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sort will be exposed to extremes in all things; if sad and sorrowful they will be exceedingly so; if joyful, there will be no limit to their jollity. They love singing in solitude, and from a solitary place, to listen to song and harp. They like to say their minds of others, but in no manner to reveal their own internal feelings. They are lovers of song and curious research, but do not much care to show it. They are apt to cultivate the arts and sciences, taking care to understand what they are about, and to be careful as to what they say and do. If there is a mixture of the sanguineous, they will be found a superior class of men. If choleric be the mixture, they will be bitter, surly, and most disagreeable men. If there is a phlegmatic admixture, there will be a tendency to insanity, and mental strife. This class of men will be slender of body and limbs. Many a poet will be found of this constitution, and often will they exhibit inordinate love, and excessive hate.

Here are recorded the following charms and medical feats discovered through the grace of God, and the intelligence of the sages and saints of olden times.

TO OBLIGE A MAN TO CONFESS WHAT HE HAS DONE. $ 803. Take a frog alive from the water, extract his tongue, and put him again in the water. Lay this same tongue upon the heart of a sleeping man, and he will confess his deeds in his sleep.

FOR THE TOOTHACHE; A CHARM. § 804. Saint Mary sat on a stone, the stone being near her hermitage, when the Holy Ghost came to her, she being sad. Why art thou sad, mother of my Lord, and what pain tormenteth thee? My teeth are painful, a worm called megrim has penetrated them, and I have masticated, and swallowed it. I adjure thee daffin o negrbina by the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost, the Virgin Mary, and God, the munificent Physician, that thou dost not permit any disease, dolour, or molestation to affect this servant of

God here present, either in tooth, eye, head, or in the whole
of her teeth together. So be it. Amen.


$ 805. I adjure thee, thou diseased uterus, by the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, so that thou mightest not inflict pain, nor have power (for evil) in me Gwyrvyl, the daughter of Rhys, the servant of God, either in the head, breast, stomach, or any other part of my body. Let God the Father prevail, let God the Son prevail, and let God the Holy Ghost prevail. Even so be it. Amen.

FOR THE TOOTHACHE. $ 806. Get an iron nail, and engrave the following words thereon, -|- agla -|- Sabaoth -|- athanatos -- and insert the nail under the affected tooth. Then drive it into an oak tree, and whilst it remains there the toothache will not return. But you

should carve on the tree with the nail the name of the man affected with toothache, repeating the following : By the power of the Father and these consecrated words, as thou enterest into this wood, so let the pain and disease depart from the tooth of the sufferer. Even so be it. Amen.



- Stay thou blood -- in the name of the Father, stay thou blood -- in the name of the Son, stay thou blood --in the name of the Holy Ghost, rest thou blood -- in the name of the blessed Trinity, thou wound bleed not -|

Unnfith Dews Patris, Vnnfiih Dews Filius, Vnnfith Dews Spiritus Sanctus t- Christi Amen +- Amen --Amen -|- Amen -|- so be it.

TO PRODUCE SLEEP. $ 807. Take a goat's horn, and carve the name of the seven sleepers thereon, making a knife haft of it. The writing should begin at the blade, and these are their names, Anaxeimeys, Malchus, Marsianus, Denys, Thon, Serapion, Constantynn. When the names are inscribed, lay the knife under the sick man's head unknown to him, and he will sleep. Pro morbo kadendo, OR EPILEPTIC DISEASE, WHICH CASTS A

MAN DOWN IN AN INSENSIBLE STATE. $ 808. Set-thy mind upon God, and say these words three times in the patient's ear, anamzapta, and when he is restored from the fit administer him some dog's gall. The gall bladder should be hung in the house where the sick man dwells, for three days, in a place where it may be exposed to the wind; then it should be boiled in a quart of ale, till it is reduced to a pint, and given to the patient to drink in the intervals of the fit.

The following is a charm which was made by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, and shown to the three brethren, asking them where they went; we go said they to the mount of Olives, to gather herbs to heal wounds and contusions. Then said He, return again and take some oil of olives, the white of eggs, and black wool, applying them to the injured parts, saying thus: I adjure thee, O wound, by the.grace and power of the eight wounds which were in the true God, and true Man, which He received in His most holy body in order to our redemption, by that which Thou, Jesus Christ, didst Thyself desire, by the weariness which Thou didst suffer, and the atonement which Thou didst Thyself make, that this wound shall neither pain, nor smell, nor putrify, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost ; let it Amen.

FOR AN AGUE ; A CHARM. $ 809. Put the following writing on the sick inan's stomach, hanging it about his neck.

When our Lord Jesus Christ beheld the cross which was prepared for Him, He trembled greatly, and the Jews asked Him thus, dost Thou fear this cross, or is it the ague

be so.

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that affects Thee? Jesus answered them thus, I fear not this cross, nor am I yet affected with the ague, but I tremble before my Heavenly Father, in contemplating what He prepares for those who shall crucify Me; and for a truth to you I speak, that whatsoever man shall hear the words I say, and shall believe them, and shall do all that I have commanded therein, prostrating himself before his Heavenly Father, he shall never suffer from the ague, nor shall he have any fear. And now, O Lord Jesus Christ, grant that of thy mercy, the ague may not afflict or trouble thy servant, and the servant of God the Father from Heaven, neither now at present, nor at any other time during his life and existence in this world, in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost. So be it. Ever Amen.

TO KNOW WHETHER A SICK MAN SHALL LIVE OR DIE. $ 810. Take an egg layed on Thursday, in the house in which the sick man dwells, and write the following thereon: F G 0 G X L Q \ S, and put it in a safe place, outside the house. On the following morning break the egg, if blood comes out of it, he will die, if not, he will live,

FOR THE DROPSY, OR HYDROPS. g 811. Rub young swallows with saffron, and in a short time the old swallows will bring them a stone ; with this stone the patient will be cured of the hydrops. HOW TO LET BLOOD SO AS TO PRESERVE A MAN'S SIGHT.

$ 812. Whosoever is bled in the right arm on the eighteenth day of March, and the 20th day of the month of April, in the left arm, will never be blind, for it has been often proved.


813. Wash the warts with the water from a font in which the seventh son of the same man and wife is baptized. A WAY IN WHICH A THING CAN BE SEEN, WHICH IS INVISIBLE

TO OTHERS, $ 814. Take the gall of a cat, and a hen's fat, mixing them together. Put this in your eyes, and you will see things which are invisible to others.

TO ENABLE A MAN TO HOLD FIRE IN HIS HAND. $ 815. Take marsh mallows, and the white of two eggs, anoint your hands therewith, mixed together; then cover your hands with powdered alum, and you may handle fire without harm, or hold fire and hot iron in your hand without fear.

A SNAKE'S SKIN. The following are the twelve characteristics of a snake's skin, which Alphibam testifies of, and states to be true and effectual to those that use it. I have translated them out of the Arabic to Latin, and from Latin to Cymraeg also.

When the moon is in her first increase, under the sign called Aries, or the Ram, which falls about the middle of the month of March, on the third day of the Calends of April, when the first seed under this sign are formed, then burn the skin of a snake, which has been cast in the time of harvest. Take the ashes, and keep them carefully, for they are the most precious application which any human tongue can order. Let the first instance at hand suffice : whosoever has a fresh wound, let him cover it with a little of this ash, and it will heal it in three days.

Here follows a list of the names of the herbs, fruits, and vegetable substances, which every Physician ought to know and use, in order to heal wounds and discases in the human body.*

The above herbs and plants, that is to say, as many as possible of them, ought to be grown by every Physician in his garden and orchards, in a plot of good land, sheltered, and facing the sun, that they might be at hand when there is need and occasion for them.

* As the names are also given in Latin, and the English Synonymes are not properly translations of the Welsh terms, it has not been considered necessary to insert the list in this place. The reader is referred to page 281.

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