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I've a mind we fhould fuddle our noses with claret ;
Says Tom, it will do you more harm than you think,
Fie on you, says Jack, who can live without drink?
I'll ne'er baulk my wine, here's to thy dispose.
Tom pretends not to drink, pray look at his nose.

********** CATCH FOR THE TIME 5. TH

HE French are come, and Spaniards too ;

You lie, you lie, you lie ; Whene'er they come, the joke they'll rue

Much more than you or I.
The foe is gone to come again ;

You lie, you lie, you lie ;
To-morrow brings us news from Spain,

Believe it you--Not I.
So ring the changes round and round,

You lie, you lie, you lie ;
No truth on land or sea is found,

You iwear it-fo do I.

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CATCH. For three Woices.
OME, friends and companions, let's take a full glass,

And each drink a health to his favourite lass,
And each drink a health,

And each drink a health,
And each drink a health to his favourite lass,
And each drink a health, &c.

With wii and with love the evening be crown'd,
Let no envy or discord among us be found,
With hearts free from trouble we chearfully fing,
Huzza for our country! huzza for our King !
Huzza for our country, &c.

CA T C H. For three Voices.


AD she not care enough, care enough, care enough,

Had she not care enough of the old man ? She wed him, she fed him, and to the bed she led him, For seven long winters she helped him on; But oh! how she nigl'd him, nigl'd him, nigl'd him! Oh! how she nigld him all the night long.


HEN we meet, to be ?

W With love, wine, and music we've made out the day;

Adjourn then, adjourn, for to-morro.r's decreed
A new day for pleasure ; say, are we agreed ?
No, no, I'll not ftir from a cann of such cheer,
Come, come when you will, you shall find I am here.


CAT CH. For three Voices.

OW merrily looks the man that hath goid ?


How nimble the bee that fieth about,
And gathereth honey within and without!

But men without inoney,

And bees without honey, Are nothing better than drones.

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HILLIS, my faireít, how can you deny me?

So constant a lover sure never came nigh thce ; Constant in love, ever faithful in duty, Bewitch'd by thy charms, and enslav'd by thy beanty: Nay, such is thy power, I vow and declare, That I'm rais's up to heav'n, or plung'd down to despair.

CATCH. For three Voices.
HEN first I saw thee graceful move,

Ah me! what meant my throbbing breaft? Say, fost confusion, art thou love?

If love thou art, then farewel rest. With gentle smiles assuage the pain

These gentle (miles did first create ; And tho you cannot love again,

in pity, ah ! forbear to hate !

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THE TOAST. Written by Mr Cunningbam.

IVE the toat, my good fellow, be jovial and gay,

I lere’sthe King-takeyourbumpers,my brave British souls, Who gnards your freedom should crown your

full bowls, Let liim live--long and happy--fee Lewis brought down, And taite all the comforts-no cares of a crown.

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For hunger and thirst want a house that is near. To the right, then the left, 'tis as straight as a line; Then this fide, then that fide, look fharp for the fign! When you come to the guide-poft, you'll see the green man, To dinner, to dinner, as faft as you can!


ARON thus propos'd to Mofes,

Come let us fuddle, fuddle our:nofes :
Mofes reply'd again to Aaron,
Twill do uz more harm than you're aware on ;
Wine has a celeftial charm in't,
"Therefore there can be no harm in't.
If you would be Aaron's brother, .
Then whip up this bottle, and call for another.

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T ! TO sheep-shear my boys! pipe and tabour strike up,

Let's not lose a moment, but put round the cup! Our wool is all hous'd, and our toil now is o’er, Our barn is well stock’d, and we'll dance on the floor. Come, neighbours! with hearts and with voices in tune, No tiines like our festival sheep-fhear in June;; For only with day-light our frolic shall cease: Here's liquor and mirth! and success to the fleece !

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A Britons cry,


RM, arm,


Let us live, or let us die ;
Trumpets founding, banners flying,
Braving tyrants, chains defying.
Arm, arm,

generous Britons

Let us live free, or let us die.
Liberty ! Liberty ! Liberty ! Liberty !

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W ,

HERE the murmuring river flows,

We enjoy a cool repose,

From the bufy glare of day: Summer's heat disturbs the breast,

Every paffion should be still, Every thought is lullid to rest

By the sweetly tinkling rill.

GLE E. For four Voices.


OME, my boys, let's jovial be,

While we all are full of glee,
To be fad it is a fin,
And old Care, we'll banish him :
But Anacreon, the fage,
Shall rule us this present age.
Come, then, let us in chorus join
To Bacchus, god of mirth and wine.

GL E E. For three Voices.


HE wife men were but seven,
Ne'er more

shall be for me ; The muses were but nine;

The worthies three times three : And three merry boys, and three merry boys,

And three merry boys are we. The virtues they were seven,

And three the greater be ; The Cæsar's they were twelve,

And the fatal fifters three ; And three merry girls, and three merry girls,

And three merry girls are we.

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