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votaries of Euphrosyne; no direful asked a British member of Parliament phantom glides across their path in what had passed in the last session ; gloomy avenues ; no demons ob- _" Five months and fourteen days" struct their passage by lonely barns, was the reply; and if many of us were mouldering ruins, or ivy-covered asked what we had accomplished in bridges. Each rustic nymph is finally the last year, we might be reduced to conducted by her partner in the the necessity of stating, that we had dance to her father's house, into not only become twelve njonths older; which both enter without noise, and, but that, exclusive of our little terseated on the antique LANG SETTLE,

restrial excursions from London to prolong conversation in gentle whis- the country, we had been travelling pers till the first breaks of dawn ad- round the sun at the rate of fifty monish the youth to retire.

eight thousand miles every hour, and, in the rotatory motion of the earth

upon its own axis, had completed an The “ Athenian Oracle” derives additional five hundred and eighty the origin of_ Christmas money

miles in

every similar space of time. from this :-"The Romish priests So far we have established our claim had masses for almost every thing to be considered as a part of the subif a ship went to the Indies, a priest lime scheme of creation ; but as to had a box in her, under the protec- any thing that we have performed tion of some Saint, and for masses, worthy of an intelligent being, mov, as their cant was, to be said to that ing in such a magnificent pageant, and Saint, &c. the poor people must put obviously framed for the most noble something into the priest's box, which destinies, it is to be feared that very was not opened till the ship's return. few have reason to be proud of their The mass at that time was called exploits. Hundreds of thousands are Christ-mass; the box called Christ- at this moment making up the acmas box, or money gathered against counts of the last year, with a referthat time, that masses might be made ence to their profit and loss, but how by the priests to the saints to forgive inany dream of a mental debtor and the people the debaucheries of that creditor statement to ascertain the time; and from this, servants had gains or deteriorations which they the liberty to get box-inoney, that have experienced in the affections of they too might be enabled to pay the the heart, or the faculties of the priest for his masses, well knowing head? or how many calculate their the truth of the prorerb_"No chances in that eternity to whith they penny, no Pater-noster."

are three hundred and sixty-five days nearer than they were at the outset of

last year ? LAST YEAR.

Methinks I hear the jingling of sovereigns in the breeches pocket of some warm, portly, and purse-proud reader of Clapham Common or Stamford Hill, as with a complacent chuckle

he mutters to himself: “I laid by Eighteen hundred and twenty-three four thousand six hundred pounds years have elapsed since the Infant of last year"..-which he deems a full and Bethlehem changed the history of the triumphant answer to all such imperUniverse. If we cast our eyes back- tinent interrogatories. Among a na. ward along the stream of time, from tion of gold-worshipers, like the Engthe present moment to that eventful lish, bowers of the knee to Mammon, æra, what a strange succession of adorers of the glittering deity which human revolutions crowds upon our Jeroboam set up in Dan and Bethel, vision!

I can understand the origin, though A foreigner of distinction once I do not recognize the validity of this

..." See the minutes how they run;
How make the hour fuli complete,
How many hours bring about the day,
How many days will finish up the year,
How many years e mortal man may live."


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plea. Nay, it is not difficult to com- pamper them with presents. Call prehend the gratifications of the pro- them, if yon will, parasites, plunfessed miser. Nothing is so ridienlous derers, legacy hunters: still their as to pronounce such a man, because good offices are not the less acceptahis enjoyments differ from our own, ble. If the object of their mancuvres to be miserable, in that acceptation of see through their motives, it is a the word which implies unhappiness.- grateful homage to his wealth, an His mode of life being his own free admission of his superiority, election, is a proof of its being the sacrifice to the deity whom he best adapted to his own peculiar no- himself adores. If he do not, he tions of pleasure, for rio man volunta- affords one more proof, that the great rily prefers wretchedness. Avarice has happiness of life consists in being been designated the vice of old age; pleasantly deceived. Alas! there are may it not sometimes be considered many besides the miser, who would its consolation also ? When the senses wring their own hearts, if the window have failed, when the affections are of Momus enabled them to discover dried up, when there is no longer any that of their friends. intellectual interest in the world and But while the movey spinner is enits affairs, is it not natural, that like deavouring to sweeten the dregs of drowning men, we should grapple at life, he is unconsciously embittering straws ; that we should clutch what- death. Unable to take his coin with ever will still furnish us an excitement, him, not even the obolus for Charon, and attach us to that busy scene he is only hoarding up a property of from wbieh should otherwise which he is to be robbed ; for whether sink down into the benumbing torpor he is to be taken from bis wealth, or of ennui, superannuation, and fatui- his wealth from him, the result is ty? A miser has always an interest equally tormenting. Post-obits and in existence : he proposes to himself reversions, however he may have a certain object, and day by day has gained by them after the death of the consolation of reflecting that he others, will bring hin in nothing has inade new progress towards its after his own; so that be will have attainment. An old man was lately the mortification of reflecting, that living in the city, and perhaps still he has been accumlating money, and vegetates, who declared that he wished eking out his life, only to aggravate for protracted years, beoause it had al- the pangs of parting from both. Subways beentheparamont ambitionofhis mitting this “ trim reckoning” to the soul to warrant this inscription upon consideration of the aforesaid citizen his tomb-stone-" Here lies John of Clapham Common or Stamford White, who died worth four hundred Hill, I would suggest that his four thousand consols." Ignoble, sordid, thousand six hundred pounds may base, as this ambition was, it cheered not be so all-sufficing an evidence of him on in the loneliness and decrepi- the beneficial employment of last year, tude of his eightieth year, and is, as the jingling of the sovereigns in his perhaps, still ministering a stimulant pocket may hare led him to conclude. to the activity of his narrow mind. And your ladyslip ?--may I enter Nor is it a triling advantage to such upon record that you are well satismen, who being generally worthfied with the employment of the eight nothing but money, would, if left to or nine thousand hours of the last their intrinsic claims, be abandoned to year ? -“1 have at least passed them, solitude and contempt, that their re- Sir, in a manner perfectiv becoming putation for wealtli procures them my rank and station. I have heen at friends, flatterers, associates, who every fashionable party of any notowatch over them with more than the riety; my own routs have been bril. tenderness of consanguinity, condole liantly attended : my pearls have been with their sufferings, sympathise with all new set by Runciell and Bridge ; them in their successes, submit to their my opera-box has been changed for çaprices, humour their fuibles, and one in a better situation ; it is uni.

versally admitted that I dress more Never have I been more painfully tastefully, as well as expensively, than awakened than when in the dead siLady Georgiana Goggle; I have be- lence of night, I have been startled by come so far perfect in Ecarte, that a peal of “ TRIPLE BOB-MAJORS, though I play more, I lose less, and which, in performing their foolish adverting to this unquestionable proof ceremony of ringing out the old year, of improvement, it cannot be said that send forth their inappropriate echoes I have altogether lost my time."- into the universal darkness, and scare Certainly not, madam, you have only the repose of nature with their obthrown it away. I acquit you of its streperous mirth. It is an unhallowed occasional and accidental, in order to and irreverent mode of solemnizing convict you of its constant and pre- the twelvemonth's death. It is as if meditated misapplication.

at the funeral of a deceased parent a Be not alarmed, young lady: it is rejoicing chime should suddenly burst unnecessary to subject you to the like a peal of laughter from the belfry, same interrogatory, for those down instead of the sad-slow---deep toll of cast eyes and that half suppressed the single passing bell. These iron sigh sufficiently reveal that you are tongues should not be allowed to but ill satisfied with the appropriation shout out their indecent merriment at of your time during the past year. a consummation fraught with so It is the misfortune, and not the many inscrutable mysteries and apfault of our youthful females, that palling associations. What! are we the artificial and perverted modes of cannibals so to rejoice that a portion society, as it is constituted in England, of our best friends has been actually condemn them to a perpetual struggle eaten up by the omnivorous maw of with all the aspirations of nature ;--

time? Are we saints and of the that they are sentenced to a round of elect, so fully prepared for the blow heartless dissipation, to be paraded of death, that we can carol at being and trotted up and down the matri- brought three hundred and sixty-five monial Smithfield, in the hope of days nearer the edge of his scythe? striking tlie fancy of some booby or Perhaps it may be urged, that these brutal lord and master ; and that a noisy vibrations are rather meant to failure in this great object of their salute the (present than the past year existence, pitiable as it is, embitters -to celebrate a birth, not a death; the termination of every year with to welcome the coming rather than eorroding anticipations of waning to speed the parting guest; and that beauty, and all that silent fretting of upon the accession of a new year, as the spirit, which gnaws the heart in- of a new king, their brazen and wardly while it suppresses every ex

courtier-like loyalty finds more deternal manifestation. - Few objects light in the glory which is rising and are more distressing than to contem- full of promise, than in that which plate one of these garlanded victims, has just set, and can bestow no more. gradually withering like a rose upon The ancients divided their annual its stalk, shedding the leaves of her homage with a less obsequious selbeauty one by one, and at last falling fishness. Janus, who stood between to the earth in premature decay, or the two years, gave his name indeed preserving a drooping existence with

to the first month ; but he was proall her charms and brightness fadirig vided with a double face, that by utterly away. These are the bloom- gazing as steadfastly upon past as fuing virgins yearly sacrificed to the ture time, he might inculcate upon Minotaur of Luxury, which, probi- his worshippers the wisdom of being biting all inarriages in a certain class retrospective as well as provident. of life, that are not sanctioned by But Janus was an ancient and a god; wealth, debases one sex by driving it had he been a modern and a man, he to licentiousness, and dooms the other would have known better! to become a pining prey to unrequited However it may have been para affections and disappointed hopes. tially misapplied and wasted, the last



Diana's soul cast in the flesh of Venus ?

year may still, perhaps, have materi- TO THE SAME, ON HER PERFORMally advanced the sum of human hap

OF STATIRA, piness : and, as it is impossible to

TRAGEDY OF ALEXANDER THE solve this point by an examination of

GREAT. individual evidence, we will decide it Is she not more than mortals e'er can wish,... by a show of hands. All you who

LEE'S ALEXANDER, Act. 4. are as much or more discontented

Had his Statira thy fair charms possest, with your present lot, than you were

How few young Ammon's fathless. twelve months ago, please to hold up ness would blame; your hand.—Heavens ! what an at- By such a Queen admired, sought, camosphere of palms, gentle and simple,

rest, fair and furrowed, cosmeticised and He had despisd the blandishments unwashed; what a forest of digits,

of fame, some sparkling with diamonds, some

And sunk the victor's in the lover's unadorned, and a whole multitude

name. cinctured with the wedding ring !– Fairest ! accept these wishes of a friend, You, on the contrary, who feel your

--May never calumpy thy worth de

fame, selves happier than you were hold

May white-robd innocence thy steps up your hands. Alack! what a pitiful

attend, minority! A few youths who left May happiness be thine, till life’s last school at the last Christmas holidays;

scene shall end! and an equal number of girls who, having dismissed their governesses, ODE FOR A NEW YEAR. } are to come out this season. Young and sanguine dupes, enjoy your hap- From all my Acquaintance I meet, piness while ye may; I am not ser- One swiking expression I hear : pent enough to whisper a syllable in

With a smile on their face they repeat, your ear that might accelerate the I wish you a happy New Year. loss of your too fleeting paradise. What a tremor their voices impart,

What a damp on my spirits they cast : MISS FOOTE.

How sad, how astonishid my heart, This lady, whose history has of late When I think on the Year that is past. become so unhappily notorious, was

I have finish'd an act on the stage, once ardently admired by Chandos Leigh, Esq. who 'tis said proffered

Through scenes without number I've

been : her his hand, an offer which, un- I know I am older in age, luckily perhaps for herself, Miss F.

But am I not older in sin ? rejected. It was about this period that he composed the two following To the grave what a number are gone,

To the course of a short fleeting year; poems, which appear in a volume of his miscellaneous writings :

Perchance ere another is flown,

My name in the list may appear.

And am I prepar'd to depart,

From the race I am running below?
Leggiadria singulare e pellegrina.

What a terror prevails o'er my heart,

When my conscience too plainly says The man whom feeling ever mov’d,

NO. Must own thy gracefulness of mien;

F. PARKE. By few upsought, by all approvod,

What art thou but the Garden Queen? Her fabled gaieties are thine,

Transatlantic Varieties.
Her ringlets dancing in the wind;
Whatever poets call divine

In Flora, is in thee combin’d.
The Perdita whom Shakspeare's skill
In sweet simplicity arrayd,

( Resumed from p. 351, vol. ii ) In thee may find her image still,

THE MAMMOTH.-We transcribe Nature's own gentle, artless maid. from the "Columbian Register,” of


Or Selections from

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23 years

the 13 June, 1821, the following ad. Gold. We were very much amused, vertisement relative to the bones of last evening, by reading in the Post a this stupendous avimal. How cle

very long, and pretty well told, story verly the advertiser bas contrived to of digging in a cellar in Gold-street, loop on a little bit of “ useful in

for money, buried there by Capt. Kidd telligence" in the form of a post

a hundred years ago.

According to script !

this story, a black man had been em. Bones of the Mammoth. May be ployed by some one who professed to seen at the store of Mr. E. Hoggins, be possessed of supernatural knowjun., nearly opposite Mr. Pelden's, ledge. The black man, properly in State-street, on Monday next, two equipped with various hocus-pocus. real Bones of the Mammuth, found apparatus, worked night after night, at Big Boon Lick, Buon county, and had inade a big hole in the cellar. Kentucky. One is a jaw-bone, tu- The neighbours were disturbed; comgether with the teeth, weighing be- plaints were lodged at the Police tween 30 and 35lbs. ; the uther is a Office; the ignorant, superstitious Hip-Bone, weight about 50lbs. African was alarmed ; and, being told Price of exhibition, to grown persons, by our Justices that if he ever at124 cents; to persons under 16 years, tempted any thing of the kind again, 6 cents.

the worst of all calamities would “ The subscriber having resided happen to him, the poor fellow was

in Kentucky, Ohio, &c. frightened almost to death, and will (principally at Cincinnati,) has ac

not again be found digging for Capquired a thorough geographical know- tain Kidd's treasure.

Clio. ledge of the Western Country, and " New-York Gazette, will with pleasure gire any desired 25th April, 1822. information to visitors who may be interested in that section of the Union.

THE Nine PointS OF LAW. Ist, CHRISTOPHER CAREY. " P.S. For Sale as above,

A good deal of money–20, A good quantity of the SPICE OF THE deal of patience—30, A good cause PRICKLY ASH; well known to be 4th, A good attorner-5th, Good highly useful in cases of Rheumatisin, council—6th, Good evidence-7th, A Fever, and Ague, Disorders of the good jury—8th, A good judge-and, Blood and Stomach, &c.

after all, you will be defeated, unless New Haven, June 14, 1821.”

you have, 9thly, good luck! Clio, Long-Island Star," 4th July, 1821.

CLIO. TOLERATION.-" Open to all parties - influenced by none." This maxim has been hitherto confined

TO CORRESPONDENTS. theoretically to politics--but it is now perhaps for the first time, about We have a poem by Pangloss, which to be applied to sreligion near Savan- has for soʻne weeks been in type for innah. On the 27th ult. the corner

sertion, and shall appear immediately, stone of a church was laid near Che

as shall likewise most of the articles for

warded by Albumania. rokee Hill, eight miles from Savannah, which is to be open to all sects of market Theatre, given with the present

The internal view of the HayChristians. It is to be called “The number, should be carefully laid aside CHURCH OF ALL DENOMINATIONS,

till the completion of our Third Volume, This institution sprang from no par- to which it forms the Frontispiece. ticular order of Christians, and it is to be confined to none-but it owes

LONDON.--Printed and Published by 1. Waltis, its origin to the Society of FreeMasons.—(Columbian Register, 230 June, 1821.)



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Camden Town ; and also Patilished by C. Harrison Street, Covent Garden, by whom com untCAION for the Editor are received,

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