Billeder på siden

New year's gifts, bouls sent as 209, Painter, anecdote of one 320

number n 1637 952--first Day
365, 398
Paisley Advertiser 941

mark 500
New York Gazette 610

Palladium 893

Peripatetic, meaning of 40s
Nicholson's Journal 795

Palm, James Philip, bookseller slot 324 Perry, Sampson, singular preservation
Night Thoughts, by Dr. Young John. Palmyra leaf used to engrave on 21 of 877
son's opinion of 663

Pamber, curious manner of holding a Perth Courier 831
Night Walker; or, Erening Rambler court leet at 20

Perth, extract from the weekly assen
Pamphlet, origin of 189

bly at 353
Norfolk Chromicle 792, 881, 947 Paper (a) for enobling the species 193 Peruvians, their mode of communicat.
Normans, origin of the 32

Paper, history of the invention 18- ing knowledge 9
Northampton Mercury 624-Miscel- first made from cotton 55—-first made Peter, the wild boy, account of 34
lany 626

from linen 61 - curions remarks Peters, Hugh, executed 529
North British Adrertiser 857

upon, by Fuller 530-traders of 584 – Peters (Mr.) report of the army 507
North Briton 709

made from linen introduced into Phanatique Intelligence 529
North Derbyshire Chronicle 619

England 63—substitutes for rags in Pharos 700
Northern Express, and Lancashire the manufacture of 915

Philanthrope 796
Daily Post 884

Paper marks, origin and description of Phillatius, father of bookbinding 36
Northern Tatler (Edinburgh) 595


Philip II. description of his person 3:21
North Georgia Gazette 871

Paper mill, first in England 271---lines Philosophical Magazine 767, 799-05
Northumberland Adrertiser (Shields) on 201-notice of an early one 2014 serration 577- Transactions 542

first in the state of Massachusetts, Phænir 370- of Europe 303
Northumberland house book 215

North America 612

Pilgrim 612
Norwich Courot 611-Gazette-626, Papers from the Scots quarters 504 Pilgrim's Progress published 57 I
709-Journal 029 – Jercury 859 – Papyrus, account of 23, 24, 37

Pillory, ode to the, by Deloe 399
Postman 579-Weekly Mercury 626 Paradise Lost published 344-Waller's Pinkey, battle of 315
Nottingham Courant 618--Chronicle sneer at 344

Plain Dealer 635—- (by Wagstaf 0.12
728Herald 897Journal 721, 930- | Paradyse of Daynty Derises 363 Plain Dealing 562-Truth 557
Mercury 997– Post 611-Review 834 Parchment or vellum, where made 24 Plain Scottish 574
- Wreath 927-Dearden's Miscella- --the different kinds used for writ. Players, first regular company of in
ny 961
ing upon 54

England 54--patent granted to by
Nourelles de la Republique des Lettres, Parian chronicle 16

queen Elizabeth 351-play-bill, inst
Paris Gazette 173

printed 541- prohibited from acting
Norum Testamentum Græcum 485 Paris university claimed the right of in either university 419-suppressed
Numeral figures first used in Europe 61 regulating the price of books 133-- 507

the printers of, authorized to wear Playhouse, church, or are actors of
Oath of allegiance, severity of 451 swords 317

Derotion, effect of its publication 730
Obserrations upon the most remarkable Parish clerks of London, players of Playing cards, history of 75-decree of
occurrences in our weekly news 577– interludes 79

the government of Venice concern-
on the weekly bills 569
Parker's Halfpenny Post 633

ing 114-act against the importation
Obserrator 511, 522, 596, 617-Reformed Parliament, debates of, first published in England 125-knare of beds
566, 599-Obserred 562-in question 724

early playing card 73
and answer 562-rerienced 593 Parliament Kite 503Porter 509-Spy Plays, origin of acts of 555-the first
Occusional Paper 615, 635-Writer 683 721Vulture 509

published with engravings 31S-oot
Ocrurrences from foreign parts 527—-|Parliamentary Intelligencer 528, 529– to be read without leave 431-node
from Ireland 498-in parliament 498 Register 731 732

of advertising the performance o
Edipus; or, Postman remounted 613 Parliament's Post 503–Scouts Dis. 581--not to be performed on Suodays
Old England; or, Constitutional Jour- covery 500-Screech Out 509

435--works againt 353
nal 069

Parochial registers introduced 269 Pleasures of Hope 60+
old Maid 696
Parrot 610

Plebian 621
Old Mother Hooker's Journal 648 Parry, William, M.P. executed Poetical Courant 592- Magaziaz717-
Old News newly rerired 497

Parsons, Robert, the first dissemlnator Observator 563
Old Whig 621---or, Consistent Protes- of political liberty 452

Poetical Miscellany, the first pablished
tant 653
Particular Relation 501

in England 363
Olla Podrida 760
Pas, family of engravers 469

Poet laureats, origin of 10, 209-moun
Omar, caliph, curious answer of 41 Pasquin 629

ner of creation 209_apology for ;31
Onion, a monk, hanged 273
Pasquinades, origin of 288

Poetry, first publication on the subject
Orucle 611, 828

Passages concerning the king's army of 386--Spencer's opinion of 114 i
Orange Intelligence 571-Gazette 571 509

Poet's last adrice, from Chancer $1
Oratorio, origin of 276
Pasteboard, origin of 304

Poets, impromptu on 679-pet's pep,
Order of Jesus, or “Jesuits," origin of Patents and monopolies 838, 840, 852, poem of 119

326--extract from Oldham's satire on 807, 870, 877--observations on 437 Poets, custom of, concerning 70
180-suppressed 736

Paternoster-row, origin of the name Poictiers, battle of 541, 581
Oriental Herald 888

83_first noted for booksellers 838 Police Gazette, expense of printing ulo
Original, (by Mr. Walker) 943
Patrician 621

Polilical Mercury 638-and Historical
Orphan 613
Patriot 600, 626

Mercury 704– Herald und Rennes
Orthodox Churchman's Magazine 793 Patrons, ill treatment of 164

-Register 721-State of Europe 5
0.xford Gazette 543-Herald 916-Jour- Peacock, bishop imprisoned 213

Taller 614
nal 665, 896 - Magazine 719--Spy 500 Peeper, (by Dr. Wilkins) 793

Potitipue Informer 521
Oxford university founded 47 — pur- Peg tankard, origin of 53

Polyglott bibles, succinct account pi
chase types in France, Holland, and Pembroke college, Oxford, founded 476 424-published at Heidelberg
Germany 547--type foundery estab. Penal mandate, forbidding the trans. printed at Hamburgh 424-meanin
lished at 552 - Oxford book 129- lation into the vulgar tongue of of the word 221--Complutensian
vested with the copyright in books Greek, Latin, and other books with- Paris 502- London 594- Bagster's
given by the authors 734-visit of out approbation 181, 185

889--Spanish, pripted at 400WITH
the allied sovereigns to 859 - new Pennsylvania Gazette 639

351- Pentateuch 635 — psalter Erst
printing-office for the use of the uni- Penny Magazine 920-Post 612_Post; printed 220, 221
versity $11--number of bibles and or, Tradesman's Select Pacquet 615 Polytype printing 749
testaments printed at 861-printing- Weekly Journal 624

Pompeii destroyed 23
office at, destroyed by fire 500--de-Penry, John, executed 404

Poor laws traced to Richard II. 73
fended in right of new works 820- Pens alluded to 24, 26, 27

Poor Richard's Almanack 346
number of books at, in 1603 445— Pentateuch, singularly expressed ac. Poor Robin's Intelligence 552--reries
Arundelian marbles preserved at 16 count of its editor, printer, &c. 194— 544- Public and Pirate OcturTEAM
-- Arabic lecture founded at 489- printed by Dayand Seres 290---trans- 556, 591
Bodleian library founded 454

lated by Tindall 252

Pope Nicholas V.'s grant to the clergs
People's Journal 927

of London 119
Packet of Letters from Scotland 509– Perfect Diurnal 498–Diurnal of the Pope's bulls, description of 23-infal
from sir Thomas Fairfax 504

Passages in Parliament 498-Occur. libility of 280
Packets of advice from Ireland 574 rences 504Passages 501, 504—Rela- Popish Pass Book displayed 569
Packington, lady, returns two mem-

tion 499

Popish mass displayed 562
bers to parliament 351

Periodical Essays, by archd. Nares 747 Porcelain paper introduced 916
Peaguets of advice from France 574 Periodical press, advantages of 725,726 Porter, Lucy, her question to Dr.John
Page of a book, origin of 54

Periodicals, number in the world 940– son 753

Poetical Garland of Julia 495

in allusion to the mystery of 683–Puritan, origin of the name $40
Polemi middinia, the earliest specimen the king's prerogative in, confirmed Pydna, battle of 34

of British macaronic poetry 512—by 542-in red and black 165-colours,
whom invented 512

on calico 885-practical hints on de Queen's Masque, song from 491
Portfolio 863

corative printing, published 885 - Quills, anecdote of a bunch of 96
Porticus, or Portico, meaning of 849 lines on 649—ink, invention of 140 Quincuplex psalter, the first work in
Post Angel 586_Boy 579, 609, 633 -Rusher's improved types for 812 which the verses are distinguished
Postilla, meaning of 95

Printing Machine, a Review for the by Arabic numerals 213
Posting bills, origin of 541

Many 936

Quipoes, explanation of 955
Post Man 600, 633—and Historical Printing office, ancient customs of 314 Quiz 793—Quizzical Gazette 919
Account 579

modern customs of 616-chapel, so
Practice of Preaching, errata in 167 called 141, 514-poetical description Rack. used to extort confession 373
Pratler 665

of 576-curious law concerning, in Raleigh, sir Walter, beheaded 465, 466
Prator 696

Scotland 675

Ralph Ruister Doister 314
Present state of the republic of letters Printing-offices destroyed or damaged Ramble round the world 573

byfire-Bagster's 886-Bernard's 841 Rambler 603—(by Johnson) 678, 679
Press, acts against the liberty of 682, Basket's 661-Bensley's 831, 871-Ranger 783

800, 871, 875-effects of the freedom Bowyer's 600, 630—Cox and Bigg's Reader, (by Steele) 609
of 806, 8034-attempt to crush it 506- 736-Cocks's 721-Crowder's 721-Reading Mercury 629
powers of 807, 808, 554, 553-utility Dewick and Son's 940—Downes's 867 Read's Halfpenny Post 633—Journal
and influence of 583- advantages of --Gillett's 823,840–Guy and Balne's 633
the periodical 725, 726 ---progress of 876— Hamilton's 811 ---Johnson and Reaper, by Mr. Maude 792
438-opinions on the liberty of, Gold. Payne's 721-Moyes's 893—Nichols's Reasoner 709, 797
smith's 806-Milton's511-Johnson's 833-Paris s 840- Rickaby's 761-Reconciler 604
583 — Sheridan's 800 - sir Thomas Spottiswoode s 946 – Swan's 831 – Recto and Verso, origin of the terms 54
Brown's 497-lines on the liberty of Smeaton's 835–Wilson's 893—Gore's Reflector 680
451, 640-association for suppressing 735, and the Caxton 879, Liverpool Reformation, progress of in England
the liberty of 881-persecution of 779 -Clarendon 953, and another 500 at 272, 273, 274, 282
song on the 949-lines to the 757, 640 Oxford-Flood's Canterbury, 848— Rhapsody 602
licenser of, in England 560—in Ame. Hoogly 742, and Serampore 845 East Rehearsal Rehearsed 592
rica 528-considerations and propo- Indies-Mackenzie's 895, Upper Ca. Relationes Extraordinariæ 557
sals in order to the regulation of 532, nada--New York 940, 944 ---Skara Religio Medici, extract from concerning
540—society of the friends of freedom 592, and Upsal 568, Sweden

printers 497
of 716, censorship in England 342– Printing presses and public schools Relics 268, 269-preserved in books 158
extract from the Tears of the Press suppressed in Russia 799

Remarkable Occurrences 614
348-meeting to remove the restric. Proceedings at Guildhall 558, 562—of Remarkable Passages 500
tions of 913-at Oxford, advice to the the king's commission of the peace Remembrancer, by James Ralph 674
corrector of 563—act against in Ire- 577, 578, 586—of both houses of Repertory of Arts and Manufactures
land 750-extracts from M'Creery's parliament 498, 501--of the parlia-

poem of the 100, 107, 800, 907-last ment of Scotland 577-of parlia- Reporter 797
restrictive laws against 577--licenser ments and armies 504

Reporters, observations on 883. 884
of restored 531-printing press first Proclamation against the shrine and Reporting the debates of parliament,
made 96-petitions for the repeal of goods of Thomas a Becket 268-for

origin of 656-anecdote of Dr. John.
the duty on 938-forged one 790 forbidding the eating of flesh in the son, concerning 657-complaint in
Pressing to death, notice of 519

time of lent 313-for the reformation both houses against 657, 658--prose-
Preston Review, and County Advertiser of vagabonds 313-against slander cution of several printers for 724-

779-Journal 832—Chronicle 939 and sedition 313—for the price of noble conduct of the lord mayor 725
Priest, felony to harbour 370

victuals 313—to put away divers -instance of extraordinary labour
Primer, or Form of Public Prayer, per- books and images 304 305-obser- in 764—the present system 883
mitted to be used 290

vations on 313-against the authors, Reprisul 616
Prince of Wales's Island Gazette 824 printers, and dispersers of seditious Restorer 612
Principal Passages of Germany 488 books and libels 290, 304, 305, 313, Re Tatler 595
Pripter, anecdote of a journeyman 668 322, 370, 398, 542, 547, 560, 570, 605, Retrospective Review 904
Printers of London, petition of, con- 625, 691, 778-against ruffs and ra- Review of the affairs of France 590

patents 497—devils, origin piers 442--for calling out he ctors Revolutionary Plutarch
of 646-list of, in the reign of George and fencible men to attend the king's Revolution of 1689 observations on 579
1..631, 632-honours paid to 100-

host 575

Rice, Hugh ap, founds the first protes.
errors, carious notice of 161, 163-- Profane authors, monk's opinion of77) tant college at Oxford 395
number of, in and about London in Projector 626, 813

Richard II. description of his corona
1666 and 1831, 543—in Ireland 543 Prompter 653

nation 75
in England in 1599, 435-nineteen Protestant Advocate 635-Domestic In- Rights of Literature, by John Britton
Jonrneymen imprisoned840—pension telligence 557-Intelligence 562, 634 848
society established 903-benefit for, Magaizne 709Medley 615-Mer. Rights of Man and Burke's Reply, the
at Covent-garden theatre 909-bene- cury 679, 580-Observator 562-Ox. number sold in one year 772
ft at the Coburg theatre for the un- ford Intelligence 646, 562— Packet Rizzio, David, murdered 389
employed journeymen of London 619-Pacquet 614-Post Boy 600 Roads, state of, in England 384
899-opposition to, at Paris 131-- (No. 112) 602

Robin's Last Shift 614
of Paris, celebrated the death of Protestants, origin of the name 259 Robin Snap, (Norwich) 722
Franklin 769-May Festival 523- Protestor 688

Robinson Crusoe, controversy concern-
first privilege granted to 224-Gram- Provisions, price of 129, 215, 256 ing the copyright of 618-privately
mar, first published 692~act of in- Pryone, William, fined and imprisoned printed 795
demnity 80g-decree against in Hol. 488, 489

Röcks used by the Danes to preserve
land 843-penalties inflicted on 538, Psalms in Swedish verse 513-errata

laws upon 20
539--Mrs. Elianor James's advice to in 621-curious list of tunes 408— Rogers, John, burnt 266
697-list of, who contributed towards first edition of Sternhold's version Rolls mentioned in the bible 24-used

the loss of Mr. Bowyer 600, 601 306-singing first practised 283, 284- by the Greeks and Romans 25
Printing, invention of 101--opinions became general in England 311- Roman sigilom, or signet 15
on the origin of 105, 106, 107-first French version of 283

Romance, meaning of the word 63
poem written in praise of 281--ac- Psalter, the first publication of Faust Romanesche, first book printed in 140
count of its introduction into Eng- and Scheffer 119-first printed in Roman Post Boy 573
land 144, 145-edict at Nuremberg England 202-belonging to Richard Romans, their invasion of Britain 30
against 233-lines against 133-en- I1.83

-superstitious processions of 113
comiums on 37, 100, 176, 683, 808, Psalter of Tara, ancient Irish manu- Rood, meaning of 413
-works upon 949—first important script 33

Rosetta stone, notice of 16, 17
specimen of 117from blocks invent- Publications, number of, from 1666 to Rotterdam Courant 558, 560
ed 90-ornamental, practised by the 1680, 561-number and cost of for Round Table, by William Hazlitt 890
early professors 120-prices for, first 1800, 806—number of, from 1800 to Roxburghe club established 848
fixed 753-first machine invented for 1827, 901

Royal Cornwall Gazette 893- Jamaica
843, 836-anniversary of the fourth Public Advertiser 815, 821, 822

Gazette 916- Magazine; or, Gent
centenary held at Edinburgh 949— Public Spirit of the Whigs 604

tleman's Monthly Companion 704
epigram on 652-a contemplation on Punctuation, specimen of early 210– Mercury 807-Diurnal 509, 518-11
the mystery of man's regeneration, present mode of 310

male Magazine 704

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Royal society, origin of 580-

of dialogue, between John and Ely. Smollet's History of England, singa-
Rubric used in the common prayer, mus 565

lar manner of sale 7032
origin of 166

Scotland, earliest specimen of printing Snotty-apse Gazette; or, Coughing in-
Rumintar, by sis S. E. Briydges 832 in 210-state of literature at the telligence 558
Rupert, prince, mezzotinto engraving reformation 537, 240—the last burn. Sober, yet Jocular 562
ascribed to 350

ing for witchcraft in 233-affirmation Societas Græcorum Editorem, society
Russell, lord William, beheaded 565 of the clerzy against Luther 237— of printers so called 550
Ryebouse plot 565

library at Stirling castle, at the Society 1or the diffusion of useful

reformation 237 - earliest song of, knowledge commenced 901
Sabbath-day,markets and fairs held on after the Scots spoke the English Somerset, duke of beheaded 315

59 -- forbid in Scotland 368 - plays language 88-king's printer, earliest Sorbonne, Robert de, founded the colo
forbid to be acted upon 435

patent of 281-renewed 753-censor. lege of that name, at Paris 87-en-
Sabbatical institutions in the com- ship of the press established 312- sure of the heresies of Luther at 934
monwealth 499

early poets of 97-earliest Hebrew Soul (the lines on 463
Sack, the word found in twenty three types in 432 - act of parliament South African CommercialAdrertiser
languages 11

against heresy 235-earliest alma. South sea scheme 634
Sacred comedy, origin of 44

nack published in 552

Southwell, tev Robert, executed 499
Sacred drama, or mysteries 54

Ecots Courant 591- Dove 495 500— In- Spanish armada 199. 400
Sad News from the seas 597

telligenrer 500- Magazine 661-Me. Special and considerable passages 498
St. Albans, battle of, its effect upon moirs, by way of dialogue 565– Post. Special Passages 495, 498-fros Loss
- literature 119--St. Alban first martyr man 594-Scout's Discoveries 498 don, Westminster, York, Ireland, c:
in England 49

Scots, Mary queen of, beheaded389 498
St Andrew's university founded 86,138 library of 393

Spectator 596, 599, 861 - Country, 776
St. Anne, and her three husbands 222 Scott (lord Eldon) his severe persecu- Spectator, volume the ninth and last,
St. Barnabas, the remains of, found 40 tion of the press 779

by Mr. Bond 611
St. Bartholomew, massacre of 355 Scottish Mercury 500

Speculatist, (by Concaned) 643
St. George, miracle play of 214, 215 “ Scotus his funeral," name given to Speculator, by Dr. Drake 765
St. lves Mercury 6:24

conflagration of books at Oxford 305 Speeches in Parlament 497
St. James's Magazine 710, 73) - Even. Scourge 015. 654

Speedy Post;, south more News from
ing Post 611-(Applebees') 012—Post Scribbleomania or the Printers' Devils

Hull 498
612, 627, 133-Chronicle 709, 936- Polychronicun 862

Spendthrift 715
Weekly Journal 615- Weekly Jour. Scriptorium,or writing-room, origin of Sphynr 903
nal; or Hanoverian Postman 622- 49-notices of 49, 58, 63

Spie, communicating intelligence fra
Journal, with Memoirs of Literature Scriptures, sermon against 222

Orford 300

Sculpture and statuary, state of, in Sporting Magasine 769
St. James's palace, press erected in 644 England, in the 15th century 97, 98 Spy 624, 500—by James Hogg 834
St. John's college, extract from an old Seal first fixed to a charter 44

Stage, first potee of a license of 498
account book belonging to 329 Seasonable Speech 527— Writer 638 Stamford Mercury 603, 629
St. Mary's college, Oxford, statutes Seasons, trial concerning 722 Stamp duty on periodicals commented
: concerning books 117

Second and last adventure of the Wheel 584
St. Matthew's gospel found 40-sum of Fortune 579

Stanhope press invented 802
o paid for 118-set to music 50 Secret Mercury 586-Owl 495

Stanley Jas., bp.of Fly, anecdótea 1
St. Patrick, the apostle of Ireland Sects, lines upon 514

Staple of News, extract from to
St. Paul's, the boys of, perform the first Seditious societies and reading-rooms Star 944
regular drama in England 75—curi suppressed 795

Star chamber instituted 186 ordinane
ous custom at 115-cross, sermons Selden John, ludicrous anecdote of 484 ces of 342, 343, 874, 490.7.**
wat 73
Sentimental Magazine 731

Statesman 877, 879, 910
St. Peter's, feast of, at Rome 115 Seren Gormer, (Swansea) 858

Statio, meaning of 6s
St. Stephen's, Westminster, wages Sermon, curious 588

Stationers' company, or, test writers
paid for painting and glazing 73 Servetus, Michael, burnt 319, 628, 629 83--formed into a guild 83—wbes
Salisbury, earl of, curious account of several Proceedings 518

first used 83-charter granted 325–
an entertainment given by 419 Several Weighty Queries 562

list of the original members 35
Salisbury Postman 611- Journal 922 Shadgett's Weekly Review 866

expense of the charter 326 expense
Salisbury Primer, extract from 232 Shakspeare, Boydell's edition of the, of the first public dinner of 337
Salisbury, Thomas, executed 391 works of 912 - sums paid to the extract from the records of 330-first
Sand used to write on 21

different editors of 716—price of early book entered at 330--& collection
Satirist 930

editions of 474-advertisement of gathered from 380-monthly certis
Saturday Magazine 927— Post 615 Rowe's edition 593--forgeries 938 cate of books printed by 437-plate
Saunterer, by Hewson Clarke 824 Shamrock, Waterford 802

of, pledged 479contribated towards
Sawtre, sir William, burnt for heresy 83 Sheffield Courant 903— Mercury 903– the rebuilding of St. Paul's 06.
Saxon chronicle 57

Independent 866—— Public Advertiser contribute towards the city pageants
Saxon manuscripts, splendid manner 866-Patriot 954-Iris 761--- Register 481-patent from James 1 48-
of writing and binding 46

feasts of restrained 460-nacre
Saxon types first used in England 345 Shells used for preserving writing their hall to Bergavenny house 457
Saxons, their arrival in Britain 31, 39 upon 20

order of dress 487-books enteted at
-origin of the name 32

Shepherd's Calender, description of the 798-extract from the moments a
Say, Jord, beheaded 146

months from 226_by Spencer 414 413-paid for search dinnen 418-
Scavenger's daughter, an instrument Sherborne Mercury 879

charter of, exemplified 545, $ho--
of torture 373

Sherfield, Henry, recorder of alisbar y ordered to prosecate printers &
Schedule, origin of 19

curious trial of 483

required to attend queen Elizabeth
Schemer 705
Sheridan, R. B. present to 850

407-books burnt at stationes' tal
Scholar (the) poetical description of 82 Ship of Fools 211, 275

431-compelled to lend money
Schools, first public at Rome 36, 37 — Shoemaker, at Newberry, burnt for Charles I. 496_attend the king a
held in porticos of temples and heresy 235

his return from Scotland 497=Best
porches of churches 37 - charity Signatures invented 131

of Martyrs given to the prisoners
schools first commenced in London Signets worn by the Jews 16

in Ludgate, by sol-ordered to subs
570—founded at Bangor 39-of Ire- sign of the cross used instead of seals stitute the arms of the cotton
land celebrated 44, 45—first opened 42

wealth 573 – precept of the lord
in cities and towns 51 - Sunday Silent Monitor 612

mayor to 522, 529, 541-silver cups
schools commenced 842-jubilee held Silver types used for printing 408 presented to 552- ordered to see
Science, first periodical work of, in Singapore Free Press 946-Chronicle Buchanan's History of Scotland Ses
England 642

-hall of destroyed by the fire a
Scintilla; or a light broken into dark Singleton, Hugh, John Stubbs, and London 543 demands three copis

warehouses of some printers, sleeping William Page, punishment of 366 of every printed boos 544-charter
stationers, and combining booksellers Sithen, curious grant to the monks 44 of renewed 461-origin of giving up

Skelton's description of a splendidly prentices bibles 6e1-trial concert.
Sclavonians receive the privilege of bound book 235

ing the right of literary property 66
performing divine service in their Skeptic; or Unbeliver 731

-curious account of a schism in a
own tongue 46

Skins used by the Persians to write -to enter a book at optional 798
Score and tally, origin of 20
upon 20, 21

their exclusive rigbt regarding almi
Scotchman 728

Skipton castle, extract from the house nacks detected 734-donations and
Scotch Mercury 675-Memoirs, by way hold book of 486

benefactions to $3), 337,1340 H

I. 457

- 134522 416, 417, 430, 458, 182, 606, 542, edition of the New Testament in the Volume, meaning of 22

543, 543, 552, 661, 563, 575, 523, 616, English language 235-burnt 263 Volumen, bark books so called 22
834, 659, 686, 704, 741, 755, 784, 794, Titchburne Chidiock, executed 946 Volunteer Evening Post, prin ter of
820, 831, 805, 867, 905, 918
Tit for Tit 565

tarred and feathered 746, 747
Statten, Herman de, curious deed of, Tithes, origin of 274

Vorstius Conrad, his Nature and Attrial
sale by 130

Titles and ciphers to books first used butes of God burnt by order of James
Statute of labourers 73

160-curious list of 504, 506-obser-
Steel, engraving upon, introduced into vation on 648

Votes of the house of Commons 560
England 870

Tobacco introduced into England 398 Votes of both houses 529
Stenography known to the Romans 39 Tonstall, bishop of London, anecdote Vulgate edition of the bible 38-mean-
Stereotype, printing with 584, 585, 586, of 2 15

ing of the word 38
735, 817, 871, 895

Tory Tatler 595
Sterne, Dr. John, his bequests to the Touchstone 640

Waies of Literature 608
university of Dublin 65)

Town and Country Magazine 721 Waits, Christmas music, notice of 228
Steeven's, G. singular instance of liter- Town Talk by Steel 612—by Agg 814 Wake, Kid, killed 792
ary perseverance of 777

Trades, singular enumeration of 232 Walker, Obadiah, his license to print
Stippling, a mode of engraving 367 Traiteur 747

from James II. 567
Stockings of silk first worn by queen Transactions of the society of arts 750 Wakefield and Halifax Journal 887
Elizabeth 413-knit 485

Translating curious anecdote of 895 Walls, books found preserved in 308
Stone desks, books placed upon 42 Translation of the Gazette into French Septuagint, origin of 34
Stone used for engraving npon 16, 17 553

Walter's Angler, advertisement of 520
Storm, great, in England 588 Transmutation of metals, charter for Wandering Spy; or the ways of the
Story, Dr. John, executed 378


world inquired into 591
Stowe, John, curious extract from 443 Trealy traverst 509

Wandering Whore 529
Strange News from Arpington 573— Trials for practising the art of printing Warwick, extract from the Black Book
from the West 330-- from the Deep without serving a regular appren

at 450
554—and terrible news from Oaking-ticeship 651, 652

Watchman 792, 942
ham 551- and wonderful news from Trifier 761, 791—(at Edinburgh) 792 Waterford Flying Post 641-Journal
* Bridewell 554 from Norwich 562 Trinidad ('ourant 840

715- Mirror 810-Shamrock 802
Strawberry hill, private press at 701— Trinity college, Dublin, library pre- Warranted tidings from Ireland 495
printer's farewell to 797
sented to 414

Student, (Oxford) 680

Trinity college, Oxford, founded 329 Water marks on paper, curious anec-
Style, an instrument used to write Troubadours, French minstrels 82 dote of 201
with-origin of the term 26

True and perfect Diurnal 520-and Waxen tablets, notice of 74, 79
Sun 870, 921, 937--True Sun 930 perfect Dutch Diurnal 521

Waygoose, derivation of 516
Sunday Monitor 851

True and impartial account of the re- Waynflete, bishop of Winchester in
Sunderland Herald 920-and Durham markable incidents 571

structions to the clergy 117
General Skipping Gazette 920--Bea. True News, laudable news 498-or Mer. Wearmouth, monastery founded at 12
con 954
curius Anglicus 558-News 559 Weaver (the) 622

Sun fire office establishes the British True Relation 546- Protestant Mer-Weekly Test Paper 571-Memorials 672
Mercury 595, 602

cury 560, 573— Informer 500, 506, 519, - Packet of Advice 556-Packet of
Supple, Mark, curious anecdote of 828 621, 522-Briton 629-Patriot 674- Advice from Rome 573-Review 740
Supplement 5y3, 614

Protestant Domestic Intelligence 560 -or the Wednesday's Post 615 --News
Surprise 612
Truths from York 495

from foreign parts 501-News 642_2
Surny, earl of, beheaded 240, 294, 295 Tuesday's Post 504

News' books 400 — Adnertisement of
Sweden, first typographer royal 280 Tulip mania in Holland 847

books 560-Miscellany 638, 649--Post
Swedish Intelligencer 482
Tuner 721

Boy 652Post 522, 527— Amusement
“Sweet singers" repounce the printed Turkish Spy, account of 568, 569 652, 758 --Essay 661- Journal 616,
erbible 360
Tusser, Thomas, acrostic on 299

624-Journal, or the BritishGazetteer
Swift, dean, his vengeance against Tutchin John,severe punishment of 601 635-Post master 503-General Past
certain printers 599

Twynn, John, printer, executed 540 615 - Observator 615-Packet 609-2
Sydney, Algernon, beheaded 565 Tyler, Wat,rebellion of 78—lines on 177 Pacquet 609-Packet, with the price
Sylph 789
Tylesworth, William, burnt 213

current 617--Medley 640, 612-Med
Syr Grey-Steil, a rare Scotch poem 414 Tyne Mercury 813

ley ; or, the Gentleman's Recreation
Type founding, earliest instance of 204 617-Intelligence 198, 557 - Intelli-
Table book noticed by Chaucer 37— first in Scotland 668-at Oxford gencer 527– Discovery of the myste-
taken to the theatre 435

552-Ordinances of the star chamber ries of iniquity 562--Intelligence of
Tachygraphio, short-hand writers, and concerning 490

the commonwealth 527-Memento for
al calligraphi elegant writers 77

the ingenious 565—Amusement 758
Taller (by Steel) 593-(at Edinburgh) Ulphilas, bishop, left out the book of Comedy, or the humours of the coffee
1599-(by Mr. Harrison) 600-by Mr. kings in his translation of the bible house 593— Comedy 581 - Remem.
--Baker) (anonymous) 593 revived 38-Codex Argenteus, or silver book brancer 586-Survey of the World
9638-srevived, or the christian philoso- Universal Intelligence 558, 562, 573— 597— Post. foreign and domestic 600
Kapher and politician 680

Intelligencer 571 – Journal 629 - - Remarks and political Remarks
Tatling Harlot 594

Magazine 674- Register 759- Review 612–Register 643, 799, 810-Rehear.
Tavistock, extract from the church- 705 -- Spectator 640 — Visitor 696. sal 614-Magazine (Edinburgh) 719
- warden's account at 407

Chronicle; or Weekly Gazette 702 Magazine, or gentleman and lady's
Taylor, John, poet, anecdote of 519 Universities, remarks upon the foun- polite company 704-Account, &c.500
Tea Table 614, 634

ders of 412

327-Vision of the late popish plot
Technical toast 767

Unnoticed Theories of Servetus, &c. 629 562- Chronicle (Owen's) 718-In-
Telegraph 790
Upsal, private prees at 568

formation 525--Discover stript naked
Telemachus, account of its publication Urbanicus and Rusticus 574

562-Christian Teacher 952-Police

Gazette 944- Dispatch 855
Tell Tale 595

Van, Paris George, burnt for heresy 305 Weepers 520
Templar 644-(by S. Paterson) 731,812 Variety (by Mr. Repton) 762

Wednesday's Mercury 500-Journal 615
Teller of the exchequer, origin of 20 Venus and Adonis, poem of, published Welsh bishop, anecdote of 457
Terra Filius 711--- (by Amherst) 626 418-first printed in Scotland 450 Welsh Mercury 500
Test 666

Versailles, private press in the palace Welshman 929
Tewkesbury Yearly Register 915

Welshman's Declaration
Thames, river, account of a fair held Vicar of Wakefield published 732 Wentworth, earl of Strafford, executed
on 665

Villiens, or slaves, sold in England 31 501
Thanks given to the King 562

Vindication of Godliness, by Richard Wesselus, singular request of 188
Theatre, (sir John Edgar) 624

Allen, curious anecdote of 543 West Briton 887, 944
Theatres, price of admission to 435 Vintners and taverners notice of 75 Western Luminary 853, 879, 893
Theme 519

Virgilius, bishop of Saltzburg, burnt Western Informer 503
Thomas's American Almanack, anec- for heresy 222

Western Star 853
dote ot 746

Virgil, his notice of brands for mark- Westminster Magazine 680, 731-Ga.
Thursday's Journal 621

ing 15-Georgics published 36 zette 562--Journal, or new Weekly
Tilly, count, letter against printers 477 Visions of sir Heister Ryler 565

Miscellany 669--Review 894
Time, lines on the picture of 582 Visitor 629

Westmoreland Gazette 869
Times 765

Vitellius, the first who taught Greek Whiffler, meaning of 528
Tindall, William, published the first in the university of Oxford 200, 201 Whig and tory, Johnson's- definitions


of 703

of 830-- from the spectator 830- list of persons who have suffered for Wyatt, sir Thomas, bebeaded 325
Wilkes's opinion of 722-lines on 640 233, 418--work3 upon 380, 418. 437' Wye, extract from the churchwarden's
-Hallam's description of 672

541-annual lecture founded on 418 account at 281
Whig (the) 747-Examiner 595-Vaga. -acts of parliament against 418

sine, or Patriot Miscellany 746 Winter Evenings, (by Dr. Knox) 762 Xavier, Francis,apostle of the Indies 396
Whipping Post 591

Witty Apothegms of king James 1. Ximenes, cardinal, promoter of the
Whisperer 595. 721

curious extract from 467

Complutensian Polygiott 239
Whitehall Courant 615-Evening Post Wolcot, Dr. John, curious agreement
627, 633, 907--Journal 633

between, and Messrs. Robinson and Yarmouth, Norfolk, earliest aecoant
Whittington, sir Richard, lord mayor Walker 781-his fracas with Mr, of 537
of London, built the library of Grey

Gifford 797

Year books 174
friars, (now Christ church) 95 Wolsey, cardinal, his letter to the pope Yodge, sir William, his opposition to
Wiclif, his translation of the whole concerning printing, &c. 250-Shak. the liberty of the press 657

bible75-followers of, called Lollards speare's description of 249—his skul York Chronicle 728 - Courant 621 –
76--severe persecutions of 253, 286 purchased by R. Phillips 251

Herald 771, 938-Mercury 621
Wilkes, John, erected a private press Wonderful and strange News 472 York and Lancaster, number of per.

in his house 710-prayers desired for Wood, engraving upon, history of 64 sons killed in the wars of 135—the
719-committed to the tower 710- Wood tablets used for preserving laws wars of, effects on literature 135
verdict against the earl of Halifax upon 18. 19

York, Elizabeth of, extract from her
719-letter to Almon 722

Worcester Journal 593, 940_Herala privy purse account 208
William 1. curious charter to the 871- Postman 593

Yorke. sir John, his wife and brothers
citizens of London, by 49

Wordsworth, William, sonnet on the fined and imprisoned 459, 460
Wine, price of 75

writers of the reign of Charles II. 566 Yorkshire Gazette 875
Wine, Beer, Ale, and Tobacco, con- Works of the Learned by La Crose 574 Young, Dr. Edward, elegy on the death
tending for superiority 527
Works of the Learned 574

of Addison 620-anecdote of Osó
Winnington, sir Thomas, singular re- World (the) 685

Young Lady 696
mark in the house of commons 657 Worrall, John, bookseller, noble trait
Wishart, George, burnt 240

in his conduct 727

Zenger, John Peter,printer, New York,
Witchcraft, origin of trials for 233 Writing of the angels 8

North America, trial of, for libel 661

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