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The tailor close to her did creep,

Daffin down, and daffin down, The tailor, &c.


The laslie waken'd in a fright,

Sic a braw hiffey !
Her maiden-head had ta’en the flight,

Daffin down, and daffin down,
Her maidenhead, &c.

She fought it butt, she fought it ben,

Sic a braw hissey !
And in beneath the clocking hen,

Daffin down, and daffin down,
And in beneath, &c.

She fought it in the owsen-staw,

Sic a braw hissey !
Na, faith, quo' she, it's quite awa';

Daffin down, and daffin down,
Na, faith, &c.

She fought it 'yont the knocking-stane,

Sic a braw hissey ! Some day, quo' fhe, 'twill gang its lane,

Daffin down, and daffin down, Some day, quo' she, &c.


She ca'd the tailor to the court,

Sic a braw hissey!
And a' the young men round about,

Daffin down, and daffin down,
And a' the young men, &c.

[blocks in formation]

Oh! just the way

that it was ta'en, Daffin down, and daffin down, Oh! just the way

that it was ta'en, Daffin down, and dilly.

[blocks in formation]


Had a horse, I had nae mair,

I gat him frae my daddy ; My purse was light, and my heart was fair, But my

wit it was fu’ ready. And sae I thought upon a wile,

Outwittens of my daddy,
To fee mysell to a lowland laird,

Who had a bonny lady.


I wrote a letter, and thus began,

Madam, be not offended,
I'm o'er the lugs in love wi' you,
And care nae tho'


kend it. For I get little frae the laird,

And far less frae my daddy, And I would blithly be the man

Would strive to please my lady.

She read my letter and she leugh,

Ye needna been sae blate, man; You might ha'e come to me yourfell,

And tald me o' your state, man :
You might ha'e come to me yoursell,

Outwittens o' your daddy,
And made John Goukston o' the laird,

And kiss”d his bonny lady.

Then she pat filler in my purse,

We drank wine in a cogie ; She fee'd a man to rub my horse,

And wow but I was vogie :

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And are you

UT are you sure the news is true ?

sure he's weel?
Is this a time to think o' wark?
Ye jades, Aling by your whcel.
There's nae luck about the house,

There's nae luck at a';
There's nae luck about the house,

When our goodman's awa'.

Is this a time to think of wark

When Colin's at the door?
Rax me my cloak, I'll down the quay,

And see him come ashore.

Rife up,

and make a clean fire-fide, Put on the muckle pat ; Gi’e little Kate her cotton gown,

And Jock his Sunday's coat.

Mak’ their shoon as black as slaes,

Their stockings white as snaw;

'Tis a' to pleasure our goodman,

He likes to see them braw.

There are twa hens into the crib,

Have fed this month and mair,
Mak’ hafte, and thraw their necks aboat,
That Colin weel



Bring down to me my bigonet,

My Bishop-fattin gown, And then


tell the Bailie's wife That Colin's come to town.

My Turkey Nippers I'll put on,

My stockings pearl blue,
And a' to pleafure our goodman,

For he's baith leal and true.

Sae sweet his voice, sae smooth his tongue,

His breath's like cauler air, His very

tread has music in't, As he comes up the stair.

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Nae Luck about the House when our Goodwife's awa'.


OU sing of your goodman frae hame,

And tho' the goodwife stay at hame,
John does not toil for a'.
There's nae luck about the house,

There's nae luck at a',
There's nae luck about the house

When our goodwife's awa'.

For there was nae luck about


house, And little for my wame, There was nae luck about


house When Maggy gae'd frae hame.

There's nae luck, &c.

For first the bairns raise frae their bed,

And for a piece did ca',
Then how could I attend my work,
Who had to answer a'?

There's nae luck, &c.

Their hands and faces were to washi,

And coaties to put on,
When every dud lay here and there,
Which vexed honeft John.

There's nae luck, &c.

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The hen and birds went to the fields,

The glede she whipt up twa,
The cow, wanting her chaff and straw,
Stood routing thro' the wa'.
There's nae luck, &c.


The bairns fought upon the floor,

And on the fire did fa';
Which vex'd the heart of honest John,
When Maggy was awa'.

There's nae luck, &c.

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With bitten fingers and cutted thumbs,

And screichs which pierc'd the skies, Which drove his patience to an end, Wish'd death to close their eyes. There's aae luck, &c.


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