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Working in the Diocese but not Connected with it. *Henderson, Rev. Eugene L., St. Augustine's, Harrisburg. Montgomery, Rev. S. G. Morton, curate, St. Luke's, Altoona. *Yeakel, Rev. Warren R., Yeates School, Lancaster.

Lay Delegates *Not present during the convention.

The Secretary---Mr. Charles M. Clement.
The Treasurer-Mr. Herbert M. Hartman.
The Chancellor--Mr. C. Larue Munson.

Incorporated Parishes.
St. Luke's Church, Altoona-*H. P. Wilson, *V. W. Smith, *C. W.

Billin, *F. W. Blose, *S. B. Beattie, D. S. Bratton, H. G. Hinkle.
Trinity Church, Antrim-No delegate.
St. James' Church, Bedford—*William D. Langdon.
St. John's Church, Bellefonte—*Dr. J. L. Seibert, W. F. Reynolds.
St. Paul's Church, Bloomsburg-John Morris, George B. Bogg, *R.

E. Miller, George E. Elwell.
St. Luke's Church, Blossburg—No delegate.
All Saints' Church, Brookland-No delegate.
St. John's Church, Carlisle-H. L. Warren, *Adam Keller, *T.

Ralph Jacobs.
St. John's Church, Catawissa-Nc delegate.
Holy Trinity Church, Centralia—No delegate.
Trinity Church, Chambersburg—W. K. Suesserotte, J. Llewellyn

Bangor Church, Churchtown-No delegate.
St. Gabriel's Church, Coles Creek-No delegate.
St. Paul's Church, Columbia—*W. T. Garrison, *Granville E. Paules,

Paul Garrison.
Christ Church, Coudersport-No delegate.
Christ Church, Danville—*John Doster, A. H. Woolley. F. C. Augle.
St. James Church, Exchange—*A. H. Litchard.
St. Andrew's Church, Harrisburg-F. W. Watts, C. J. Hoffman.
St. Paul's Church, Harrisburg—R. M. H. Wharton, *J. R. Lane, *W.

E. Anwyll.
St. Stephen's Church, Harrisburg—*G. A. Gorgas, *Lesley Mc-

Creath, J. R. Morrison, J. H. Alricks.
St. John's Church, Huntingdon-Samuel A. Hamilton.
St. James' Church, Lancaster-David McMullen, *S. H. Reynolds,

*H. S. Franklin, G. N. Reynolds, E. P. Brinton, J. E. Bowman.
St. John's Church, Lancaster--James H. Spotts, Edward Pillow,

Wm. J. Dreppard, *Ira W. Arnold, * Morris, Zook, R. Karl Hana


Christ Church, Leacock-Tobias D. Leaman.
St. Mark's Church, Lewistown—*H. J. Culbertson, *F. A. Hays,

Charles C. Brown.
St. Paul's Church, Lock Haven-Charles Dunn, *D. B. Furst, *R.

S. Quigley.
Christ Church, Lykens-*S. Ray Stanley.
St. Paul's Church. Manheim-No delegate.
St. James' Church, Mansfield-No delegate.
St. John's Church, Marietta-George F. Stibgen, Adam Bahn.

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Church of Our Saviour, Montoursville-*Wm. T. Griffith.
St. Stephen's Church, Mt. Carmel---*P. W. Hoffman, J. S. Hinkel,

*R. A. Scott.
Hope Church, Mt. Hope--No delegate.
St. Luke's Church, Mt. Joy-Thomas J. Brown.
St. James' Church, Muncy_*L. Clyde Smith, Milton E. Reeder.
Grace Church, Nickel Mines—*Charles A. Doble.
St. Mark's Church, Northumberland-H. H. Purdy.
All Saints' Church, Paradise-Jacob R. Bachman.
St. Paul's Church, Philipsburg—*Wm. M. MacFarland, *T. C.

Flaherty, C. R. Houtz, *Dr. F. K. White. Trinity Church, Renovo-Ben. Wi'son, P. S. Fellows. Trinity Church, Shamokin-T. S. Hamilton, *Fred C. Caldwell, *M.

C. Farrow, W. L. Helfenstein. St. John's Church, South Williamsport-*M. Dunbar Frey, *Sted

man D. Harding. Trinity Church, Steelton--Wm. T. Middleton, M. D., *John B.

Downes. St. Matthew's Church, Sunbury--Frederick Round; H. S. Knight,

W. A. Brosious, F. C. Kalb, W. B. Vance. St. Stephen's Church, Thomps^ntown-No delegate. St. Andrew's Church, Tioga--No delegate. Trinity Church, Tyrone-John A. Reiley. St. Paul's Church, Wellsboro—*Horace B. Packer, *Andrew B.

Dunsmore, *Henry K. Blatchley. All Saints' Church, Williamsport-John J. Young, Wi'liam Olds. Christ Church. Williamsport-*A P. Perley. A. T. Page, *J. F. Laed.

lein, W. C. Robinson, Edgar Munson, C. W. Sallada, R. W. Scott,

G. P. Crocker. St. Mary's Church, Williamsport-S. E Marquette, *J. F. Spring

man. Trinity Church. William sport-H. A Gibson, R. T. Smith, J. A.

Williams, C. H. McCaulev. T. H. Hammond. St. John's Church. York-Robert A. G. Ault, James Rudisill, W. L.

Mann, John C. Schmidt, E. T. Preston, C. Norris Robinson.

Organized Missions.
Calvary Church, Beartown-Edward B. Smisher.
Christ Church, Berwick--*L. E. Hess.
Church of Transfiguration, B’ue Ridge Summit- No delegate.
Mt. Calvary Church, Camp Hill—*John C. Armstrong.
Prince of Peace Church, Gettysburg-No delegate.
Holy Trinity Church, Hollidaysburg—*P. C. Kapp.
Trinity Church, Jersey Shore-D. Frederick Herrick.
St. Peter's Church, Juniata--*Wm. Bell.
St. John's Church, Lawrenceville-No delegate.
St. Luke's Church. Mechanicsburg-*William Hinton.
Christ Church, Milton--* Robert P. Rish.
Church of the Nativity, Newport--H. M. Keen.
St. Andrew's Church, Shinpensburg--No delegate.
Si Andrew's Church. State College--F. D. Kern.
Church of Good Shepherd, Upper Fairfield-No delegate.
St. John's Church, Westfield—*J. F. Eberle.



Detailed Statement of Endowment Fund-Journal 1910, page 131; Charter of Incorporated Trustees—Journal 1910, page 222; Form of Charter of Incorporation-Journal 1910, page 227; Form of Articles of Association of Organized Missions—Journal 1910, page 231; Suggested Form of By-Laws—Journal 1910, page 234; Canon 14 of General Convention--Journal 1910, page 237.


Tuesday, May 8th, 1917, 7:30 P. M.

This being the day appointed for the Thirteenth Annual Conven. tion of the Church in the Diocese of Harrisburg, Evening Prayer was said by the Rev. Messrs. Henry A. Post and Daniel W. Gateson, and the Rt. Rev. James Henry Darlington, Ph.D., D.D., LL.D., Bishop of the Diocese, read his address. (Appendix A.)

A list of the Clergy entitled to seats, prepared by the Bishop, was read by the Secretary, and forty-five (45) were found to be present. There were also present six (6) of those not entitled to vote.

The Secretary then called the roll of Lay Delegates, as made by him from the certificates as pre-cribed by Canon, when fifty-three (53) delegates, representing tweny-four (24) Parishes and four (4) Organized Missions, answered to their names.

A quorum of both Orders was present.
The Convention then proceeded to the election of a Secretary.

Mr. E. P. Brinton nominated Mr. Charles M. Clement, of St. Matthew's Church, Sunbury.

On motion, the nominations were closed and a vote was ordered viva voce. The vote being taken, the President declared Mr. Clem. ent duly elected Secretary.

The Secretary appointed as his assistant the Rev. William Dor. wart, Rector of the Church of the Nativity, Newport.

The Convention then proceeded to the election of a Treasurer.

Mr. H. S. Knight nominated Mr. Herbert W. Hartman, of St. John's Church, Lancaster.

On motion, the nominations were closed and a vote was ordered viva voce. The vote being taken, the President declared Mr. Hart. man duly elected Treasurer.

The President appointed the following Regu'ar Committees:

On Claims of Clergy to Seats. The Rev. Messrs. A. M. Judd, H. B. Pulsifer and R. R. Morgan, and Messrs. John Morris, J. L. Warren and A. H. Woolley.

On Claims Of Lay Delegates To Seats The Rev. Messrs. C. S. Kitchin, G. F. Carruthers and S. H. Rainey, and Messrs. W. L. Helfenstein, J. L. Lawrence and Charles Dunn.

On Charters. The Rev. Messrs. Alexander McMillan, R. A. Sawyer and D. W. Gateson, and Messrs. H. S. Knight, E. P. Brinton and A. T. Page.

On Canons. The Rev. Messrs. C. G. Twombly, G. I. Browne and E. M, Frear, and Messrs. David McMullen, C. H. McCauley and R. A. G. Ault.

On Unfinished Business The Rev. Messrs. G. 0. Eskins, M. D. Maynard and E. S. Barlow, and Messrs. D. F. Herrick, J. H. Spotts and P. S. Fellows

Diocesan Board Of Religious Education. The Rev. G. F. G. Hoyt, President; Archdeaconry of Harrisburg, Rev. J. F. Bullitt and Mr. G. F. Stibgen; Archdeaconry of Altoona, Rev. W. E. Kunkel and Mr. C. R. Houtz; Archdeaconry of Williams. port, Rev. W. C. Pugh and Mr. F. D. Kern; Northern Archdeaconry, Rev. F. R. Allison and Mr. F. J. Wandell.

Social Service Commission. The Revs. Messrs. Lewis Nichols, M. D'P. Maynard, G. I. Brown, and Messrs, R. K. Hanaman, G. E. Elwell and G. F. Stibgen.

Committee on Church Pension Fund, The Rev. Messrs. W. C. Pugh, G. R. Bishop and A. R. Taylor, and Messrs. C. LaRue Munson, J. C. Schmidt and R. M. H. Wharton

The Secretary laid before the Convention a communication from the Secretary of the House of Deputies notifying this Diocese of. the alterations and additions to the Book of Common Prayer, pro. posed and adopted in the General Convention of 1916, to be acted upon in the General Convention of 1919. (Appendix B)

The Secretary laid before the Convention a certificate from the Secretary of the House of Deputies giving notice of proposed alterations in the Constitution of the Church, proposed and adopted in the General Convention of 1916 and to be acted upon in the General Convention of 1919. (Appendix C.)

Mr. F. N. Page offered the following:

RESOLVED, That 9.45 A. M. Wednesday be fixed as the hour to commence balloting for officers to be elected by the Convention. -which was adopted.

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