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Tái-fafanga. Unfed.

Tai-mánavacbí. Bold. Tái fa fucca ma00. Inexpli- Tai-maoo. Indefinite.

cable, unintelligible, not to be Tái-mate. Deathless, immortal. unravelled, as tangled string. Aców tai-mate. A tree that Tái fa lea. Speechless.

is always replete with green Tái fa low, Numberless.

leaves. Hotooa tai-mate. An Tái fa mate. Inextinguishable, immortal spirit.

invulnerable, immortal. Tai-mohe. Sleepless, restless. Tái fa mohe. Restless.

Tái-molle. Uneven, rough. Tai-fa-vete. Indissoluble. Tai-momoho. Unripe (as fruit). Tái-fanów. Sterilc, barren. Tái-möón. False, incredible. Tai-ion. Insatiable.

Tái-monogía. UnprofitiousTái-foofoolon. Unwashed. Tái- möoói. Unfertile (as land). Tái-fooó. Not new, old.

Mortal, mortally. Tái-fucca-ilonga. Indiscrimi- Tai-mow. Inconstant, movenately.

able, unobtained, insecure. Tái-fucca-tangata. Unmanly | Tái-mow-angi. Irrecoverable, Tái-fucca-tattów. Disparity: or lost to him or them. See Tái-fy-gehe. Unalterable. angi. Tái-gena. Uneaten.

Tái-mow-atoo. Irrecoverable,or Tái-gigihi. Incontestable. lost to thee or you. See atoo. Tái-gnaoóẻ. Motionless, un-Tai-mow-my. Irrecoverable, or cultivated, as land.

lost to me. Tái-halla. Inevitable.

Tai-nanamoo. Inodorous. Pathless, without a Tái-nofo-mow. Wandering. road.

Tái-ochi. Endless. Tái-hela. Indefatigable, not out Tái-ofa. Without love, cruel. of breath.

Tái-off. IncontiguousTái-heloo. Uncombed. Tái-ohana. Unmarried. Tái-hili. Endless. Möoói tai Tái-origo. Noiseless.

hili. An everlasting life. Tai-taäfi. Unobstructed. Tái-hoó6. Undug, unweeded. Tai-tammy. FatherlessTai-ilaw. Imperceptible. Tái-tattów. Disproportionate. Tái-ita. Wrathless.

Tái-toli. Ungathered. Tái-laa. Sunless.

Tái-ton00. Incorrect. Tái-lata. Discontent.

Tái-toogoo. Incessant. Tái-loto. Insensible, thought-|Tái-tootoo. Tái-vela. Ubunt less, improvident.

Tái-vaoký. Heedless. Tái-loto-mow. Capricious. Tái-vete. Unstripped,unspoiled. Tái-low. Leafless.

Taký. Takyagi. To anoint. Tai-ma. Bare-faced, dirty. Tala. To relate, to bid. Tái-machila. Blunt, obtuse. Talahooi. Impudent, saucy. Tái-mahalo. Mistrustless.

Tala-lohi. A false recital. Tai-mamahi. Painless.

Talamy'. To tell to me or us. Tái-manatoo. Inconsiderate. Talangi. To relate to a third Prai-manava. Breathless.

person. (See angi).

See my.

Talanoa. A narrative, conver- Tanoo. To overwhelm, to bury. sation.

Tanoo-manga. The sixth lunar Talatoo. To relate or tell to month. thee or you. (See atoo).

Táö. A dart, lance, spear.
Tali. To wait for a person,

Tao velo ica. A fizgig.
To entertain.

Tao fotoi. A spear headed with
Talla. A thorn. Tallai, thorny. stingray.
Talla-talla Thorny, prickly. Tao talatala. A bearded spear.
Talo. A certain esculent root. Taoo. To cook victuals. Fy
Taloo. To beckon.

taoo. To get ready the leaves, Taloo. Since, (after which time). &c. with which the victuals Tama.

A boy, a young man. are covered during the proTama-booa. A doll, (from cess of cooking tama, a boy, and booa, the Táoobe. Pendent, hanging. name of the wood of which it Taoonga malie. Exactly fitted, is made).

Tapa. See Gnatoo. Tamachi. A child of either sex. Tá-Tá. A mallet, a hammer. Tamate. Támatéä. To kill,(from Tatali. To await, to expect.

ta mute ia, strike, death, bim). Tatao. To way-lay, an ambusTammy'. A father.

cade. T'anagi. To gather together, to Tattangi. To clink, to jingle collect, to convocate.

together. Tanga-caho. A case for arrows. Tattao. See page 11 of this vol. Tanga-mimi. The bladder.. Tattów. See Ta-tattow. Tangata. A man, any male ;

Alike, coequal, he tatalso a term of honour applied tów, a match, an equal. to a brave man, (as having

A matting used as a the true manly character). screen on the weather-sides of Loto fucca tangata. Mag- houses. nanimity. Foo tangata. A Tattów-anga. Conformity. giant.

Tattów-be. Alike, similar. Tangata fe oomoo. A cook. Taw. To cure, a cure. Tangata-tow. A warrior.

To drop, to slip down, to Tangi. To weep, to implore, fall, to let fall, to be killed in to coo, as the doves,

battle. Tangi-fe-toogi. To bemoan. To implant, to plant. Tangi-möóni. Asseveration, an - To open, as a box,or door. interjection denoting surprise,

The sugar-cane. (mööni, truth); to take an Tawgia. To commit a rape. oath ; nai tangi moóni gi he Tawgootoo. A preparation of egi co Toobó Totúi, he swore food. by the god Toobo Totai. Tawto. Blood, to bleed. Pani Tango. To wander by night, tawto. Smeared with blood. to lie in wait for.

Tawto-tawto. Bloody.
Tangooloo. To snore. Te, Almost.
Tano. A grave, or pit.

Te-how. About to come.

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Té-té. Same as te.

Tele. To scrape, to shave, & The personal pronoun 1, except in the future tense, Telefooa. Bare, naked when it is Oo.

Telie. The name of a tree.
The sign of the fut, tense. Teliha. Choice, will.
See Tegger.

Telinga. The ear.
Téa. Pale, white.

Tenga. The thigh, the ham. Tekoo. A hundred.

Hooi tenga. The thigh bone. Tebi. To trip along, to pace, Tenga-targi. Sickness (used gait or walk.

when speaking of chiefs).Teboo. Knotty, prominent. See booloohi. Teboo-teboo. Roughwith knots. Tenne. Used instead of te and Teca. To trundle, a wheel, a ia, he shall or will; as tenne

ball, the name of a boyish aloo, he shall go, instead of sport, to string a bow.

te aloo ia. Teców. A score. Used merely (Used interrogative

as a collective noun, as our ly), ability of doing; as tenwords dozen for twelve, score ne aloo ? can he go? for twenty,

Teoo. To adorn with dress, to Téë. To swim, to float.

prepare to go any where. Téë-téë. A float, to be buoyant. Finery in dress. Ready, preTefe. To circumcise in the pared. Tonga manner. The Fiji

(Used interrogatively) method is called camo. can I? (see te). It is also Tefito. The root of any plant, the first person of the future

fanna. The heel of a tense, I shall or will. mast.

Téootów. Array of battle. Tefooa. Single, alone. Tepa. To goggle, to squint Tefoohi. One hundred. Tété. Well nigh, almost. Teggafili. Prostrate, throwa Téte-téte. Tremulous,chilliness. down by accident.

Tetemi. To flutter, to tremble. Tegger. (From te, the sign of Teve. The name of a particular

the future, and ger, thou), plant, the root of which, in thou shalt, thou wilt. Taken time of security, is eaten for interrogatively, it often means, want of better food. canst thou?

To. The name of a tree, bearTegi. To break wind, flatus. ing berries, of which the gluTegichi. Not yet, ere.

tinous pulp (called also to) Tehi. A piece or morsel of is used to paste together the food ; only used with my, e. g.

different sheets of topa. give me a piece, my tehi. T6-6cbi. (This word is always Tehina. A brother.

Cow to used with fucca before it). hina. Brethren.

See fucca to-ochi. Téhów. About to come. Toa. Brave, bravery. Téia. To belabour, or beat, Toa-be-tow. Strong in arms,

(from ta, to strike, ia, him). Toa. The casuarina,


Tobe. A lock or tuft of hair. Toho-toho. A rape, to ravish. Toboo-váë. The sole of the foot, Toi, Toi-toi. To hide, to cona shoe, or sandal.

ceal one's self. Hawla toi. Toca. Aground, to get aground, toi. To abscond. to lie on the ground. Toía. Pierced, pricked. Person, or individual.

To meet one's expectachi. Few (people). tion of profit in the act of Both.

bartering, or trading. taha be. Only one per

To lose a game. son, by one's self.

Toki. Newly, lately, just now. Tocalów. Eastern, in the east. fy. Lately done. Mea Tocca. Vide toca.

toki fy. A recent event. Tochi, Tochi-tochi. Nibbled, Tole. Pudendum muliebre. notched.

Toleccalecca. Beautiful, apToco. A post, to fasten ca- plied only to men, though noes to.

sometimes to plants, trees, &c. Toco-toco. A staff.

Toli, To gather, to pluck. Tocooa. Only used in conjunc- Tolo. To pitch, or throw, the

tion with cochá, what? as, coe- name of a game.

ha tocooa? what do you say? | Tolo-afi. To produce fire by Tocoto. To lie, to lie down. friction. Tóë. Remainder, residue. Toa Toloa, The wild duck. mea. Leavings.

Tolonga. Lasting, durable. Tóë. Again, once more.

The piece of dry wood Toetaców, A sham fight. on which the end of a stick is Tofe. The oyster.

forcibly rubbed to produce Tofi, or Tofi-tofi. To mince. fire. The stick is called cowTofoá. A whale.

natoo. Tofoo. A calm (no wind). Toloo. The number three: the Tofoobe. The same, just as. sign of the plural of

personal Toge. A water snake.

and possessive pronouns. Togi. An adze.

Toloo-ongofóoloo. The numefucca anga gche. An axe. ral thirty, i. e, an adze of a different Toma Pride in dress, &c. turn or disposition, because Tome. A sort of torch. they express an axe, by call.. Tomooa. Before, first (as to ing it an adze, having the ime). blade differently turned with Tongi. To engrave, to carve. respect to the handle.

Tonyiagi. A double sailing Tohi. A picture, to draw, to write.

Tongo. The mangrove. Toho. To drag, to tow a vessel. Tonomea. A kind of spear.

fucca malohi. To drag by Tonoo. Manifest, clear, dismain force.

tinct, direct, even, in a row. gi tahi. To launch. Tonoo, or Totonoo. Candid,


See My.

open, stncere, precise, punc- Tooboo. To spring up, to grow, tual.

to yield; a sprout, a bud. Tonooangi. Plain, evident to Tooboo-labi. To increase.

him, her, or them. See Angi. Tooboo-vy Aquatic. Tonooatoo. Plain, evident to Tooboo-vaoo. Growing wild. thee, or you.

See Atoo. Tooboo. The groin. Tonooia. Guiltless; in the right. Toobooanga. Origin, source Tonoomy'. Plain, apparent, evi- (tooboo, to spring; anga,place) dent to me, or us.

ancestry. Oolooagi toobooToo. To stand, to tread: also anga.

First fruits (of the to rise ; stand up! get up! season). Too gi mooa. To front. Tooboo-ange-co.

To become Too-mow. Stagnant (as water.)

like. Too-tonoo. Upright.

To-ochi. See fucca to-ochi. Too-oota. To land.

Toochia. To crop, to cut off. Too. To cut, to separate. Tooenga. Residual: it is someTooa. The lower class of

peo- times pronounced toénga, also ple: the name of the lowest twenga. rank in society.

Tooenga mea. Leavings.
A superior sort of yarn. Toofa. To assort, to deal out

The back, the loins, be- Toofoonga. A workman, or arhind, external.

tificer, Tooa nima. The back of the Toofoonga ta macca. A mason. hand.

fy cava. A barber. Tooa-váë. The instep.

ta-ta. Any artificer Tooa-gia. The nape of the neck. that uses the axe, &c. &c. Tooa-bico. Hump-backed. Toogi. To strike, to hammer; Tooa-falle. The outside of the also a hammer or mallet, a

roof of a house ; the back of blow with the fist, the name a house.

of a religious ceremony; to Tooa-booge. The flat, or upper throb, to pulsate like an in

surface of the booge (part of flamed part; to lie under the a canoe). See Booge.

charm of tatao. Tooachina. A cousin, an uncle. Toogia. To stumble, to fall Tobafafíne, A sister.

down. Tooanga. A post, or standing Toogoo. To abolish, to quit, place.

to leave off, to bequeath, to Tooange. Standing against. lower (as a sail). Toobo tali naffa. A child who

Termination of labour. being the offspring of a chief

To contain, to retain, hy a woman not a chief, is to remain; to accept, to lay liable to be strangled. The up or put by. words mean " Toobo waiting

To allow : toogoo-be, the drum;" perhaps formerly to allow of. they used drums on the occa

To desist, to delay: sacrificing children. fucca toogoo, to appease.

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