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this produced a godly sorrow, and a renunciation of those evils which rendered repentance necessary ? Have we been led by faith to Jesus Christ, as our only refuge in the day of trouble? Do we now feel that we have peace with God; and are pressing forward after higher attainments of Christian knowledge, and experience ? Can we demonstrate to the world the truth and reality of our religion, by our sober, faithful, holy, and upright lives, by an honest attention to all our lawful avocations? Does the purity and excellence of religion thus shine forth in our daily walk and conversation ?

It is good to have our judgments accurately informed respecting divine truth; but unless this truth influence our hearts, we shall be none the better for it at last. “ With the heart man believeth unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.” If this publication should so stir up the flame of controversy, as to extinguish love to God and man, I should repent of my labour, and miss the main object of writing. Let us hold 'fast the form of sound words, earnestly contend for the pure system of truth; but let us do it with meekness and respect, confirming our love, even towards those who may differ from us in some speculative points, which are deemed of importance. But that which is the most important, is a full deliverance from sin, and a perfect conformity to the divine image of righteousness and true holiness. May we so speak and so do, as they that shall be judged by the law of liberty. Amen.




Mr. W. misrepresents the Methodist doctrine of perfec.

tion ; this proved by quotations from their Discipline, 153—

Those scriptures brought by him to support his doctrine of

" sinful imperfection,” explained and harmonized with other

passages, and a particular examination of the 7th of Romans,

158—The doctrine of Christian perfection stated and proved,

183—Mr. W. gives up the point in his interpretation of 1 John

iii. 9. 187--Christians must keep the commandments, 1884
Hopkinsianism productive of infidelity, 189—The doctrine of
perfection proved from examples, 193–From the consideration
that God's work is perfect, 195—Mr. W's arguments by which

attempts to sh the utility of sin in the hearts of believers,

examined and shewn unscriptural and inconclusive, 197–

Inference retorted, 209_Unlimited perfection, not scriptural,
211–His doctrine self-contradictory, one part being subver.
sive of the other, ibid.The candid reader invited to deter.
· mine for himself, 212.



His contradictory assertions, 257-A sample of Satan's doc-
trine, 258-His religion suited to the taste of depraved
sinners, 260 ;-and has a deceptive influence, 261—Satan will

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