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"With unusual descrimination, Messrs. LITTELL & GAY republish only the best English novels; and the series is therefore of real value. . . . Such books are worthy of large circulation, they are so far superior to the majority of books called novels.'Philadelphia City Item.

Portrait in my Uncle's Dining-Room, from the French ; and other Tales. 1 vol 88 cts. Clemence D'Orville ; or, From the Palace to the Steppe. A Novel of Russian High Lotta

Translated from "B18 IN DIE STEPPE” of Karl Detlef; and CLELIA,” from the German of A

Wels. 1 vol. 88 cts.
A County Family. By the author of "Lost Sir Massingberd,” &c. 60 cts.
The Starling. By Norman MOLEOD, D.D., editor of Good Words." 88 cts.
Nina Balatka. The Story of a Maiden of Prague. 88 cts.
A House of Cards. By Mrs. CASHEL HOEY. 75 cts.
Lettice Lisle. 88 cts.
The Occupations of a Rotired Life. By EDWARD GARRETT. 60 oth
Linda Tressel. By the author of “Nina Balatka." 38 cts.
The Brownlows. By Mrs. OLIPOANT. 37 cts.
All for Grcod. By the Baroness BLAZE DE BURY. 88 cts.
old Sir Donglas. By the Ilon. Mrs. NORTON. 75 cts.
The Claverings. By ANTHONY TROLLOPE. 60 cts.
Madonna Mary. By Mrs. OLIPRANT. 50 cts.
Sir Brooke Fosbrooke. By CHARLES LEVER. 50 cts.
Zaidee. By Mrs. OLIPHANT. 16 cts.
Miss Majoribanks. By Mrs. OLIPHANT. 75 cts.

Any of the foregoing publications sent, POSTAGE FREE, on receipt of price. Wholesale Dealers supplied on liberal terms. Address,

LITTELL & GAY, 30 Bromfield Street, Boston. Miss KUMMER, who has for several years conducted a Young Ladies' School in Baltimore, will be prepared to receive pupils in Paris, early in the autumn.

Superior advantages will thus be offered to Americans who wish to educate their daughten abroad. For information address, during the month of June,


and after that,

Care of BOWLES, Bros. & Co.

RT. REV. A. CLEVELAND COXE, Buffalo, N. Y. Joun W. GARRETT, Esq, Baltimore, Md.
Rev. N. 11. SCHENCK, D.D., Brooklyn,

Hox. A. G. THURMAN, Columbus, Ohio.
Hon. REVERDY JOHńsox, Baltimore, Md.


It will obliterate Sallowness, Moth

Agents! Read This! patclics, Sunburn, Coarseness, ctc., and give a marble-like complexion of great Wtor":0 per week and expenses, or allow beauty. Ilagan's Magnolia Balm will per

a large commission, to sell our new and wonderful

Address M. WAGNER & CO., Mar. petuate the bloom of youth for years. Shall

, Mich. What the Balm is to the complexion, Lyon's Celebrated Kathairon is to the hair. It causes the hair to grow luxuriantly, oradicates dandruff, prevents the hair TRY IT. ER, the great fllustrated from falling out or turning gray.

Family Montbly will be sent 3 months on trial for 25cts. Single copy, 10cts. AGENTS WANTED. Address DOLLAR FARMER, Shelbyville, Ky.

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in their prices, in accordance wito se decline in the premium on Gold; and consequent decreasea cost of imported articles used in the manufa cture of Pianofortes. In addition to their established styles of Pianofortes, STEINWAY & Sons, in order to keet a long-felt and frequentlyexnressed want, by persons of moderate means, teachers, schools, etc., have perfected arrange ments for the manufacture of an entirely new style of instrument, termed

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A thoroughly complete instrument of 7 octaves, precisely the same in size, scale, interior mechanism, and workmanship, as their highest priced 7 octave Pianos, the only difference being that this new style of instrument is constructed in a perfectly plain, yet exceedingly neat exterior case. These new instruments will be supplied to those who desire to possess thoroughly first-class “ Steinway Piano,” yet are limited in means,


STEINWAY & Sons also desire to call general attention to their new


With Double Iron Frame, Patent Resonator, Tubular Frame Action, and new soft Pedal, which are matchless in volume and quality of tone, and surpassing facility of action, whilst standing longer in tone and being more impervious to atmospheric influences than any other Piado at present manufactured.

Price Lists and Wustrated Catalogues mailed free on application.


Warerooms, First Floor of Steinway Hall,

Nos. 109 and 11 East Fourteenth Street,

(Between 4th Ave, and Irving Place)


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