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per 70 lbs.

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Beans. Ist....... 42s. 6d. 1st,......37s. Od. Ist,...... 28s. Od. 1st,...... 29s. Od. 1st, .....28s. Od. 2d,

.39s. Od. 2d......34s. Od. 2d, .22s. Od. | 2d, ...... 26s. Od. | 2d,......25s. Od. 3d, ..35s. Od. 3d, ......31s. Od, 3d, .18s. Od. 3d, ...... 23s. Od. 3d ....... 22s. Od.

Average of wheat, £1:17: 4: 4-19ths. per boll.
Note. The boll of wheat, beans, and pease, is about 4 per cent. more than half a quarter,

or 4 Winchester bushels ; that of barley and oats nearly 6 Winchester bushels.
London, Corn Exchange, July 3.

Liverpool, July 4.
Whcat, s. d. s. d.

S. d. S. d. Foreign Wheat, 53 to 65 Boilers, new . 56 to 60

Rice, p. cwt. 41 0 to 45 0 Fine do. 74 to 78 Small Beans 50 to 58 English 11 6 to 12 6 Flour, English, Superfine do. 78 to 82 Old do. 1816. 58 to 61|| Scotch 11 0 to 11 6 p.280lb.fine64 0 to 65 0 White, new : 60 to 68 Tick do. 48 to 54|| Welch . 10 6 to 12 0 Seconds 57 0 to 58 O Fine do. 70 to 82 Hard do.. 54 to 56| Irish

9 0 to 10 6 Irishp.240 lb.52 0 to 54 () Superfine do. 84 to 88 Feed Oats, 22 to 26 Dantzic 11 6 to 13 o Ameri. p. bl. 44 0 to 46 0 Foreign 56 to 85 Fine do... 29 to 32 | Wismar .. 11 6 to 12 9 Sour do. 30 0 to 40 0 Rye

44 to 50 Poland do... 27 to 30 American . 11 6 to 12 3 Clover-seed, p. bush. Barley, new : 38 to 45 Fine do.. • 34 to 36 | Quebec. 10 6 to 11 9 - White

to Superfine do. 48 to 58 Potato do. . . 32 to 34 Barley, per 60 libs.


to Malt,

60 to 72 Fine do. . 37 to 41 English ..6 6 to 7 O Oatmeal, per 240 lb. Fine do. ... 76 to 78 Fine Flour, . 65 to 70 Scotch 6 6 to 6 9 English 41 0 to 42 0 Hog Pease, new 42 to 46 Seconds, .. 60 to 65 | Irish

6 0 to 7 0 Scotch 38 0 to 39 0 Maple

48 to 52 Fine Pollard 20 to 30 Malt p.9 gls. 10 6 to 11 6 Irish ... 34 0 to 36 0 White Pease 46 to 50 Bran

13 to 14| Rye, per qr. 42 0 to 46 0
Oats, per 45 lb.

Butter, Beef, Loc.
Seeds, &c. July 3.

Eng: pota.

4.6 to 5 1 Butter, per cwt. s. Welsh potato 4 3 to 4 7 Belfast

120 to

0 Mustard, Brown, 12 to 22 Trefoil 10 to 421 Scotch 46 to 5 1 Newry

118 to -White 5 to 11 Ryegrass

10 to 32 Foreign 4 6 to 4 10 Drogheda 0 to 0 Tares 17 to 18 -Common


4 3 to 4 10 Waterford, newl11 to 0 Turnips, New 14 to 20 Clover, English, Rapeseed,p. 1. - to Cork, 3d

102 to -Red - to --Red,

70 to 75 Flaxseed,p.b. 7 6 to 8 0-New, 2d, 116 to -Yellow, new -to--White 100 to Sowing,p.hhd. -to- Beef, p. tierce 85 to 95 Canary . 70 to 96 Rib Grass

Beans, pr qr.

p. barrel 60 to 63 Hempseed ... 60 to 75 Carraway, Eng. 58 to - English 51 0 to 58 0 Pork, p. br). 88 to 98 Linseed . . 60 to 75 -Foreign

50 to -|| Foreign 49 0 to 55 0 Bacon, per cwt. Lucerne, New . 70 to 84 Coriander 18 to 22| Pease, per quar.

-Short middles 68 to New Rapeseed, £46 to £50.

- Boiling - 50 0 to 60 01-Long do. 0 to 0 Average Prices of Corn of England and Wales, from the Returns received in the Week

ended 27th June 1818. Wheat, 84s. ld.-Rye, 52s. 4d.-Barley, 49s. 3d.-Oats, 32s. Od. -Beans, 58s. 6d.Pease, 53s. 5d..

Oatmeal, 33s. 11d. per boll of 140 lbs.--Beer or Big, Os, Od. Average Prices of British Corn in Scotland, by the Quarter of Eight Winchester Bushels,

and Oatmeal, per Boll of 128 lbs. Scots Troy, or 140 lbs. Avoirdupois, of the Four

Weeks immediately preceding the 15th June 1818. Wheat, 67s. 11d.-Rye, 62s. 3d.-Barley, 44s. 4d.-Oats, 30s. 9d.-Beans, 51s. 1d. -Pease, 513. 7.-

Oatmeal, 76s. 11d.-Beer or Big, 41s. 1d.

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THE month of June has been throughout unusually warm and dry. During the first twelve days the Thermometer rose frequently above 70, and every day above 60 in the day time, and during the night generally stood as high as 50, and often higher. The mean temperature is 3.4 degrees above that of June 1817. The Barometer for the first fortnight was very steady at an elevation of 30 and upwards the weather at the same time clear and warm. During the remainder of the month the fluctuation in the mercurial column was considerable ; but, on the whole, the Barometer stood above the medium height. During the first fourteen days there was no rain, except about half a tenth on the 4th. On the 15th there fell about eight-tenths; on the 22d, three; on the 25th and 26th together, five ; and on the 28th, one. The Hygrometer was in general very high, the average being 9 degrees above that of June last year. The mean point of deposition at 10 A. M. coincides exactly with the mean minimum temperaturemat 10 P. M. it is 3 degrees lower. A more delightful and truly summer month has not perhaps been experienced in this country for many years, yet it is curious to remark, that there has been no such rapid vegetation, at least in this quarter, as took place last year towards the end of June. This can only be accounted for from the state of the ground at the time that the warm weather set in. The heavy rains of May were succeeded by a sudden and intense drought, which hardened the ground so much, that the subsequent rains have hardly penetrated to the roots of the plants. It is probable, therefore, that the crops may not be so weighty as, from the warmth of the season, we should be led to expect.



METEOROLOGICAL Table, extracted from the Register kept on the Banks of the Tay, four miles east from Perth, Latitude 56° 25', Elevation 185 feet.

JUNE 1818.


THERMOMETER. Degrees. Mean of greatest daily heat,

12th day,

79.5 cold,


45.0 temperature, 10 A. M. 62.0 Lowest maximum, 21st,

60.0 10 P. M. 55.0 Highest minimum, 12th,

61.0 of daily extremes,

58.7 Highest, 10 A. M.


74.0 • 10 A. M. and 10 P. M. 58.5 Lowest ditto, 21st,

51.0 4 daily observations, 58.6 Highest, 10 P. M. 12th,

66.0 Whole range of thermometer, 510.0 Lowest ditto 24th,

49.0 Mean daily ditto, 17.0 Greatest in 24 hours, 11th,

25.0 temperature of spring water,

55.5 Least ditto,



Inches. Mean of 10 A. M. temp. of mer. 63) 29.830 Highest, 10 A. M.


30.408 ..... 10 P. M. (temp. of mer. 63) 29.833 Lowest ditto,


29.300 . both, (temp. of mer 63) 29.831 Highest, 10 P. M.

30.355 Whole range of barometer,

5.780 Lowest ditto,


29.190 Mean daily ditto, .192 Greatest range in 24 hours, 28th,

.510 Least ditto,


.014 HYGROMETER (LESLIE'S.) Degrees. Mean dryness, 10 A. M.


HYGROMETER. Degrees. 10 P. M. 18.6 Highest, 10 A. M.


78.0 of both, 26.5 Lowest ditto,


9.0 point of deposition, 10 A. M.

50.3 Highest, 10 P. M.


43.0 10 P. M. 47.4 Lowest ditto,


4.0 of both, 48.9 Highest P. of D. 10 A. M. 13th,

58.0 Rain in inches,

1.725 Lowest ditto,


34.2 Evaporation in ditto, 3.170 Highest P. of D. 10 P. M. 12th,

55.8 Mean daily Evaporation,

. 106 Lowest ditto,



WILSON'S HYGROMETER. Mean dryness, 10 A. M. 32.8 Greatest dryness, 12th, 10 A. M.

48.0 10 P. M. 22.9 Least ditto, 26th, 10 P. M.

2.0 Fair days 23; rainy days 7. Wind West of meridian, 22; East of meridian, 8.


METEOROLOGICAL TABLE, kept at Edinburgh, in the Observatory, Calton-hill. N. B.-The Observations are made twice every day, at nine o'clock, forenoon, and four o clock, after The second Observation in the afternoon, in the first column, is taken by the Register



[blocks in formation]





29.686 M.64

June 1

M.62329,438 M.65

June16 .6 6A.64

S.W. Clear,

A. 49% very warm.

.356 A. 63
.7 2 M.66



.370 M.66 .7 7 A. 65


A. 52 very warm.


.392 A. 64
.786 M.67



.466 M.64 .8 2 A.67

S.W. Clear, warm. A.434 very warm.

.442 A. 62
.965 M.69

Cloudy fore.


.385 M.59
.995 A. 66
Thun. after.

A. 46
.126 A. CO

S.W. Showery. 30.104 M.65

M.504 .132 M.61

.1371A. 64)

A. 451
.429 A. 60

showers. .264 M.60

Cloudy fore.


.476 2.58
clear after.

A. 43
.270 A.56

s.W. Changeable. .199M.60



.122 M.61
.161 A. 61 S
very warm.

A.472 .105 A.59

S.W. Clear.
.201 M.67



.260 M.60
.1.32 A. 66
very warm.

A. 167
.490 A. 60

N.W. Changeable.
.152 M.66

.499 M.60
.11A. 69 S
very warm.

A. 44

N.W. Cloudy.

.678/A. 58 ) 29.994 M.74

Clear, 10 E.

637 M.57
.965 A. 74 S very warm.

A. 45
.395 A.58

Cble. Showery .916 M.77 117


M.574 .676 M.61

.852 4.77
very warm.

A. 45 .676 A.58

rain aftern. 12 .703 M.77 Cloudy,

M.62 .572 M.65

Clear foren.
.675 A. 74
rain aftern.

A.50 .209 A. 64

shrs aftern. 13 .469 M.68



.369 M.65
.518 A.68
rain aftern.
A. 49 .684/A.63

Cble. Clear, cold. M.65 14

.828 M.68

.830 M.62
A. 481

Clear, warm. .772 A. 63

A. 19

W. .904 A 63

Clear. M.64 15

.762 M.64 .438 A. 63

.775 A. 62)

Average of Rain, 2 inches.

24 M.56) 25 M.534


29 { M.623

.636 M.62 ) s.w. Showery.

30{ A.502

A. 47


Sir Robert Chester is appointed Master of the
Ceremonies, in room of Sir Stephen Cotterel, de-

Mr Francis Parodi is approved of as Consul at
Gibraltar, for the Grand Duke of Tuscany.

Sir Charles Hamilton, Bart. Vice-Admiral of the Blue, is appointed Governor and Commander in Chief over the Island of Newfoundland and its dependencies.

The Right Hon. George Canning, the Right Hon. Viscount Castlereagh, the Right Hon. the Earl of Bathurst, the Right Hon. Viscount Sidmouth, the


ry, dead

Right Hon. the Earl of Liverpool, the Right Hon. 38 F. Lieut. D. J. Conway, from 61 F. to be Nicholas Vansittart, the Right Hon. Lord Teign


4th June mouth, the Right Hon. John Sullivan, the Right

Gent. Cadet W. H. Rogers to be Ensign Hon. Lord Binning, the Right Hon. Wm Sturges

21st do. Bourne, the Right Hon. Viscount Cranborne, and

W. Markham to be Ensign by purch. vice the Right Hon. Lord Walpole, his Majesty's Com


3d June missioners for the affairs of India.

Ensign J. O'Meara, from h. p. 27 F. to be
Ensign, vice Lloyd

4th do.

B. Lloyd to be Quarter Master, vice II. ECCLESIASTICAL.

Wainwright, ret. h. p. 27 F. do.

43 E. G. 0. Keppel to be Ensign by purch. The Magistrates and Town Council of Glasgow

vice 0.Donnell, 75 F.

do. have unanimously appointed the Rev. Dr Chal

45 B. Satterthwaite to be Ensign by pur. vice mers to be minister of the New Church St John's.

Nestor, pro.

7th May The Prince Regent has appointed Mr Robert

53 Gent. Cadet R. Taggart to be Ens. 21st do. Jeffrey, preacher of the Gospel, to the church and

56 Lieut. T. Foreman to be Capt. by purch. parish of Girthin, vacant by the death of the Rev.

vice Gregory, ret.

14th do. Robert Gordon.

Ensign E. J. Chauvel to be Lieut. by pur. vice Foreman


W. Ouseley to be Ensign by purch. vice III. MILITARY.


20th do. Brevet Capt. B. Harvey, 1 F. to be Major in the

Gent. Cadet W. Hewetson to be Ensign Army 16th May 1818

21st do. Bt. Maj. B. Harvey to be Lt. Col. on the

59 Gent. Cadet A. Murray to be Ensign
Cont. of Europe only

21st do. 3 Dr. Gds. Lieut. C. Frost to be Capt. by purch.

61 Lieut. R. Read, from h. p. 38 F. to be vice R. Storey, ret.

14th do.
Lieut. vice Conroy, 38 F.

4th une 6 Drs. Cha. Hall to be Cornet by pur. vice Dames,

62 A. Stanford to be Ensign by purch. vice pro.

21 st do.
Mitchell, 19 Dr.

14th May 7 Wm Inge to be Cornet by purch. vice Sey

Gent. Cadet G. G. Warden, to be Ensign mour, 25 Dr. 14th do.

21st do. 8 Cornet H. Cochrane to be Lieut. by pur.

65 Ensign A. O'Donnell, from 43 F. to be vice Pottinger, ret.

21st do.

Ensign, vice Donald, dead 4th June 19 Cornet & Adj. Wm Glanville to have rank 67 Gent. Cadet R. Jauns, to be Ens. 21st May of Lt.

7th do. 70

H. Jelf,

do. 21 Gent. Cadet R. Hare to be Cornet, vice 71 Lieut. Robert Law to be Adj. vice AnderBroadhead, cancelled

28th do.
son, res. Adj. only

14th do. 25 Lieut. R. Williams to be Capt. by purch. 73 G. H. Smith to be Ensign by purch. vice vice Dalrymple, ret.

14th do.
Mills, York Rang.

7th do.
Cornet F. Seymour to be Lieut. by purch. 74 Ensign J. O. Lloyd to be Lieut. vice Hen-
vice Williams

14th do, Staff. C. Cav. Ass. Surg. J. W. Watson, from h. p.

Brinsley Eyre to be Ensign, vice Lloyd do. 38 F. to be Ass. Surg. vice Foster, 5 Dr.

80 Surg. J. Lightbody, from h. p. 28 F. to be Gds.

16th April

Surg. vice Browne, ret. upon h. p. 28 F. Colds. F. G. Ass. Surg. T, Maynard to be Bn. Surg.

7th do. vice Rose, 64 F.

28th do.

84 Lieut. J. Dale to be Capt. vice B. Dale, S. Gilder to be Ass. Surg. vice Maynard do.


4th June 1 F. John Temple to be Ensign by purch. vice

Ensign T. Andrews to be Lieut. vice J.
Coleman, cancelled

14th May

do. 8 Gent. Cadet R. Minty to be Ensign by

H. Vaughan to be Ens. vice Andrews do. purch.

21st do. 100 Lieut. W. L. Maberly, from 9 Dr. to be 9 Capt. T. H. Light, from 14 F. to be Capt.

Capt. by purch. vice Thomson, ret. vice Dallas, ret. on h. p. 14 F. rec. dift.

14th May do. 103 John Purssord to be Ensign by purch. vice 10 Gent. Cadet Wm Goodes to be Ensign do.

4th June 11

- E. Moore to be Ensign. do. 4 W.I.R. James Bassett to be Ensign, vice Drayton, 12 Lieut. M. J. Jenkins is reinstated in his

W. I.

do. former rank, viz.

14th Oct, 1812 R.Af Corps. Ensign T. M‘Rae to be Lieut vice Gent. Cadet B. J. Carnie to be Ensign

Bryant, dead

14th May 21st May 1818

R. Cheator to be Ensign, vice M Rae do. 14 Capt. T. Hall from h. p. 14 F. to be Capt.

R.Y.R. Ensign C. Mills, from 73 F. to be Ensign, vice Light


vice M‘Donagh, ret. 7th May 1818 Gent. Cadet R. Battersby to be Ensign do. R.W.I.R. Ensign H. Drayton, from 4 W. 1. R. to 17 -J. Carruthers to be Ensign do.

be Ensign, vice M'Neil, dead 11th June 24 D. Munro to be Ensign by purch. vice Yk. Chass Hosp. Assist. C. Whyte to be As. Surg. Dowbiggen, 19 F.

7th do.
vice O'Brian, dead

14th May E.C. Spencer to be Ensign by purch. vice 1 Ceyl. Reg. As Sur. I. Hoatson, fm. h. p. 3 Ceyl, Netterville

14th do.

Regt. to be As. Sur. vice Kennedy, dead Gent. Cadet G. Murray in be Ensign

10th Dec, 1817.
21st do.
Lieut. W. Campbell from h. p. 84 F. to be

Royal Military College.
Paym. vice Payne, do.

28th do. Lieut. G. Procter, from h. p. 5 F. to be Adj. vice 95 Lieut. J. W. Plunkett, from h. p. 50 F. to Abraham, pro.

24th Feb. 1818 be Lieut. vice Pratt, h. p.

19th do.
- H. Boldero, from

p. 10 F. to be

Hospital Staff
Lieut. vice Rawstorne, h. p. 20th do.
- M. M'Leod, from h. p. 79 F. to be

Staff Surg. Q. M‘Millan to be Dep. Inspec. of Hosp.
Lieut. vice White, h. p.

14th May 21st do.

by Brevet
John Walker

do. 2 ist do. 30 Gent. Cadet D. Vandergee to be Ens. do. 34 T. Hadwin to be Ens. do.

As. Surg. A. Nicoll, M.D. from 80 F. to be Surg. 35 Lieut. Emerson's Commission is dated the

to the Forces

28th do. 11th May 1809 Hosp. Ass. B. O'Beirne, from h. p. to be Hosp. As.

14th do. 37

vice Whyte Gent. Cadet H. Coghlan to be Ensign

do. J. Hoey, from h. p.

do. 21st May 1818 38 Bt. Lt. Col. E. Miles to be Lt. Col. 7th do. Bt. Maj. T. Evans to be Maj. vice Miles do.

Exchanges. 'Lieut. W. H. Wrench to be Capt. vice Brevet Lt. Col. Evatt, from 55 F. with Brev. Maj. Evans

do. Morris, h. p. 2 Gar. Bn. Capt. R. Power, from h. p. 73 F. to be

Briscoe, from 63 F. with Major Le Capt.

28th do. Geyte, h. p. Ens. J. H. Law to be Lieut. vice Wrench Brevet Major P. Campbell, from 52 F. with Capt.

7th do. Cross, h. p. Ensign P. Bain to be Lieut. 30 June

-Maxwell, from 50 F. rec. diff. wita Fred. Money to be Ens. vice Law 7th May Capt. Scott, h, p. 62 F.

Walsh, pro.


p. 62 F.

Brevet Major Gomersall, from 58 F. with Capt. Ensign St. Lawrence, from 64 F. with Ens. Hoehne, Johnston, h. p. 2 Gar Bn.

h. p. 60 F. Capt. Dowbiggen, from 38 F. with Captain Burke, Barter, from 85 F. with Ensign Cole, h. p. h. p. 3 Gar. Bn.

CO F. Mackay, from York Chass. with Brev. Maj. Macbean, from 79 F. with Ensign Græme, Poitier, h. p. 7W. I. R.

h. p. 89 F. Sir F. Barton, from 2 F. with Brev. Major Cliffe, from 93 F. with Ensign Hume, h. p. O'Shaughnessy, h. p. 101 F.

Quar. Mast. Crabtree, from 12 F. with Quar. Mast. Grimstead, from 2 F. G. with Capt. Armyt- Grady, h. p. 87 F. age, R. York Rang.

Sanderson, from 40 F. with Quarter Bell, from 72 F. with Capt. Somerset, h. p. Master Jackson, h. p. 47 F. 84 F.

Surgeon Collins, from 38 F. with Surg. Cathcart, Lieut. Dowd, from 21 Dr. with Lieut. Collins, 3

h. p. 60 F. W. I. R.

Barlow, from 32 F. with Surg. Bulkeley, Coulthard, from 17 Dr. with Lieut. Fisk, h. h. p. 1 Dr. G.

Waite, from 83 F. with Surg. Punshon, Jeffries, from 1 F. rec. diff. with Lt. Carter, h. p. 93 F. h. p.

Assist. Surg. Macleod, from 1 F. G. with Ass. Surg.
Meagher, from 7 F. with Lieut. Brownlow, Johnston, h. p. 100 F.
13 F.
Wilkinson, from 10 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Resignations and Retirements.
Garner, h. P:
Ensor, from 3 W. I. R. with Lieut. Brown,

Captain N. Storey, 3 Dragoon Guards h. p. 82 F.

Dalrymple, 25 Dragoons Constable, from York Rang. with Lieut.

-Gregory, 56 Foot Anderson, h. p. 8 W. I. R.

-Thomson, 100 do. Simpson, from 25 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.


Pottinger, 8 Dragoons Anderson, h. p.

Ensign M‘Donagh, R. York Rangers. Joyes, from 95 F. with Lieut. Fergusson, h. p.

Appointments Cancelled. Layton, from Rifle Brigade, with Lt. Fraser,

Cornet Broadhead, 21 Dr. | Ensign Coleman, 1 F. h. p. 93°F. Williams, from 8 Dr. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Wharton, h. p. 21. F.
Loppinot, from 37 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Ensign Moffat, 19 Foot
T. Vincent, h. p. 12 F.
Moore, from 64 F. rec. diff. with Lt. Mair,

Officers Kiled and Wounded in the late h. p. 7 F.

Operations in India, from the 19th to the Cornet Wilkinson, from 3 Dr. rec. diff. with Cornet 24th Dec. 1817,

Phillips, h. p. 23 Dr. 2d Lieut. Geddes, from 21 F. with Ensign Lewis,

KILLED. h. p. 103 F.

Lieut. D. M'Leod, 1 F.

21st Dec. 1817 Ensign Derenzy, from 12 F. with Ensign Stirke,

Bell, 1 F.

24th Dec. 1817 h. p. Browne, from 26 F. rec. diff. with Ensign

WOUNDED. Maxwell, h. p. 104 F.

Lieut. J. M'Gregor, 1 Foot Innes, from 37 F. with Ensign Bentham, C. Campbell, severely, 1 Foot h. p. 52 F.

Elliot (Mil. Sec. at Madras), Royal Engineers.


Elford, L. Gov. of St John's

17 June 1818
Lieut. Colonel.
Sir W. 0. Hamilton, late 2 Vet.

5 June 1818

M'Cullock, h. p. 2 Gar. Bn.

May 1818
Raban, h. p. 8F. 7 June 1818
M'Glashan, 19 F. (late 1 Ceylon

2 Dec. 1817 Hewan, h. p. 21 F. 13 May 1818 R. Dale, 84 F.

22 do. Cross, Cambridge Mil.

Gibson, 24 Dr. 20 Nov. 1817
Hilliard, 53 F.
Barlow, do.

1 Nov.
Harrison, 69 F.

11 do. Coghlan, 87 F.

19 do. Fleisch, h. p. 2 Line K.G. L.

21 Dec. 1817

Pott, h. p. Brunswick Hussars

15 May 1818
Donald, 65 F.

26 do.
De Brandenstein, h. p. Bruns-
wick Inf.

10 do.

Olfermann, 1 Foreign Vet. Bn.

20 Mar.
Goodwin, 4 D. G. 23 May 1818

Lt. Pellichoddy, 24 Dr.

22 Nov. 1817

Storey, at Bahamas 10 Apr. 1818
White, h. p. 44 F. (late of 1 Cey-
lon Regt)

19 Jan.
Assistant Surgeons.
Callow, 8 Dr. 19 Nov. 1817
Prendergast, h. p. 60 F.

1 April 1818 Coulthard, 87 F. 17 Nov. 1817




Wm Geo. Martin
Bartholomew Bonifant
Chas. Newton Hunter
Edw. Le C. Thornbrough
Superannuated Communnders.
John Jones
N. H. Holworthy

Archibald Grant

Joseph Arguimbau
Nich. Robilliard
R. L. Baytes
Chas. P. Madryll
Chas. Frederick
Henry King
Chas. Wemyss
W. J. Hope Johnstone
Edw. Hackett
Horatia Montagu

Wm Hanham
Benj. P. Sadler
Thos. Cook

M. Curran
James Martin

James Gilchrist
Eb. Johnston

Admiral Sir George Campbell, Commander in Chief at Portsmouth.
Rear-Admiral Sir Josias Rowley to Cork.
Vice-Admiral Sir Chas. Hamilton, Bart. to be Commander in Chief at Newfoundland.



G. R. Pechell
Sam. Warren
John Furneaux
Francis Stanfell
James Tomkinson
R. Shannon
W. H. Dillon
Thos. Briggs
Hon. G. P. Campbell
Wm Ramsden
Sir Geo. Collier
John R. Lumley

Edward Hacket
P. G. Panton
Jas. Cheape
Chas. Fraser
E. W. C. Astley
C. T. Phelp.
Fred. Chamier
Thos. D. Stewart
Thos. Blackiston, F.L.
Chas. Haydon
J. G. Graham
Geo. Chevalier
Jas. Burton
H. C. Harrison
Jos. Pearse
Wm Snell
Geo. Dunsford
Wm Daniell
Aug. Thos. Hicks
Henry Foster
H. A. Perkins
Chas. B. Louis
M. G. H. Whish
H. D. Twysden
Chas. W. Ross
John Molesworth, F L.
Geo. Pigot
Hon. C. Abbot
Henry Eden
Chas. Hope
Alb. H. Wilson
J. A. Campbell
Hon. G. Barrington
Jas. Stewart
John Brothers
Chas. Wemyss
W.C. Barker
R. B. Reed
John Geary
Jas. S. Hore
Rob. Faussett
J. L. Beckford
Richd. Morgan
H. M. Williams
Geo. Allan
Thos. R. Brigstocke
M. J. Currie
John Faulkner
Gustavus Evans
R. M. Teed
Henry King
William Hanham
Sp. Smyth
Rob. Bruce
And. Baird
David Peat
E. J. Johnston
Horatio Montagu
C. V. Vernon
W. N. Glasscock
R. Chamberlayne
G. B. Warren
Mich. Dickson
Mich. M. Wroot
Rob Gore
Thos. Fraser
John Fletcher
Christopher Knight
B. J. Waterhouse
Alex. A. Sandilands
John M.Donnell
Henry Reneau
Edw. Luscombe
Jas. Wilkie
Wm Moriarty
H. J. H. Seymour
Geo. Hutchison
David Welch
W. Price
John Bowie


20 Lt. Wm Calamy
1st Lt. Rich. Farmar
1st Lt. Peter Conolly
2d Lt. J. R. Williams
Capt. Henry Cox
1st Lt. Ed. Hancock
2d Lt. G. J. Bristowe
2d Lt. M. Fenton
2d Lt. Jas. Thompson
2d Lt. Sam. Cox

John Oliver
Jas. Holyoak
W. White
W. Read
J. W. Pill
T. P. Thomas
Jas. Downie
Geo. Patterson
Jas. Wilson
Lloyd Edwards
Jas. Paddon
Jas. T. Taylor
R. Anderson
R. B. Gregory
E. Gilling
B. Hazel
H.W. Kent
Jos. Martin
T. Hales
G. Evans
J. Jenkins
H. Garratt
John Town
J. P. Lurchen
Lewis John
J. C. Atkinson
J. B. Stent
W. Sidney
John Griffiths
M. Curran
Jas. Raith
C. Burney
W. Purdo
A. J. Russel

M. Goodsir
John Cochrane
G. P. M. Young
Thos. Stewart
James Stewart
M. Doak
John Duke
Alexander Anderson
John MacLean
Allan Waters
John Edwards
Sam, Phillips
Thos. Martill
P. Allen
Bob Blake
Ab. Martin
J. P. O’Berne
Jas. M'Connell
Robert Kirkwood
Andrew Henderson
M. Capponi
W. Huey
James Foy
James Gilchrist

Assistant Surgeons.
Jackson Cochrane
Geo. Webster
Thos. Bell
Andrew Ramsay
A. N. Murray
Robert Malcom
David Fulton
Alex. Buchannan
Even Bowen
John Greenish
Joseph M'Gowan
John Havard
J. M. Buchan
Jas. Smith
John Houston
Jas. Barnhill
Cloud Brown
John M Farland
Wm H. Clunes
Robert Somerville
Wm Morgan
Hugh Moffat

Eden Iphigenia Ister Liverpool Northumberland Ditto Phaeton Tamar Tiber Topaze Antelope Bellette Bulwark Carnation Carron Confiance Coromandel Dotterell Eden Egeria Ferret Florida Fly Harlequin Heron Hope Iphigenia Leveret Liverpool Magicienne Nimrod Pandora Phaeton Pioneer Queen Charlotte Racehorse Ramillies Rosario Sappho Shamrock Scout Tiber Tonnant Topaze

Albans Bellette Britomart Bulwark Carron Confiance Dorothea Eden Fly Heron Isabella Leveret Liverpool Nimrod Perseus Phaeton Queen Charlotte Racehorse Spencer Scout Sybille Tamar Topaze Tyrian Bacchus Bellette Carron Confiance Congo Conqueror Drake Eden Fly Griffon Ister Leveret Minden Pelican Phaeton Pique Primrose Racehorse Rifleman Shearwater Scout Topaze

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