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weeks prior to her death she had missed her courses for the first time, and suffered no pain up to the night of the 17th (month ?), when she was taken with severe pain of the abdomen, which was supposed to be bilious colic. The next day she said she was better ; but Dr. Steele found the pulse small, quick, and feeble; she was still complaining of a pain of a spasmodic character over the whole abdomen. She died suddenly about an hour after. On opening the cavity of the abdomen, there was found effused about a gallon and a half of blood ; that in the pelvic cavity was coagulated ; in removing this, an embryo of about six weeks was found, lying near a rupture in the middle of the Fallopian tube. Dr. Steele conjectures that this accident may happen oftener than is supposed. Unless hæmorrhage be severe, recovery might take place without the occurrence of very formidable symptoms, what had passed being unsuspected.

4. Dr. Küneke relates at great length a case of placenta prævia succenturiata. The following are the important facts. A woman, aged twenty-three, said to be pregnant for the first time, was admitted into the Lying-in Hospital of Göttingen on June 4th, 1858. Whilst engaged in field-labour she had been suddenly seized with a profuse flooding, attended with weak labour pains. Forty-five minutes after this flooding she was in the hospital. The os uteri was partially dilated. Auscultation revealed the sounds of the foetal heart. The child was born alive by means of the natural efforts. The after-birth was removed without difficulty in ten minutes. The placenta consisted of two perfectly distinct parts, the cotyledons being planted in two points of the superficies of the chorion, separated by a space of free chorion between. There was no vascular connexion between the two portions of placenta. The fupis was inserted into the edge of the larger oval-shaped portion of placenta ; whilst distinct vessels proceeded from the root of the cord to the placenta succenturiata. Without doubt, says Dr. Küneke, this accessory cotyledon had lain over the os uteri, and had given rise to the hæmorrhage.

5. Professor Scanzoni relates a case which he describes as one of laceration of the sacroiliac synchondrosis during labour. A woman aged thirty-two, who had previously borne one child normally, suffered during her second labour with severe pains, accompanied by the most acute pain in the sacral region. The child was unusually large. After delivery, the patient felt much exhausted, and complained of violent pain in the region of the right hip, running aloug the back of the thigh to the knee. Morphia internally and locally applied gave no relief. She could not bear the slightest movement without the most acute suffering; and in the seat of pain a crepitation was perceived. On examination of this spot a very painful swelling, the size of the hand, long, flat, and somewhat red, was found in the region of the sacro-iliac synchondrosis. The most intense pain attended lateral pressure on the hip; and also internal exainination, through disturbance of the sacral ligaments. Crepitation was felt and heard on moving the patient. The existence of a separation of the sacro-iliac synchondrosis through the long-sustained eccentric pressure caused by the large and hard head of the foetus in the pelvic canal was undoubted. The antiphlogistic treatment adopted effected little alteration. On the fourteenth day after labour there appeared along Poupart's ligament a swelling the breadth of two fingers, hard, and which by fomentations and poultices was dissipated in a fortnight. Otherwise the state of the disease was the same. For the first time, in the middle of July, gentle locomotive attempts could be made, by resting the body on both arins on the right knee. At the end of July, violent pain returned in the region of the sacro-iliac synchondrosis. The swelling there exhibited fluctuation at the beginning of August; and on the 7th, an incision being made, a pound of thick pus escaped. By means of the probe, the rough bare bones were felt, without, however, the instrument penetrating into the joint. Much relief ensued; when, two days later, about two ounces of limpid albuminous fluid had been discharged, the opening healed, and the patient walked, although somewhat lamely.


6. Dr. Braun proposes another plan, in addition to the many known, for exciting premature labour. He objects to many methods the danger of too easily rupturing the membranes. He employs catgut-bougies of a foot long and two or three lines thick; he steeps the end in soft water to full softening, and passes it, well-oiled, into the uterus, by means of twisting motions, until a length of only one or two fingers’ brealth remains in the vagina. Uterine contractions are set up in from six to twenty hours. The bougie never (?) injures the membranes; it may be removed shortly before the rupture of the membranes or the birth of the child. During 1857 or 1858 the author had twelve opportunities of employing this uterine catheterization. By its means eleven children were born alive, five dead; eight mothers recovered, and no one sank from any puerperal process. The modes of death were : one from pneumonia; one from miliary tuberculosis ; and two from Bright's disease. In esti

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mating the risk of rapturing the membranes by this method, it is right to bear in mind the author's precautions in using very flexible catgut-bougies and softening them for use.

7. Dr. Kapler's case of rupture of the uterus. A woman in labour with her second child had passed the period of gestation favourably. She had, however, suffered from metritis after her first labour. The pains were good, but labour made no progress; she was therefore taken into the Lying-in Hospital. She was now collapsed; abdomen much distended. The conjugate diameter was shortened by half an inch. The delivery was effected with great difficulty by perforation and turning. The patient died fifty-one hours after delivery. About half a pound of blood was found in the abdominal cavity. The uterus was extremely pale and flaccid. One part had a harder consistency, and on being cut reminded one of the nonpregnant uterus; the cut edges retracted and became concave. The right wall of the cervix was in the form of a long irregular gaping rent. Below this rent was a second smaller one in the portio vaginalis. It is conjectured that the rupture in this case was due to the pressure exerted on parts which had undergone an inflammatory change in the first labour.



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