The Middle Ages


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Side 77 - Byzantine chapters, with all his vivid description and his still more effective art of insinuation, his is certainly not the style of writing to excite respect for the persons or period of which he is treating, or to draw many to a more minute study of them. His matchless faculty of sarcasm and depreciation is too constantly kept at work ; he is too fond of anecdotes showing the weak or ludicrous side of any age or person ; he is incapable of enthusiastic admiration for any thing or person. Almost...
Side 179 - He was most princely: Ever witness for him Those twins of learning, that he rais'd in you, Ipswich, and Oxford!
Side 104 - Still doth the mournful Cleopatra weep Because thereof, who, fleeing from before it, Took from the adder sudden and black death. With him it ran even to the Red Sea shore; With him it placed the world in so great peace, That unto Janus was his temple closed.
Side 378 - They were the first great effort of mediaeval life to go beyond the pursuit of selfish and isolated ambitions; they were the trial-feat of the young world, essaying to use, to the glory of God and the benefit of man, the arms of its new knighthood.
Side 303 - Germany during the second half of the sixteenth and the first half of the seventeenth century if she did not actually begin, at any rate she encouraged and actively aided, the religious wars.
Side 297 - We order," runs the Constitution, "that every priest having the charge of a flock do, four times in each year (that is, once each quarter), on one or more solemn feast days, either himself or by some one else, instruct the people in the vulgar language, simply and without any fantastical admixture of subtle distinctions, in the articles of the Creed, the Ten Commandments, the Evangelical Precepts, the seven works of mercy, the seven deadly sins with their offshoots, the seven principal virtues, and...
Side 297 - ... The little ones have asked for bread, and there was none to break it unto them " ; and as another Prophet crieth : " The needy and the poor seek for waters, and there are none ; their tongue hath been dry with thirst " (Lam. iv. 4; Is. xli. 17). Wherefore, in remedy of these dangers, We...
Side 377 - Protestant controversialists ; nor the savage outbreak of expiring barbarism, thirsting for blood and plunder, nor volcanic explosions of religious intolerance. I believe them to have been in their deep sources, and in the minds of their best champions, and in the main tendency of their results, capable of ample justification.
Side 103 - Search, wretched one, all round about the shores Thy seaboard, and then look within thy bosom, If any part of thee enjoyeth peace! What boots it, that for thee Justinian The bridle mend, if empty be the saddle? Withouten this the shame would be the less.

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