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Her father winna gie me her,

She has fic a gleib of gear.
But gin I had her where I wou'd

Amang the hether here,
I'd strive to win her kindness,

For a’ her father's care.

For she's a bonny fonfie lass,

An armsfu' I swear ; I wou'd


her without a coat,
Or e'er a plack o' gear.
For, trust me, when I saw her first,

gae me fic a wound, That a' the doctors i' the earth

Can never mak' me found.

For when she's absent frae' my fight,

I think upon her still;
And when I fleep, or when I wake,

She does my senfes fill.
May Heav'ns guard the bonny lafs

That sweetens a' my life;
And shame fa’ me gin e'er I seek
Anither for



[blocks in formation]

Ne'er have I a clouded face,
Swift I change from place to place,
Ever wand'ring, ever free,
Such am I, Variety.

Like a bird that skims the air,
Here and there and ev'ry where,
Sip my pleasures like a bee,
Nothing's like Variety.

Love's sweet passion warms my breast,
Roving love but breaks my reft ;
One good heart's enough for me,
Tho'my name's Variety.

Crouded scenes and lonely grove,
All by turns I can improve ;
Follow, follow, follow me,
Friend of life, Variety.

[blocks in formation]


LL hail to the day that merits more praise

Than all other days in the year ;
And bless'd be the night that giveth delight

To the poor man as well as the peer.
May good fortune attend every honest man's friend,
That does the best that he

may ; Forgetting all wrong in a cup and a song,

We'll drive the cold winter away.

years hence,

Let misery pack, and a whip at her back,

Down down the Tartarian flood;
And let envy be drown'd in a river profound,

He that envies another man's good.
May sorrow's expence come a

thousand In payments of a long delay, For we'll spend the whole night in an honest delight,

Just to drive the cold winter away. The courtiers of state set

open And bid a free welcome to moft, The city likewise, tho' something precise,

Does not fail for to bring forth a roaft.

their gate,

But by all report, both of city and court,

In the country we bear the sway, Our

money is spent with a better intent When to drive the cold winter away.

Now let each individual shake hands with a grace ;

May friendship's firm ties ever bind
The honest man's hand, and the honest man's heart';

May his temples with olives be twin'd.
From henceforth let knaves be chain'd to deep graves,

For an honest man will bear the fway, His

money is spent with a noble intent When to drown the fatigues of the day, And to drive the cold winter away.

[blocks in formation]


HOME gie's a fang, the lady cry’d,

And lay your disputes all afide,
What fignifies't for folks to chide

For what's been done before them?
Let Whig and Tory all agree,
Whig and Tory, Whig and Tory,
Let Whig and Tory all agree,

To drop their whipmegmorum.
Let Whig and Tory all agree,
To spend this night with mirth and glec,
And chearfu' sing alang wi' me

The reel of Tullochgorum.

Tullochgorum's my delight, It gars

us a' in ane unite,
And ony sumph that keeps up spite,

In conscience I abhor him.
Blithe and merry we's be a',
Blithe and merry, blithe and merry,
Blithe and merry we's be a’,

To mak' a chearfu' quorum.
Blithe and merry we's be a',
As lang as we hae breath to draw,
And dance, till we be like to fa',

The reel of Tullochgorum.

There needs na' be fae great a phrase Wi' dringing dull Italian lays, I wadna'

gi'e our ain Strathspeys
For half a hundred score o'em.
They're douff and dowie at the best,
Douff and dowie, douff and dowie,
They're douff and dowie at the best,

Wi' a' their variorum.
They're douff and dowie at the best,
Their allegro's, and a' the rest,
They cannot please a Highland taste,

Compar'd wi' Tullochgorum.

Let warldly minds themselves oppress, Wi' fear of want, and double cess, And filly fauls themfelves distress

Wi' keeping up decorum. Shall we fae four and fulky fit, Sour and fulky, four and sulky, Shall we sae four and sulky fit,

Like auld Philofophorum? Shall we sae four and sulky fit, Wi' neither fense, nor mirth, nor wit, And canna' rise to shake a fit

At the reel of Tullochgorum.

May choiceft bleffings still attend Each honeft hearted open friend,

And calm and quiet be his end,

Be a' that's good before him !
May peace and plenty be his lot,
Peace and plenty, peace and plenty,
May peace and plenty be his lot,

And dainties a great store o' 'em !
May peace and plenty be his lot,
Unitain'd by any vicious blot !
And may he never want a groat

That's fond of Tullochgorum.

But for the discontented fool, Who wants to be oppression's tool, May envy. gnaw his rotten soul,

And blackeft fiends devour him!
May dole and sorrow be his chance,
Dole and sorrow, dole and sorrow,
May dole and sorrow be his chance,

And honest fouls abhor him!
May dole and sorrow be his chance,
And a' the ills that come frae France,
Who'er he be that winna dance,

The reel of Tullochgorum!


, your work, and to sport and to play Let the tabour ftrike up, and the village be gay:

Let the tabour, &c.
No day thro’ the year shall more chearful be seen,
For Ralph of the mill marries Sue of the green.

For Ralph, &c.

Chor. I love Sue, and Sue loves me,

And while the wind blows,

And while the mill goes,
Who'll be so happy, so happy as we.

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