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A COMPENDIOUS history of the Church of God, properly executed, cannot fail of being useful in the Christian community.

The inspired history is both true and eminently beautiful ; but its leading facts, detailed in the ordinary style, and illustrated and explained, will be perused with profit and pleasure. The period intervening between the Old and New Testament dates, lies hid from the mass of men in the Apocryphal books, in Josephus and Prideaux's Connexions. And modern ecclesiastical history, though ably presented by Moshiem, Milner, Haweis, Gregory, Newton, Neal and others, is extended through many volumes and accompanied by much dry discussion and minute detail, repulsive to the young, In compiling this work no references are made to authorities, as they would uselessly fill the margin ; but the utmost care has been taken that nothing be stated for fact which is not well authenticated. Early notice of errors will be gratefully received. The view given of existing denominations will not probably give universal satisfaction ; but the classification of subjects, the attempt to give the history of religious opinions and the rise and fall of the different sects, and the moral and religious reflections will, it is thought, be pleasing to all who "contend earnestly for the faith once delivered to the saints," and profitable to the youthful inquirer after truth.

The work is divided into three Periods. The first extends from the Creation to the Call of Abraham.

The second, from the Call of Abraham to the birth of Christ.

The third, from the birth of Christ to the present time. Occasional notice is taken of false prophets and false systems of religion, and of various providential dealings with the nations of the earth.

The whole is commended to the blessing of God.
Haddam, Oct. 1, 1827.

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