Völkerstämme am Brahmaputra und verwandtschaftliche nachbarn: Reise-ergebnisse und studien

F. Dümmlers verlagsbuchhandlung, 1883 - 130 sider

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Side xv - ... and other separated rocks, even some hills and buttes which stand alone — in short everything not made by human hands, which has an independent being, or can be individualized, possesses a spirit, or, more properly, a shade.
Side xxxii - Nam qui totos dies precabantur et immolabant ut sibi sui liberi superstites essent superstitiosi sunt appellati, quod nomen patuit postea latius ; qui autem omnia quae ad cultum deorum pertinerent diligenter retractarent et tamquam relegerent, <hi>* sunt dicti religiosi ex relegendo...
Side lviii - Ceterum neque animadvertere neque vincire, ne verberare quidem, nisi sacerdotibus permissum ; non quasi in poenam, nee ducis jussu, sed velut deo imperante, quem adesse bellantibus credunt : effigiesque et signa quaedam, detracta lucis, in proelium ferunt.
Side xlviii - Ego ista conicere 186 putari debui, nisi evidenter alio loco ipse diceret de religionibus loquens multa esse vera, quae non modo vulgo scire non sit utile, sed etiam, tametsi falsa sunt, aliter existimare populum expédiât, et ideo Graecos teletas ac mysteria taciturnitate parietibusque clausisse. Hic certe totum consilium prodidit velut sapientium, per quos civitates et populi regerentur.
Side xlii - Quid tam temerarium tamque indignum sapientis gravitate atque constantia, quam aut falsum sentire, aut quod non satis explorate: perceptum sit, et cognitum, sine ulla dubitatione defendere ?—Cic.
Side 7 - ... (Cecropia) painted bright red. They divided themselves into two parties of twelve or fifteen each, and, lifting the snakes on their shoulders, began dancing. In the dance they imitated the undulations of the serpent, raising the head and twisting the tail.
Side xliii - Quale autem illud est quod, cum religiosum a superstitioso ea distinctione discernat ut a superstitioso dicat timeri deos, a religioso autem tantum vereri ut parentes, non ut hostes...
Side 14 - ... manner described the inmates all come out, and the tray having been placed on the ground at their door, they kneel over it and mourn, shedding tears on the remains as their last tribute of affection to their deceased friend. The bones are thus also conveyed to all his favourite haunts - to the fields he cultivated, to the grove he planted, to the tank he excavated, to the threshing floor where he worked with his people, to the Akhra or dancing arena where he made merry...
Side 14 - ... of the egg-shell upwards, count as signs. The egg is personified and addressed after this manner ; Egg ! I am only a man, am ignorant and can divine nothing ; you can commune with spirits, and between man and them have intercourse. Now, say ! who has done this ? (in case of sickness) — who has caused this man to fall sick ? If the spirit is in the house, let the signs be on the left ; if out of the house, on the right. The exorcist spits on the egg, and taking some clay in his hand, smears...

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