What I Have Learned: Thinking about the Future Then and Now

Michael Marien, Lane Jennings
Greenwood Press, 1987 - 204 sider

This unique collection of thoughtful and provocative essays brings together the personal retrospectives of seventeen of the most prominent American futurists. Their reflections on how the reality of the 1980s differs from what was anticipated, and what has been learned about social and technological change will provide important reading for futurists and planners who must confront a constantly changing horizon.

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The Next Three Futures
How I Learned to Love the Future

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Om forfatteren (1987)

MICHAEL MARIEN is founder and editor of Future Survey, a monthly abstract journal published since 1979 by the World Future Society, Bethesda, Maryland.

LANE JENNINGS is Research Director of SAI Productions in Annapolis, Maryland, a producer of future-oriented video products.

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