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establishment--to have massacred Mar- burg has voted against thc adoption of shal Beresford, Don Miguel Forjas, Prime the constitution submitted to consideraMinister, some of the officers of the Re- tion by the king, in a majority of 67 to gency and several British officers in Lis- 42. All the members of the Diet reprebon, and raise the young Duke de Caval, senting the high nobility were in the mawho belongs to a branch of the royal fa- jority; and all of the Equestrian Order mily, to the throne. As soon as they were in the minority, except two. The should have found themselves successful king has dissolved the assembly, and has in their enterprise, in Portugal, the con- published a decree, in which he tells his 1 spirators would have bent all their efforts subjects, (aftei expressing his approbato transport aid to the revolutionists in tion of the minority, who had declared Brazil.

that for themselves and their constituents The great leader of this conspiracy is they should adopt the constitution,) that said to have been Lieutenant General he shall consider the coustitution as esGomez Freira, who is an old soldier, and tablished, and that it shall be put into greatly estimated for his political as well operation, as soon as it shall have been as military talents. He is now in a dun- adopted by a majority of the people vogeon in the Castle of St. Julian.

ting in their primary assemblies.

The Diet of Germany has agreed to In the late treaty between the govern- memorialize the courts of Europe on the ment of Naples and that of England, the subject of the Barbary corsairs. former privileges and exemptions enjoyed T'he Princess Royal of Portugal and by the English are abolished; and instead Brazil has resumed her determination to thereof, they are to be placed upon the go to Brazil, and has set out for Legsame footing as the most favoured nation, horn, where she will embark accordand have the free right to travel or reside ingly. . in any part of the dominions of his The Austrian Major Weiss has been Neapolitan Majesty, and dispose of their appointed consul general for the United property as they please. It has been States of America, which appointment also stipulated that the duty imposed on has taken place in consequence of the British goods by the tariff of January, trade between the United States and 1816, shall be abated 10 per cent.

Trieste. Prince Eugene Beauharnois has sold his Italian principality to the King of Naples The Prussian government has prohifor 5,000,000 francs.

bited the passage of emigrants for Ameri

ca, through any of its provinces, unless Emigration from Switzerland to the they are furnished with passports by the United States still continues, notwith- Prussian authorities in the states from standing the attempts of government to which they take their departure, and no prevent it. Much damage was done in this such passports are allowed to be furnished country by a dreadful storm in May last, to those who have not funds necessary for but the rich, by private and public contri- their journey. The same thing has butions, have done all in their power to been done in Netherlands. It is reprerelieve the distressed.

sented that there are, in Prussia, 40,000 Lancastrian schools have been estab- weavers, who, for want of employment, lished, and though very generally approve cannot support their families. ed, yet some appear jealous of them. NETHERLANDS.

The Emperor is stated to have orderRiots of an alarming nature have taken ed 100,000,000 of roubles to be annually place in many of the large towns in the applied to the 'reduction of the public Netherlands, particularly in Brussels, debt. Count d’Yermoloff has set out Ghent, and Bruges, owing, it is said, tó for Persia to negotiate the cession of the the scarcity and high price of provisions. southern provinces of the Caspian, and The riot in Brussels was quelled by the a free communication for the Russians appearance and conciliatory conduct of with the East Indies through the Perthe Prince of Orange, and the prospect sian dominions. of a plentiful harvest, together with the A new ship called the Kamschatka is reduction of prices, will probably take said to be fitting out in Russia for a away any further occasion of disturbance. voyage of discovery. She is to be comConsiderable injury has been done in manded by Golownin, who was some Holland by inundations.

time a prisoner in Japan.

Alexander has contributed, from his The Session of the states of Wirtem- own purse, for the relief of the inhabi








tants of the Swiss Canton of Glaris, he had repulsed them with the loss of 3 100,000 roubles, equal to about £22,000. - pieces of artillery, a great quantity of

arms and ammunition, besides 500 left It is reported that the Grand Seignior dead on the field. intends to open the Dardanelles and the Bosphorus to the ships of all nations, The Patriots in Peru appear, from the upon payment of a toll similar to that last accounts, to be gradually gaining the exacted by Denmark at Elsineur. ascendancy. A part of the army of the

Royalists are closely shut up in Jujui, ASIA.

near to which they had, a short time be

fore, been defeated by the Republican The extent of this empire is estimated troops, and they are said to be continually at 1,297,990 square miles; its revenues growing weaker by having small parties at £12,000,000 sterling, and the number cut off, who are sent out for supplies, and of its inhabitants at 333,000,000. This also by desertion. General Serna, of the will give 256 souls to a square mile, Royal army, had, by expeditious movewhereas the densest population in Eu- ments, entered the town of Salta, but it rope, that of Holland and Netherlands, is stated that the advantage resulting is gives only about 224.

small, and that he is constantly harassed

and weakened by the activity and enterAFRICA.

prise of the partisan officers connected ALGIERS.

with the Patriot army. The Dey of Algiers is increasing his

VENEZUELA. strength continually. He has received The Venezuelian government have some very important presents from the confirmed General Bolivar’s proclamaGrand Seignior, viz. one frigate of 36 tion of freedom to slaves, and have apguns, and two ships of 18 gans each, pointed citizen Louis Brion, admiral of besides a quantity of munitions of war, the Venezuelian naval forces, and captain the cargo of a polacre of 400 tons burden. general of the armies by land and sea. Besides the above, the Dey has two They have also passed a law, requiring all other ships of 18 guns; one brig of 22 males from 14 to 60 years of age, to enguns; one schooner of 14 guns; one new rol themselves as soldiers of the Repubship ready to launch, to carry 22 guns, lic, upon pain of being considered as eneand one brig, and two schooners building mies. The Supreme Executive of the at Leghorn. He has also 600 pieces of United States of Venezuela has also decannon, all of which were fired upon the creed, that English or North American receipt of the presents from the Grand manufactures, or merchandise of any Seignior, who also presented him with a kind, imported into Venezuela, shall pay captain's dress, the most honourable re- but 6 per cent. duty, and 2 per cent. to the ward of valour in his power to bestow. Admiralty, which the merchants of other

nations pay, and that all produce of these AMERICA.

countries, imported in their own vessels respectively, shall pay no more than na

tive citizens—that all arms and military On the 25th of May, the Patriots of stores may be imported, and cargoes purBuenos Ayres celebrated with much fes- chased with them, exported free of duty, tive pomp, their emancipation from fo- and this article to continue in force during reign rule. Don Julian Secundo de the war. Vessels of the above nations, Aguere delivered a public discourse, and also, may proceed from port to port withat night there was a splendid illumination. out being subject to pay duties. By the

By a decree of the Supreme Director, same authority it is decreed, also, that it is ordained, that all public paper shall the Congress of the States of Venezuela, be received at the Custom House in pay- shall take the title of the “Honourable ment of duties; a measure which goes to Congress," &c.—the Executive shall take establish the good faith of government, the title of “Respectable," and the Judiand liquidate its debts.

ciary that of the “Just.” All high offiCHILI.

cers are to be addressed by the title of Despatches from Don Juan Gregorio “ Honourable.” des las Heras, to Don Bernardo O'Hig- The Independents had taken the island gins, Supreme Director of Chili, dated of Margarita, and had given it the name at Conception, 5th May, announces that of New Sparta; but upon the arrival of he had been attacked by a body of the 2000 troops from Old Spain, the RoyalRoyalists, about 1400 strong, but that ists under Morillo have retaken it. It is VOL. I. NO.Y.





also stated that Bolivar, having received a ter took upon him to rectify some of severe check at Curapano, on the Main, Judge Heath's decrees. Some alarm at opposite to Margarita, had left his army first existed at St. Augustine and at Feragain, and gone to St. Thomas.

nandina, but M'Gregor does not appear MEXICO,

to have been at all in a condition to The Royalists in Mexico, according to march to the attack of either of those the most recent accounts, appear to places, and all apprehension has now enbe gaining the advantage. It is stated tirely subsided. Don Francis Morales, that there is a want of concert among the late Commandant of Amelia, upon his officers of the Patriots, and that in con- arrival at St. Augustine, which is the casequence of this, as well as of offers of pital of East Florida, was put in irons pardon, made by the King, to all who will for having, contrary to orders, surrenderreturn to their allegiance, General Ter- ed the place without firing a gun. rand, with 2000 men, has deserted the

PORTUGUESE AMERICA. patriotic cause. General Victora Guadaloupe, is hemmed in by the Royalists, The Royalists are said to have comat or near Vera Cruz, and General Mina, pletely re-established themselves at Perhaving garrisoned Soto La Marina with nambuco. St. Martins, and two other about 100 men, has marched against St. ' leaders, whose names are not mentioned, Louis Potosi. The Patriot General Cae- have been taken and shot at St. Salvazada, styled Lieutenant General of the dor. It is expected there will be many North, one of the most active and influ- executions--there are 71 state prisoners ential of the revolutionists, has been cap- at St. Salvador, most of whom will tured and his forces dispersed.

probably be shot. It is expected that The port of Vera Cruz is closed against there will soon be established, in the ports all foreign vessels, even those formerly of Brazil, Inquisitorial Courts, to take admitted with provisions from the United cognizance of all persons disaffected to States.

the government. It is stated that a ship Dr. William D. Robinson, a citizen of of the line, a frigate, a sloop of war, and the United States, who has been a long several transports with 4000 troops, artime in Mexico, and who was in high es- rived at Bahia in the latter end of May, timation among the Patriots, has been from Rio Janeiro, and sailed on the 15th taken by the Royalists, and put into close June, for Pernambuco. The Patriot arand distressing confinement. The Roy- my that left Pernambuco just before the alists state, that he was captured at the Portuguese re-entered, is supposed to be head of a regiment of Patriot troops, still embodied. while his friends declare that he was trading at a place where the Patriots were beaten, and that he made his escape to It is in contemplation to improve the the woods, and kept himself out of the navigation of the St. Lawrence from way, until, by a proclamation of amnesty Montreal to lake St. Francis, and comby the Royal Oficers, he was induced to missioners have advertised that they are return, when he was immediately seized: ready to receive, proposals for a contract

accordingly. General M'Gregor has advanced no It is computed that nearly 3000 emifurther in the conquest of Florida than the grants have arrived in Canada this seacapture of Amelia Island; and sickness son from Great Britain and Ireland. The and discontent have so reduced his num- crops in Canada promise to be very hers, and wasted his resources, that he is abundant this year. The weather has likely soon to be compelled to renounce been hotter this summer, in this province, even Amelia: as, by the last accounts, than it has been known for many years. he had but fifteen or twenty men faithful to bis cause and able to do duty. Most It seems that the United States' Navy is of his men, and many of his officers, en- about to be filled up as fast as circumstanlisted in his service in the hope of enrich- ces will pernit. The law passed by ing themselves by plunder, and being dis- Congress on this subject, authorized the appointed in their mercenary expecta- building of nine ships of the line, twelve tions, by the determination of the Gene- frigates, and three steam batteries ; and sal to enforce discipline, and respect neu- eight millions of dollars were appropriated tral rights and private property, they have for the purpose. In pursuance of this abandoned the enterprise. Mr. Heath, law, Commodores Rodgers and Decatur, who had been constituted Judge of the two of the commissioners of the navy, Admiralty, left M'Gregor because the lat- bave contracted with Mr. Henry Eck





lord, of New York, to build one line of of the navy of the United States, three battle ship and two frigates at that place ships of the line, three frigates, seven and arrangements will, it is expected, be sloops of war, besides some smaller made at Portsmouth, Boston, and Phila- vessels. delphia, for the construction of a ship of Commodore Bainbridge and General the line and a frigate at each of those Swift have been surveying the coast and places. There are now in commission, harbours to the eastward of Portland.



of five dollars,-of building a house and THE THE Banks in the state of New- barn thereon within one year, and clear

Hampshire made returns in May ing up, within five years, and cultivating Jast of the amount of their capital stock. at least ten acres of said land. In each There are ten banks in this State, and township, also, an appropriation of land their capitals amount to 999,356 dollars. is made to the first settled minister, for Their deposites and bills in circulation the use of the ministry, for schools and amount to 367,101 dollars,-their specie for town roads; and to preserve an to 272,451 dollars, including 82,525 dol- equal distribution of the lands, not more lars, belonging to the Coos and Cheshire than five hundred acres can be sold to one banks, and deposited in Boston. The man, or company of men, in any one debts due to them amount to 1,103,561 township. The Legislature at their last dollars ; the bills of other banks in their session, passed a resolution that the possession, 160,000 dollars, and the Select-men of every town, and the Assesamount of their real estate is about sors of plantations, be required to ascer46,000 dollars.

tain, within their respective jurisdictions, Married.) At Lebanon, Wm. Lovejoy, the number of deaf and dumb persons, Esq. of Milford, to Miss Lydia Hough, with their ages, &c. and report the same daughter of the Hon. David Hough. At to the Secretary of the Commonwealth, Chester, Mr. Jacob Green, aged 19, to on or before their next session. Miss Phebe Wilson, aged 14.

The Bagdad wheat is introduced into Died.] At Holles, Noah Worcester, the town of Brighton, near Boston. It Esq. aged 82 years. He was for more flourishes well ; one kernel of it weighs than sixty years an important member of as much as three of the common wheat. the church in that place. 'At London- Miss Lavinia Weeks, of Gorham, Me. derry, widow Grisel Patterson, 95. At has spinned in one day, from sun-rise to Portsmouth, a daughter of Ephraim sun-set, on a common wheel, and reeled Adams, aged 9 years. Her death was it off, on a common reel, 20 skeins of occasioned by a tamarind stone lodging woollen filling. in her wind-pipe, as her sister, in playing A huge sea-serpent has been seen for with her, threw it into her mouth. some time past in Massachusetts Bay, MASSACHUSETTS.

supposed to be from fifty to an hundred The Legislature of the Commonwealth feet long, and nearly two feet in diameter. of Massachusetts have been taking mea- His motion is amazingly quick, and he sures to encourage the settlement of the is supposed to feed on fish, as he is found District of Maine, and to that end, in in company with the vast shoals of herpart, commissioners have been appointed ring, and other small fish, which have apto survey and sell the lands belonging to peared in the Bay this season. the commonwealth in that district, par- ral colour is dark brown, -his head is ticularly the nine townships on the Pe- about the size of a horse's, but shaped on nobscott, known by the name of the In- the top and front more like a dog's, and dian townships; and also upwards of an is brown mixed with white. He is said to hundred of the islands on the eastern have teeth like a shark. His back and . shore, which offer many advantages for head are covered with scales. A number the cod, mackerel, and whale isheries. of boats went after him, but he turned Among the provisions of the law, under upon them, and they with difficulty made which the commissioners act, is this, that their escape. Two thousand dollars are to the first fifty settlers, in every town- offered for his skin. ship, the commissioners shall convey, to By a recent and accurate survey of the cach, one hundred acres of land of aver- harbour of Boston, six fathoms is the age value, on condition of the payment least depth in the channel at low tide, and

His gene



it is wide enough to beat a vessel of any estate, about $1000, to the Foreign Missize against the wind.

sionary Society. At Enfield, Mr. EbeneGeorge Manners, Esq. has been ap- zer Terry, 94. At Franklin, Mr. Hezepointed British Consul for the State of kiah Tracy, 82. He was an old revoluMassachusetts.

tionary soldier, and fought at Monmouth. Married.) At Boston, Mr. Ebenezer

VERMONT. Fisk, merchant, of New-Orleans, to Miss In passing through the various towns, Emily Willard. Mr. Thomas L. Nor- on his route in Vermont, the President of croft, to Miss Catharine Chandler. Mr. the United States met every testimony of Joshua Davis, 2d, to Mrs. Margaret Sul- respect, the people every where hailing livan. Mr. Hezekiah Newton, to Miss his arrival, and manifesting a generous Eliza Lewis. Mr. Peleg Haydon, to forgetfulness of party distinctions. Miss Eliza Dole. Mr. John C. Burt, to Married.) At Putney,Mr. Robert DunMiss Elizabeth Seaver. Mr. Charles D. lap, aged 70 years, to Miss Ann Williams, Reynolds, to Miss Elizabeth Pushard. aged 20. At Salem, Mr. Isaac Adams, to Miss Died.) At Rutland, Mr. Rufus Ball, Margaret Bishop. At Charlestown, Mr. killed by the fall of a tree. At Walpole, Jacob Proctor, to Miss Lucretia Tufts. Mr. Benjamin Hawes, aged 71.

Died.] Mr. Joseph R. Wilder, aged 37. Miss Sophia Hill, daughter of On the President's arrival at PlattsAaron Hill, Esq. 30. Mrs. Elizabeth burgh, he was received by the troops staDyer, 86. Mrs. Mary Kennedy, 76. Miss tioned there, with military honours, and Elizabeth Buckley, 74. Mr. Thomas after reviewing them and examining the Newcomb, 53. Mr. James Adams, 56. public works, he passed on to the west, RHODE-ISLAND.

accompanied by General Brown. They In the year 1816, the foreign arrivals at took Sackett's' Harbour in their route, the ports of Rhode Island were 90. whence they embarked, and proceeded

Married.) At Bristol, George F. Ush- to Fort Niagara, and after having gone er, Esq. to Miss Susan Maria Griswold. over the battle-ground in this quarter and Capt. Wm. S. Barrett, of Boston, to Miss inspected the state of the fortifications, Mary H. Phillips.

proceeded on to Detroit.

A good harbour on Lake Erie has reThere are, in the Institution for the In- cently been discovered, half way between struction of the Deaf and Dumb, at Erie and Buffalo, i. e. 45 miles from each. Hartford, about thirty scholars, from It is called Dunkirk, and is in the county the age of ten to fifty years; and who are of Chatauque. The bay is semi-circular, from the states of New-Hampshire, Mas- and well sheltered, with a good channel. sachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Its convenience for navigation and trade New-York, and Pennsylvania. The mode is great. of instruction is something like the Lan- Archibald S. Clarke, Robert W. Stodcastrian, and the progress of the pupils is dard, and Oliver C. Comstock, Esqrs. apencouraging.

pointed by the United States commissionSome damage has been done in this ers to examine the claims of the sufferers State by the great rains, especially on the on the western frontier of this State, durbanks of the Connecticut river.

ing the late war, are now in session at BufThe Rev. Eleazer Thompson Fitch, of falo. Andover, is chosen Professor of Divinity The Supreme Court of the State of in Yale College ; and Mr. Alexander Fish- New-York' has ordered that circuits be er, a Tutor, is chosen adjunct Professor held in the counties of Sullivan—Thursof Mathematics, in the same institution. day, 18th September next; Orange

Married.] At East Guilford, Mr. Bar- Monday, 22 September next; Dutchesszaleel Meigs, to Miss Eliza Doud. At Last Monday in August; Putnam—ThursKillingby, Capt. William Hibbard, to Miss day, 4th September ; Greene-First MonArminda Phelps, both of Hebron. day in September; Ulster—Monday, 29th

Died.] At Wethersfield, Miss Eliza- September; Schenectady-Thursday, 4th beth G. Talcott, aged 32.' By her will September; Columbiu-Second Monday she.

£1009 to the first Society in in September ; Montgomery-First MonWethersfield; 8500 to Yale College; $500 day in September; Schoharie-Second to the Domestic Missionary Society; $500 Monday in September. for the education of young men for the By a proclamation of His Excellency ministry; her real estate, worth about the Governor, it is ordered that until the $1,500 for the education and support of first of October next, no person from the orphan children, and the remaindor of her cities of Charleston and 'Savannah shall


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