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the highest pleasure to those who love to hear of acts honourable to human nature. On one of the days of the ceremony known by the name of tow tow, the young chief, Talo, entered into a wrestling-match with Hala Api Api. It should however be noticed, that a few days before, they had held a debate upon some subject in which neither could convince the other, and on such an occasion, it is usual to settle the affair by wrestling : not that this mode is considered in the light of a knock-down argument, perfectly convincing in its nature, but it is the custom to end the affair, by a contention in physical strength; after which the one who is beaten seldom presumes to intrude his opinion again on the other, at least not upon subject. Hala Api Api therefore challenged Talo on the spot. For a long time the contest was doubtful, both being well made, and both men of great strength. At length, however, it was the fate of Talo to fall, and thus the contest ended. The fallen chief, chagrined at this event, could not allow, in his own mind, that his antagonist had overcome him by superior strength, but rather owing to an accidental slip of his own foot: and consequently resolved to enter the lists with him again at some future and favourable opportunity. This occasion of the ceremony of tow tow presenting itself, Talo left his companions, and seated himself immediately opposite Hala Api Api-a conduct which plainly indicated his wish that the latter in particular should engage

with him. A conduct, too, which, though sometimes adopted, is generally considered indicative of a quarrelsome disposition, because the challenge ought not to be made to one in particular, but to any individual among those of a different place or party who chooses to accept it. As soon as Hala Api Api and his friends perceived this, it was agreed among them, that he alone should oppose him. In a short time Talo arose, and advanced ; Hala Api Api immediately closed with him and threw him, with a severe fall. At this moment, the shouts of the people so exasperated Talo (for he had made sure in his own mind of gaining a victory), that, on the impulse of passion, he struck his antagonist, whilst rising off him, a violent blow in the face; on which Hala Api Api threw himself in a posture of defence, and demanded if he wished to box with him. Talo, without returning an answer, snatched a tocco tocco, * and would evidently have run him through the body, if he had not been withheld. Hala Api Api, with a nobleness of spirit worthy of admiration, seemed to take no notice of this, but, smiling, returned to his seat amid the acclamations of the whole assembly. All applauded his greatness of soul, as conspicuous now as on other occasions. Finow, in particular, showed signs of much satisfaction ; and, in the evening, when he was drinking cava with the matabooles, whilst this noble chief bad the honour to wait on them, the king addressed him, returning thanks for his presence of mind and coolness of temper-conduct which had placed his superiority and bravery in a far more splendid light than if he had given way to resentment.

As to his retiring, without seeking farther to prolong the quarrel, he was convinced (he said) that he had in view nothing but the peace and happiness of the

spear about five feet long, used by them as a walking stick, but seldom employed in battle.


people, which would undoubtedly have been disturbed by an open rupture with a man who was at the head of so powerful a party. To this the young chief made only this reply :-“ Co ho óni; ” * appearing overcome by a noble modesty at being so much praised (contrary to custom) before so large an assembly.

In the meanwhile, Talo, conscious of his error, and ashamed to appear in public, retired to one of his plantations called Mótë; whilst Hala Api Api, imagining the distress of his feelings, resolved upon a reconciliation, and having intimated this to his men, he desired them to go armed, in case any misunderstanding should accidentally arise. Accordingly, one morning, they left the mood, giving it out that they were going up the country to kill hogs, lest the circumstance of his men being armed should occasion false and dangerous suspicions respecting his intention ; and, at the same time, he invited several of Finow's men to come and partake of the feast. So soon as they had left the fortress, he imparted to them all his real intention to offer Talo his former friendship, and to assure him that he had forgotten the late affair. When they arrived near the plantation, Hala Api Api went on a short distance before, and on entering the house found Talo fast asleep, attended only by his wife and one of her servants, , who were employed in fanning him. He left his spear on the outside of the house, and carried his club in with him. The noise he made on entering awoke Talo; who, imagining that the other

* Meaning literally,“ it is your truth ;”--that is, what you say is true.

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had come to assassinate him, started up, and, seizing his club, rushed out of the house. Hala Api Api pursued him, taking with him his spear ; his feelings being greatly hurt to see one fly him so cowardly, who of late had matched himself as his equal, and at length became so exasperated, he threw his spear, which however fortunately

got entangled in some bushes. At this moment Talo was considerably in advance, in consequence of the time which it took Hala Api Api' to go to the opposite side of the house for his spear. The latter was noted, however, for his swiftness, and, conscious that he should overtake him, he continued the pursuit. Before Talo bad crossed the field of high grass adjoining his house, he was under the necessity of throwing off his gnatoo, and very shortly after his club; which Hala Api Api picked up, and, though loaded with two clubs, bounded after him with such extraordinary fleetness, that, before they had half crossed the next field, he overtook him. Catching hold of him by a wreath of flowers that hung round his neck, he exclaimed with generous indignation, “ Where did

you expect to escape to ? Are you a bird, that you can fly to the skies, or a spirit, that you can vanish to Bolotoo? Here is your club, which you so cowardly threw away ; take it, and learn that I come not to deprive you of life, but to proffer you my friendship, which you once prized so highly.” With that he embraced him, and tearing his own gnatoo, gave

bim half to wear. By this time Hala Api Api's men coming up, he despatched them immediately to the garrison, to prevent any disturbances which might arise from a false report of this adventure ; for a few of Talo's men being near the house, and mistaking Hala Api Api's intention, imagined the fate of their chief inevitable, and had betaken themselves immediately to the garrison, with a view to excite the adherents of Talo to revenge his death. He was a powerful chief, had belonged to the former garrison, and would undoubtedly have had most of the chiefs of Vavaoo for the avengers of his cause. The two chiefs returned as soon as possible to Felletoa, to show the people that they had entered again into a friendly alliance. When they arrived they found the whole place in a state of disturbance, all being up in arms, party against party, but at the sight of them, matters were soon adjusted, and their mutual friendship became stronger than ever.

A short time after this, the people of Hapai clearly showed their intention of commencing hostilities ; but were defeated in the very act by the vigilance and bravery of some of Finow's young warriors, among whom Mr Mariner had the honour to take an active part. One day most of the large sailing canoes were launched, for the double purpose of procuring from some of the outer islands a quantity of coarse sand, and to convey those whose business it was to cut flag-stones for the grave of Tooitonga, to different places. Owing, however, to contrary winds, they were not able to make the shores of Vavaoo that evening ; and, in consequence, Finow, who was with them, proposed to remain at the island of Toonga during the night. Shortly afterwards, they received intelligence from a fisherman that a canoe, apparently from Hapai, was approaching, and, it was supposed, with an hostile intent, as she had a quantity of arms on board, and many men. In con

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