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Moses's Hand, when he came 7 But if the MINISTRATION of down from the Mount) that Stones, was GLORIOUS. 1o that the

DEATH written and engraven in Moses wilt not that the Skin Children of Israel could not ftedof his FACE SHONE, while fastly behold the Face of Mosss, for

the Glory of hisCountenance which he talked with him.

G'ory was to be done away. 30 And when Aaron and 8 How shall not the MINISTRATION all the Children of Israel law of the Spirit be rather GLORIOUS ?

9 For it the Miniftration of Con. Moses, bchold, the skin of demnation be GLORY, much more his FACE SHONE, and they doth the MINISTRATION of RIGHTEwere afraid to come nigh


Jo For even that which was made him.

glorious, had no Glory in this Rer31 And Moses called unto peat, by reason of the Glory thac them; and Aaron and all the EXCELLETH.

11 For if that which is done away Rulers of the Congregation was glorious, much more that which returned unto him: and Mo- remaineth is GLORIOUS. fcs talked with them.

12 Seeing then that we have such

HOPE, we use great Plainnels of 32 And afterward all the Speech. Children of Israel came nigh:

13 And not as Moses, which put

a Vall over his Face, that the Chiland he gave them in Com- dren of Israel could not ftedfastly mandment all that the LORD look to the End of that which is had spoken with him in Mount abolished.

14. But their Minds were blinded : Sinai.

for until this D..y remaincth the 33 And till Moses had fame VAIL UNTAKEN AWAY in the done sperking with them, he reading of the Old Testament; which

Vall is done away in CHRIST. put a Vail on his Face.

Is But even unto this Day, when 34 But when Moses went Moses is read, the Vall is apon theis in before the LORD to speak HEART.

16 Nevertheless, when it Mall turn with him, he took the Vail

to the LORD, the Vail shall be taken off, until he came out. And away. he came out and spake unto

17 Now the LORD is that SPIRIT:

and where the the SPIRIT of the Load the Children of Israel, that is, there is LIBERTY. which he was commanded. 18 But we all with open Face, BE35. And the Children of HOLDING as in a Glass the Glory of

the LORD, are changed into the same Israel saw the Face of Moses, Image, from GLORY to GLORY, even that the Skin of Moses's Face as by the Spirit of the Lord. fhone : and Mofes put the Vail upon his Face again, until be went in to speak with him,


1 The Cloaths of Service, and holy Garments. 2 The Ephed,

& The Breas-plate. 22 The Robe of the Ephed,

Ver. 42

CCORDING to all that the LORD com.

manded Moses, so the Children of Israel made all the Work.

43 And Moses did look upon all the Work, and behold, they had done it as the Lord had commanded, even so had they done it : and Moses blefled them.


1 The Tabernacle is commanded to be reared, 9 and anointed;

13 Aaron and his Sons to be sanctified. 34 The Cloud.

Ver. 16THUS did Mofes : according to all that the

1 LORD commanded him, so did he. 17 And it came to pass, in the first Month, in the second Year, on the first Day of the Month, that the Tabernacle was reared up.

21 And he brought the Ark into the Tabernacle, as the LORD commanded Mofes.

22 And he put the Table in the Tent of the Congregation, upon the side of the Tabernacle North-ward, without the Veil.

25 And he lighted the Lamps before the LORD, as the LORD commanded Moses.

26 And he put the GOLDEN ALTAR in the Tent of the Congregation, before the Veil.

27 s And he burnt sweet • Rev. viii. 3 An ANGEL came and INCENSE thereon, as the

ftood at the Altar, having a gol

den Censer ; and there was given LORD commanded Moses. unto him much INCENSE, that he

33 And he reared up the lhould offer it with the Prayers of Court round about the Ta- which was before the THRONE.

all Saints upon the golden Altar, bernacle and the Altar, and 4 And the Smoke of the INCENSE set up the Hanging of the which came with the PRAYERS of the Court-gate : fo Moles finish- Saints

, afcended up before God, ou

of the ANGEL'S HAND. ed the Work.

34 ' Then a CLOUD CO- Rev. xv. s I looked, and behold, vered the Tent of the Con- the TEMPLE of the TABERNACLE of

the Testimony in Heaven was opengregation, and the GLORY ed of the LORD FILLED the 8 And the TEMPLE was filled with TABERNACLE.

Smoke from the GLORY of God, and

from his POWER ; and no Man was 33 And Moses was not able to easer into the TEASPLE. ABLE to ENTER into the


Tent of the Congregation, because the CLOUD abode thereon, and the GLORY of the LORD FILLED the TABERNACLE.

36 And when the Cloud was taken up from over the Tabernacle, the Children of Israel went onward in all their Journeys.

37 But if the Cloud were not taken up, then they journeyed not, till the Day that it was taken up.

38 For the CLOUD of the LORD was upon the TABERNACLE by Day, and Fire was on it by Night, in the Sight of all the House of Israel, throughout all their Journeys.





Of the Book of



C H A P. 1.

| The Burnt-offerings, 10 of the Flocks, 14 Of the Fowls.


1 The Meat-offering of Flour with Oyl and Incense, 12 Of the First-fruits in the Ear. 13 The Salt of the Meatoffering


1 The Peace-offering, 6 Of the Flock; 7 either a Lamb,

12 or a Goat,



1 The Sin-offering of Ignorance, 3 for the Priest, 13 for the

Congregation, 22 for the Ruler, 27 for any of the People.

CH A P. V. i He that finneth in concealing his Knowledge, 2 in touching an

unclean Thing, 4 or in making an Oath. 6 His Trespassoffering, of the Flock, 7 of Fowls, un or of Flour. 14 The Trespass-offering in Sacriledge, 17 and in Sins of Ignorance.

C H A P. VÌ. 1 The Trespass-offering for Sins done wittingly. 8 The Law

of the Burnt-offering, 14 and of the Meat-offering. 19 The Offering at the Consecration of a Priest. 24 The Law of the Sin-offering

CHAP. VII. 1 The Law of the Trespass-offering, in and of the Peace-of

ferings ; 12 whether it be for a Thanksgiving, 16 or a Vow, or a Free-will-offering. 22 The Fat, 26 and the Blood are forbidden. 28 The Priest's Portion in the Peaceofferings.,

CHA P. VIII. Mofes consecrateth Aaron and his Sons : 14 Their Sin-offering. 18 Their Burnt-offering. 22 The Ram of Consecration. 31 The Place and Time of their Çonfecration,


CH A P. IX. ! Aaron's Sin-offering and his Burnt-offering for himself and

the People. 23 Moses and Aaron bless the People. 24 Fire cometh from the LORD upon the Altar.


ND u it came to

* Heb. v, 1 For every High-prieft pass on the eighth for Men in Things pertaining to God;

taken from among Men, is ordained Day, that Moses that he may offer both Gifts and called Aaron and Sacrifices for Sios. his Sons, and the

ze who can have Compaffion on Eldera of Israel ;

2 And

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