A Tennyson Primer: With a Critical Essay

Dodd, Mead, 1896 - 189 sider

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Side 80 - Nor thro' the questions men may try, The petty cobwebs we have spun: If e'er when faith had fall'n asleep, I heard a voice "believe no more" And heard an ever-breaking shore That tumbled in the Godless deep; A warmth within the breast would melt The freezing reason's colder part, And like a man in wrath the heart Stood up and answer'd "I have felt.
Side 65 - Till at the last she set herself to man, Like perfect music unto noble words; And so these twain, upon the skirts of Time, Sit side by side, full-summ'd in all their powers, Dispensing harvest, sowing the To-be, Self-reverent each and reverencing each, Distinct in individualities, But like each other ev'n as those who love. Then comes the statelier Eden back to men : Then reign the world's great bridals, chaste and calm : Then springs the crowning race of humankind. May these things be...
Side 26 - But utter clearness, and thro' loss of Self The gain of such large life as match'd with ours Were Sun to spark — unshadowable in words, Themselves but shadows of a shadow-world.
Side 138 - The mountain wooded to the peak, the lawns And winding glades high up like ways to Heaven, The slender coco's drooping crown of plumes, The lightning flash of insect and of bird, The lustre of the long convolvuluses That...
Side 138 - All these he saw ; but what he fain had seen He could not see, the kindly human face, Nor ever hear a kindly voice...
Side 12 - THE NEW TIMON AND THE POETS. WE know him, out of Shakespeare's art, And those fine curses which he spoke ; The old Timon, with his noble heart, That, strongly loathing, greatly broke. So died the Old : here comes the New. Regard him : a familiar face : I thought we knew him : What, it's you, The padded man — that wears the stays — Who killed the girls and thrilled the boys With dandy pathos when you wrote ! A Lion, you, that made a noise, And shook a mane en papillotes.
Side 19 - You'll have no scandal while you dine, But honest talk and wholesome wine, And only hear the magpie gossip Garrulous under a roof of pine: For groves of pine on either hand, To break the blast of winter, stand; And further on, the hoary Channel Tumbles a billow on chalk and sand...
Side 27 - And mine in his was wound, and whirl'd About empyreal heights of thought, And came on that which is, and caught The deep pulsations of the world, ./Eonian music measuring out The steps of Time — the shocks of Chance — The blows of Death. At length my trance Was cancell'd, stricken thro
Side 102 - So entirely are beauty and delight in it the native element of Spenser, that, whenever in the " Faery Queen " you come suddenly on the moral, it gives you a shock of unpleasant surprise, a kind of grit, as when one's teeth close on a bit of gravel in a dish of strawberries and cream.
Side 140 - Above, birds fly in merry flocks, the lark Soars up and up, shivering for very joy ; Afar the ocean sleeps ; white fishing-gulls Flit where the strand is purple with its tribe Of nested limpets ; savage creatures seek Their loves in wood and plain — and God renews His ancient rapture.

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