Contributions to the History of American Geology

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1906 - 545 sider
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Side 250 - For yet seven days, and I will cause it to rain upon the earth forty days and forty nights; and every living substance that I have made will I destroy from off the face of the earth.
Side 556 - In whatever direction a body moves on the surface of the earth there is a force arising from the earth's rotation which deflects it to the right in the northern, but to the left in the southern hemisphere.
Side 349 - Office, the smelters and miners refused to make any further payments, and the government was entirely unable to collect them. After much trouble and expense, it was, in 1847 finally concluded that the only way was to sell the mineral land, and do away with all reserves of lead or any other metal, since they had only been a source of embarrassment to the department.
Side 472 - Thence they proceeded southward to the San Juan River, which they followed up as far as Canyon Largo, passing thence down the valley of the Puerco to the old pueblo of Jemez, and thence easterly back to Santa Fe. The route, it will be perceived, thus covered...
Side 516 - Now, I have no hesitation in asserting, from my own observations as well as from those of others, that for the southwest striation the direction was from the ocean toward the interior, against the slope of the St Lawrence valley.
Side 256 - Cooter,' a name generally applied in. the South by the negroes to the terrapin, and the name suited him exactly. He was less than five feet high, and the head was the biggest part of the whole man. He was a perfect taper from the side of his head down to his feet ; he looked like a wedge with a head on it.
Side 487 - When finally the earthquake paroxysms ceased and the sea became quiet, the fine silt in suspension was deposited, forming thus the soil for another growth. The regular decrease in the amount of volatile bituminous matter in the coal as one passes from west to east was accredited to the action of the "prodigious quantity of intensely heated steam and gaseous matter emitted through the crust of the earth, by the almost infinite number of cracks, and crevices which must have been produced during the...
Side 209 - Embargo" was highest, and when every day brought fresh denunciations of him and his policy, he was carrying on his geological studies in the White House itself. Under his direction upward of three hundred specimens of fossil bones had been brought from the famous Big Bone Lick and spread in one of the large unfinished rooms of the Presidential mansion.
Side 222 - This observation holds good to the present day. His remarks on the position of the beds of rocks were no less interesting: When primitive rocks are stratified the strata are seldom horizontal. On the contrary, they are often highly inclined and sometimes nearly or quite vertical. But whether these strata were originally inclined or whether, subsequent to their formation, they have been changed from a horizontal to an inclined position by the action of some powerful cause, is a question on which the...
Side 208 - Wrack of the Surface of this Globe thrown up into long Ridges of Mountains, with Strata in various Positions, make it probable, that its internal Mass is a Fluid ; but a Fluid so dense as to float the heaviest of our Substances ? Do we know the Limit of Condensation Air is capable of ? Supposing it to grow denser within the Surface...

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