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labour went on tediously, notwithstanding strong pains. At 10:30. of the 3rd May, the os was fully expanded, but the head had not altered for many hours; a miscoloured, stinking fluid escaped from the vagina ; the pains bad ceased. The uterus was strongly contracted round the fætus; the abdomen was of irregular form, but free from pain. With the lever the head was first brought into the pelvic brim, and hen delivered by the forceps, dead. The uterus contracted well. For the first few days the woman did well. The uterus, however, preserved a large size, but remained painless. The labia pudendi began to swell, and gangrene appeared in the mucous membrane of the vulva. Sloughs fell. On the seventh day a light fever appeared, with shivering resembling ague. This was successfully encountered by quinine. On the tenth day, when the patient seemed doing well, the uterns having sunk into the pelvis, & copious flooding suddenly came on and destroyed the patient. It was concluded that, through a gangerous softening at a higher part, vessels had been injured, and caused the flooding. The uterus was found at the neck and the upper part of the vagina, especially at the lefc, and behind, quite gangrenous, and a large round Lole with sharp edges quite through. The muscular fibres were fatty. Abuut 1:50" from the neck was a second smaller hole ; in this divided vessels were seen which had given rise to the fatal flooding. At the posterior side of the body of the uterus which had lain against the promontory, was an incomplete rupture of 1.50" long. The pelvis was narrowed at the brim ; the conjugate diameter measured 3.20”. The symphysis pubis was very thin and softened ; the ossa pubis through ciastasis separated more than one inch. Purulent fluid escaped from the articular cavity. The ossa pubis and the innominata were moveable. [One cannot help observing that several of these women were in labour too long, and that delivery by perforation or turning at an earlier period would have saved the lives of some.—REPORTER.)


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OCTOBER, 1859.

Analytical and Critical Rebiebus.


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REV. I.—Die Cellular-Pathologie in ihrer Begründung auf Physiologische und Pathologische

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&c. In Six Volumes, illustrated by 2853 Woodcuts and Engravings ; accompanied by an Analytical Index for each Volume, and a General Index to the whole Work

277 Rev. VIII.

First Annual Report of the General Board of Commissioners in Lunacy for Scotland. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by command of her Majesty

. 307



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Bibliographical Record.


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321 Art. IX.-Summary of New Publications.

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Original Communications.

Art. I.-Observations on the Outbreak of_Yellow Fever among the Troops at Newcastle,

Jamaica, in the latter part of 1856. By ROBERT Lawson, Deputy Inspector-General of Army Hospitals, &c. .

324 Art. II.—Remarks on Anästhesia, and the Agents employed to produce it. By George HarWARD, M.D., &c. .

349 Art. III.— Nutrition, Inflammation, and Ulceration of Articular Cartilage. By Rd. BARWELL,

F.R.C.S., Assistant-Surgeon, Charing-Cross Hospital . ART, IV.-Series of Clinical Cases (with Observations) illustrating the Views recently put for

ward by Dr. Brown-Séquard, as regards certain points connected with the Physiology of the Nervous System. By John W. OGLE, M.D. Oxon, &c. .



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