GLORIOUS and FEARFUL Name, THE LORD THY GOD;

59 Then the LORD will make thy PLAGUES wonderful, and the PLAGUES of thy SEED, even great Plagues, and of long Continuance, and fore Sickneffes, and of long Conti


60 Moreover, he will bring upon thee all the Diseases of Egypt, which thou waft afraid of; and they fhall cleave unto thee.

61 Alfo every Sicknefs, and every Plague which is not written in the Book of this Law, them will the LORD bring upon thee, until thou be DESTROYED.

62 And ye fhall be left FEW in Number, whereas ye


were as the STARS of Heaven for Multitude: because thou wouldst not OBEY the Voice of the LORD thy GOD.

63 And it shall come to pass, that as the LORD rejoyced over you to do you good, and to multiply you: fo the LORD will rejoyce over you to DESTROY you, and to bring you to nought and ye fhall be plucked from off the Land whither thou goeft to poffefs it.

64 And the LORD fhall fcatter thee among all People from the one End of the Earth even unto the other; and there thou shalt ferve other Gods, which neither thou nor thy Fathers have known, even Wood and Stone.

65 And among thefe Nations fhalt thou find no EASE, neither fhall the Sole of thy Foot have REST: but the LORD fhall give thee there a trembling Heart, and Failing of Eyes, and Sorrow of Mind.

66 And thy Life fhall hang in doubt before thee, and thou fhalt FEAR Day and Night, and fhalt have none Affurance of thy Life.

67 In the MORNING thou halt fay, Would GoD it were EVEN and at EVEN thou fhalt fay, Would GOD it were MORNING, for the FEAR of thine Heart, wherewith thou fhalt fear, and for the Sight of thine Eyes which thou fhalt fee.

68 And the LORD fhall bring thee into Egypt again, with Ships, by the way whereof I fpake unto thee, Thou fhalt fee it no more again: and there ye fhall be fold unto your Enemies for Bond-men and Bond-women, and no Man fhall buy you.



2 An Exhortation to Obedience. 29 Secret Things belong unto God.

Ver. 1TH

HESE are the WORDS of the COVENANT which the LORD commanded Mofes to make with the Children of Ifrael, in the Land of Moab, befide the Covenant which he made with them in Horeb.

2 And Mofes called unto all Ifrael, and faid unto them, Ye have seen all that the LORD did before your Eyes in the Land of Egypt, unto Pharaoh, and unto all his Servants, and unto all his Land;

M m

3 The

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