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et seq.

on, 522.

Havelock, position, &c. of, on lord JOHN COMPANY'S FAREWELL TO JOHN
Clyde's arrival, 481, 482—the relief

BULL, 338.
of Lucknow, 484—death of, 497—his Johnnie Armstrong, the ballad of, 476.
character, 498.

Kallee Nuddee, the battle of, 507.
Hayes, Edward, his Ballads of Ireland Kamino-sima, Japan, 641.
reviewed, 462.

Kangra, fort of, its importance, 37–
Health, means of preserviug, &c., 6. during the mutiny, 38.
Heart, function, &c. of the, 149 — its Kemp Owain, ballad of, 471.
propelling action on the blood, 157 Kbyzarbagh, the, at Lucknow, capture

of, 81, 82.
Heat, development and maintenance of, KINGSLEY'S ANDROMEDA, 217.
in animals, 414.

Kisseleff, general, organisation of the
Henle, researches of, on the blood, 155. Principalities by, 86.
Henri IV., construction of Toulon by, Kiu Siu island, first view of, 640.

Knowledge, Buckle on the influence of,
Hirando or Firando, Japan, 641.

529 et seq., 531.
History, the rapid growth of, 165—pur- Kooloo, district of, 40 et seq.
poses for which read, 515.

Kudjwa, defeat of mutineers at, 487.
Hodson, captain, death of, 81.

Labour, influence of the competition
Home Magazine, the, 209.

for, 522.
HOMER AND THE HOMERIC AGE, Glad. Labouring classes, influence of capital

STONE'S STUDIES ON, reviewed, 127.
Homeric poems, the authorship of the, La Condamine, anecdote of, 686.

Lacteals, the, 156.
Hommet, the Point d', Cherbourg, 609 Lagrange, anecdote of, 687.
—fort, 612, 616, 618.

Lake, major, measures of, at Kangra,
Hope, Adrian, at Lucknow, 493, 494, 38, 39.

Land settlement, connection of the, with
Hospitals, state of the, in the Crimea, the mutiny in India, 703.

Landseer, the paintings of, 191.
Howe, lord, his capture of Cherbourg, Lanfranc, archbishop, 171.

Laplace, sketches of, by Biot, 676.
Huber, experiments, &c. on ants by, 680. Lauder, Mr, painting of Christ Betrayed,
Hughes, Mr, the Nativity by, 189.

by, 189.
Hunt, Mr, the paintings of, 182.

Lavoisier, his theory of respiration, 297.
Hunter, rev. J., murder of, 32.

Lawrence, Sir John, proceedings of, in
Hybernation, the phenomena of, 309. the Punjaub, 25—position of, 480—
Iliad, the authorship of the, 129.

ability, &c. of, 626.
Imagination, influence of external nature Lawyer, views of the, on history, 515.

Leewenhoeck, discoveries of, on the
Imaumbara, capture of the, at Lucknow, blood, 155.

Legallois, researches of, on respiration,

-general aspect of, during the mu- Leopold, king, at the copyright congress,
tiny, 83—the new system of govern- 699.
ment for, 338, lord Canning's posi- Leslie, Mr, Christ and the Apostles by,
tion, &c. in, 625.

Indian Council, the new, 338.


of, 85.
MENT, THE, 701.

Lewis, Mr, the paintings of, 193.
Inquisition, Galileo before the, 685. Lewis, Sir G. C., on the Oude proclama-
Insects, heat-producing powers of, 415. tion, 629.
Intellectual progress, Buckle on, 517. Liberalism, modern, and its character-
THE, 687.

Liebig, his theory of animal heat, 425.
Ireland, the ballads of, 466.

Life, influence of, on temperature, 414.

LIGHT ON THE HEARTH, the, Part I., chap.
Jackson, Mr, the paintings of, 182.

i., 312-chap. ii., 319-chap. iii., 321
Jails, former recruiting of the army from, -chap. iv., 323-chap. v., 325— Part

II., chap. vi., 439-chap. vii., 450-
Jamie Telfer, ballad of, 474.

chap. viii., 453—chap. ix., 455 - Part
JAPANESE WATERS, A CRUISE IN, chap. III., chap. x., 587—chap. xi., 591–
i., 635-chap. ii., 640.

chap. xii., 592-chap. xiii., 595-chap.
Jellallabad, fort of, at Lucknow, 74. xiv., 597-chap. xv., 601-chap. xvi.,
Jhelum, operation caninst mutineers 603 chap. xvii., 604. p. xviii., 606.
at, 25 et seq.

Lind, lieutenant, 27

on, 523.


Lindu, the designer of the fortress of Moldo-Wallachian question, the, 85.
Brest, 608.

Monasteries, effects of the rise of, 170.
Linnell, Mr, the Wheatfield by, 191. Monckton, Mr, at Sealkote, 32.
LITERATURE, THE BYEWAYS OF, 200— Montagne de Roule, the, Cherbourg, 616.
Buckle on, 532.

Montgomery, Mr, measures of, against
Liver, circulation of the blood in the, the Sealkote mutineers, 35.

Moorsan, talookdar of, case of, 703.
London, Fletcher of Saltoun on, 463— Morality, Buckle on, 529 et seq.
Edward Irving in, 578.

Mortality, high rate of, in the army, 5.
LONDON EXHIBITIONS AND LONDON CRI- Müller, K. o., views of, on the Homerie
TICS, 181.

poems, 130.
London Journal, the, 203.

Muncbanna, talookdar of, case of, 703.
L'Orient, constituted a port militaire, Mutrie, Miss, the flower-paintings of, 186.

Louis XIV., Cherbourg projected by, 101-Part II., 105.

254_defences of Toulon constructed Mythologies, the early, 523.
under, 607.

Mythology of Homer, Gladstone on the,
Louis XVI., visit of, to Cherbourg, 255. 133.
Lucknow, description of, 79--the First Nana Sahib, seat of, &c., 486.

Bengal European Fusiliers at, 73 et Nangasaki, approach to, 641.
seq.---position of garrison of, 481-the Napoleon, designs of, at Cherbourg, 255.
relief of, by Havelock, 484—its relief Napoleon III., the inauguration of Cher.

by Sir Colin Campbell, 487 et seq. bourg under, 255 et seq.-at Cher
Lungs, function of, 297, 300—descrip- bourg, 365—his visit to the Queen,
tion of, 300.

Lupton, Mr, painting by, 188.

National ballads, &c., Fletcher on, 462.
Luther and Transubstantiation, 178. National character, Buckle on the in-
Lymph, what, 156.

fluence of climate on, 519.
Lymphatics, the discovery of the, 156. Nature, Buckle on the influence of, 518,
M'Ghee, T. D'Arcy, ballad by, 472.

M“Gregor, lieutenant, at Lucknow, 82. Navy, the French, origin, &c. of, 607.
Maclean, corporal, anecdote of, 77. New York, taxation in, 749 note.
M‘Mabon, Mr, at Sealkote, 32.

Newt, respiration of the, 300.
M'Pherson, captain, 27.

Newton, Biot's memoir of, 678.
Malpighi, discovery of the capillaries by, Newton, Mr, the paintings of, 182.

Nicholson, colonel, appointed to com-
Man, the lungs in, 300—the animal heat mand the movable column, and his
of, 416.

operations, 28-disarming of sepoys
Man-of-war, picture of, in old times, 10. by, 29-measures of, against the Seal-
Marco Polo, his account of Japan, 640. kote mutineers, 35.
Marie Louise, state visit of, to Cher Nicholson, major, at Lucknow, 79.

bourg, 255—inauguration of the Avant Nobility, the Roman, 167.
Port at Cherbourg by, 613.

Nomo, cape, Japan, 641.
Marshall, Dr Henry, 23.

Norman conquest, the, 171 - kings,
Martin, Dr, account of Edward Irving character of the, ib.
by, 585--general Claud, 75.

Normandy, the women of, 260.
Martinière, the, at Lucknow, 75—its Norsemen, the inroads of the, 170.
capture, 79, 491.

Novels, influence of, 431.
Martins, M., experiments by, on animal Oakes, Mr, Rabbit Warren by, 188.
heat, 420, 422.

Odyssey, the authorship of the, 129.
Maxwell, lieutenant, at Lucknow, 83. Omer Pasha in Bucharest, 88.
Medical department of the army, pro- O'Neil, Mr, his Eastward Ho, 196, 197.

posed changes in, 16—its present or- Orator, the Pulpit, 567.
ganisation, 17.

Oude, aspect of, 74-strength of the re-
Mediterranean, Toulon as the port mili- volt in, 486— Lord Canning's defence
taire on the, 607.

of his policy in, 625 et seq.
Mess House, storming of the, at Luck: Outram, Sir James, at Lucknow, 76, 78,
now, 496.

82-on the Oude proclamation, 632.
Meteoric stones, Biot's report on, 677. Outlaw Murray, the song of the, 475.
Miaco Sima, the islands of, 640.

Oxygen, function of respiration as re-
Miller, captain, at Rawul Pindee, 25. gards, 299, 301.
Million, reading for the, 200 et seq. Pageants, value, &c. of, 253.
Mill-owners' protection society, the, 7. Papal power, rise of the, 170.
Mohammedanism, rise and progress of, Papenberg, the, Japan, 642.

Paris conference, the, and the Princi-
Moldavia, see Principalities.

palities, 85.

Parliament, danger of the interference Religion, policy with regard to, in India,

of, in India, 338, 339—a first speech 346 et seq.- Buckle's views on, 517.
in, 376.

PAROCHIAL EPIC, A, Part I., 327—Part Respiration, definition of, 297-connec-
II., 328—Part III., 330—Part IV., 331 tion of, with animal heat, 424.
--Part V., 333- Part VI., 336.

Respiratory organs, variety of, 299.
Patience, relations of, to genius, 517. Reynolds' Miscellany, 209.
Patin, Guy, his opposition to Harvey, Richmond, Mr, Agony in the Garden

by, 189.
Paton, Noel, bis Bluidy Tryste, 186— Riolan, opposition of, to Harvey, 157.
his In Memoriam, 196, 197.

Roberts, lieutenant, 28- Mr, the paint-
Patronage, danger from abuse of, in ings of, 192.
India, 342.

Rochefort, constituted a port militaire,
Peace, probabilities of, 1.

Peasantry, state of the, in the Princi- Rogier, M., at the copyright congress,
palities, 91.

692, 699.
Pecquet, discovery of, on the lympha Rohilcund, revolted district, &c. of, 486.
tics, 156.

Roman empire, the, at the time of its
Peel, captain, at Lucknow, 490, 494, 496. fall, 166-extent, army, &c. of the, 169.
Pelée isle, Cherbourg, 609, 611, 612– Romans, the pageants of the, 254.
fort on, 616, 618.

Romberg, M., at the copyright congress,
Pera steamship, the, and voyage to Cher- 692, 693.
bourg in, 356 et seq.

Rome, causes of fall of, l-the sack of,
Perspiration, influence of, on animal by Alaric, 169.
heat, 417.

Routine, alleged influence of, in the
Plants, influence of, on the air, 308— Crimea, 13.

heat-producing powers of, 415. Rowbotham, Mr, the paintings of, 182.

Royal Albert, the, 371.
Plunder, abolition of, in war, 9.

Rudbeck, discovery of, on the lym-
V. chap. V., 24.

Ruskin, Mr, the art criticisms of, 181, 183.
Population, relations of, to food, 521. Russell, lord John, and his new Reform
Port Militaire, the, at Cherbourg, 263. bill, 117.
Portland Gallery, the, 183.

Russia, lessons from the war with, 2-
Preacher, the great, 567, 569.

views of, on the Principalities, 85.
Preaching, objects and peculiarities of, St Anne, fort of, Cherbourg, 616, 618.

St George, captain, wounded, 78.
Predestination, Buckle on, 527 et seq. Sailors, French and English, 257.
Priestley, the pneumatic discoveries of, Sallusbury, captain, at Lucknow, 79, 80,

296-experiments on respiration by, 82.

Sanitarians, efforts of, and their results,
Prisons, sanitary regulations in, 6. Sanitary condition of the army, report of
Privateering, abolition of, 9.

commissioners on the, 1 et seq.
Privileges, extent of, in the Principalities, Saracens, science and literature among

the, 172, 173.
Professional etiquette, influence of, 14. Saunders, lieutenant, escape of, at Seal-
Pulmonary respiration, what, 299, 300. kote, 33.
Pulpit orator, the, 567.

Saxony, the reformation in, 176.
Pulsations, number of, at various ages, Science, distinctions between, and his-

tory, 516.
Punjaub, position of, during the mutiny, SCOTLAND AND IRELAND, THE

480—Lawrence's ability and policy in POETRY OF, 462.
the, 626.

Scotland, the reformation in, 176—the
Purtab Singh, career, &c. of, 41.

ballad poetry of, 465.
Quartering of soldiers, old system of, 8. Scott, Mr, wounded, 27.
Querqueville point, Cherbourg, 609, 611, Scottish church, characteristics of, 571.
612—fort, 616, 617.

Scotus Erigena, 171.
Rade, the, at Cherbourg, 263, 610, 611. Scribe, Eugène, 694.
Rawul Pindee, suppression of mutiny at, Seaboard, commercial and maritime im-

portance of the,.606.
Recruiting, former modes of, 22.

Sealkote, mutiny at, 30.
Reform bill, the, and the Whigs, 116. Seasons, influence of the, on animal heat,
Reformation, rise, &c. of the, 176.

Regnault on the sources of animal heat, Secunderbagh, the storming of the, 492

- the slaughter in the, 81.



Trimmoo Ghat, defeat of Sealkote muti-
Servetus, Michael, discovery of, regard- ere et, 35.
ing the blood, 150.

Triton, the, 159.
Sex, influence of, on animal heat, 422. Turkey, views of, on the Moldo-Walla-
Shah Nujjeef, storming of the, at Luck- chian question, 85.
now, 493, 494.

United States, Bright on the, 747.

Unknown tongues, Irving and the, 583.
Shanghai, sketches at, 635 et seq.

Urban VIII., Galileo before, 685.
Siebold, Dr, chart, &c. of Japan, by, 639. Vauban, defences of Toulon planned by,
Sikhs, organisation of the, by Lawrence, 607.

Vegetation, influence of, on the air, 308.
Sir Turlough, ballad of, 470.

Veins and arteries, distinction between,
Sismondi, on the former glory and pre- 149.

sent state of Mohammedanism, 172. Ventilation, importance of, to health,
Sleep, influence of, on respiration, 309, 302.

Vesalius, discoveries of, regarding the
Soil, Buckle on the influence of, 519. blood, 150.
SOLDIER AND THE SURGEON, THE, 1. Victoria, queen, the visit of, to Cher-
Soo-chow-foo canal, the, 636.

bourg, 255 et seq.-her departure, 259
Spain, causes of fall of, 2.

-arrival of, at Cherbourg, 366 et seq.
Spallanzani, researches of, on circulation, -her reception, fêtes, &c., 367 et seq.
&c., 164-researches of, on respiration, Ville de Nantes, launch of the, at Cher-
297-experiments by, on respiration, bourg, 266.
306, 307.

Vital activity, relations of respiration to,
Spring, captain, death of, 27.

Stanfield, Mr, the paintings of, 190. Vogorides, hospodar of Moldavia, 91.
Stanley, lord, as Indian secretary, 338. Wade, Dr, on the state of the army, 23.
Stirbey, rule of, in Wallachia, 88, 89. Wallachia, see Principalities.
Stirling, admiral, the treaty concluded Wallis, Mr, the Stonebreaker of, 185, 187.
with Japan by, 639.

War, change in system of, 9—Bright on,
Stourza, Michael, rule of, in Moldavia, 752.
86 et seq.

Ward, Mr, the paintings of, 194.
Streatfield, lieutenant, wounded, 27. Warren, Mr, painting by, 182.
Sub-prefects, the, in the Principalities, Water-colour exhibitions, the, 182.

Wealth, influence of soil, &c., on crea-
Sudoriparous glands, the, 417.

tion of, 519.
Suffocation, what, 306.

Webster, Mr, the paintings of, 192.
Suffolk street exhibition, the, 183, Welcome Guest, the, 209.
Sunlight, influence of, on respiration, Wellington, treatment of, by the Whigs,

Surgeon, first recognition of the, in the West Indies, former mortality in the
army, 15 et seq.

army in, 3.
Switzerland, the Reformation in, 176. WHAT WILL HE DO WITH IT? Part XIV.,
Sykes, colonel, on the Oude proclama- 42—Part XV., 226–Part XVI., 270-
tion, 629.

Part XVII., 385– Part XVIII., 536–
Systole of the heart, the, 159.

Part XIX., 647.
Takaboko, island of, 642.

Wheeler, Sir H., scene of the surrender
Taxation in the United States, 749 note. of, 73.
Taylor, F., the water-colour paintings of, Whigs, the, their treatment of Welling-

182---major, measures of, at Kangra, ton, 115—their career, 116 et seq.
38, 39.

their conduct with regard to Lord
Temperature, influence of, on respiration, Canning, 625 et seq.

Whiggery, definitions of, 115.
Tennyson on shams, 430, 431.

Teutonic races, the Reformation among Wife of Auchtermuchty, the ballad of,469.
the, 177.

Wilson, George, the Atlantic Wedding-
Thackeray on shams, 430, 431.

Ring, by, 458.
Thames, the effluvium from the, 352. Windham, general, the defeat of, 499.
Tientsin, the treaty of, 635.

Yachts, the, at Cherbourg, 364, 368.
Tight-lacing, effects of, on respiration, Yang-tsi-Keang river, the, 635, 636.

Younghusband, captain, at Kangra, 38,
Toulon, origin, &c. of fortress of, 607. 39.

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