A Supplement to the Works of the Most Celebrated Minor Poets ...

F. Cogan, 1750 - 475 sider

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Side 22 - ... verum ubi plura nitent in carmine, non ego paucis offendar maculis, quas aut incuria fudit aut humana parum cavit natura.
Side 196 - Would soon finish his woes. When in rage he came there, Beholding how steep The sides did appear, And the bottom how deep; His torments projecting, And sadly reflecting, That a lover forsaken A new love may get, But a neck, when once broken, Can never be set: And, that he could die Whenever he would...
Side 26 - See, sir, here's the grand approach, This way is for his Grace's coach: There lies the bridge, and here's the clock, Observe the lion and the cock, The spacious court, the colonnade, And mark how wide the hall is made!
Side 70 - Twas far from any path, but where the Earth Was bare, and naked all as at her birth, When by the Word it first was made, Ere God had said, Let grass, and herds, and every green thing grow, With fruitful trees after their kind, and it was so.
Side 235 - ... families became empty for want of such as should take care of them. If they forbore not, then they died themselves, and principally the honestest men.
Side 78 - Most easily could quote, and turn to any part ; Backward repeat it all, as witches prayers do, And, for their turn, interpret backward too. Idolatry with her was held impure, Because, besides herself, no idol she'd endure*. Tho' not to paint, she had arts to change the face, And alter it in heav'nly fashion.
Side 90 - That blest him and about him hung. A weight his generous heart could hardly bear; But for the comfort that was near, His beauteous mate, the fountain of his joys, That fed his soul with love ; The cordial that can mortal pains remove, To which all worldly blessings else are toys. I saw them ready for departure stand, Just when approach'd the monarch of our land. And took the charming mourner by the hand. T...
Side 87 - Repent, ye powers, the injuries you caufe, Or change our natures, or reform your laws. Unhappy partner of my killing pain, Think what I feel the moment you complain. Each figh you utter wounds my tendereft part, So much my lips mifreprefent my heart.
Side 85 - Alddes in his Lion's Skin, He very dreadful grew. But, like that Hercules when Love crept in, And th...
Side 240 - The wildernefs which they themfelves do make. Away the deadly breaths their journey take, Driven by a mighty wind, They a new booty and frefh forage find : The loaded wind went fwiftly on, And as it pafs'd, was heard to %h and groan.

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