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1 GOD commandeth Mofes to number the People. 5 The Princes of the Tribes. 17 The Number of every Tribe. 47 The Levites are exempted for the Service of the LORD.

Ver. 1

ND the LORD fpake unto Mofes in the Wilderness of Sinai, in the Tabernacle of the Congregation, on the first Day of the fecond Month, in the fecond Year, after they were come out of the Land of Egypt, faying,

2 Take ye the Sum of all the Congregation of the Children of Ifrael, after their Families, by the House of their Fathers, with the Number of their Names, every Male by their Poll:

3 From twenty Years old and upward, all that are able to go forth to War in Ifrael; thou and Aaron shall number them by their Armies.

46 All they that were numbred, were fix hundred thoufand and three thoufand and five hundred and fifty.

47 But the Levites were not numbred among them.


The Order of the Tribes in their Tents.


The Sons of Aaron. 5 The Levites are given to the Priefis, for the Service of the Tabernacle, 11 inftead of the Firstborn. 14 The Levites are numbred by their Families. 21 The Families, Number, and Charge of the Gershonites, 27 of the Kohathites, 33 of the Merarites; 38 the Place and Charge of Mofes and Aaron. 40 The First-born are freed by the Levites. 44 The Overplus are redeemed.


The Unclean are removed out of the Camp. 5 Reftitution is to be made in Trefpaffes. 11 The Trial of Jealousy.



22 The Form of bleffing the

The Law of the Nazarites.


Ver. 22 A

ND the LORD fpake unto Mofes, faying, 23 Speak unto Aaron, and unto his Sons, faying, On this wife ye fhall blefs the Children of Ifrael, faying unto them,

24 The LORD blefs thee, and keep thee:

25 The LORD make his Face to fhine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee:

26 b The LORD lift his up COUNTENANCE upon thee, and give thee PEACE.

27 And they fhall put my Name upon the Children of Ifrael, and I will blefs them.

b Pfal. iv. 6 There be many that fay, Who will fhew us any Good? LORD, lift thou up the Light of thy COUNTENANCE upon us.

with thee: thou haft holden me by Pfal. Ixxiii. 23 I am continually thy Right Hand,

24 Thou

24 Thou shalt guide me with thy Counsel, and afterward receive me to Glory.

25 Whom have I in HEAVEN but thee? and there is none upon EARTH I DESIRE befides thee.

26 My Fieth and my Heart faileth: but GoD is the STRENGTH of my Heart, and my PORTION for ever.



The Offering of the Princes at the Dedication of the Tabernacle: 10 Their feveral Offerings at the Dedication of the Altar. 89 GOD fpeaketh to Mofes from the Mercy-feat.


The Paffover enjoined again. 15 A Cloud guideth the Ifraelites.

Ver. 15


ND on the Day that the Tabernacle was reared up, the Cloud covered the Tabernacle, namely, the Tent of the Teftimony: and at even there was upon the Tabernacle as it were the Appearance of Fire until the Morning.

16 So it was always the Cloud covered it by Day, and the Appearance of Fire by Night. 17 And when the CLOUD was taken up from the Tabernacle; then after that the Children of Ifrael journied: and in the Place where the Cloud abode, there the Children of Ifrael pitched their Tents.

18 At the Commandment of the LORD the Children of Ifrael journied, and at the Commandment of the LORD they pitched as long as the Cloud abode upon the Tabernacle, they rested in the Tents.

19 And when the Cloud tarried long upon the Tabernacle many Days, then the Children of Ifrael kept the

Nehem, ix. 19 Thou in thy manifold Mercies forfookeft them not in the Wilderness: the Pillar of the Cloud departed not from them by Day, to lead them in the Way; neither the Pillar of Fire by Night, to fhew them Light, and the Way wherein they should go.

Pfal. lxxx. I Give ear, O SHEPHERD of Ifrael, thou that leadeft Jofeph like a Flock, thou that dwelleft between the CHERUBIMS fhine forth, ftir up thy Strength, and come and fave us.

Ifai. xxx. 21 Thine Ears fhall hear a Word behind thee, faying, This is the Way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the Right Hand, and when ye turn

to the Left.

Ifa. xl. 11 He fhall feed his Flock like a SHEPHERD, he fhall gather the Lambs with his Arm, and carry them

in his Bofom, and fhall gently lead thofe that are with young.

John x. 27 My SHEEP hear my Voice, and I know them, and they follow me.


Charge of the LORD, and journied not.

20 And fo it was when the Cloud was a few Days upon the Tabernacle; according to the Commandment of the LORD they abode in their Tents, and according to the Commandment of the LORD they journied.

21 And fo it was when the Cloud abode from Even unto the Morning, and that the Cloud was taken up in the Morning, then they journied whether it was by Day or by Night that the Cloud was taken up, they journied.

22 Or whether it were two Days, or a Month, or a Year, that the Cloud tarried upon the Tabernacle remaining thereon, the Children of Ifrael abode in their Tents, and journied not but when it was taken up, they journied.

28 And I give unto them ETERNAL LIFE, and they fhall never perift, neither thall any pluck them out of my Hand.

Rev. xiv. 4 Thefe are they which follow the LAMB whitherfoever he

goeth; there were REDEEMED from among Men, being the First-fruits uno GOD, and the LAMB.

his Difciples, ALL POWER is given Matth. xxviii. 18 Jesus faid unto unto me in Heaven and in Earth.

35 And it came to pafs when the Ark fct forward, that Mofes faid, Rife up, LORD, and let thine Enemies be fcattered; and let them

19 Go ye therefore and teach ail of the FATHER, and of the Son, and Nations, baptizing them in the Name of the HOLY GHOST.

20 Teaching them to OESERVE ALL THINGS whatfoever I have COMMAND

ED you and lo, I AM WITH YOU alway, even unto the END of the


Ads vii. 38 This is he that was in

the Church in the Wilderness.

23 At the Commandment of the LORD they rested in the Tents, and at the Commandment of the LORD they journied they kept the Charge of the LORD at the Commandment of the LORD by the Hand of Mofes.


The Ufe of the Trumpets. 11 The removing of the Camp. Ver.33


ND they departed from the Mount of the LORD three Days Journey: and the Ark of the Covenant of the LORD went before them in the three Days Journey, to fearch out a Refting-place for them.

34 And the Cloud of the LORD was upon them by Day, when they went out of the Camp.

d Pfal. Ixviii. Let Gop arife, let his Enemies be fcattered: let them alfo that hate him flee before him. drive them away: as Wax melteth 2 As Smoke is driven away, fo



that hate thee, flee before before the Fire, fo let the Wicked perish at the Prefence of God. 3 But let the Righteous be glad : let them rejoyce before God, yea, let them exceedingly rejoy co

36 And when it refted, he faid, Return, O LORD, unto the many thousands of Ifrael.


4 Manna leathed. 10 The Seventy Elders. 31 Quails are fent in Wrath.

Ver. 1

ND e when the People complained, it difpleafed the LORD: and the LORD heard it; and his Anger was kindled; and the Fire of the LORD burnt among them, and confumed them that were in the uttermoft Parts of the Camp.

2 And the People cried unto Mofes; and when Mofes prayed unto the LORD, the Fire was quenched.

3 And he called the Name of the Place Taberah: because the Fire of the LORD burnt among them.

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32 For all this they finned ftill


22 Because they BELIEVED NOT in GOD, and TRUSTED not in his SALVA


23 Though he had commanded the Clouds from above, and opened the Doors of Heaven,

24 And had rained down MANNA upon them to eat, and had given them of the Corn of Heaven.

25 Man did eat ANGELS FOOD: he fent them Meat to the full.

26 He caused an Eaft-wind to blow in the Heaven: and by his Power he brought in the South-wind.

27 He rained Flesh alfo upon them as Duft, and feathered Fowls like as the Sand of the Sea.

28 And he let it fall in the midst of their Camp, round about their Habitations.

29 So they did eat, and were well filled: for he gave them their own Defire;

30 They were not ESTRANGED from their LUST: but while their Meat was yet in their Mouths,

31 The WRATH of GOD came upon them, and flew the fatteft of them, and fmote down the chosen Men of Ifrael.

and BELIEVED NOT for his wondrous

33 Therefore their Days did he confume in Vanity, and their Years in Trouble.

34 When he flew them, then they fought him: and they returned, and enquired early after God.


35 And

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