Journal of the Society of Arts, Bind 7

Society of Arts, 1859

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Side 315 - Correspondence of the Bath and West of England Society for the Encouragement of Agriculture, Arts, Manufactures and Commerce.
Side 264 - A man is not to sell his own goods under the pretence that they are the goods of another man; he cannot be permitted to practise such a deception, nor to use the means which contribute to that end. He cannot therefore be allowed to use names, marks, letters, or other indicia, by which he may induce purchasers to believe, that the goods which he is selling are the manufacture of another person.
Side 265 - ART. 6. Les étrangers et les Français dont les établissements sont situés hors de France jouissent également du bénéfice de la présente loi pour les produits de ces établissements, si, dans les pays où ils sont situés, des conventions diplomatiques ont établi la réciprocité pour les marques françaises.
Side 298 - National Repository for the Exhibition of specimens of new and improved Productions of the Artisans and Manufacturers of the United Kingdom," and which took place in the Royal Mews, Charing-cross.
Side 164 - For the rest, I am of opinion that cryolite is the best adapted of all the compounds of aluminium for the preparation of this metal. It deserves the preference over chloride of aluminium and chloride of aluminium and sodium, and it might still be employed with great advantage even if its price were to rise considerably.
Side 351 - ... rubbing one on the upper and the other on the under side of the commutator are also very distinctly seen. The field-magnet consists of several' thin steel plates of horse-shoe form, with a pair of soft-iron pole-pieces, so shaped as nearly to surround
Side 128 - MP, moved a vote of thanks to the officers of the Society for their valuable and unremitting services during the past year This was seconded by the Rev.
Side 263 - You may express the same principle in a different form, and say that no man has a right to dress himself in colors, or adopt and bear symbols to which he has no peculiar or exclusive right, and thereby personate another person for the purpos'e of inducing the public to suppose, either that he is that other person, or that he is connected with and selling the manufacture of such other person, while he is really selling his own.
Side 16 - The operation takes place in this way : — By placing at the positive pole a plate or sheet of iron, and immersing it in a proper iron solution, the metal will be dissolved under the action of the battery, and will form hydrochlorate of iron, which, being.
Side 93 - The samples shoulJ be sufficient in quantity to enable experiments to be made, and an opinion to be formed of their quality. Cotton should be sent both in seed and picked. Flax should be accompanied by a description of the culture, the nature of the soil, the weight of the produce per acre, and the extent to which...

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