Jewish Answers to Jewish Questions Concerning the Messiahship of Jesus

Xulon Press, 2007 - 96 sider
This book will explore the Old Testament roots of Christianity and how that Judaism and Christianity are inherently the same; this book expounds the well-founded connection to Jesus and the ancient prophetic writings. Prophecy is one of the single-most powerful pieces of evidence of the supernatural workings of God on earth and hence a focal point for establishing the Messiahship of Jesus. This book is essential for any non-believer seeking a case for why he or she should believe that Jesus died, was resurrected, and that He is ultimately the Savior of our souls. In addition, the knowledge and understanding that can be gained are not just relevant for non-believers, but the book is also a powerful tool for Christians who don't know everything there is to know about Messianic prophecy. When Christians also understand the true potency of their own faith, they are better able to teach Christ to others. The author is a recent college graduate having earned his BS in Biology from Valdosta State University in 2005. His life in serving God began at the age of 13 at which time he personally experienced the life-changing power of Christ, and hence, the purpose-filled journey began. Now he hopes to help others to experience the miraculous power of Jesus that he experienced. In relation to the writing of this book, the inspiration was born out of a love for the Jewish people and a desire to see all of God's lost sheep saved. In addition, he also hopes to enlighten everyday Christians making them more aware of the power of the surety of their hope in Christ. He currently resides in the southeastern United States.

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