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may, perhaps, venture to hope, that “ Abba Thule's Lament” of Bowles, the “ Casabianca” of Mrs. Hemans, and other poems of a similar character in this little volume, may be the means of introducing the reader to the exhaustless mines of enjoyment which will remain to be explored in the collected works of their respective authors.

She trusts that it will not be thought irrelevant if she suggests the great advantage which may be derived by young persons whose parents will be at the pains of reading to them, in the first instance, verses aloud. All children are sensible of the additional beauty conferred on a poem by proper emphasis, and readily adopt it when the key-note has been given by an experienced reader. To such parents as may not have made the experiment, it would afford great interest to remark how much the latent character of their children will be exhibited by their selection of subjects, as well as the effect such subjects produce on minds differently constituted.

EMBER COTTAGE, Thames Ditton, Surrey.





1. The SISTERS — painted by A. Johannot, engraved by S. SANGSTER

...... Frontispiece. 2. VIGNETTE TITLE — painted by SCHIAVONETTI, en

graved by W. GREATBATCH. 3. THE HOLIDAY - painted by P. DECAMPS, engraved

by W. GREATBATCH..... 4. THE Sick Mother - painted by A. SCHEFFER,

engraved by H. LightFOOT.. 5. FATHERLESS FANNY — painted by R. WESTALL,

R. A., engraved by W. GREATBATCH... 6. HEDGE-ROW FLOWERS — painted by F. CORBAUX,

engraved by R. HART 7. The Bird's Nest — painted by J. Colin, engraved by W. GREATBATCH

141 8. PEASANTS OF PROCIDA — painted by Madame COLIN, engraved by W. GREATBATCH..

210 9. NORMAN PILGRIMS painted by F. C. LEWIS, engraved by W. GREATBATCH




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