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8. Once more descend

9. Oh that a chariot of cloud were mine

10. A golden-winged angel stood

11. Prince Athanase .

12. To Constantia

13. No, Music, thou art not the God of Love

14. Music (The silver key of the fountain of tears)

15. To thirst, and find no fill—to wail, and wander

16. Wealth and dominion fade into the mass

17. My thoughts arise and fade in solitude

18. Otho

19. To Mary Shelley (1818)

20. The Woodman and the Nightingale

21. O mighty mind, in whose deep stream this age

22. Silence! Oh well are Death and Sleep and Thou

23. The fierce beasts of the woods and wildernesses

24. My head is wild with weeping for a grief

25. Flourishing vine whose kindling clusters grow

26. Scene from Tasso-Song for Tasso ,

27. Marenghi

28. Follow to the deep wood's weeds (1819)

29. At the creation of the earth

30. And who feels discord now or sorrow?

31. A gentle story of two lovers young

32. I am drunk with the honey wine

33. Ye gentle visitations of calm thought

34. The world is dreary

35. To William Shelley (Thy little footsteps on the sands)

36. To William Shelley (My lost William, thou in whom)

37. My dearest Mary, wherefore hast thou gone .

38. When a lover clasps his fairest .

39. One sung of thee who left the tale untold

40. And where is truth? On tombs ? for such to thee

41. In the cave which wild weeds cover

42. There is a warm and gentle atmosphere

43. How sweet it is to sit and read the tales

44. What men gain fairly--that they should possess

45. Wake the serpent not-lest he

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