An Account of the Natives of the Tonga Islands, in the South Pacific Ocean: With an Original Grammar and Vocabulary of Their Language, Bind 2

Constable and Company, 1827 - 2 sider
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Side 146 - Tonga hold true for a great many, not to say all, savage and barbarous races now existing. " It must not be supposed," he says, "that these women are always easily won; the greatest attentions and most fervent solicitations are sometimes requisite, even though there be no other lover in the way.
Side 158 - ... fingers pointing downwards, and the palm presenting outwards. He does this slowly, from side to side, gradually descending deeper and deeper, till his fingers meet each other at the bottom, so that nearly the whole of the fibres of the root are by these means enclosed in the...
Side 214 - The chorus is composed of ten or twelve of the chiefs or principal matabooles, in the middle of whom sits one who beats time upon a loose flat piece of hard wood, about three feet long, and an inch and a half square, fastened only at one end upon another similar piece: this is struck by two small sticks, one in each hand, and produces a rattling sound.
Side 113 - Hseful things, neither shall you go to the great land of your brothers. How can you go with your bad canoes? But your brothers shall come to Tonga, and trade with you as they please.
Side 129 - He found nothing that he conceived very remarkable in their general character : if there was any difference between them and the rest of the natives, it was that they were rather more given to reflection, and somewhat more taciturn, and probably greater observers of what was going forward.
Side 102 - Bolotoo is supposed to be so far off as to render it dangerous for their canoes to attempt going there ; and it is supposed moreover that even if they were to succeed in reaching so far, unless it happened to be the particular will of the gods, they would be sure to miss it.
Side 159 - ... the left arm, while he takes a new and less constrained hold. Thus the hands and arms perform a variety of curves of the most graceful description : the muscles, both of the arms and chest, are seen rising as they are called into action, displaying what would be a fine and uncommon subject of study for the painter ; for no...
Side 148 - As to domestic quarrels, they are seldom known ; but this must be said to happen rather from the absolute power which every man holds in his own family : for even if his wife be of superior rank, he is nevertheless of higher authority in all domestic matters, and no woman entertains the least idea of rebelling against that authority...
Side 159 - ... hands being upwards), and raising it breast high with his arms considerably extended, he brings his right hand towards his breast, moving it gradually onwards ; and whilst his left hand is coming round towards his right shoulder, his right hand partially twisting the...
Side 103 - ... canoes to attempt going there, and it is supposed moreover, that even if they were to succeed in reaching so far, unless it happened to be the particular will of the gods, they would be sure to miss it. They give, however, an account of a Tonga canoe, which...

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