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Sanctify God in worship, 14.

Strong in faith, not to offend the weak, 15. Sanctification by Christ's death, 8.

Subjects' duties to rulers, 22. By his Spirit, 19.

Submission to God under trouble, 20. Satan in general, 28.

Submission to God in all things. See ContentHis rule in sinners, 4.

ment under his providence, and Contentment. He cannot hurt any further than God per- Sufferings of Christ, 6. mits, 20.

Sufferings of saints, 20. Satisfaction for sin by Christ, 8.

Under God immediately, ib. Saviour Jesus, 5.

From heathen persecutors, ib. Savoury words. See Words.

From men professing God, ib. Scandals to be removed, 25.

Suffering, see it be for well doing, ib. Scriptures of God, 1.

Sufferers are to be pitied, ib. Scriptures the rule of faith and practice, 14. Sufferers' comforts, ib. Seventh day. See Sabbath.

Sufferers' duties, ib. Search the scriptures. See Scriptures.

Swearing in judgment, &c. See Oaths. Diligently about the safety of our state, 9, Sympathize with afflicted ones, ib. 10.

Synagogues, priests or authorized persons spake Seasonable speeches. Sec Words.

in them, 25. Seducers, 28. Seek God. See Prayer at large.

TAKE heed that we depart not from God, 14. Sensible, awakened 'sinners invited to Christ, Take rebukes kindly, 15. 77.

Take heed of seducers. See Seducers, Servants' duty to masters, 16.

Tale-bearing to be avoided, 15. Serve God only, 14.

Talk. See Words. Servitude to Satan, 4.

Teachers in church assemblies, 25. Shadow, man's life. See Death.

Teachers, false, 21. Shepherd, Christ, 6.

Temperate. See Moderation. Sickness. See Trouble.

Temptations by Satan. See Satan and Devil. Signs of our sonship, 10.

By deceivers. See Deceivers. Signs of the last times, 20. 46.

From worldly things. See World. Silence. See Words.

Tempt God, wherein men do it, 66. Similitudes of Christ, 40.

Temptations in general to be watched against, Sincerity, 14.

14. Singing. See Prayers.

Thanksgiving to God, ib. Sion's happiness, 25.

Think not evil upon report, 15. Sin, what, 14.

Theft, 64.
Sin's sad effects upon man, 4.

Thoughts, 31.
Sinners awakened, invited to Christ, 77. Threats against sinners, 14.
Sins threatened and punished here, 14.

Time for improvement to be made use of, 45. Sin not against the Holy Ghost, 19.

Tongue of man, 14. 65. Sins of God's children, 11.

Tower, God to his people. See Trust in God. Sin, to be confessed and mourned for, 14. Trade, 70. See Industry. To be forsaken, ib.

Tradition. See The rule of faith and worship. Sin's pardon, 8.

Treason to be discovered, 22.
Sinfulness of man's nature, 4.

Trinity, 3.
Snares and temptations from the world. See Troubles. See AMictions.

Troubles belong to saints, 20.
Sobriety in men's words. ords.

Trials of saints : God's end in afflicting, ib. Society with the wicked to be avoided, 17.

They shall not exceed their strength, ib. Sovereignty of God, 2.

Try ourselves, 9, 10. Speak no evil of magistrates, 22.

True God, 2. Speak evil of no man, 17.

Trust not in man, 14. Speak truth. See Word.

Trust God only and always, ib. Speaking. See Preaching.

In time of trouble, 20.
Speaking blasphemy. See Blasphemy.

Truth of God, 2.
Speaking in general, or speeches. See Words. Truth opposed by false professors, 26.
Spirit of God promised to, and working in
saints, 19.

VAINGLORY. See Humility.
Spirit given to, and being in the saints, ib. Vain curiosity, 69.
Spirit's nature and operation, ib.

Vanity of all worldly things. See World. Spirit to be obeyed, not grieved, ib.

Vanity of honours and high places, 22. Stedfastly adhere to God, 14.

Vapour is man's life. See Death. Strange gods. See Idolatry.

Vileness of man's nature, 4. Strife. See Envy.

Visions. See Dreams. Stir up each other to praise God, 14.

Visit afflicted ones, 20. Strive to enter in at the strait gate, 44.

Unbelief very dangerous, 9.

Uncleanness of man. See Vileness and Fornica- Wicked men persecutors of saints, 20. tion.

Such restrained of God, ib. Unfeigned. See Sincerity.

Wicked men's society to be avoided, 17. Union amongst saints, 15.

Wisdom religious, and folly therein, 72. Union between Christ and his church, 13. Wise above what is written. See Vain cuUnnecessary converse with wicked me to be riosity. avoided, 17.

Witchcraft; or dealing with familiar spirits, 67. Unrighteousness. See Sin.

Wives, 16. Unsearchableness of God, 2.

Whisper not one against another, 15. Unsound professors, fierce persecutors, 20.


See Wives. Unthankfulness. See Praises.

Word of God, word of truth, 1. Upholder of the saints' faith, God, 14.

Words or sayings expressing choice, but not Uprightness, ib.

binding, 76. Usury, 57.

Words and speech of men in general, 14. Voices. See Dreams.

Words not true, or good, spoken politically to Vows, 49.

prevent danger, or compass our designs, 75.

Works of God by his promised Spirit, 19. Ways of men disposed of by God. See Pro- Works of God in creation and providence, 2. vidence.

Works and offers of his Spirit in believers, 19. Wait for God in general, 14.

Works of God in general. See God's soveWait for God under affliction, 20.

reignty. Wait for Christ's second coming, 14.

Works of faith, 9. Walk humbly with God, ib.

Works whereby saints glorify God, 14. Walk worthy of our high calling, ib.

Works of love justify not, 4. Walk with God heartily. See Sincerity. Work with diligence, 52. Walk after Christ and holy men's example, Work while it is day. See Time, Opportunity. 14.

World's nature and snares, 37. Walk with God to the end. See Perseverance. Worship of God in general, 14. Walk after the Spirit, 19.

Worship in church assemblies, 25. Walk wisely toward each other in things in- | Worship, rule of the word of God, not tradidifferent, 15.

tions, nor man's devices, 14. Warn offenders, ib.

Worshipping strange gods, 4. 38. Watch in general, 14. Way to heaven narrow and laborious, 44. Yield yourselves wholly to live unto God, 14. Weak brethren to be borne with, 15. Weaned from this world. See World.

Zeal for God and his ways, 14. Wickedness of man's nature, 4.

Zeal that is blind, persecuting, 20.



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