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might tell where they lived by their miserable cottages, and broken windows, and ragged thatch, and their roughheaded, half-starved, dirty children at the door.

One evening Mr. Daker was sitting with three or four of the farmers talking on some parish matters. After the business was over they got into a little conversation together, and the curate asked one of the farmers, “ How is it, Mr. Claypole, that your village is so free from drunkenness, when so many places are so disorderly, and the poor people so miserable, by wasting their money in drink, instead of bringing it home, and spending it in the comforts of the family ?”

Mr. C.-"Well, Sir, I don't know, but whatever other people may do, I say that I will have none of the drunken fellows working on my farm; and when I hire a man I say to him, “You may spend your money according to your own fancy, and I have nothing to do with that ; only remember that if you are a drunkard you don't work with me.

Mr. Shepton said, “I have done so for a long time, and I think nobody has a better set of workmen than I have. And here is my neighbour, Nockton, my lord's steward, he commonly hires the men; and I look upon it that he does pretty much as we do."

Mr. N.-" Why, I have done this ever since I have acted for his lordship; and it would not do for me to disgrace his lordship's farms, or to hinder his good wishes, by sending a set of loose, shabby-looking drunkards on to his estate ; and I think there is not a more steady, hard-working set of men in any gentleman's estate in this county,—though I say it."

Curate.-“I can only say that this conversation has shown me a few things that I was desirous of knowing; and I see how it is that the parish is in that state of comfort and content, in which it is so great a pleasure to me to have found it."


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