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secondly, sanctification, thirdly redemption from all sin. It is the pure in heart who can see God; but as no families of the earth can boast of heart purity in their own persons, as is clear, not only from scripture, but from the testimony of all God's children, from the beginning of the world, it is as clear, that it is only in the seed, which is Christ Jesus, that any family of the earth can be blessed in the present state with sanctification; and from the same divine revelation it is as clear, that this blessing cometh on all the families of the earth, in Christ Jesus; otherwise he could not be the Saviour of all men.

In this seed, all the families of the earth are blessed with life, this, by transgression of the first Adam, was forfeited; but in the second Adam, and by his obedience is recovered; and the life thus recovered, is by the favor of God given to the world. The wages of sin is

death, but the gift of God is eternal life that is given to us through Jesus Christ our Lord.' The world to whom this Son was given, was dead in trespasses and sins; but in giving them his Son, and in his Son, he gave them life, therefore this gift of God is styled the life of the world. Christ who said that be came to do the will of his Father, further declared that he gave his blood for the life of the world. Christ is called in Scripture the word, and in this word is life, and this life is the light of men; and it is called the true light that enlighteneth every man that cometh into the world; it is also called the grace of God which bringeth salvation, which hath appeared unto all men, teaching us that denying ungodliness and wordly lust to live soberly and godly in this present evil world. When Christ, saith the apostle, who is our life shall appear, then shall ye also appear with him in

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glory; because, saith the Saviour, I live, ye shall live also. In this seed, as the dwelling place of all generations, we live: and as this seed, which is Christ, is the same yesterday, to day and forever, the life which the families of the earth have in him must be everlasting life. Nor can any of the families of the earth ever lose this life, because it is hid with Christ in God; and as it is only in him, any of the families of the earth can have life, he that hath not the Son hath not life, nor can he see life; but God so loved the world he gave them the Son, nor will he ever take this gift away from the world; for the gifts and callings of God, are without repentance. God will, therefore, never repent that he so loved the world, as to give them his Son; and in the Son's life, having loved the world, he will forever love them; for he changes not, he is of one mind, without variableness or shadow of turn


ing. In this seed all the families of the ⚫ earth are blessed with peace; peace is made for them, by the blood of the The council of peace was between them both; the head of every man which is Christ, and the head of Christ, which is human nature; there is no peace to the sinner or unbeliever : hence, as the commission of sin constitutes this character; and as there is no man that liveth and sinneth not, it is clear that no man can be justly entitled to peace in himself, or out of the seed. God's covenant is called a covenant of peace, but Jesus, the promised seed, and Mediator of this new covenant, is declared to be the covenant of the people. When the angels were sent to proclaim the birth of the world's Saviour, they proclaimed peace on earth, and good will towards men; and this was glad tidings to all people. The Saviour, therefore, sent his servants to

preach peace to them that were nigh, and to them that were afar off; and when he was going for a little time to leave them, he said my peace I leave with you; these things saith the Saviour have I spoken, that in me ye might have peace. The apostles who preached peace by Jesus, who they assure us, was Lord of all, inform us, we are called to peace, that the kingdom of God is peace and joy, the fruits of the spirit are love, joy and peace,-Jesus is our peace, who hath made both one, Jews and Gentiles, and hath abolished in his flesh the enmity, and hath broken down the middle wall of partition between us, Jews and Gentiles,-to make in himself one new man. So making peace, and that he may reconcile both in one body by the cross, having slain the enmity thereby, and came and preached peace to you, which were afar off, Gentiles, and to them that were nigh, the Jews,

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