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It is remarkable how many and various have been the conjectures respecting the papers entitled The MAN IN the Moon. It is, however, flatly denied that that august personage is the author of them, and numerous presumptions have arisen on the subject. The critics will, doubtless, well as they are acquainted with style, determine the question; that is, if they have not forgot the old stile in favour of the new, and if they cannot get over the stile, they unquestionably will be able to go some other way after the fact.

The Man in the Moon begs to premise, that he has little acquaintance in Great Britain ; that he has not the honour of a personal knowledge of any of the Reviewers; that he has never been more than once or twice at Longman's Conversations, and that he must, therefore, since it has become his turn to be reviewed, trust altogether to the candour of the critics. He only desires that they may give judgment on his papers.

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The Man in the Moon begs to acknowledge the underwritten as the

Communications of Correspondents.
IX. Letter from T. D. on Habitual Phrases, and Signature F. 68
X. Letter from Xantippe Placid and Moses Placid

XI. Letter of a Sharp Shooter, Signature Y.

XVII. Letter from Quiz .
XXI. The History of Jack Giddy




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No. I. p. 5, 1. 9, for soliary read “ solitary."

p. 6, 1. 2, for 24,000, read 240,000. No. XIV. p. 108, 1. 14, word 7, add " steak."

p. 109, 1. 28, for ascending, read “ ascend.” No. XXI. p. 168, 1. 9, Sonnet, leave out the word " mild."



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An Address to the Reader, in which the Editor will explain something

of the Character of the Paper entitled " THE MAN IN THE MOON.

It is trusted, that when the world shall be made acquainted with the means by which the compiler of the paper entitled The Man in the Moon will be enabled from time to time to afford them the intelligence it is meant to convey, when they are informed, that it is the work of no hireling fag, nor disappointed grum : bler; but that its information has been, and will be communicated by the aid of revelation, and written from the mouth of the ingenious inhabitant of the


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