North Carolina Medical Journal, Bind 35–36


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Side 315 - there was no matter,' And proved it — 'twas no matter what he said: They say his system 'tis in vain to batter, Too subtle for the airiest human head ; And yet who can believe it? I would shatter Gladly all matters down to Stone or lead, Or adamant, to find the world a spirit, And wear my head, denying that I wear it.
Side 158 - Co., to whose advertisement (on page 17) we refer our readers, have placed upon the market a much improved form of this compound, " ROBINSON'S PHOSPHORIC ELIXIR.
Side 304 - In headache (hemicrania), in the neuralgias occurring in anaemic patients who have malarial cachexia, and in a large number of affections more or less dependent upon this cachectic condition, the regular administration of this combination will produce the most happy results. In cases of malarial fever it should be given as a prophylactic and cure.
Side 136 - Louisville, Ky., which will be found on another page of this issue. This house was established fifty years ago, and enjoys a widespread reputation as manufacturers of high character.
Side 303 - Granted leave of absence for six months, on surgeon's certificate of disability, with permission to leave the Department of the Missouri. — J>. 0. 19, AGO, February 4, 1886 WHITE, ROBERT H.. Captain and Assistant Surgeon.— Granted two months' leave of absence, to take effect when his Department Commander may think proper.
Side 190 - Each of these tablets contains two and onehalf grains of antikamnia and two and one-half grains of salol. The proper proportion of the ingredients is evidenced by the popularity of the tablets in all rheumatic conditions and particularly in that condition of muscular soreness which accompanies and follows the grip.
Side 179 - Notes on the Newer Remedies, their Therapeutic Applications and Modes of Administration. By DAVID CERNA, MD, PH.D...
Side 62 - practise medicine" shall mean to suggest, recommend, prescribe or direct, for the use of any person, any drug, medicine, appliance, apparatus, or other agency, whether material or not material, for the cure, relief or palliation of any ailment or disease of the mind or body...
Side 126 - The seventeenth annual meeting of the Tri-State Medical Society of Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee will be held in Chattanooga, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, September 26, 27 and 28, 1905.
Side 178 - Non-Officinal drugs now in common use, by C. Henri Leonard, AM, MD, Professor of the Medical and Surgical Diseases of Women and Clinical Gynaecology in the Detroit College of Medicine; Member of the American Medical Association, etc., etc.

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