The Poetical Works of Dr. John Leyden

W.P. Nimmo, 1875 - 304 sider

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Side 159 - NIMMO'S NINEPENNY SERIES FOR BOYS AND GIRLS, In demy 18mo, with Illustrations, elegantly bound in cloth. THIS Series of Books will be found unequalled for genuine interest and value, and it is believed they will be eagerly welcomed by thoughtful children of both sexes. Parents may rest assured that each Volume teaches some noble lesson, or enforces some valuable truth. 1. In the Brave Days of Old ; or, The Story of the Spanish Armada. For Boys and Girls. 2. The Lost Euby. By the Author of
Side 4 - I write of youth, of love, and have access By these, to sing of cleanly wantonness ; I sing of dews, of rains, and, piece by piece, Of balm, of oil, of spice, and ambergris ; I sing...
Side 44 - Chieftain's woe, Far from the maid he loved so dear, The song arose, so soft and slow, He seem'd her parting sigh to hear. The lonely deck he paces o'er, Impatient for the rising day, And still, from Crinan's moonlight shore, He turns his eyes to Colonsay.
Side 4 - Tis sweet to see thee, with thy bosom bared, Smiling in virgin innocence, serene, Thy pearly crown above thy vest of green. The lark, with sparkling eye and rustling wing, Rejoins his widow'd mate in early spring, And, as he prunes his plumes of russet hue, Swears on thy maiden blossom to be true.
Side 159 - Experience Teaches. And other Stories for the Young, Illustrative of Familiar Proverbs. With 39 Illustrations. 15- The Happy Recovery.
Side 34 - He burst the doors ; the roofs resound ; With yells the castle rung ; Before him, with a sudden bound, His favourite bloodhound sprung. Ere he could pass, the door was barr'd ; And, grating harsh from under, With creaking, jarring noise, was heard A sound like distant thunder. The iron clash, the grinding sound, Announce the dire sword-mill ;' The piteous bowlings of the hound The dreadful dungeon fill.
Side 159 - Sixpenny and One Shilling Juvenile Books are : The Subjects of each Volume have been selected with a due regard to Instruction and Entertainment; they are well printed on fine paper, in a superior manner; the Shilling Series is Illustrated with Frontispieces printed in Colours; the Sixpenny Series has beautiful Engravings; and they are elegantly bound.
Side 159 - Words to Soothe and Cheer Troubled Hearts. 5. The Chastening of Love: Words of Consolation for the Christian Mourner. By JOSEPH PARKER, DD, Manchester. 6. The Cedar Christian, and other Practical Papers: By the Rev. THEODORE L.
Side 153 - The gentleman hereat wondered, and forthwith, in English, saluted the woman, who joyfully answered him ; and said she was right glad there to see a gentleman of our isle : and told him that she was a Scottish woman, and came first from Scotland to Venice...
Side 35 - In Keeldar's plume the holly green, And rowan leaves, nod on, And vain Lord Soulis's sword was seen, Though the hilt was adderstone. Then up the Wee Brown Man he rose, By Soulis of Liddesdale ; " In vain," he said, " a thousand blows Assail the charmed mail.

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