Sämmtliche Schriften, Bind 6

G.J. Göschen, 1854
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Side 482 - Cheated of feature by dissembling nature, Deform'd, unfinish'd, sent before my time Into this breathing world, scarce half made up, And that so lamely and unfashionable That dogs bark at me as I halt by them; Why, I, in this weak piping time of peace, Have no delight to pass away the time, Unless to spy my shadow in the sun And descant on mine own deformity; And therefore, since I cannot prove a lover, To entertain these fair well-spoken days, I am determined to prove a villain And hate the idle...
Side 481 - Thou, nature, art my goddess ; to thy law My services are bound : Wherefore should I Stand in the plague of custom ; and permit The curiosity of nations to deprive me, For that I am some twelve or fourteen moon-shines Lag of a brother? Why bastard?
Side 481 - I, that am curtail'd of this fair proportion, Cheated of feature by dissembling Nature, Deform'd, unfinish'd, sent before my time Into this breathing world scarce half made up, And that so lamely and unfashionable That dogs bark at me as I halt by them...
Side 481 - Lag of a brother? Why bastard? wherefore base? When my dimensions are as well compact, My mind as generous, and my shape as true, As honest madam's issue? Why brand they us With base? with baseness? bastardy? base, base?
Side 465 - La bocca sparsa di natio cinabro; Quivi due filze son di perle elette, Che chiude ed apre un bello, e dolce labro: Quindi escon le cortesi parolette Da render molle ogni cor rozzo e scabro: Quivi si forma quel soave riso, Ch'apre a sua posta in terra il paradiso. Bianca neve è il bel collo, e...
Side 449 - That not in fancy's maze he wander'd long, But stoop'd to Truth, and moraliz'd his song...
Side 389 - Graecos poelas eminet opere, quod a nuptiis Jovis et Junonis incipiens universas historias, quae mediis omnibus saeculis usque ad aetatem ipsius Pisandri contigerunt, in unam seriem coactas redegerit, et unum ex diversis hiatibus temporum corpus effecerit ? in quo opere inter historias caeteras interitus quoque Trojae in hunc modum relatus est.
Side 409 - Cuncta coloribus egregiis et odoribus opplet. Inde loci sequitur Calor aridus, et comes una Pulverulenta Ceres ; et Etesia flabra Aquilonum. Inde Autumnus adit; graditur simul Evius Evan: Inde aliae tempestates ventique sequuntur, Altitonans Volturnus et Auster fulmine pollens. Tandem Bruma nives adfert, pigrumque rigorem Reddit, Hyems sequitur, crepitans ac dentibus Algus.
Side 465 - Bianca nieve è il bel collo, e '1 petto latte; il collo è tondo, il petto colmo e largo: due pome acerbe, e pur d'avorio fatte, vengono e van come onda al primo margo, quando piacevole aura il mar combatte.
Side 390 - Laocoon, ductus Neptuno sorte sacerdos, sollemnis taurum ingentem mactabat ad aras. ecce autem gemini a Tenedo tranquilla per alta (horresco referens...

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