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Edward Church, of Kentucky, to be con- duct of some of its agents in this country, sul at L'Orient.

have been satisfactorily adjusted. John B. Frasier, of Massachusetts, to be The probable expense of finishing tbe consul for the island of Curracoa.

public buildings of the United States, at John 0. Sullivan, of New York, to be con- Washington, is estimated at 336,661 dollars. sul at Mogadore, in Morocco.

It is expected that the chambers for the le. Joel Hart, of New-York, to be consul at gislative bodies will be ready for their reLeith.

ception in the autumn of 1818.

The Swedish and Norwegian minister, Mr. It is stated in the National Intelligencer, De Kantzow, bas taken Jeave of the presi. that the difficulties with the Russian govern- dent, with the intention of making a visit to meat, which had grown out of the miscon- Sweden.


Esq, aged 87. Mr. Alpheus Dunbam. Caleb COVERNOR PLUMER is re-elected by a Bingham, aged 60. Mrs. Sarah Warren, W large majority. All the brancbes of aged 62. Mrs. Sarah Frasier, aged 90. Ruthe goverament of this state, for the ensu- fus Cutler, aged 31. Samuel Moore, 48.

Mrs. Abigail Pons, 67. Charles Harris Hoing year, are republican.

An attempt has lately been made to fire bart. At sea, Stephen Russell Goff, of Boston, the town of Portsmouth, which was happily aged 24. At sea, Elisba Wild, of B. aged 29. detected before any considerable injury bad At St. Eustasia, Richard E. Tyler, of B. aged been done.

20. Mrs. Sarah Milton, aged 58. Ann Ma. Died.) At Hanover, hon. John Wheelock,

ria Stevenson, aged 2 years 9 months. At

sea, Wm. E. Deverell,' of B. aged 28 At L.L.D. aged 63, president of Dartmouth Uni.

Gibraltar, Charles Dix, of B. aged 30. Capt. versity, to which institution, before his death,

: Nath. Goodwin; he was the first man that be made a donation of nearly 40,000 dollars. coil At Portsmouth, Mrs. Mehitable Mackay. At

rs: sailed up the Baltic under the American Merrimack, mrs. Rebecca, wife of H. W.

Flag. Mr. Jonathan Bixby, 48. Mrs. Anna Gordon, Esq. aged 34. At New Market, Ai Charleston. Mrs. Joanna Jreland, 36. At

". Kingman, 57. Mrs. Patrick M'Donnell, 37. Wentworth Cheswell, Esq. aged 74 AL Hanover, Mrs. Hanoah Kinsman, aged 23.

A Dedbam, Mr. John Kilbourn, 25, formerly of

New-York, and a midshipman of the United MASSACHUSETTS.

States' Navy. At Biddeford, April 10, Capt. From the return of votes, in this Stale, Lewis Young, 43, formerly of Cape Cod. At the re-election of Gov. Brooks, by an in- Salern, Miss Susan Messervey, aged 22. At creased majority of several thousands, is al. Dedbam, Lemuel Ellis, 56. At Medway, ready ascertained. The whole number of Mrs. Hannah Penniman. 42. At Plymouth, votes legally returned, last year, was 97,084, Mr. Joba Otis, 74. At Medford, John Cha

The political character of the Senate for runier, a native of Surrinain. At Charlestown, the ensuing year will not be changed. Mrs. Martha Mills. At Holme's Hole, llen

Married.) At Boston, Mr. Joseph R. Albert. ry Sawyer, of Beverly, 29 At Dorchester, son, to Miss Mary Jackson. Mr. John Tileston

Mr. Lewis Canon. Ai Bridgewater, Joseph Fracker, to miss Nancy Wood Benj. Guild,

. Bassett, Esq. 68. At Richmond, (Mass.) Levi Esq. to miss Elizabeth Eliot. Hon. Jonathan

Beebe, 74. Mrs. Hinsdale, wise ol Rev. Theo. Russell, to miss Lydia Smith. Mr. Benj. Dar.

dore Hinsdale, 69. At Cohasset, Mrs. Elizaling, to Miss Blake. Mr. H. Oliver,to miss Jane

i beth Hobbs, 26. At Lynn, Miss Anne Lye, Cooper. Mr. J. Hammond, to miss Elizabeth

27. At Ipswich, mrs. Betsey Crocker, 44. At Fessenden. At Marblehead, Capt. Francis

Lechmere Point, (Cam.) Mrs. Sally Ditson, Blacker, to Miss Polly Hooper. Ai Edgarton,

28. At Rowley, Mrs. Mary Spatford. At Rev. Shipley W. Wilson, io Miss Rebecca

Bradford, Lieut. Wm. Baily, 66. 'At LancasMayhew. At Cape Elizabeth, Mr. Heory

ter, Mrs. Rhoda Sprague. Al Northampton, kros Adams, to Miss Serab W. Webb. At mrs. Sarah Strong, wise of the Hon. Caleb West Springfield, Mr. Wm. Ardway, to miss Strong, aged 60. At Rowe, Horace Burr, Lydia Street. At Digbton, Mr. D. Andrews, aged 10

aged 17, of bydrophobia, occasioned by skinmerchant, of Boston, to miss Elizabeth Ani ning a fox, which had died of that disease drews. At Roxbury, Mr. A. Ferrier. to Miss some months before. At Campo Bello, Harriet Childs. Ai Newbury-Port. Mr Tho. (Maine) mr. Samuel W. Chadbourne, 28. At

Brewer, 32. At CamPearson, to miss Betsey Pearson. Al New Bedford, Mr. Daniel Butler, to miss Mary bridgeport, miss Lucy Lang, 24. Al Con• Allen. At Brighton, Capt. Ebeor. Stedman,

cord, mrs. Sarah Warren. At Sudbury, mrs. of Cambridge, to miss Mary Braman, of

0 Dolly Wheeler. At Woolwich, Hon. NaNorton.

"thaniel Thwing, 86. At Little. Compton, mrs.

Sarah, relic of Dr. Benjamin Richmond, 66. Died. At Boston, Nathaniel Greenough Al Castine, Capt. Jobn Perkins, aged 80.


mr. Jolin Avery, 23. Capt. Nath. Conklin, Proridence, April 4. 60. At Coventry, John Colegrove, Esq. 74. · Mr. Knight, the republican candidate, is At New-Loudon, mrs. Margaret Norwood elected Governor of this State.

Cushing. A Noclurnal Feast. On Tuesday night, thie

VERMONT. 251h ultimo, a number of persons feloniously Married.) All Vernon, Col. Wm. Swan, entered the bake-house of Mr. Cbristopher late of the U.S. army, to miss Martha Lane, Hill, kindled a fire, baked a number of cakes, of Northampton. and having spread a table, ate them with Died) Al Burlington, mr. Timothy Winn, gingerbread and sugar cakes; of the latter aged 76. At Windsor, mrs. Mary Rudolph, seventy were consumed. It appears that this 45. Wm. Haliburton, Esq. one of the oldest select and genteel party completed their repast settlers in that place, aged 78. At Halifax, on a large box out of doors, and within a few mrs. Olive, wife of the Rev. Thomas H. feet of the residence of eleven families, none Wood. of wbom were invited to the feast. It would

NEW-YORK. be well for the persons engaged in this un.

Albany, April 18. warrantable affair, to reflect that foolish The Legislature adjourned at eleven tricks are often the precursors of atrocious o'clock on Tuesday evening, after a session crimes, and that sport at the erpense of others, of three months, having passed, including the has no equitable claim to impunity.

extra session, two hundred and ninety-four Married.] Af Newport, Capi. Levi H. laws. Among the most prominent, is that Gage, of Maryland, to miss Hannah F. Bray. which provides for the immediate comton. At Providence, Mr. W. C. Baker, lo mencement of the canals which are to conMiss Phoebe Pic.

nect the waters of the lakes with those of the Died.) At Providence, Mrs. Lydia, wife of Hudson. The board of commissioners, we Philip Allen, Esq. aged 66. Mr. Horace learn, bave resolved to take immediate mea. Peck, 32. At Bristol, mrs. Sarah, wife of sures for the commencement of this gigantic Maj. R. Warren, 31. Mrs. Hannah, relict of work. John Fales, Esq. 90.

The expense of the Grand Canal is estima. CONNECTICUT.

ted by the Commissioners, at 4 881,738 dol. Oliver Wolcott, Esq. is elected Governor lars :-that of the Canal from Lake Chamof this State, for the ensuing political year. plain, al 800,000 dollars.

Hartford, April 14. . . Among the laws enacted at this Session, Hail-storm. On the evening of Monday are 24 for incorporating turnpike and bridge last, a violent storm of bail crossed us froin

companies, 10 for erecting new towns, I for the north-west. Although some of the stones

erecting a new county, 4 for incorporating picked up mcasured four inches and a ball in banks, and several for laying ont new roads. circumference, still the wind was so light Laws have also passed abolishing imprithat we suffered no other damage than the

sonment for debt for sums not exceeding breaking a few of our windows. The storm twenty-five dollars, extending the jurisdiction was confined to this city and the immediate of the justices' courts in the city of NHWvicinity.

York to 100 dollars.--declaring persons joinFire. On Tuesday evening, the 1st inst. ing the Society of Shakers. civilly dead, lo all the dwelling house of Mr Joel Wadsworth of intents and purposes, &c. &C. East-Hartford, was entirely consumed, to. By a law passed on the 31st of Marco, gether with the principal part of his house

1817, the final and total abolition of Slavery hold furniture. The fire, it is supposed,

À within this state, is declared to take place on caught by accident.

the 4th day of July, 1827. In this law it is A Steam-boat intended to nly between enacted, “That every Negro, Mulaito, and Norfolk and New-London. lauriched al NorMustpe, within this state, born before the 41h wich, is expected to be ready by the first of day of July. 1799. shall from and after the May.

411 day of July, 1827, BE FREE:" and by Married.) At New Haven, mr. Charles Ne

the same law it is íuriler enacted, That all Lloyd Strong, to miss Jeannette A. Bradley. the 41 day of July, 1799, shail BE FREE

mes Negroes, Mulattoes and Minstees, born after At Norwich, Lieut. Owen Ransoin, of the at the age of 21 years. United States' army, to miss Charlotte W. Anwa Perkins.

*. Appointments by the Council of Appointmeni.

[These are so numerous, that we are comDied.) At Hartford, mrs. Melitable Wads. pelled to confine our notice of them to those worth, aged 82. At Roxbury, Deborah Arn- of greater distinction, or more general im. strong, widow, aged 63. .At New Haven, poriance.] Capt. Abraham Bradley, aged 76. Al Noir

Varch 9. London, mrs. Lucy Prentiss, aged 60. din. Kings. Jacob Garitson, Sberill Haven, mr. Enoch Ives, aged 45. At Dor: Saratoga. Thos. Dibble, Henry Ganse. ham, mrs. Anne Canfield, aged 97. At Lyme, yoort, Judges.

Madison, John Stocking, Judge.

Sackett's Harbour, April 1. Columbia. Robert L. Livingston, Judge. Three soldiers belonging to the United

March 29. States' ariny, were last Saturday arrested and Renssalaer. Storm S. Vanderzee. Judge. brought before one of the magistrates of tbis Ontario. John Vanlleet, Judge and Justice. village, on a charge of seloniously stealing,

Coltaraugus. Timothy II. Porter. Ist Jndye taking and driving away, a cow. The property and Justice: Francis Greene, Astibel Free of a citizen residing near this place, who was man, Silas Moab, and James Brooks. Judes dangeidusly wounded in attempting to pre. and Justices; Sands Bontin, County Clerk: vent this atrocious depredation. The solIsrael Centis, Sheriff; Jeremy Worcester,

diers, after examination, were committed, to

take their trial, at the next General Sessions Surrogate.

Niagara. Samuel Wilkeson, Jurige. of the peace.

Genesce. Ralph Parker, and Abrm. Ma- Fire. On Friday evening last, between 11 ticon, Judges.

and 12 o'clock, a fire was discovered in the Broome. Anson Camp, Judge.

cantonment, called “ Pike's cantonment,"

near this village. We understa:d the fire april April 1.

originated in the hospital barracks; which, Schoharie. Peler Swart, Henry Schaeffer,

Twithout other damage, were entirely com:

i John Brewster, Joseph Borst, Jesse Shepherd,

sumed. Hermanus Bouck. John Rrynolds, Olney Brigys, Herman Hickok, and Henry Hager,

Troy, April 15. Judges and Justices of the Peace.

Commerce. It may not be uninteresting to

Avrils distant readers, who barely know, that within Dutchess. James Emott, First Jude, vice a few years, this town has obtained the Jobn Jobnson resigned; William Griffen, honour of being placed on the map of this Sheriti.

state, that it is now about 30 years since the Suffol. John P. Osborne, David Warner. first store was erected here; at that time and Ebenezer W. Case, Judges and Justices.

there were only 4 or 5 dwelling-houses Charles D. Cooper, Esq. of Albany, Secre. W

within the limits of the present city of Troy. tary of State, rice Robert Tillotson, Eso). re. This ciiy contains now about 5000 inhabimoved.

tants. In the course of last week, there was Militia of New York. The Adjutant Gene. shipped here property estimated at a moderel's annual return, made to the Legislature, Fale co

the Legislature rate calculation to amount to two hundred furnishes the following aggregate of the dif. Thousand dollars, consisting principally of ferent descriptions of militia in this state. It flour, wheat, provisions, lumber, potash, &c. is exclusive of about 20 companies, from

The four was inanufactured at the mills in which no returos were received.

the south part of the city, of which there are Infantry


four, of very superior workmanship, both as Artillery


respects their plan and durability of mate


Goshen, April 14. Total, 106,880 Fire. On Monday night, the 17th inst. the Common Schools The Superintendent of Hat Manufactory of Mr. Cox, of Chester, in Coordon Schools reports to the Legislature, this town, took fire, and before it was put out that " there are within the state, exclusive of nearly all its contents were destroyed, conthe city and county of New York, at least sisting of hats and stock to the value of about fise thousand common schools which have 4000 dollars. been organized and kept up under the act

Sag-Harbour, April 12. for their establishment; and the number of A violent tempest. On Monday evening children annually taught in them, exceeds last, between 8 and 9 o'clock, we experienced, treo hundred thousand." The sun distribu- in this place, a 'most tremendous shower of led the last year, from the common school. hail accompanied with heavy thunder, and fund, was about 65,000 dollars.

remarkably vivid lightning. The wind was The Rev. FRANCIS BROWN, of Dart about Norih.--The tempest continued nearly mootb College, has been appointed to the half an bour; many of the stones were more President's chair of Hamilton College. Than three and a hairinches in circumference.

Ogdenisburgh, March 4. Some were picked up the morning after on EARTHQUAKE.

the road to Easthampton, more than one A severe shock of an earthquake was felt inch and a half in diameter. All the injury in this village on Thursday last, at about 15 sustained was in our windows, out of which, minutes past 3 A. M. wind N. E. A heavy probably, more than a thousand squares of runbling noise was observed by many; glass were broken in this place, crockery and glass was set in motion. The The dwelling house of Mr. Daniel Robshock appeared to come from N. N. E. and bins, of Satauket, was consumed by fire on continued about 10 or 15 seconds.

Friday evening; the 20th March.

The shock of an earthquake was felt by a to miss Mary Gildan. At Canandaigua, mr. number of the inhabitants of Sautauket, and Martin Chainbolt, to miss Rosanna Vanorthe adjacent towns, on the 29th March, at 3 man. At Clarence, mr. - Harmon, to o'clock in the morning. The sbock was at. miss Lydia Cunningham, daughter of Mr. tended with a rumbling noise resembling dis. Layton Cunningham. At Clinton, mr. Stetant thunder, and was so severe that the win- phen Childs, merchant, of Owasco, to miss dows rauiled and the houses were considera. Hannah Potter. Mr. Robert Nixon, or Grimsbly agitated. The shock was also felt in this by, to miss Betsey Corwine. Mr. Franklin place.

Hickcox, to miss — Pixley. At Cortland, New York. April 18. mr. Harry McGraw to miss Sally Barnum.

Mr. Ira Bowen, to miss Waity Wadsworth. Last night, at jl o'clock, a fire was dis. At Genoa, mr. Nathan Sutliff, of the state of covered in the cellar of the house No. 6 Bur. Ohio, to miss Loretta Lawrence. At Hanniling-slip, but, by the timely exertions of the bal, mr. Nathan Nelson, to miss Susan Roneighbours, was got under without doing any bertson. At Ithaca, Charles Bingham, Esq. injury. There is not the least doubt but this to miss Nancy Morse, formerly of Cananwas set on fire by some vile incendiary. The daigua. At Leicester, mr. Luther Burt, jun. to watchmen were on their posts and very at. miss Florinda Horton. Mr. Peter Van Gorteptive.

den, to miss Patty Allen. At Maplius, mr. Last evening, between the hours of 7 and George W. Holbrook, to miss Sally Cadwell. 9 o'clock, the store of M. Judab & Co. No. Mr. Ellory Hart, to miss Ann Wilson. At 269 Pearl-street, was ribed of several arti• New Hartford, Warren Converse, Esq. agent cles by some person who bad, it is supposed, of the Manchester M. Co to miss Sophia Kel. concealed himself in the cellar until after the legg. At Munda, mr. Jobn Potter, to iniss store was shut up, when he made his way up Ellen McQuillin. At Niagara, mr. Christothrough the trap-door into the store, and pher Overbolt, of Clinton, to miss Pamela with the articles taken decamped through the Lambert, daughter of mr. Lambert, near St. front window, wbich he left open.

Davids. At Onondaga, mr. Lewis Geitner, Married.) In the city of New-York. mr. to miss Eunice Gage. Mr. — Johnson, to Israel C. Holmes, to miss Maria Cowenho. mrs. Elliot. At Rushford, mr. Morrison,

At Scipio, Isaac ven, daughter of the late 1, R. Cowenhoven to miss Fanny Kendall. of Bedford, L I. Mr. Charles Bouton, to miss Babcox, Esq. to miss Betsey O'Harra. Capt. Jenette McMillan. James Orr. Eso. of Seth Thomas, to miss Caroline Rodgers. At Newburgh, to miss Jane Fiall. Mr. William Watertown, mr. Alsworth Baker, to miss Sherwood, to miss Hannah Wheaton. Mr. Aris Colien. Henry Mactier, to miss Eliza Lawrence, Died.) At New-York, mr. John Juhel. Mr. daughter of Augustine H. Lawrence, Esq. Mr. Peter Peterson, aged 64. Jobn Van Sice, jr. R. L. Barnes, to iniss Ann Barnes. Mr. Jared aged 28. Elizabeth F. Post, daughter of Al. W. Bill, printer, formerly of Saratoga, to lison Post. Gardner Mead, aged 18 months. mrs. Fanny Barber. Mr. John Burrows, jr. Mrs. Mary Ann, wife of mr. L. A. Stollen. to miss Ann Michean. Mr. John G. Winter, werck, aged 29. Mrs. Charlotte Laune, wife to miss Lucinda Bennett. Mr. Joseph Walt, of Stephen P. Laune, aged 37. Mrs. Hannah to miss Phæbe Frayard. Mr. Patrick Kelley, Smith, relic of the late Samuel Smith, Esq. to miss Honor Cannon. Mr. John Glancy, aged 62. Maj. Gen. Peter Curtenius, of thie to miss Bridget Cunningham. Mr. Peter militia. Mrs. Ann Ogden, 26. Thompson, to miss Caroline G. Clussman, At Albany, Hon. Chauncy Loomis, of Mr. William Coruell, to miss Almeria Ma: Genesee county, senator from the western riana Briggs. Mr. William Conrey, to mrs. district. At Auburn, mrs. Nelly Lowe, wise H. Stakes. Mr. George Tredwell, to miss of Mr. Dennis Lowe. At Batavia, mr. Jobn Cornelia Roxanna Weimore.

Mullord, aged 33. At Balb, John Wilson, In Auburn, mr. William Hanes, to miss Esq. aged 50, clerk of the county of Steubel. Abigail Annable, Rev. John S. Twiss, of At Canandaigua, Reuben Hart, Esq. aged 50. Brutus, to miss Desire Annable. Mr. Parley At Clarence, miss Lois Bailey, daughter of Russel, to miss Frances Genung. At Bing. Caleb Bailey, aged 23. At Genoa, George hampton, mr. William H. Masters, to miss Huntley, aged 4 years 9 months. At Elmira, Anne Munsell. Mr. Robert Morris, to mrs. Mr. Martin Smith. At Ithaca, Henry Clark, Man, of Union. At Bath, inr. Thomas Ma- Esq. aged 28. At Cortland, mr. Asahel Mithews, to miss Rebecca Mathews, daughter of ner, aged 39. Mr. Erastus Spalding, aged Vincent Mathews, Esq. At Boonsborough, 45. Mrs. Mary Rice, aged 65. Mrs. Betsey mr. Michael Lingumfelty, to miss Kitty Fart. Steadman, aged 54. À son of Zaphaniah zlebuter. At Brutus, Aaron Sheldon, Esq lo Hicks, aged 14. At Newtown, mr. Fredemrs. Hopey L. Walker, widow of the late rick Fridley, aged 29. At Thirty-mile Creek, Jubin Walker. ' At Buffalo, mr. Noah Folsom, mr, David Hagar.


Philadelphia, April 14. Elisabeth-Town, April 2. Fire. Yesterday, about noon, the roof of Fire. On Wednesday nigbt last, about the spacious building, No. 140) South Secondbalf past ten o'clock, the terrific cry of Fire! street, owned by Robert Waln, Esq. and ocFire was sounded in our streets, wbich cupied by Mr. John White, was discovered to proved to be the pottery of Thomas Boyls. be on fire. It originated from a small oak ton; loss estimated at 7000 dollars.

chump, which was on fire, and which was, Married.] At ainwell, Com. Thomas Tin- no doubt, intentionally put in the lost, near gey, to miss Ann E. Graven. Al Somerville, the roof, for the purpose of destroying the mr. John Givan, merchant, to miss Mary Aun building. We understand that a servant boy Everston, both of N. Jersey.

bas been committed on suspicion of being Died.) Al Burlington, Isaac Collins, aged guilty of this wicked act. 71. Near Cranbury, mr. Joseph Brown, aged The Governor of Pennsylvania bas ap60, as he was accompanying the remains of pointed George F. Lehman to be Lazaretto a neighbour to the grave.


Alexander Knight, to be Port Physician. PENNSYLVANIA. The Legislature of Pennsylvania, at their

Christopher O'Connor, to be Quurantine

Master. late Session, passed an act appropriating half a million of dollars to internal improvements, Insolvent Law. We understand Chief Jusroads, bridges, and canals; 103,000 of which tice Tilghman delivered an elaborate opinion is to complete the turnpike from Philadelphia in favour of the constitutionality of the Insolto Pittsburgh. The Schuylkill, Lehigh, and vent Law, passed the 13th March, 1812, by Monongahela rivers, are among the first ob- the Legislature of Pennsylvania, which emjects for “ lock navigation."

braced the provisions of a State Bankrupt An association is spoken of at Philadelphia,

Law. to establisb a line of waggons between that

Oliver Erans' steam engine, used for raiscity and Pittsburgh-to start at fixed times, ing water to supply Philadelpbia, is calculaand, by travelling day and night, like the ted to raise nearly 4 millions of gallons in 24 mail stages, to make the journey in seren hours. days. This may easily be accomplished when Married.] At Philadelphia, mr. Henry Harthe great turnpike is finished.

rison, merchant, to miss Eliza Francis. Mr. Philadelphia, April 10. Samuel W. Rosh, mercbant, to Miss Eliza M. Villany Detected. A few days ago a res. Johnson. Joha Bartlett, Jr. merchant, of pectable mechanic of this city, received a Wilmington, to miss Matilda Tbacher. letter from a person in New-York, signed Died.] At Belmont, Samuel Meredith, J*** D. G******, stating that he had before Esq. formerly Treasurer of the United States. him a catalogue of his instruments, and se. At Philadelphia, mr. Wm. Glenn, aged 30. lected such as he wished to be forwarded im• mrs. Frances S. wife of mr. R.T. (Vilson, 21, mediately, and for payment of which he en: mr. Joshua Pierson. mrs. A. Shippen. mrs. closed a draft on the Farmers' and Mecha. Apolonis Kitts, 87. mr. Benj. Mitchell, Senr. nics' Bank for two thousand five hundred 72. mr. Wm. Richards, 74. mr. Felix M. dollars, requesting him to present it, and to Ruby, 47. mrs. Mary Dainty. Susan Bliss, remit the balasce in New York Notes. The 73. mrs. Rebecca Hays, 94 years 7 months. order was immediately, as far as practicable, Captain Henry Bartleson, 40. mr. Peter complied with, the draft was presented, and M.Gauley. Doct. Jos. Wooleps. mr. William the money paid; some difficulty arose in pro- Hackera. At Pittsburgh, Captain Jacob Car. curiog the New York notes, and it was con- moc, late of the 22d Regiment Infantry. At cludeš best to get a Post Note of the Bank of Harrisbury, mrs. Martha Read. At Martins. the Vaited States, which was very prudently burg, Win. Pendleton, Esq. aged 68. cut in two, and one half forwarded, with an assurance that the other should be, on ac

MARYLAND. knowledgment of the receipt of the first.

Baltimore, April 3. During these transactions, the gentleman in Distressing Occurrence.-Yesterday mornNew-York, from whom the draft had been ing, immediately after breakfast, Mr. Weise, stolen, wrote to his correspondent here to (who keeps a store in Market-street,) his wife, stop payment of it at the bank, or if paid, to and the remainder of his family, eight in ascertain to whom; a disclosure of the fraud number, were all seized witb violent vomitimmediately took place; and only just in ings, in consequence it is supposed of the villatime to prevent the forwarding of the other ny of a servant, who is believed to have put balf of the Post Note, and most probably the poison into the coffee. An infant child has alruin of a very worthy citizen. We have not ready died under the operation; it, however, heard wbether the purloiner of the draft bas gives us infinite pleasure to state, that the rest been arrested.

of the family, though deeply afflicted, are

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