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dial thanks of the Assembly were given from of the church ; and in case such meetings the chair to the Sub-Committee, and more take place, the Presbyteries within whose particularly to Principal Baird, their Con- bounds they are held, are enjoined to report vener, for the singular zeal, diligence, and the same to the meeting of the General Asassiduity, he had shown in the accomplish- sembly next ensuing.'

Another motion ment of the very important business entrust. was made and seconded, that “ the Assem: ed to him. The Assembly also renewed bly having considered the references, find it the appointment of the Committee, Princi. unnecessary to emit any declaration relative pal Baird to be Convener, and directed them to the subject thereof, the existing laws of to proceed in their usual labours, until they the church being sufficient to prevent the shall complete the report respecting the few irregularity complained of ; and recommend parishes which had not returned an answer to the ministers of this church to exercise to the queries of the Committee, authoris- their usual vigilance in giving all due efing them at same time to communicate, if fect to these laws.” necessary, with the Committees of the A vote was taken on these motions, when Houses of Lords and Commons, upon the the first was carried by a considerable maPoor Laws, with respect to every subject jority, and therefore the General Assembly connected with the object of their appoint. declare, and enjoin in terms of the first moment.

tion. Dr Nicol, in pursuance of a former notice, Monday, June 1.-—The Coinmittee on the moved that a Committee be appointed to Portobello Chapel made their report, which take proper steps to procure a legislative en- went to admit the chapel into communion of actment to prevent the sale of the patronage

the church, as a chapel of ease, and to apof a parish during its vacancy ; which was prove of certain regulations that had been agreed to, Dr Nicol to be Convener of said drawn up for its government. The AssemCommittee.

bly entirely concurred in the sentiments The Assembly took into consideration ex- of the report, and unanimously approved tract minutes of the Presbyteries of Strath- of it accordingly. bogie and Aberlour, referring to them the The Assembly added to the instructions conduct of Mr John Macdonald, Minister already given the Committee appointed to of Urquhart, in preaching in other parishes draw up answers to Mr Broughan's queries, than his own, within the bounds of the above that they take all competent and advisable Presbyteries. Mr Cruickshanks, a member measures for inquiring into, and ascertain. of the Presbytery of Strathbogie, was heard ing the state of the means of, education, in support of the reference, and Mr Mac- particularly in the Highlands and Islands, donald in explanation. After long reason- and to communicate with the clergy and ing, a motion was made and seconded, that others, as to all useful matters for attaining “ Having considered the references, the As- the object of their appointment. sembly declare, that the performance of Di- The next cause was a petition from Mr vine Service, or of any part of public wor- Andrew Thomson, as member of the Synod ship or service, by ministers of this church, of Lothian and Tweeddale, and of the Pres. in meeting-houses of Dissenters, is irregular bytery of Edinburgh, appealing against a and unconstitutional, and ought on no oc- sentence of that Synod of 5th May last, afcasion to take place, except in cases which, firming a previous sentence of the Presbyfrom the peculiar circumstances of the par- tery of Edinburgh, which refused to susish, its minister may find it occasionally tain the certificate of Mr George Crone, atnecessary for conducting the ordinary reli. tendant on the Second Divinity and Church gious instruction of his people; and the As- History Class in the University. Mr Thom. sembly further declare, that the conduct of son and Mr Dickson, jun. appeared as apany minister of the church who exercises his pellants against the several sentences. Mr pastoral functions in a vagrant manner, Robert Buchanan appeared for the Synod, preaching during his journeys from place to and Dr Inglis for the Presbytery. Parties place in the open air, in other parishes than having been heard, it was moved to dismiss his own, or officiating in any meeting for the appeal, and affirm the sentence of the religious exercises, without the special in- Synod and Presbytery. It was also moved vitation of the minister within whose parish to sustain the appeal, and reverse the senit shall be held, and by whom such meet- tence, &c.; and the votes being called, there ings shall be called, is disorderly, and un- appeared for the first motion 57, for the becoming the character of a minister of this second 24, affirming the sentence of the church, and calculated to weaken the hands Synod and Presbytery by a majority of 33. of the minister of the parish, and to injure The usual routine business being disposthe interests of sound religion ; and the As- ed of, his Grace the Commissioner, in a sembly enjoin Presbyteries to take order speech from the Throne, dissolved the Asthat no countenance be given by ministers sembly in name of his Royal Highness the within their bounds to such occasional meet- Prince Regent, on behalf of his Majesty. ings proposed to be held for Divine Service, The Moderator then dissolved the Assembly or other pious purposes, as may, under the in the usual form. pretext of promoting religion, injure its in- The next General Assembly is appointed terests, and so disturb the peace and order to meet on the 20th May 1819.


COMMERCIAL REPORT.-June 11, 1818. Sugur. The market is now generally better supplied with new Muscovadoes, and the business considerable, at about Is. per cwt. lower in price. The refiners and grocers only Purchase small quantities at a time, in order to supply their immediate wants, in anticia pation that, as the arrivals become more numerous, the prices will decline. Fine Sugars are, generally speaking, scarce. About 1000 hhds were sold in Liverpool last week. In London, 5255 bags East India Sugars were disposed of at a decline of 2s. to 3s. per cwt. in price. The Refined market was heavy and declining. The demand for Molasses was steady and considerable. The arrivals from the West Indies may now be expected to become daily more numerous, and the crops in some of the islands are now ascertained to be only equal to that of the preceding year, which was short.Coffee. The very great advance which had taken place on this article, rendered it probable that a decline would take place. Accordingly the market of late has rather been dull, and prices on the decline from 2s. to 3s. per cwt. The last advices from the Continent, however,' are more favourable; and the market has accordingly become more steady, and inquiries more numerous. This article is, however, so very high in price, that it is not probable that any great ad. vance can now take place upon it. At the India House, 2658 were last week brought forward and disposed of. The price of Coffee may fairly be stated to be generally on the decline, and the market heavy.-- -Cotton. The sales of Cotton at Liverpool have been regular, but by no means brisk. The supplies have of late been considerable; but the de. mand hạs, generally speaking, been in proportion, and the prices, accordingly, tolerably steady. The sales in Liverpool, of the former week, amount to 3800 bags. In London the purchases amounted to 1600 bags ; and the East India Company have declared a sale, on the 26th inst. of 16,860 bags. Advices from the Southern States of America state, that considerable damage has been done to the young Cotton by black frosts in the spring.Corn. The Corn market has been, in several instances, not only steady but on the advance. The supplies, either of home or foreign Grain, have of late been but limited. There is little doubt, however, but the present uncommon settled and warm weather, which seems to be general over all the northern hemisphere, will produce early and abundant crops, and at last reduce the price of Grain greatly.Irish Provisions. The shipping demand for prime Provisions continue. Bacon is heavy, and good Butter is scarce. Some parcels of new Butter are, however, beginning to come to market, and the supply will soon be equal to the demand. -Rice. The market for Rice has been heavy, and the price declining. A sale of 6652 bags at the India House, some days ago, went off better than could have been anticipated. Carolina Rice, for home consumption, continues in regular demand.Hemp, Flax, and Tallow. The price of Tallow is merely nominal, and sales limited. In Flax there is no variation. Accounts from Petersburgh, stating that an advance of five roubles had taken place in the price of Hemp, had no effect on the London market.

-Naval Stores. There are no sales of rough Turpentine. Spirits are declining; and in the other articles there is no variation.- -Oil. Every description of Oil may be stated at a decline in price, and the market very heavy. The stock of Palm Oil in Liverpool is

- Tobacco. In this article there has lately been few transactions. There is very little doing in Shumac. There is a fair demand for Pearl Ashes.- -American Tar, offered for sale in Liverpool, was withdrawn on account of the low prices offered.- -Pine Timber is very dull of sale, as is also Quereitson Bark. All other articles in commerce may be stated as in our last Report.- -Rum, Brandy, and Hollands. The Rum mar. ket has been heavy and declining. Geneva is lower; and Brandy, chiefly of inferior quality, is still declining in price.-Wine. There is no alteration in price since the late great rise on Port Wine, though it is rumoured that a still farther advance will take place on almost every description. The exchanges have become much against this coun. try, which, of itself, has occasioned an increase of 5 per cent. in price.

The Revenue of the country continues to improve in a regular and progressive manner ; and the declaration of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, that he would neither require loans, nor have recourse to funding any more Exchequer Bills, either for this year or next, cannot fail to have a beneficial influence upon the money market, and consequently on trade in general. The amazing quantity of goods sent out to the West India market, had lately rendered the market dull, and consequently the same thing was felt in our manufactures ; but there is now greater activity displayed, and the preparation for shipments becoming more numerous and extensive than these had been for some weeks back.

Since the success of the Spanish Royalists in Mexico, and other parts of the main land of America situated within the tropics, the trade with our West India settlements for manufactured goods has been more steady and extensive. It is with the settlements which continue in peace and in subjection to the royal authority that our trade is greatest, or with these, indeed, that we have any trade at all. The provinces in a state of rebellion are completely laid waste, and there is no security in them for either persons or property, and consequently commerce must fly from these distracted abodes. In our next we ex. pect to shew this from the inportant fact of the real amount of the exports, from the lyde, of our Cotton and Linen manufactures to the different depots from whence Spanish merica is supplied.

very low..



135 130


per lb.


0092 0 8 14.

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SUGAR, Musc.

DUTIES. B. P. Dry Brown, cwt. 77 to

73 to 77 72 to 77 75 to 78 Mid. good, and fine mid. 84

88 78
90 78
90 82

£1 10 0 Fine and very fine,

92 90
96 87

88 Refined, Doub. Loaves, 150 155

144 162 Powder ditto, 124 128

110 124 Single ditto, 120 124 120 126 125

128 114 123 Small Lumps 114 118 116 118 125

129 113

121 Large ditto, 112 114 110 112 113

119 110

112 Crushed Lumps,



73 MOLASSES, British, 'cwt. 38 38 6 38

39 6
36 6

0 7 64 COFFEE, Jamaica cwt. Ord. good, and fine ord. 119 129 118 128 120

129 118

125 Mid. good, and fine mid. 130 137 129

137 126

135 Dutch, Triage and very ord. 115 119

120 112

120 Ord. good, and fine ord.

138 120 131 122

129 124

0 0 73 Mid. good, and fine mid. 134 139 132 137 130

137 132 St Domingo,

129 124 127 122

128 123

127 PIMENTO (in Bond) Ib.

10 9
92 94 10 9


Jam. Rum, 16 0. P. gall: 3s 7d 3s 9d 3s 5d 3s 8d 3s 3d 3s 5d 3s 2d 59 60
12 0 13 O

10 0 12 6


0 17 Geneva, 3 9 40


3 3 3 Grain Whisky,

F.S. }

0 17 1122 7 3 7 6

13 6 WINES,

B.S.2143 18 0 Claret, 1st Growths, hhd. 50 54

£35 EO (F.S.) F148 4

6 Portugal Red, pipe. 48 54


54 Spanish White, butt. 34

(B.S. 95 11 0 Teneriffe, pipe. 30 35

27 40 F.S. | 98 16 0 Madeira,


60 ŞB.S.

96 13 0

F.S. 99 16 6 LOGWOOD, Jam. ton. £9 9

5 8 10 8 17 9 0 8 10 8 15 Honduras,


8 8 9 0 95 9 10 8 15 90 Campeachy,

10 10
10 0 10 10

0 9 14

10 0 10 10 10 0 10 10 FUSTIC, Jamaica,


10 0 12 0 14 0 15 0
15 0 15 10 17 0 17 10

1 4 63 INDIGO, Caraccas fine, lb. 98 6d lls 6d 8 696

10 6 11 0

0 TIMBER, Amer. Pine, foot. 2 3 2 4

0 48

28 Ditto Oak,

2 45 6 5 0

0 Christiansand (dut. paid) 2 2 2

5 63 4 Honduras Mahogany 1 0 1 6 0 10 18 1 3 1 5 ls 2 14

3 16 0 St Domingo, ditto 1 2 3 0 2 0 2 3 1 9 2

8 14 2 TAR, American,

15 6 17 0
19 6

B.S.) 1 1 47 (F.S.) 1

2 112 Archangel,


19 0 21 0 22 6 PITCH, Foreign, cwt. 10




8 6 TALLOW, Rus. Yel. Cand. 73

{F.S. 1 10 78

77 75

0 Home Melted,

3 74 HEMP, Riga Rhine, ton. 23


£49 Petersburgh Clean,

SB.S. 0917 48 50


49 FLAX,


0 10 03 Riga Thies. & Druj. Rak. 76 77


80 Dutch, 50 120



0 4 % Irish,


F.S. 0 0 742 MATS, Archangel, 101.105



F.S. 1 4 111 Petersburgh Firsts,

B.S. cwt 16 0 16 10

0 3 63 £14 0


0 3 115 ASHES, Peters. Pearl, 51


SB.S. 0 4 64 Montreal ditto,

F.S. 06 4 58

60 53

55 52

55 52 OIL, Whale,

53 35

0 1 7 tun. 38 40


42 35 Cod,

54 (p. brl.)

38 TOBACCO, Virgin: fine, Ib.

39 40
102 103

11 08 0 95 Middling,

93 0 7 Inferior,

0 72 8

10 0

8# COTTONS, Bowed Georg.

6 0 67

1 9 Sea Island, fine,

I 10% 1 8 1 98 1 8 1 10

3 10 1 0 3 4 3 6 2s 5d 38 6 good,

3 6 3 9 3 4 3 6 middling,

3 3 3 5 Demerara and Berbice,

2 0 3 3

B.S. 08 7 2 0 2 3 1 11 2 5 West India,

1 11

2 3 F.S. Pernambuco,

1 9 1 10 1 7

1 10

2 1 Maranham,

2 2 2 1 2 2 2 0

2 0 1 111 2

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50 c. f. ton, per 12 brls.

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Course of Exchange, June. Amsterdam, 36 : 10. B. 2 Us. Antwerp, 11:9. Ex. Hamburgh, 34. 2 Us. Frankfort 1411. Ex. Paris 24:25. 2 Us. Bordeaux, 2425. Madrid, 39 effect. Cadiz, 38% effect." Gibraltar, 35. Leghorn, 51. Genoa, 471. Malta, 52. Naples, 44: Palermo, 130 per oz. Rio Janeiro, 66. Oporto, 581. Dublin, 11. Cork, 11. Agio of the Bank of Holland 2.

Prices of Gold and Silver, per oz.- Portugal gold, in coin, £4, 1s. 6d. Foreign gold, in bars, £4, 1s. 6d. New doubloons, £0. New Dollars, 5s. 64. Silver, in bars 5s. 5!! New Louis, each Os. Od.

[blocks in formation]

Bank stock,
3 per cent. reduced.
3 per cent. consols,mam
4 per cent. consols,
5 per cent. navy ann. mananca
Imperial 3 per cent.
India stock,

Exchequer bills, 2}d.
Consols for acc. canon
American 3 per

[blocks in formation]


781 1024 103 1034 68 f. 65 cts. ALPHABETICAL List of Scotch BANKRUPTCIES, announced between the 1st and

new loan, 6 per cent... French 5 per cents. caracaran


31st May 1818, extracted from the London Gazette.

Alpe, J. P. W. Cooper, and T. H, Birch, Fen- Kingsall, J. Blackwall, painter church Street, merchants

Le Plastrier, J. Minories, watch-maker Bale, H. Drury Lane, cheese monger

Liddell, J. Huddersfield, cordwainer Ball, R. C. Bristol, baker

Malkin, T. Burslem, Staffordshire, blue colour Barber, B. Bradwell, Derbyshire, lead-merchant maker Barnard, D. Fenchurch Street, merchant

Man, H. S. Calcutta, dealer Barton, w. Doncaster, maltster

Martin, J. Miteham, Surrey, butcher Baruh, D. Houndsditch, apothecary

Mayell, Wm. Exeter, jeweller Bentley, J. & J. Beck, Cornhill, watch and clock Maxton, J. St James' Place, Clerkenwell, baker maker

Milne, G. Broad Street, city, merchant Betty, W. Kirkby Stephen, Westmoreland, tobac- Moore, W. Halifax, Yorkshire, cloth-manufacturer conist

Nash, W. Bristol, dry-salter Blurton, J. Old Bond Street, coach-maker

Neale, W. Warminster, victualler Boote, J. Stratford-on-Avon, corn-dealer

Nicholl, E. Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, Briggs, J. Sulcoates, Yorkshire, grocer

wine-merchant Brinsley, C. Ashborne, Derbyshire, butcher Polley, J. Gray's Inn Lane, plumber and glazier Brown, T. Strand, tailor

Poulgram, R. & H. Fowey, Comwall, shipwrights Buddle, W. Drury Lane, carpenter

Powell, W. Brockbury, Herefordshire, farmer Bullocke, J. Catharine Street, Strand, button-seller Preston, T. sen. Macclesfield, Chester, victualler Canby, W. Leeds, York, grocer

Randall, w. High Holborn, grocer Carmichael, J. Little Russel Street, baker and Ranken, S. Greek Street, Soho, coal-merchant pastry cook

Rolland, F. St James's Street, Piccadilly, perfumer Carnaby, J, Morpeth, Northumberland, brewer Rose, J. V. Cambridge, brush-maker Clark, Manga, Isle of Ely, Cambridge, carpenter Sadd, J. Greystoke Place, Fetter Lane, builder Clarke, W. London, merchant

Sansum, J. Cree Church Lane, Leadenhall Street, Clegg, S. Salford, Lancaster, saddler

victualler Clifford, M. & J. Kingston-upon-Hull, merchants Savidge, J. Eaststoke, Nottinghamshire, coal-seller Coleman, W. Orton, Wapping, slop-seller

Sorby, W. North Anston, Yorkshire, apothecary Crook, W. Blackburn, Lancashk, farmer

Simmons, T. Birmingham, dealer Dean, J. Deansbuildings, Poplar, baker

Spear, A. Basinghall Street, merchant Dorn, A. Vauxhall, victualler

Spence, J. Hackney, merchant Eelm, G. R. Warwick Court, Holborn, furrier Standish, J. Liverpool, flour-dealer Farrar, T. Halifax, Yorkshire, manufacturer Stansfield, A. Holebottom, fustian-manufacturer Fisher, J. Throgmorton Street, merchant

Stubbs, W. Manchester, coal-dealer Forder, W. Basingstoke, Hampshire, stage-coach Taylor, B. M. Woolmer Street, Poplar, builder proprietor

Thompson, J. Mappleton, Derbyshire, farmer Green, J. Liverpool, joiner

Tilley, J. J. Hampstead, music-seller Hains, J. Longton, Lancashire, common carrier Tomlinson, C. Hawarden, Flintshire, apothecary Hall, B. V. Gosport, victualler

Tredgold, R. Southampton, dealer Halse, T. H. & T. D. Meriton, Maiden Lane, Walder, É. Battle, Sussex, tailor Wood Street

Ward, J. Whistones, Yorkshire, grazier
Halsted, W. Chichester, linen-draper

Wellings, S. Shrewsbury, tailor
Hazlehurst, M. Liverpool, block and pump maker Wetherell, J. Rochester, hatter
Heath, W. Hanley, Staffordshire, blacksmith Wilkin, J, Preston, Lancashire, draper
Hemmingway, J. Halifax, York, grocer

Williams, J. Shrewsbury, innkeeper
Hilliers, H. G. St Mary-axe, merchant

Williams, L. Cursitor Street, Chancery Lane, colHirst, T. N. & J. Wood, Huddersfield, merchants ourman Holden, J. West Bromwich, Staffordshire, black Williams, S. and G. and T. Tarrant, Lilypot Lane, buckle maker

straw-hat-manufacturers Holden, H. Halifax, York, grocer

Woodward, W. Cannon Street, carpenter Hooper, W. Tenbury, Worcestershire, maltster Wookey, D. Tetbury, Gloucestershire, grocer Ingleby, T. Birmingham, common carrier

Young, J. Gosport, Hampshire, harness-maker Kennel, J. & J. P. Kennel, Church Street, West- Younghusband, J. Liverpool, ship-broker minster, army and navy agents.

31st May 1818, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.

Davidson, John, late merchant, Edinburgh, pre

sently one of the individual partners of Hutchin.

son & Co. spirit-dealers, Glasgow Fowlds, Henry, & Co. merchants in Glasgow, and

Henry Fowlds, merchant there, individual part

ner of that company
Isles, A. cu. rier and leather-merchant, Edinburgh
Kalley, John, nanufacturer, Glasgow
Maxwell, Robert, nerchant in Dundee
O'Hara, Hen. builder in Dean Street, Stockbridge,

and tacksman of Ravelston quarry
Purse, John, merchant, Dingwall, Ross-shire
Scott & Balmanno, inerchants, Glasgow, and who

carry on business to the West Indies under the firm of James Jaque & Co. and Joseph Scott, and Matthew Balmanno, the individuals of these

concerns Suter, Alex. merchant, Inverness Wilson & Liddel, merchants, Glasgow, as a com

pany, and Valter Wilson and John Liddel, the
individual partners thereof

Brown, William, senior, merchant, Edinburgh; by

Andrew Usher, merchant there

Blake, George, co.n-dealer at Lynns, parish of Tor

thorwald, county of Dumfries; by Goldie and

Threshie, writers there
Gilchrist, the late William, merchant, Falkirk; by

John Taylor, Borrowstounness, trustee-15th

Hunter, J. & P. and Co. merchants, Port-Glasgow,

and Thomas Arthur, one of the individual part-
ners thereof; by William Aitken,' merchant,

Mottram, Charles, merchant, Leith ; by Alexan-

der Brodie, merchant there
More, John, lately agent for the Royal Bank, Glas-

gow, and banker, merchant, and trader there;

by James Sym, merchant there
Oughterson and Co. merchants, Greenock; by Wm

Leitch, merchant there
Stewart, David, late merchant, Leith; by John

Morrison, W. S. Edinburgh
Sutherland, John, glazier, Edinburgh; by John

Finlayson, Parliainent Stairs, Edinburgh
Tait, Mrs Janet, alias Anderson, merchant and ha-

berdasher, Dundee; by Henry Blyth, merchant



per 70 lbs.

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London, Corn Exchange, June 5.

Liverpool, June 4.

s, d.
so del

S. d. S. d. Foreign Wheat, 51 to 62 White Pease 44 to 48

Rice, p. cwt. 44 0 to 45 0 Fine do. 68 to 74 Boilers, new . 52 to 56| English 11 6 to 13 3 Flur, English, Superfine do. 76 to 78 Small Beans 46 to 54| Scotch 11 6 to 12 6 p.280lb.fine64 0 to 66 0 Old do.

- Old do. 1816. 56 to 62 Welch .11 0 to 12 3 Seconds 58 0 to 60 White, new 56 to 64 Tick do. 44 to 50|| Irish

9 6 to 10 6 Irishp.240 lb.54 0 to 55 0 Fine do. 66 to 78 Old do. 1816. 50 to 561 Dantzic 11 6 to 13 3 Ameri. p. bl. 48 0 to 490 Superfine do. 80 to 84 Feed Oats,

18 to 22 Wismar .. 11 6 to 12 9 - Sour do. 39 0 to 40 0 Rye new 44 to 50 Fine do. 27 to 29 American · 12 0 to 13 0 Clover-seed, p. bush. Barley, new . 35 to 42 Poland do. 25 to 26 Quebec 11 6 to 11 9 - White

to Superfine do. 80 to 84 Fine do. . • 31 to 33 Barley, per 60 libs.


to Foreign .. 51 to 82 Potato do. • 27 to 32 English 5 9 to 6 6 Oatmeal, per 240 lb. Malt, ... 60 to 72 Fine do.

34 to 37| Scotch 5 9 to 6 6 English 41 0 to 42 0 Fine do. 76 to 78 Fine Flour, . 65 to 70 Irish

5 9 to 6 6 Scotch

... 40 0 to 41 0 Hog Pease, new 42 to 16 Seconds, . 60 to 65 Malt p. 9gls. 11 9 to 12 3 Irish ... 36 0 to 38 0 Maple 48 to 50 Fine Pollard 20 to 28 Rye, per qr. 44 0 to 48 0

Oats, per 45 lb.

Butter, Beef, &c. Seeds, fic. June 5.

Eng.pota. 4 6 to 5 0 Butter, per cwt s. s.

Welsh potato 4 3 to 4 9 Belfast 122 to 0 Mustard, Brown, 12 to 22 Trefoil 10 to 42 Scotch 46 to 4 10 Newry

120 to 0 -White

5 to 11 Ryegrass 10 to 32 Foreign 4 6 to 4 9 Drogheda 0 to 0 Tares 17 to 18 -Common - to Irish

to Waterford, new 120 to 0 Turnips, New 14 to 20 Clover, English,

Rapeseed,p.1. - to - Cork, 3d 112 to 0 -Red

-to--Red, 70 to 75 Flaxseed,p. bus. - to - -New, 2d, pickled 124 -Yellow, new -to-White

100 to Sowing, p.hhd. - to

- Beef, p. tierce 90 to 95 Canary 70 to 96 Rib Grass

Beans, pr qr. Hempseed 60 to 75 Carraway, Eng. 58 to English 50 0 to 54 0 Pork, p. brl. 88 to 98 Linseed : - to --Foreign

• 50 to

Foreign . 00 to 0 0 Bacon, per cwt. Cinquefoil. to Coriander 18 to 22 Pease, per quar.

-Short middles 75 to New Rapeseed, £46 to £50.

Boiling · 56 0 to 60 01--Long do. 0 to 0 Average Prices of Corn of England and Wales, from the Returns received in the Week

ended 30th May 1818. Wheat, 84s. 11d.-Rye, 53s. 8d.-Barley, 51s. 10d.-Oats, 32s. 4d.-Beans, 56s. 5d.-Pease, 32s. 70.

Oatmeal, 35s. Od.-Beer or Big, Os. Od.

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p. barrel

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Average Prices çf British Corn in Scotland, by the Quarter of Eight Winchester Bushels,

and Oatmeal, per Boll of 128 lbs. Scots Troy, or 140 lbs. Avoirdupois, of the Four

Weeks immediately preceding the 15th May 1818. Wheat, 69s. 60.-Rye, 61s. 9d.-Barley, 45s. 2d.--Oats, 33s. 2d.-Beans, 53s. 7d.-Pease, 54s. 1d.

Oatmeal, 28s. 1d.--Beer or Big, 41s. 3d.



Pease & Beans. 1st,......43s. Od. 1st,...... Os. Od. 1st,...... 26s. Od. Ist,...... 289. Od. 2d,

2d, ...... Os. Od. 2d, ......23s. Od. 2d, .27s. Od. 3d, ......36s. Od. 3d,...... Os. Od. 3d, ......21s. Od. 3d, .26s. Od. Average of wheat, £1:14:7: 8-12ths per boll.

2 Z

...... 40s. Od.


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