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BYRON'S WORKS, COMPLETE IN ONE VOLUME, including all his suppressed and attributed

Poenis, price on fine paper, 25 fr.; vellam paper, 35 fr.; large vellam paper, 60 fr. The same, diamond edition, in one volume 12mo., portrait, vignettes, etc. , 20 fr. The same, in 13 vols.

32mo., pocket edition, 45 fr. The same, large type, 16 vols. 12mo. 50 fr. MOORE'S POETICAL WORKS, COMPLETE IN ONE VOLUME, price on fine paper, 20 fr.;

vellom paper, 30 fr.; large vellum paper, 45 fr. The same, in 7 vols. 32mo. pocket edition,

25 fr. The same, large type, containing also his Prose Works, 19 vols. 12mo. 8i fr. MOORE'S LIFE OF LORD BYRON, complete in One volume, price 20 fr. The

same ,

in 4 thick volumes 12mo., vellam paper 36 fr. SIR WALTER SCOTT'S POETICAL WORKS, COMPLETE IN ONE VOLUME, price on fine

paper 20 fr.; vellum paper, 30 fr.; large vellam paper, 45 fr. The same, large type, 7 vols.

12mo. 30 fr. SIR WALTER SCOTT'S NOVELS and other Prose Works, including his Life of Napoleon, In

SEVEN VOLUMES, price on fine paper, 175 fr.; vellum paper, 245 fr.; large vellum paper,

350 fr. The same, 12mo edition 108 vols. 367 fr. 50 e.

The same, in 9 thick vols. 12mo. 36 fr.

20 fr.; vellum paper, 30 fr.: large vellom paper, 45 fr.
SOUTHEY'S POETICAL WORKS, including all his suppressed Poems, COMPLETE IN ONE VO-

LUME, price on fine paper, 25 fr.; vellam paper, 35 fr.; large vellum paper, 60 fr.

vellum paper, 30 fr.; large vellam paper, 45 fr.

KIRKE WHITE, and CHARLES LAMB, the whole IN ONE VOLUME, price on fine paper,

25 fr.; vellum paper, 35 fr.; large vellom paper, 60 fr. THE COMPLETE POETICAL WORKS OF MILMAN, BOWLES, WILSON, and BARRY

CORNWALL, the whole IN ONE VOLUME, price on fine paper, 25 fr.; vellum paper. 35 fr.

large vellam paper, 60 fr. THE COMPLETE POETICAL WORKS OF COLERIDGE, SHELLEY, and KEATS, the whole IN ONE VOLUME, price on fine pap., 25 fr.; vel. pap., 35 fr.; large vel. pap. 60 fr.

... Only Gifty copies of each of the above works have been printed on large vellum paper. In thus publishing the Works of the most celebrated Poets of modern times, including all their suppressed Poems and others not found in the London editions, Messrs. Galignani have had in view to facilitate their acquisition by reducing them to a compact form, offering them at a low price, and avoiding a heavy expense in binding, thus rendering them portable to the Traveller and available to the Economist. From the attention bestowed to bring the execution of these editions to the highest possible degree of perfection, they are, in all respects, worthy of a distinguished place in the librury of the Amateur, and challenge a comparison with the finest specimens of typography.

CAUTION. Messrs. Galignani feel it necessary to caution the public against purchasing editions of Byron, Moore and Scott, which are printed in Germany or at Brussels, and which are far from being

either correct or complete. n, Μοούν, her correo9110



"We are indebted to the French Press for this HISTORY OF IRELAND, to the Union, I vol. 12mo (in interesting publication, which our boasted liberties the press). did not suffice to procure us. These letters are grace THE SUMMER FETE, a Poem, with Songs. By Thomas ful, elegant, and eminently remarkable for their

Moore, 12mo. 2 fr. case and simplicity.– (New Monthly Magazine.)

ODES ON CASH, CORN, CATHOLICS, ETC., NATIO. CONVERSATIONS WITH LORD BYRON, ON RELI- NAL AIRS, EVENINGS IN GREECE, GLEES, ETC., GION, held in Cephalonia , a short time previous to by Thomas Moore, I vol. 12mo. 6 fr

his death, by the late J. Kennedy, M.D. 12mo. 6 tr. THE EPICUREAN, a tale, by T. Moore, 12mo. 6 fr. LORD BYRON AND SOME OF THIS CONTEMPORA- " For insight into human nature, und poetical

KIES, with Recollections of the Author's Life and thought, we prize the Epicurean even above any Visit to Italy, by Leigh Ilunt. 3 vols. 12mo. vellum other of his works. Indeed, although written in paper, with live portraits and fac-similes; 20 fr. (one MEMOIRS OF LORD BYRON, * ibick vols. 12mo. veli!

prose, this is a masterly poem."-(Literary Gazette.) fourth of the London price.)

Mr. Leigh Hunt's position with regard to Lord paper, 36 fr. The same in one volume 8vo. 20 fr. Byron, and the long and intiwate intercourse he The Editor's familiarity with the author, and enjoyed, enabled him to contemplate his character with most of the topics alluded to in the MS.remains, in all its darkness and brighiness. These lively vo- has enabled him to heighten the value of his matelumes abound in anecdotes, and vivid sketches of rials by arrangement and commentary, and these numerous eminent and interesting individuals." - volumes must descend to posterity as the authori. (New Monthly Magazine).

lative history of this great poet."-(Quarterly Review.)

This work deserves to be classed among the best NARRATIVE OF LORD BYRON'S LAST JOURNEY TO GREECE, from the Journal of Count Gamba, who

specimens of English prose which our age has pro

luced.-(f:dinburgh Review.) attended his Lordsbip on that expedition. 12mo. 6 fr.

Moore' was of all the world the fittest man to ". This narrative is perhaps the most important of all that Lord Byron's death has brought forward to

undertake this biography, and in nothing he has establish his place in the rolls of Fame."-(Blackwood.)

ever done, do his talenis appear to such advantage."

(Atlas.) LAST DAYS OF LORD BYRON, with his opinions on The perusal of volumes so interesting and so

the state of Greece, by Major W: Parry; to which varied is really a trcat."-(Lady's Magazine.) are added, Reminiscences of Lord Byron, contained LIFE OF THE RIGHT HON. R. B. SHERIDAN, by Th. in letters to the lion. Col. Stanhope, 12mno. 6 fr. The interest which every circumstance connected

Moore, 2 very thick vols. 12mo. 20 fr. with Byron naturally excites produced this volume. The events which it relates are remarkable for the

- (Monthly Review.)

Asmagnificent a piece of Biography as we have." peculiar views it takes of his character, and the

"Is a production abounding in interest, spirit, and persons by whom he was surrounded. lpon the

fearless integrity.-(Lit. Gazette.) Creeks the book affords curious information." - LIFE AND DEATH OF LORD EDWARD FITZGERALD, (New Monthly Magazine.)

I thick volume 12mo. 8 fr. IMPARTIAL PORTRAIT OF LORD BYRON, as a Poet

" This Work is one which every man should read, and a man. By Sir E. Brydges, Bart. 12mo. 3 fr.

and put into the hands of his family.–(Engl. May.) « The scorching beams of Lord Byron's sun have

This Life-a task of infinite delicacy and clifficilsunk beneath the horizon, but the milder reflexion

ty-is executed in Mr. Moore's own style. The vofrom them still irradiates the sky. I watched his pro.

lumes present some letters of the most extruordinary gress, from its first ray to his premature erit ; and

interest."-(Times.) now, throw fresh flowers on his tomb."-Preface.

"Mr. Moore has performed his task with taste and NARRATIVE OF LORD BYRON'S VOYAGE TO COR

judgment. His general views of Irish politics are liSICA AND SARDINIA, from minutes and extracts

beral and enlightened.-(Spectator.) from the Journal of his Lordship's Yacht the Mazep- MEMOIRS OF CAPTAIN ROCK, the celebrated Irish pa, kept by Capt. Benson, R. N. 3 fr.

Chieftain, with some account of his ancestors, writ

ten by himself (Thomas Moore), 12mo. 6 fr. THOMAS MOORE.

" This is a complete History of Ireland, and ought

to be the manual of every one wishing for informaMOORE'S POETICAL WORKS, including his Irish Me- tion on that country an entertaining and melan

lodies, National Airs, Rallads, Sacred Songs, etc., choly volume, which Englishmen ought to be asham. with a sketch of his life, and Portrait, printed in ed, and Irishmen afraid, to read."-(London Mag.) a bold, clear, and legible type, complete in ONE VOL. LOVES OF THE ANGELS, by Th. Moore, 12mo. 3 fr. octavo, ONLY 20 fr. - The same, vell. pap. 30 fr. The same, vell, p. royal 8vo. (only 50 printed), 45 fr.

- The same, 8vo. beautifully printed. 7 fr. This splendid edition comprises the whole of Mr. RHYMES ON THE ROAD, AND FABLES FOR THE Moore's Poetical Works. The Melodies, Canzonets, HOLY ALLIANCE, by Thomas Moore. 12mo. 4 fr. etc., about 300 in number, have never been printed in England but with the music, which alone amounts | THE IRISH MELODIES, SACRED MELODIES, NATIONto fifteen times the price of this entire edition.

AL AIRS, EVENINGS IN GREECE, Canzonets, Songs, The same, 7 vols. 32mo. vellum paper, 25 fr.

and Ballads, etc., by Th. Moore, 2 v. 32mo. 8 fr. This Diamond Edition, from its convenient size, is

Moore is one of the few writers who will survivr admirably suited for a lady's library or for the pocket.

the age in which he so deservedly flourishes."(Byron.) - The same, common paper, 5 vols. 12mo. 12 fr. LITTLE'S POEMS, AND ODES OF ANACREON, by Th. COMPLETE PROSE AND POETICAL WORKS OF THO

Moore, 12mo. 6 fr. MAS MOORE, 19 thick volumes 12mo. vellum paper, LALLA ROOKH, by Thomas Moore, 32mo. 5 fr. only 8l fr. with a Portrait and Life : containing Travels of an Irish Gentleman in search of a Religion ;

SIR WALTER SCOTT. Memoirs of Lord Byron; Memoirs of Captain Rock; Life of Sheridan ; Life and Death of Lord Fitzge: SIR WALTER SCOTT'S NOVELS AND OTHER PROSE rald; Lalla Rookh ; Loves of the Angels, etc. ; Odes WORKS, containing a Glossary, in which are exon Cash, Corn, and Catholics; The Epicurean; Rhymes plained the Scottish words and phrases, complete IN on the Road: Odes and Epistles; Two-penny Post SEVEN VOLS. 8vo. (heretofore published in 97 vols.) Bag; Tom Crib's Memorial to Congress ; Corruption beantifully printed, with portrait, only 175 fr. and Intolerance; The Sceptic; liisb, Sacred, and - The same, on vellum paper, 245 fr. National Melodies; Evenings in Greece, Letter to the Catholics; M. P. or the Blue Stocking; Fudge Family

- The same, on vell. paper, royal 8vo. proof portrait Odes of Anacreon; Little's Poems, and upwards of

on India paper. (Only 50 coples printed.) 350 fr. 300 Canzonets, Songs, etc., etc. This is the only

any of the volumes can be had separately. uniform Edition of Mr. Moore's works published.

The first volume contains Waverley, Guy Manner

Ing, Antiquary, Rob Roy, and Ivanhoe. -The second TRAVELS OF AN IRISH GENTLEMAN IN SEARCH OF

the three series of Tales of My Landlord, and the A RELIGION, I thick vol. 12mo, 6 fr.

Monastery.-The third the Abbot, Kenilworth, Pirate, " The sincerity with which Mr. Moore avows his

Fortunes of Nigel, and Quentin Purward.-The fourth opinions, and the learning by which he supports

Peveril of the Peak, St. Ronan's Well, Redgauntlet, them, reflect honour upon his character. The plan

and Tales of the Crusaders. - The fifth Woodstock. of the work reminds us of some of ihe witty fictions

Life of Swilt, Life of Dryden, Lives of the Novelists, of Voltaire, in which, through the medium of a ver

Paul's Letters to his Kinsfolk, Goetz, a Tragedy: Exsonal narrative, the most profound questions are

says on the Drama, Chivalry and Romance, The expounded. But this book takes rank under the ban

sixth the Life of Napoleon.-The Seventh Chronicles ners of Christiun controversy, and is in arms against

of the Canongate, first and second series, Anne of the enemies of the Christian faith."- Atlas.)

Gelerstein, Tales of a Grandfather on the History of " The gist of this work is to revile Protestantism in

Scotland, the three series. every age, as infidel, profane, and blasphemous-to

(The eighth volume is in the press, and will conassert the Roman Catholic faith to be the only true

taln: History of Scotland, History of France, Bioreligion, and the Roman Catholic Church the only

Kraphical Memoirs Religious Discourses, House of pure Christian Church to ridicule the sectarianism

Aspou, Doom of Devorgoll, Letters on Demonology and diversity of opinion among the Protestants of

and Witcheran, Tales and Essays, and Robert of Creat Britain-and to represent the Papal Religion

Taris and Castle Dangerous. as whole, undivided, and indivisible." -(Literary

From the legibility and boldness of the type, it is Gazette

almon incredible that so many volumes could have "We do not hesitate to stry that we consider this

been compressed into so kmall a compass, thereby work as amongst the most interesting records of

rendering these works avallable to the economistas which the operations of the human mind ever form

well as to the traveller. This edition, from its modeed the theme."- Monthly Review. )

rate price, beauty, and correctness, leaves nothing

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