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Detailed Statement of Endowment Fund-Journal 1910, page 131; Charter of Incorporated Trustees-Journal 1910, page 222; Form of Charter of Incorporation-Journal 1910, page 227; Form of Articles of Association of Organized Missions-Journal 1910, page 231; Suggested Form of By-Laws-Journal 1910, page 234; Canon 14 of General Convention-Journal 1910, page 237.


Tuesday, May 8th, 1917, 7:30 P. M.

This being the day appointed for the Thirteenth Annual Convention of the Church in the Diocese of Harrisburg, Evening Prayer was said by the Rev. Messrs. Henry A. Post and Daniel W. Gateson, and the Rt. Rev. James Henry Darlington, Ph.D., D.D., LL.D., Bishop of the Diocese, read his address. (Appendix A.)

A list of the Clergy entitled to seats, prepared by the Bishop, was read by the Secretary, and forty-five (45) were found to be present. There were also present six (6) of those not entitled to vote.

The Secretary then called the roll of Lay Delegates, as made by him from the certificates as prescribed by Canon, when fifty-three (53) delegates, representing tweny-four (24) Parishes and four (4) Organized Missions, answered to their names.

A quorum of both Orders was present.

The Convention then proceeded to the election of a Secretary. Mr. E. P. Brinton nominated Mr. Charles M. Clement, of St. Matthew's Church, Sunbury.

On motion, the nominations were closed and a vote was ordered viva voce. The vote being taken, the President declared Mr. Clement duly elected Secretary.

The Secretary appointed as his assistant the Rev. William Dorwart, Rector of the Church of the Nativity, Newport.

The Convention then proceeded to the election of a Treasurer. Mr. H. S. Knight nominated Mr. Herbert W. Hartman, of St. John's Church, Lancaster.

On motion, the nominations were closed and a vote was ordered viva voce. The vote being taken, the President declared Mr. Hartman duly elected Treasurer.

The President appointed the following Regular Committees:

On Claims of Clergy to Seats.

The Rev. Messrs. A. M. Judd, H. B. Pulsifer and R. R. Morgan, and Messrs. John Morris, J. L. Warren and A. H. Woolley.

On Claims Of Lay Delegates To Seats

The Rev. Messrs. C. S. Kitchin, G. F. Carruthers and S. H. Rainey, and Messrs. W. L. Helfenstein, J. L. Lawrence and Charles Dunn.

On Charters.

The Rev. Messrs. Alexander McMillan, R. A. Sawyer and D. W. Gateson, and Messrs. H. S. Knight, E. P. Brinton and A. T. Page.

On Canons.

The Rev. Messrs. C. G. Twombly, G. I. Browne and E. M. Frear, and Messrs. David McMullen, C. H. McCauley and R. A. G. Ault.

On Unfinished Business

The Rev. Messrs. G. O. Eskins, M. D. Maynard and E. S. Barlow, and Messrs. D. F. Herrick, J. H. Spotts and P. S. Fellows

Diocesan Board Of Religious Education.

The Rev. G. F. G. Hoyt, President; Archdeaconry of Harrisburg, Rev. J. F. Bullitt and Mr. G. F. Stibgen; Archdeaconry of Altoona, Rev. W. E. Kunkel and Mr. C. R. Houtz; Archdeaconry of Williamsport, Rev. W. C. Pugh and Mr. F. D. Kern; Northern Archdeaconry, Rev. F. R. Allison and Mr. F. J. Wandell.

Social Service Commission.

The Revs. Messrs. Lewis Nichols, M. D'P. Maynard, G. I. Brown, and Messrs, R. K. Hanaman, G. E. Elwell and G. F. Stibgen.

Committee on Church Pension Fund.

The Rev. Messrs. W. C. Pugh, G. R. Bishop and A. R. Taylor, and Messrs. C. LaRue Munson, J. C. Schmidt and R. M. H. Wharton

The Secretary laid before the Convention a communication from the Secretary of the House of Deputies notifying this Diocese of the alterations and additions to the Book of Common Prayer, proposed and adopted in the General Convention of 1916, to be acted upon in the General Convention of 1919. (Appendix B)

The Secretary laid before the Convention a certificate from the Secretary of the House of Deputies giving notice of proposed alterations in the Constitution of the Church, proposed and adopted in the General Convention of 1916 and to be acted upon in the General Convention of 1919. (Appendix C.)

Mr. F. N. Page offered the following:

RESOLVED, That 9.45 A. M. Wednesday be fixed as the hour to commence balloting for officers to be elected by the Convention. -which was adopted.

Mr. H. S. Knight offered the following:

RESOLVED, That the second and subsequent sessions of the Convention be held in St. Matthew's Parish House, and that the morning sessions convene at 9:30 A. M., with a recess from 12.30 P.M. to 2 P. M.

-which was adopted.

Mr. G. P. Crocker offered the following reso'utions relative to the Standing Orders:

First: RESOLVED, That the first Standing Order relative to the printing of ballots be repealed, the same being supplied by Ru'e 1 of the Rules of Order.

Second: RESOLVED, That the fourth Standing Order be amended by striking out the following paragraph: "An Offering for the General Clergy Relief Fund on Christmas Day or Quinquagesima Sunday."

Third: RESOLVED, That the fifth Standing Order, relative to the membership on the Board of Directors of the Church Home at Jonestown, be repealed.

Fourth: RESOLVED, That the sixth Standing Order, making the Secretary the custodian of the gavel and certain other property of the Convention, be repealed.

Fifth: RESOLVED, That the seventh Standing Order, relative to the Diocesan Commission of General Clergy Relief, be repealed.

Sixth: RESOLVED, That the remaining Standing Orders be renumbered accordingly.

-which were referred to the Committee on Canons.

Mr. C. M. Clement offered the following amendments to the Canons, Ru'es of Order and an accompanying schedule:

First. RESOLVED, That the Canons of this Convention be amended by the insertion of a new Canon as fo lows:


The Finance Committee

Section 1. At every annual Convention a Finance Committee shall be elected to perform the duties set forth in this Canon and in Canon VII of this Convention. This Committee shall consist of the Secretary of the Convention, the Treasurer of the Convention, and the Chancellor of the Diocese, ex-officio, if they be laymen, and four other laymen to be elected by the Convention in the same manner as the other officers thereof. No member of the Standing Committee shall be eligible to serve on this committee.

Section 2. The Finance Committee shall be ex-officio the Trustees of the Endowment Fund. The Treasurer of the Convention, as custodian of the Endowment Fund and the securities thereof and of the Diocesan Fund hereinafter created, shall give bond with corporate surety in the sum of twenty thousand dollars, conditioned for the faithful performance of the duties of his office and the accounting for and turning over of the funds and securities in his hands to his successor; the premium on said bond shall be paid out of the Diocesan Fund.

Section 3. It shall be the duty of the Finance Committee to maintain general supervision of the financial affairs of the Diocese; to secure simplicity and accuracy in collection and disbursement of all funds and co-operation between the various officers, trusts and boards of the Diocese, for which purpose it shall establish its own rules, keep a record of its meetings, and make an annual report in detail, together with such recommendations as it may deem proper to the Convention. This Committee shall act as advisor of the Bishop in financial matters; and, upon request, as advisor to individual parishes, organized missions and mission stations in this Diocese. It shal' perform such other duties relating to the business affairs of the Diocese as may be referred to it or as are devolved upon it by Canon VII.

Second. RESOLVED, That now Canon VII be amended by striking out the whole of the third section and renumbering the remaining sections accordingly.

Third. RESOLVED, That the first paragraph of now Section 6 of now Canon VII be stricken out and repealed and a new paragraph inserted as follows:

Section 6. The basis of assessment for the Diocesan Fund shall be the amounts expended for salaries of clergy and others,' for music, organist and choir,' 'for fuel, light, water and power,' as shown in the report of current expenses in the last preceding paro. chial report of the several parishes, organized missions and miss on stations. The expenditures for each and every of the purposes enumerated in this Section sha 1 include all the moneys expended therefor, whether the disbursements were made out of church funds or from moneys contributed by individuals or parochial societies, or from income upon invested trusts or in any other manner whatsoever, but shall be exclusive of moneys received from the Dicesan Board of Missions."

Fourth. RESOLVED, That the second paragraph of now Section 6 of Canon VII be amended by stri' ing cut in the second line thereof the word "October" and insert in lieu thereof the word "June."


RESOLVED, That the third paragraph of now Section 6 of Canon VII be amended by striking out the fourth line thereof the word "January" and inverting in lieu thereof the word "October."

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