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forge the deadliest weapons for the infidel, by bringing distrust upon the consistency of scripture with itself. By their cruel and inconsistent doctrines, they not only rob God of his glory and heaven of its inhabitants; but fill the Bible with contradictions. By such proceedings they not only fill others with terror and despair, but themselves with that fear which hath torment. Thus they shew themselves the enemies of mankind. But those who labor to evince the scriptures are consistent with themselves-are all yea and amen in Christ Jesus our Lord, are the best and truest friends of the human race. He who labors to prove to the world, that Jehovah is both a just God and a Saviour; and that he, as the only wise God, as their own, as the world's Saviour, is worthy to be confided in without fear, notwithstanding all that has been said against his character both by

ancient and modern unbelievers, is worthy the reverence of his race.

Reader; this word is to you. Examine the word of God and see if these things are not so. They are for your comfort and consolation. The promise to Abraham is for you; and remember, it is just as sure to you, as the promise of the land of Canaan was to ancient Israel. If there is any truth in divine revelation, this promise is truth. If we may not depend upon it, there is nothing in the Bible upon which we may rely. On its truth hangs the whole christian system. Disprove this, and you prostrate the whole gospel of Christ. But this cannot be done. God has preached it by all his holy prophets, and Christ and his apostles confirmed it. It is as firm as the everlasting hills.

But there are many of God's people who are unrighteous; many, very many who are given up to the love of the

world, and the things of the world, in whom the love of the FATHER is not; many who are enemies to God by wicked works, and without God and hope in the world-to all of these, to every creature, this gospel of the kingdom calls. Its hopes are for them, and its healing influences. It is good tidings of good to every creature-peace on earth, good will to men. The God of our salvation is no publican, loving his friends and hating his enemies. Such a God is that described by another gospel, which is no gospel. Our God is good to all-even to the unthankful and evil. Herein is his love manifested, in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for the ungodly. While we were dead in trespasses and sins, he quickened us together with Jesus Christ.

Reader; choose now which God and which gospel you will serve and have. If the former be God, serve him; and

do it with fear and trembling, lest you incur his displeasure and feel the burnings of his wrath. Reverence and love such a monster of cruelty if you can. But if the true God-the author of heaven, earth, and all things, be God, then serve him. Render him that parental fear which is your reasonable service. Love and serve him as a kind Father who has supplied you with all the blessings you enjoy. Receive the gospel of our salvation with gratitude, for it is good tidings of great joy which shall be to all people; whereas that other gospel, which is no gospel, is sad tidings of great sorrow to all men of feeling hearts. This gospel is of men, that of God, who is good unto all, and whose tender mercies are over all his works. Choose now to which ye will hearken the voice from heaven or the traditions and teachings of men. The promise God made to Abraham was,

that in his seed all the families of the earth should be blest; he repeated the same to Isaac, and renewed it to Jacob; in this seed, which is Christ, all the families of the earth are blest with sanctification, or holiness, without which no man can see the Lord. Considering the uncleanness of all the families of the earth, and the impossibility of the unclean standing in the presence of him who is of purer eyes than to behold iniquity, the blessing of mankind with sanctification in Christ Jesus, is an act of as free and as much grace, as blessing them with justification, but God never blessed any individual with justification, that he did not bless with sanctification, for whom he justified he also sanctified. And it is of God, who sent Jesus to bless every one of us, and all the families of the earth, by saving us from sin, that we are in Christ Jesus, who is of God; made unto us, first righteousness,

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